A Evening Out Alone Becomes An Erotic Event Carol Never Dreamed Would Happen
Carol entered the building looking around at the large number of people that were already at the unveiling of the new art exhibit. Normally Carol wasn't interested in this sort of highbrow event, but she wanted to get out and mingle. It had been too long since she'd broken up with her boyfriend, and needed some human contact. She paused and look at her reflection in the mirrored display case. She was wearing a black dress with a plunging neck line, and no bra. The dress clung to her every curve enhancing her hips, and accentuating her beautiful figure. Satisfied with her appearance she noticed a couple watching her. The woman was beautiful, probably in her late thirties, early forties, and her husband was probably in his mid forties. Carol turned for a better look, but just as soon as she turned they had gone.

A little frustrated Carol made her way through the halls hoping she might run into them again. If not there were plenty of other people around. She didn't really care whether it was a man or a woman she hooked up with...she was bisexual, and could have just as much fun with one or the other. After all she wasn't looking for a life time commitment, just some good old fashioned sex to fulfill her needs. As she continued her stroll the lights were beginning to flicker. It seems the storm that was due had arrived early, and the thunder and lightening was playing havoc with the electrical system. Lightening and storms always made Carol a little nervous, so she decided it was time to find somewhere safe in case the electricity went out. she was just about to enter the ladies room when it happened. The lights went out just as she had placed her hand on the door to the bathroom. She stood there for a moment wondering what she should do....go ahead and go inside or stand there. As she was trying to decide she felt someone push her into the bathroom. Carol suddenly felt a pair of hands move around her waist, and start their way up her torso, stopping when they reached her breasts. She was about to scream when a voice whispered,

"Don't be afraid...I won't hurt you. We noticed you the moment you stepped inside the building. You looked so elegant, so beautiful, that neither of us could take our eyes off you. We could see the look of lust in your eyes, and the need for passion. We think you're a woman that likes to live on the edge, and take chances....if we're wrong tell us, and we'll leave....otherwise."

Whoever it was they were right. Carol for some reason felt safe, and so aroused at the same time. Her heart was racing in anticipation of what might happen. Was it the couple she'd seen earlier....probably, but then she couldn't be absolutely sure. Her thoughts were interrupted as a pair of lips began kissing her shoulder. They felt masculine as the lips moved over her shoulder, and his strong hands roamed over her body. Oh it felt so good as his kisses moved from her shoulder to her neck, and back again. She was just getting into it when Carol felt a second pair of hands on her breasts. They were smaller...definitely female. Carol smiled...the best of both worlds she though as the hands lovingly caressed her breasts, moving down her cleavage, and over to the side of her dress where she felt her dress being pushed aside as the hands freed her breasts from her dress. Then she heard a female voice whisper,

"Oh my....your breasts feel so soft and beautiful."

Carol gasped when she felt the woman's lips on her nipples....softly kissing them while her tongue teased her aureole's. Her hands were so soft and gentle as she began caressing and gently squeezing her breasts. She hardly felt her dress being unzipped until she felt it sliding off her shoulders, and falling down around her feet. Now she was clad only in her thong, nylons and heels as the pair lovingly caressed and kissed her. The woman was sucking her nipples harder now, gently chewing them as her hands moved down her body...exploring and pleasuring her with her touch. Carol suddenly realized there was a new pleasure now. She could feel something hard and stiff being pushed against her ass as the man who obviously had a very stiff cock was pushing against her ass. Carol heard herself say,

"Take it out....take your cock out...I want to feel it against me."

Carol didn't have to wait long. His hands moved away from her hips long enough to unzip his trousers. She could hear the metallic sound as he unhooked his belt. Carol heard something clink on the tile floor, it must have been the belt buckle from his pants hitting the floor. Next she felt his hot cock against the cheeks of her ass, as he began running his cock over her ass. He was large....maybe eight inches or longer. All she knew was he was thick and long. She wanted his cock inside her yet why rush things. Carol felt his finger hook her thong, and slide it from between her cheeks replacing it with his cock. She clamped her cheeks together as best she could trapping his cock, and began squeezing her cheeks together as he moved his hips sliding his cock up and down her crack. Carol was beyond lust now....she wanted to cum.

