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Girls look so sexy when they wear silky pajama bottoms out in public.
Fbailey story number 555

Girls Wearing Pajama Bottoms

When she came down the stairs in a little white T-shirt with spaghetti straps and wearing her pink flowered silky pajama bottoms I said, “Your not going out in those.”

Tabatha smiled and said, “Oh Daddy, you’re just being old fashioned. Lots of girls are wearing these out in public. I’m sure that you have noticed.”

Actually I had noticed and I had even gotten erections too, which I was not too proud of. Sometimes at night watching Tabatha doing some weird exercises while we watch television excites me too. I hardly ever see panty lines any more, especially since she started wearing those sexy little thongs. She really was growing up.

Tabatha walked past me and headed out to the car. She jumped into the front passenger seat like she has since her mother died two months ago. I drove us to the mall in search of a new bra of all things. I could not believe that she was out growing the 32-B already, but then again her mother was a busty lady.

I didn’t even know why she wanted a new bra she rarely wore the ones that she had. Take that day for instance she was not wearing one under that little white top and her nipples were hard and quite prominent. I knew it wasn’t cold in the car so she must have been excited. Either it was the fact that she wearing so little, the cotton material rubbing across her nipples, or possibly the fact that I was staring at her.

I stopped for a traffic light and gave her a good look. She was a smaller version of her mother. She was absolutely beautiful.

Then Tabatha asked, “Am I sexy?”

I laughed and replied, “You had better believe it. You could give a priest an erection.”

Tabatha asked, “Aren’t all priests gay? I’m not a boy!”

I smiled and said, “You are definitely not a boy.”

Then Tabatha asked, “Do I give you erections?”

I laughed and started the car moving again with the traffic and said, “Yes honey, you do. It’s not something I’m proud of but yes you excite me sexually.”

Tabatha said, “Well even if you’re not proud of it, I am. I like exciting you. Mom liked exciting you too because she told me so quite often.”

I said, “You two talked about sex and me.”

Tabatha smiled and said, “We did more than just talk.”

I asked, “What do you mean?”

Tabatha said, “Mom showed me how to masturbate, she let me use her sex toys, and we watched some of your dirty movies together too. She even taught me how to French kiss and deep throat a carrot. She taught me all sorts of things.”

I said, “I had no idea you two were that close.”

Tabatha said, “After you two had sex she would come into my room and let me clean her pussy out afterwards.”

Flabbergasted I said, “Really.”

I parked the car and then she held my hand as we walked in. We walked directly to the Frederick’s of Hollywood store where her mother shopped. She picked out a 32-C to try on. It was very pretty, it was almost completely lace, and it was pink and baby blue. She took me back to the changing rooms and told me to stand there. She went in, put the bra on, and then she opened the door to let me see her in it. She did not really fill it out, so she told me to get her another one but 32-B. When I tapped on the changing room door she opened it up to take the bra from me. She was topless. I had never seen her topless before. She just stood there smiling at me for quite a while before she said, “You better hide that thing before you scare the salesgirls.”

I looked down, turned, and adjusted my cock in my pants to try and conceal it.

Tabatha came out saying that she hadn’t quite outgrown her old size yet and then she picked out two pair of matching panties to go with her new bra. They were thongs of course.

As we were about to leave the store Tabatha spotted some very sexy neglig?, the kind that women only wear for a few minutes to excite their husbands. They had one in a size small that sort of matched her new bra and panty set. So needless to say I bought that for her as well as a second one that she liked.

I watched as she attracted the attention of just about every male in the mall that saw her. Her nipples were hard but she said that her pajamas were too loose. I could just imagine what she would look like in a tighter pair. Well, I wouldn’t have to wait much longer, she headed me toward another woman’s store, where she picked out a couple of pair to try on. I did not get dragged into that changing area. However, when she came out she was holding one pair and walked over to pick out two more pair the same size. Again I paid and then we headed out.

