this happend 3 years ago when i was 15
when i was 15 in my freshman year in highschool i met a girl named maria m. we went to a

school called g.b.s i never really knew her but i always had thought she was very hot and when i

went to my class i found out she was in it i became friends with her and we started hanging out

when we got to know each other well i asked her on a date a she said yes we saw a movie and

then we went back to my house when we got back to my house we started talking and after

talking for a while we started making out she was kissing me all over and she started to rub my

cock maria then stuck her hand inside of my pants and pulled out my cock and started giving me a

handjob i then put my hand down her pants and started fingering her i then took off her shirt and

her pants and started kissing her small but perky tits, she moaned softly i then focused on her

pussy she had the nicest shaven pussy i have ever seen it was so beautiful i couldn't resist i

turned directions and started eating her out and she was now giving me head i started fingering

her clit while she fondled me balls and i stuck my middle finger in her ass this was to much for her

to handle she had what she told me to be the best orgasm of her life she slowly bobed up and

down on my cock and i came in her mouth she swallowed every last drop of it we continued

making out until my parents came home. the following week in school we went even further she

asked to go to the bathroom and i did the same we then went into the girls bathroom got into a

stall and started making out she then undid my pants and i did the same then i took off her shirt

and her bra and then i stuck my 7" cock inside her but about 3 inches in i felt something stopping

me and all this time i thought she wasn't a virgin she said it was ok and that she was on the pill

and i broke her cherry she cried out in pain some blood flowed down the sides of my cock and

then i started moving in and out of her sweet pussy very slowly all the time wondering if we

were going to get caught. we didn't and no one even noticed how long we were gone once we

were back in class because we were watching a movie and in the movie we sat in a part of the

the classroom where no1 else was around us and i started to finger her while she rubbed my

cock we had many more adventorious times but those are other stories

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2014-06-17 17:21:31
Paragraphs, punctuation and tell a story

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2013-09-25 01:08:41
Did you ever hear of punctuations?

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2013-03-20 02:05:16
I love 2013 <3


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2012-09-02 00:29:51
Slow down you eager teen. Give details. LOL newbies ;)

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2011-07-07 22:10:03
How could it be the nicest pussy you had ever seen if it was your first time?

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