As if reading her mind the woman started kissing her way down Carol's body toward her mound. She could feel her hot breath on the front of her thong as the woman ran her fingers over her pussy through the thin fabric of her thong. Reluctantly Carol loosened her grip on the cock between her cheeks in order to spread her legs for the woman kneeling in front of her. Once her legs were parted she felt her thong being torn away by a might yank from the man behind her...damn that turned her on. Then she felt the woman's mouth roaming over her bare pussy. Carol moaned trying to spread her legs as wide as possible so her lover could have more access to her pussy. Seconds later she felt the woman's tongue dancing over her labia, sending erotic thrills through her entire being as her juices started to flow. Instinctively Carol raised her left leg draping it over the woman's shoulder, allowing her total access to her sex. She was rewarded with the woman's fingers entering her pussy, and exploring her sex as the woman continued sucking Carol's pussy, eventually taking her clit into her mouth. She was beside herself with lust, moaning and squealing. She was sure that everyone in the building was listening to her moans of pleasure. Carol forgot about the people in the building when the woman eased a finger up Carol's ass sending her over the edge. A scream of passion was welling up in Carol, but just as she was about to scream, the man behind her grabbed her chin and turned her head ramming his tongue past her lips kissing her as the orgasms shot through her body.

Weak kneed from her powerful orgasm, Carol leaned back allowing the man standing behind her to slip his cock between her legs. She felt a hand lift the cock upward pushing it against her pussy, as her male lover started moving his hips back and forth, sliding his cock against her pussy. As she closed her eyes, and concentrated on the sensation between her legs she felt a pair of strong hands move up, and cup her breasts. He began caressing Carol's breasts, and rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefingers while thrusting his cock against her wet pussy. As if that weren't enough to occupy her erotic senses she felt the woman take her hands and place them on her breasts. The woman's breasts were so soft, and her nipples so hard as Carol started caressing them as she ran her fingers over her lover's nipples. She could hear the woman moaning as Carol was nearing another orgasm. Carol's body started to quake as another orgasm coursed through her body. As she stood there she heard the woman whisper in her ear.

"Would you like to taste me?"

"Yes, but I can't see anything."

"Don't worry....take my hand and follow me."

Carol took her hand as the woman took out a small penlight, and led her toward a sofa that was in the lounge of the ladies room. She tried to see who the woman was, but she kept her back to her. Once they were at the sofa the light went out, as the woman laid down on the sofa pulling Carol to her. They began kissing, and Carol realized seeing who it was really didn't matter. She kissed her way down the woman's neck to her breasts where she took her to the edge before working her way down between her lovers legs. Her aroma was so beautiful as Carol ran her tongue over the woman's pussy parting her lips and tasting her juices. She listened as the woman moaned, and caressed Carol's cheek. She felt the husbands hands on her ass sliding between her cheeks as his fingers slid into her creamy depths. She could feel his tongue exploring her ass, and then move toward her pussy.

As Carol continued licking and sucking her female lover she felt the mans cock searching for her opening. Carol lifted her right leg, resting her knee on the sofa giving him the access he needed to slid his beautiful thick cock into her pussy. His cock felt even bigger than before as he eased it all the way in allowing Carol's pussy to warp around it's girth. It was hard for her to concentrate on sucking her lover's pussy as the man began to pummeled her pussy. Carol had never know such lust as having a cock in her pussy slamming away as well as a wet, wild pussy in her mouth. The woman was becoming more and more aroused by the second as Carol tongue fucked her, while working her fingers deep into her lovers pussy.

As she worked her fingers around in the woman's pussy she moved up taking her clit into her mouth, and began sucking her clit , and flicking it with her tongue. After several minutes the woman gasped, and thrust her pussy into Carol's face. Her body quivered, and started shaking as she began cumming over and over. By now her husband was slamming his cock so hard into Carol's pussy that his balls were slapping against her ass. She felt the woman move away allowing her to concentrate on things at hand. His cock was amazing the way it filled her pussy pushing her toward another powerful orgasm. Carol could tell this was going to be her strongest orgasm yet. Finally she couldn't hold back any longer. Her pussy began to spasm, and gripped his cock tightly as one orgasm after another washed over her. Carol came so hard she must have passed out, because when she came to her senses the lights were on again, and she was laying naked on the sofa.

Carol looked around, but no one was there. Her mysterious lovers had gone leaving her alone in the dark. She was disappointed that she didn't get to see her lover's, but then again maybe it was better this way. Carol got up, and found what was left of her thong, and tossed it into the trash. She quickly dressed, and applied some lip stick and ran a brush through her hair, and then unlocked the door to the ladies room and stepped into the main room. It was as if she had just walked in the place. Everyone was busy talking and chatting, and having a good time. Carol walked over to the wet bar in the corner, and got a drink. It was then that she noticed the woman, and her husband she had seen when she first came in. Had it been them in that pushed her into the ladies room and ravished her sexually? She was about to ask, but thought better of it. It was then that the woman looked at her and her a wink. Carol smiled and sipped her drink wondering what else might transpire....if anything. The evening is young, and only time will tell.

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