We didn’t get very far when she ran into a girlfriend and her mother. The girls giggled and whispered and I decided to invite them to join us for lunch. We found a restaurant that we all liked and we got a booth in the back. Tabatha and Daisy took one bench so Sue Ellen got in my side first. Her miniskirt rode up just enough to give me a brief hint of her white panties. I couldn’t help but smile at the sight. She smiled back as she slid over to let me in. We had a couple of mixed drinks and the girls got sodas. When I mentioned the surf and turf Sue Ellen said that she couldn’t afford that. I told her that it was my treat and that I could afford to buy her two complete dinners if she wanted them. As it was, I talked her into a jumbo shrimp cocktail to go along with her twin lobster tails and medium rare steak. A woman after my own heart! The girls ordered cheeseburgers and fries.

Just as the waitress brought our second round of mixed drinks and our meals, Sue Ellen placed her hand on my leg, ran it up to my crotch to check out my hard-on, and then she said, “Thank you. I haven’t eaten like this since my husband left me a year ago. In fact this is my first date too.”

I replied, “This isn’t a date. A date is when I buy you flowers, take you out to dinner and a movie, and then try to get into your pants afterwards.” Just as soon as I said it, I regretted it.

Tabatha said, “You want to get into her pants after knowing her for less than an hour.”

Daisy said, “Mom’s not wearing any pants, you might have to get into her pussy instead.”

Sue Ellen practically shouted, “Watch your mouth young lady and he can get into my pants anytime that he wants too.” Then she looked around to see if anyone was staring at her.

Sue Ellen looked over at our daughters and then she said softly, “Look you two, I’m a grown woman, and I have my needs. He is very attractive, he is polite, and I’m pretty sure that he likes me.” Once again her hand was on my throbbing erection. She continued, “I haven’t had sex since your father took off and abounded us, I work at a shitty job to make ends meet, and I don’t meet nice guys like this every day. So back off.”

Daisy looked at her mother while Tabatha said, “She’s right. You know she’s right. My father is a nice guy and my mother couldn’t wait to get in bed with him. He rocked her world right up to the day she died. As far as sex I’m sure she misses that too. If I had anything more than my finger and Mom’s dildo I’m sure that I would miss it too.”

Daisy looked at her mother and said, “I’m sorry Mom. It just doesn’t seem fair that I can’t have sex but you can. I know that you are older but I have needs and desires too, you know.”

Sue Ellen said, “All I ask is that you wait until you are sixteen. That’s less than two years away. By then maybe you can control your emotions enough to realize what you are doing. I couldn’t, that’s why I had you the day after I turned eighteen.”

She removed her hand from my crotch and started eating her meal. I then placed my hand on her bare leg and slid it up under her skirt as she spread her legs to give me access. I rubbed her panties and smiled at her, then I started eating my meal.

The girls finished early and took off saying that they would catch up with us later.

Sue Ellen said, “I know that it didn’t come out right but I would love it if you would take me to bed.”

I asked, “Would you and Daisy like to spend the night at my house?”

Sue Ellen smiled and said, “Can I sleep with you?”

I said, “Yes. I haven’t gotten used to sleeping alone yet.”

Sue Ellen said, “I’m sorry. It hasn’t been very long, has it.”

I replied, “A little over two months but it came on so quickly. I even prayed for her to die and get it over with.”

We finished our meal, paid our bill, and walked out into the mall looking for our girls.

Sue Ellen told Daisy that they were invited to a sleepover at my house.

Tabatha said, “Then they will need some pajamas too. Lets go back to the store and buy them some.”

Sue Ellen whispered in my ear, “I don’t sleep in pajamas.”

I whispered back, “I don’t either.”

However, at the store they both picked out two sets of silky pajamas including the tops too. Tabatha never seemed to like wearing the tops but she picked out the two that matched the sets in her bag.

Then Tabatha showed the girls her new bra and panties. She even told them that I had already seen her in the bra in the changing room.

