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I go with my dad to meet the two women next door.
In most ways, I'm just a pretty normal kid, fourteen, five-seven, light brown hair, brown eyes, slender build, no, not athletic, particularly, just pretty ordinary.

But I have had something rather out of the ordinary happen that occurred a few years ago that I think you'll enjoy hearing about. I sure enjoyed it happening to me. And it still is.

It started on a warm, kind of sticky summer night, Dad said he was going next door to fix a plumbing problem our neighbor's had asked him to look at.

"Ryan, I'm going next door, Donna and Lois have a leak under the kitchen sink that I need to take a look at. Be back after a while. Okay?"

Of course, I said, 'Sure," and he got his tool kit and went off.

We had lived next door to these two sisters, they were unmarried, in their upper thirties or lower forties and they had become friends with my parents over the years.

So, I went out into the back yard, climbed up into my tree house and, as I got out a matchbook to light one of the candles I kept up there, I looked out and got the shock of my life.

In the back upstairs bedroom, my dad, Lois and Donna were all naked! Dad was sitting on the bed, Lois was kneeling on the floor, between his legs sucking his cock while Donna sat next to him, her legs sprawled wide, her fingers running in and out of her pussy. Masturbating.

I couldn't believe that I was sitting there watching this all take place. And, I sat there watching this for over twenty minutes. I soon had my pants and briefs off, joining in the sex as much as I could, from a distance and by myself. I had left quite a bit of cum in my treehouse over the last two years, so it was nothing new, I kept my small stash of Playboys and my single copy of Hustler, well hidden.

After Dad was sucked off, he did oral sex on both sisters, what a show. Incredible. Near the end, I was watching as Donna came by the window and looked out. Although I ducked back, I couldn't tell if she saw me or not, but just in case, I climbed down the ladder and went inside and up to bed where I jacked-off once more.

The next day, Saturday, my Dad came in the kitchen when I was eating breakfast, "Um, Mom's at her sister's all day, I need to do some more work over at Lois and Donna's, maybe you can help."

So, after I showered and got dressed we went next door. Donna opened the door.

"Hello Jack, I see you brought Ryan. Come in, come in," and we went back into their kitchen where Lois sat drinking a cup of coffee, both sisters still in their bathrobes, "Ah, Jack, you brought that handsome son of yours, Ryan, how nice."

"Ah, I've left my tools, I'll just be a minute, be right back," and my Dad left as I stood there when Donna said, "I know you saw what happened here last night, Ryan, I saw you up in your treehouse watching."

My face felt like it had caught fire, "Um, uh, well, I might have seen a little, I'm really sorry, I apologize for watching, I'm really sorry."

"Well, Ryan, did you like what you saw?" Lois asked.

Just how do I answer this, I thought? I mean I can't really say I didn't.

"Uh, well, yeah, I mean, what guy wouldn't, I guess."

"Well, Ryan, if you promise to always keep what you saw a secret, I'll do to you what you saw me doing to your father, sucking him off," and she pulled open her bathrobe.

Naked. Totally naked. She was standing there, large, full breasts, large pink nipples, black curly hair all over her pussy, the first naked female I have ever seen. She was ash blond, short curly hair, her breasts had to be larger than most women's, her waist slender, her hips full, legs long and slender, feet small and dainty.

I really was speechless, I thought I was going to catch hell, get yelled at, now I get offered a blowjob. And I've never had one.

"Take your pants off, Ryan," Donna said, so I loosened my belt, unbuttoned the waist, zipped down my fly and dropped them to the floor and stood there.

"Take off your shirt and briefs, too, Ryan," and I took my shirt off and nervously pulled down my briefs, then stood before them with my dick standing out straight. They sat at the kitchen table looking at me, then Lois said, "He's almost the size of his father's."

"Come over here, Ryan, and give yourself a few stokes, jack off for us, dear, okay?"

I slowly walked to the table, then gripped myself and, in time-honored fashion, began what every boy knows by heart. They sat there, robes open and draped back over the chair backs, fingering themselves as I masturbated for them.

About then, my Dad came back in.

"What's this girls, give the poor boy what he wants, suck him off," and they all laughed. With that, Donna got up, knelt down in front of me, put her hand around my penis and began licking around the end of my dick. Oh, this was incredible the way it felt.

Then, Lois got up and came around in back of me and hugged me from behind rubbing her breasts all over my back, her hands caressing my chest. This was heaven.

"Do him good, Donna, I think it's probably his first blowjob."

Oh, she was doing me good, all right. She was doing me fabulous as I stiffened, my back arched into her and I began spurting my cum onto her mouth. She never slowed down a bit, just kept sucking, it did feel good, I thought that maybe after I'd cummed that it wouldn't feel as good but it did.

As her sister rubbed my chest, Donna continued to suck on my cock, taking it all the way in her mouth, licking over the tip, putting it in the side of her mouth along her cheek, just doing all kinds of things that felt so good and, yes, this fourteen-year old gave her another mouthful of cum.

"Ah, you've given him something to remember, Donna. How about his dad, now," my father said as he dropped his pants to the floor as she turned and pulled his boxers down.

My dad's cock was hard and pointing out as Donna got down and took it entirely in her mouth, it looked like she had swallowed it but then, it reappeared as she sucked back and forth.

"Mmm, Lois, you do it so well. You'll have to do Ryan, too. You both are the best. Without a doubt. Oh, you've got me just about ready."

"Think you're ready for another little suck, Ryan? You have such a pretty cock, almost as big as your dad's, I'd just love to suck the cum out of it," Lois said.

The advantage of being fourteen is that I nodded my head 'yes' and she got down and took me in her mouth. Oh, she was good. I'm no expert but I think she's better than her sister. Then, my Dad pulls his cock out of Donna's mouth.

