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Surprise fuck with g/f
One Sunday my girlfriend and I were at her father's house. We had made lunch for her family, who were sitting downstairs in the living room. She had gone upstairs to her old bedroom to look through the things she had left when she moved out. After a few minutes, I joined her, and I was surprised when she pushed the door shut and kissed me, rubbing her hand across the front of my suddenly bulging jeans! I turned her round, kissing her neck and biting her ear, and slid my hand down the front of her jeans and panties. Her pussy was warm and slightly wet.

"Keep quiet", she whispered, and lay down on the bed, peeling off her jeans but leaving her t-shirt on. I pushed her legs back and tongued her slit to make sure my thick cock could slide into her bald pussy easily. She began frantically rubbing her pink clit, and made sure to wet my cock with her fingers. "Come on baby", she hissed, "push it inside me now." I quickly obliged, and began working on her clit with my thumb as I pumped slowly in and out of her tight hole.

My cock was glistening with her juices. "God baby, you're so tight today" I whispered through gritted teeth. I pulled out, spread her pink pussy lips with my hand, and stuck my tongue in her hole. She squirmed in pleasure. Her cunt is pretty and smooth, and it looks so inviting that sometimes when we fuck I can't help going down on her. I slid my prick back into her.

I could tell she would cum soon. Her face was blushing and her pussy felt extra tight and swollen. I briefly pulled out and sucked on her clit again, slapped it hard with my hand (which she loves) and rubbed the head of my dick on it before pushing back in. We were both struggling not to make any noise by this point. "Make yourself cum baby", I whispered. She smiled and began working hard on her clit. It was pink now and swollen. Her face changed as she got close, and grinning I pulled her hand away. "You bastard," she smiled. I pulled out, slapped her pussy and put two fingers inside. "You want to cum yet? You want to cum on my dick?" I asked. She nodded and her back arched as I replaced my fingers with my cock and she began working her clit again. To my surprise, she pulled my wet fingers to her mouth and sucked on them.

Then she came. Her feet were almost level with her head as her eyes rolled back and her body convulsed. I lightly slapped her face as a low moan escaped her wide open mouth, and then she went limp. I could feel her pussy throbbing as she whispered "I want you to fuck me from behind and cum in me." "That shouldn't take too long", I sniggered. Normally I would have asked if I could cum on her face after great sex like this, but I knew I would make one hell of a mess and it was too risky today. Also, her pussy was gripping my cock like a hand and I wanted to shoot my load inside her.

My hard sloppy cock popped out of her pussy as she stood up on quivering legs and bent over the bed. I slid back in straight away and began pounding away at her cunt. "Jesus" I grimaced. "This would hit the wall if it wasn't going in your pussy. I'm going to fill up your cunt with my cum." She grinned and began whispering a constant stream of dirty talk."You're so fucking dirty today. Cum deep in me. You can't cum unless your balls are touching my clit. I want to feel them twitching. You haven't shot a load for a couple of days have you? Mmmm, it's gonna be nice and thick and warm in my pussy. It's gonna be seeping out of me all afternoon, I'll be wet until we get home and you can fuck me again. Come on baby, you like my pussy? It's nice and tight isn't it? It's going to make you cum isn't it? Make your fucking balls explode inside me. I'll bend right down, you can go deeper. Come on! Fill me up with your fucking cum! I want it now. Right now, in my pussy!"

Her hands were flat on the floor and her back arched as I plunged as deep as I could. I had been holding back since she started talking, but I couldn't any longer. I could see her wet pussy gripping my cock, and my balls were soaked with her juices. She had turned her head and was looking into my eyes. I grunted and my whole body tensed as I pushed right into her, my cock spurting thick ropes of cum and coating her insides. "Fuck, yeh, that's what I wanted. Keep going baby. Shit! It's hot and wet. I can feel you cumming in me. I'm not sure my pussy can hold any more! I can feel it going deep inside me. God, that's good... You done?" she asked. I nodded. I had shot about 12 streams of cum inside her and it felt like every muscle in my body had sprayed it out. "That was a big load, baby. I can feel it inside me. All inside my cunt. I'm fucking full of your cum."

As the last drops of cum oozed out of my cock and into her cunt, I suddenly had a wicked idea. Normally, she would run to the bathroom to get rid of my cum. Today, I wanted it inside her. "Baby, stay bent down when I pull out. I want you to keep it in there and put your panties back on. I want your pussy and panties to be wet with my cum all day, and then I'll fuck you when we get home. Okay?" "Okay" she agreed. "As long as you make me cum again later".

Part 2 forthcoming...


2010-09-15 10:47:24
Hey people...forgot to mention this was the first story I ever wrote (along with the other one posted at the same time)...hope you all enjoy!


2010-09-15 04:26:58
She should have sucked your cock. Let me join the next one bro

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2010-09-14 22:36:48
Nice........Very Nice

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2010-09-14 13:43:46
Good story, sounds like you gave her a massive creamy load right in her pussy!!!!!!!!!!

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