Well, we headed back to Frederick’s of Hollywood where Tabatha took the women right to the sexy underwear and the sexy neglig?. I told them to pick out a set and try them on. Well I hadn’t really meant that Tabatha could get another set but what could I say. The three girls picked out the exact same color pattern but in three different sizes. They picked out matching panties too, and then Tabatha took me back to the far end of the changing rooms where there was a handicap stall that was much larger. A few minutes later the door opened and there stood the three of them wearing nothing but their new bras and matching panties. They turned around to show me their bare asses and then faced me. Sue Ellen asked, “Do you approve? After all you’re paying for them and you should get your money’s worth.”

I was speechless when all three of them reached back, unhooked their bras, and removed them right in front of me.

I finally said, “Yes, I approve. I think you need neglig? too.”

Sue Ellen said, “Why, so we can wear them for just a couple of minutes?”

I said, “You didn’t wear those bras for much longer.”

Sue Ellen said, “You have a point there,” she pointed down and said, “and down there too. Get in here before someone calls security.”

She pulled me into the changing room with them and I watched as they removed their panties and dressed in their original clothes to leave. In the process Sue Ellen pressed her bare breasts into my chest and thrust her pelvis into my crotch. She then told the girls to turn around while she took care of my problem. I laughed knowing that all four walls were covered with mirrors. Nothing happened but it was still funny. I paid for our new purchases and we left the store, we left the mall, and I drove us all to my house. It seems that the two girls had taken the bus to the mall.

Not wasting any time Sue Ellen told the two girls to amuse themselves while we had sex. She took me up the stairs and I took her into my bedroom. She undressed and got on the bed just moments before I did. We were so excited that foreplay was unnecessary. I thrust my cock into her and she cried out how nice it felt. I kissed her and she kissed me back. We made love for a very short time but it sure felt good. When I came in her I enjoyed it almost as much as she did. We cuddled, we talked, and we made love again.

Tabatha knocked on the door and asked, “Can I order a pizza for dinner?”

I had no idea that much time had gone by. She ordered pizza while we made love one more time and got out of bed. We put on a pair of her pajamas, I got the bottoms and she got the top.

When I got downstairs I said, “Well, I finally got in her pants.”

The girls laughed and the doorbell rang. I paid for the pizza and watched the look in the kid’s eye as Sue Ellen descended the stairs in just that silky top with only one button just below her breasts attached. She was vision. I closed the door in the kid’s face and took her in my arms.

Tabatha said, “If you do that again, your pizza will be cold.”

Daisy said, “You are already in her pants, so maybe you need some more nourishment before you climb back in bed with her.”

Tabatha said, “You guys really like one another. Maybe you two should just move in. I’ve always wanted a sister.”

I kissed Sue Ellen and asked, “Would you like to move in with us?”

She kissed me back and said, “Yes!”

We ate every bit of that pizza and then went into the family room to watch a movie.

Sue Ellen said, “Dinner and a movie…this must be our date. Girls go get ready for bed.”

Sue Ellen and I cuddled up on the sofa and started fooling around. Needless to say I couldn’t hide my erection in those pants.

The girls ran off and came back in a few minutes, wearing the two neglig? that Tabatha had bought that day…and nothing else.

Sue Ellen looked at them and said, “I feel overdressed.”

I had seen both girls naked in the changing room but I was still just as pleased to see that they both had fur growing down there just like Sue Ellen had.

Sue Ellen popped that one button revealing her breasts and pussy to me and said, “There that should do it.”

She told the girls to turn around, she pulled the silky pajamas down to my knees, and then she sat on my cock facing me.

I had been watching the girls and they never turned around. I hadn’t expected them too. They were in awe of my erection and they smiled when it disappeared up inside Sue Ellen. Soon they were kneeling at my knees watching it go in and out of Sue Ellen’s pussy. I guess it was better than the movies that Tabatha watched with her mother.