"Bend over, Donna, I'll do you from behind," my dad said and she turned around, bent down and he pushed into her from the back. As he fucked her, Donna's face was just inches from my dick which Lois was sucking. She took her mouth off me and led my hips toward to Donna who opened her mouth and put just the tip of my cock into her mouth as Lois masturbated me with her hand until I shot my cum into her mouth. She sucked the tip a while longer and it didn't take her long to extract some remaining semen from my poor testicles, though I was not about to complain.

"What do you think, son, pretty nice, these two?"

"Oh, better than pretty nice, I'm just amazed at this, all this."

"Oh, Ryan, we'd love for you to visit us as much as you like. With your dad or by yourself. Anytime. We just love that nice young cock of yours," said Lois.

"Any time you get horny, Ryan, we're here. We know how you young boys are, ready all the time. Well, so are we, right, Jack?"

"Oh, ladies, you sure are," says my dad shoving in and out of Donna.

"Let's see if your nice boy is ready for a little more action, Jack," as Lois gets down and takes me in her mouth and begins sucking. Oh, yes, I think I am ready for some action, I'm getting nice and hard again.

"Mmm, look Jack, your boy is ready for a fucking. Come here, Ryan, come to Lois, time for some of my pussy, lad," and she sat on the sofa with her legs wide and pulled me over to her, had me kneel down and gripped my cock and led it to her pussy.

"Right in there, Ryan, right in Lois's hot pussy. This isn't your first fuck, is it?"

I didn't want to broadcast it far and wide so I just nodded that it was.

"Oh, Donna, I'm his first. Mmm, I'll do him extra good. He's gonna love coming over to see us. He'll be doing lots of cumming," she said laughing as I pushed my dick into her and began doing what seemed so natural.

"Mmm, how's it feel, Ryan" Your first fuck?" my dad asked.

"Oh, man, this is the greatest, the best."

"Any time you want a fuck, Ryan, come and see us. We just love it, just ask your dad."

"Oh, yeah, Ryan, Lois and Donna just love it. I can hardly keep 'em happy. You'll have to help out, I'm sure they'll love that, for sure, nice young cock like yours. They'll keep you happy."

"Oh, we will, Ryan, we will. I love you fucking me like this. Just wait until Ryan fucks you, Donna. Its slender but its long. Nice and long."

My knees were kind of hurting but I sure didn't care, right above them was a happy dick going in and out of one of my next door neighbor's pussy, my first-ever time.

I was rubbing her boobs as I rocked back and forth, the feeling was wonderful. Oh, becoming grown-up was the best, especially this part of it.

She leaned forward and took hold of my hips and pulled me in and out of her, oh, it felt so good, it was wonderful.

"Oh, oh, I'm gonna cum. Right now. UUH, UUH, ooh, ooh, wow, that feels so good, oh, wow."

Lois leaned forward and french-kissed me as I continued fucking in and out of her. I just didn't want to stop, it felt so good.

"I'm full of his virgin cum. It's the only time you'll do it, Ryan. Now, you're like the rest of us. You've done it. I'm glad to be your first, you can do me anytime, anytime you want."

My dick was still hard, I mean, I'm fourteen, so I'm still fucking Lois and rubbing her boobs around.

"Oh, Jack, your boy just keeps fucking. Like father, like son, huh?" says Donna as Dad is fucking in and out of her. This is all incredible. Like a dream but my dick sure doesn't feel like it's dreaming, What's happening to it is real, oh, for sure.

Lois leans forward and kisses me, her tongue probing my mouth as she leans toward me, grips my hips and pumps me back and forth in and out of her. It was all I needed.

"UUH, UUH, uh, oh, oh, wow, oh, that's so good," I moaned as I continued going in and out of her, I just couldn't stop it felt so good. She lay back on the sofa and raised her butt up as I thrust back and forth, then, from her, "OOH, OOH, OOH, oh, Ryan, you make me feel so good, oh, my pussy is so happy. It just loves you, boy, loves you. I hope you come over after school every day. I'd love a lot more of this."

"I get him, too, Lois. I want his young cock, too," Donna said as she sucked my Dad as he cummed in her mouth. It all seemed so weird, so unbelievable, but my cock was a believer, oh, for sure.

"Well, son, you have to keep this a secret, never tell any one, you know what I mean, right? Then, you'll get to visit these two fine ladies yourself. Any time you want, they already said so. They'll make you happy, I can tell you that."

So, it was set. Every afternoon after school, I would go next door, they just had me come in the back door, I didn't even have to knock, they would be there, in their robes, nice and naked underneath, waiting for me.

I would strip, then stand in front of either Lois or Donna after they had shed their robes, and get sucked by one, then the other. Then we would go to one of their bedrooms, get in bed and they would just play with me for an hour or so getting me all horny again and I would fuck one of them until dinner time. I would always fuck the other the next afternoon.

This went on until I went away to college but I would always visit my next door neighbors when I was home for holidays or breaks. It was neighborly love at its best.

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quite intresting
good but dont go further

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quite intresting
good but dont go further

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2010-09-28 14:48:42
short but good.

tugboat guy

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2010-09-18 15:02:30
Nice story...I had an affair for two years with the older married sister (mother of 3) of a girl I dated off and on. The married sister taught me a TON about sex and in particular how to drive her (and most women) absolutely nuts with lips, tongue, and cock. Her hubby traveled on Tuesday & Thursday nights every week, she out her kids to bed by 8 at the latest, so I had all the pussy I could handle for my last two years of high school.

Unlike our traumatized friend below, I think it was one of the best things that ever happened to me!

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