Sue Ellen put on a wonderful show for me and for the girls. She thrashed about, she gave thanks to God for me, and she begged me to impregnate her. She didn’t know it but I had a vasectomy shortly after Tabatha’s birth. She cooed and when her orgasm took a hold of her she howled like that women named Lassie, in the movie Porky’s. The girls giggled but they smiled knowing that I had just rocked Sue Ellen’s world.

She rolled off to the side and sort of sat next to me on the couch. She was a broken woman with no strength left in her.

Tabatha opened Sue Ellen’s legs and started licking my cum from her.

Daisy said, “That’s gross.”

Tabatha said, “I used to do that to my mother after they made love. Mom said it was my job.”

Sue Ellen said, “I love this family.”

Daisy took my semi-hard cock in her hand and started licking it. She looked over at Tabatha and said, “This is what my father taught me to do after they had sex.”

Sue Ellen said, “I knew that bastard was molesting you. I just couldn’t prove it. It’s a good thing he’s out of our lives. And you still have to wait until you’re sixteen to loose your virginity…that is unless that bastard already got that too.”

Daisy said, “No, I’m still a virgin. He never got hard in my mouth like this.”

Sue Ellen laughed and said, “I remember. He was good for just once a week.” She kissed me and said, “You want to go for number five?”

I asked, “Would you mind terribly if I made love to our daughters while I had sex with you?”

She asked me, “And just how would you do that?”

I replied, “Well if you would be so kind as to lie down on my soft shag rug then each girl could lie at your head making sure that her pussy was close to your shoulders. That way I could stick my penis in you and them kiss their pussies, occasionally kissing your lips as I go back and forth between our daughters.”

Sue Ellen said, “Make that occasional kiss, every trip past my lips. I want to taste them too. After all your daughter did a fabulous job on me and I’d like the opportunity to return the favor.”

Everyone got in position, I entered Sue Ellen, and then I leaned into my daughter’s pussy for my very first taste. She cooed and then I kissed Sue Ellen on my way over to Daisy’s pussy. The two girls each had a distinct taste but I liked both equally. I had already tasted Sue Ellen and knew that I liked giving her oral sex as much as my daughter did.

My sexual need had been well satisfied so I enjoyed pleasing the two girls. Each had an orgasm but still wanted more just like Sue Ellen and I guess just like me, and every other person on Earth that enjoyed sex.

Sue Ellen was enjoying the soft gentle poking and the intermediate kissing.

She said, “I never met a man that could satisfy one woman before, let alone three, and at the same time too.”

Daisy said, “I’m going to like living here. I’ve got a sister, a new Dad, and he treats me really special.”

Tabatha said, “Just wait until you have to do the dishes and take out the trash.”

Daisy said, “Oh God, he’s licking my asshole, and I love it. I’m cumming again. Oh God, it’s great.”

Then I stuck my tongue in Sue Ellen’s mouth. She sucked my tongue until there was no more taste. I then reamed my own daughter’s asshole. Around the World was never so good, then my tongue went right back in Sue Ellen’s mouth. As she tried to get the full flavor I came in her. I pulled out and Sue Ellen rolled onto her knees and took over for me with the two girls. She got her full flavor taste first hand and she also gave the girls an orgasm each.

We were a very happy family. I almost forgot about my dead wife…almost. A tear came to my eye as I rubbed Sue Ellen’s back as she poked her tongue into Tabatha’s pussy and blew air causing her to sound like a fart. Tabatha giggled and I knew that we had found a perfect replacement for her mother.

They moved in with us that very weekend, the girls liked having someone to hang out with, and I liked having Sue Ellen in my life. The girls slept together and made no secret that they enjoyed each other sexually. Sue Ellen would let the girls take turns licking her pussy after we had sex. With three naked women running around the house all day long I couldn’t help but make love to Sue Ellen quite often. She didn’t need to work so her full time job was pleasing the girls and me. She did a fine job of it too.

The End
Girls Wearing Pajama Bottoms
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