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Partying in Adelaide
This is the sequel to Suzanne 1,2,3. I suggest that you read those episodes first.

After our rather wild evening with Sally and Jerry, we got dressed, although the girls had very little to put on, and set out for home. Suzanne was driving and Maria pushed me into the front passenger's seat and climbed in on top of me, side ways across my lap.

As soon as we were underway, Maria grabbed my hand and encouraged me to explore her pussy. Since she wore no panties, I soon had two fingers inside her and my thumb was caressing her clit. My other hand was stroking up and down her back under her shirt. Since she wore no bra either, I was able to stroke her back all the way up to the back of her neck. She was soon moaning and turned her head to kiss me.

“Bill! It's years since I've felt this good. I wish that Suzanne and I could keep you here in Adelaide for ever. I know that that is not possible, but a girl can wish, can't she?”

“Well! You know that I have a wife, who I love, so I can't stay, but I have every intention of getting back together with you and Suzanne as often as I can. If that isn't enough, why don't you go out and land yourself a boyfriend?”

“Yes, mum! Bill's my lover. Why don't you find yourself someone else?”

“Hey, Suzanne! At the airport you told me that you didn't mind sharing me with your mum. And you were quite happy fucking Jerry tonight, while I was fucking his wife. What's got into you?”

“I'm sorry. It's just that I'm driving the car and mum's getting finger fucked, and you will only be here a few more days, and I'm as randy as hell.”

That's when I realised that I had a problem. I was starting to love Suzanne, I really liked Maria too, but how could I spend enough time with Suzanne, and Maria to keep both of them satisfied? I wasn't going to make any hasty decisions, but I couldn't let matters drift too long either, in case Suzanne found someone else.

“Hey Suzanne! We're almost home. As soon as we are inside the front door, I'm going to fuck you. Which hole would you like to be fucked in first?”

“First? How many times are you going to fuck me tonight?”

“At least twice. If your mum will help me get it up each time, I should be able to manage three times, and possibly one more for Maria.”

“In that case I want it first in my cunt, then in my arse, and third in my mouth. OK?”

Just as Suzanne pulled up outside Maria's house, Maria had a massive orgasm on my fingers.

Shortly after 6pm on Thursday evening, Maria's front doorbell rang. Suzanne, dressed only in her high heels, went to open the door. Sally came in first, hugged and kissed Suzanne, then moved on to kiss me. I was naked apart from a towel wrapped around my waist, which Sally quickly pulled off and dropped on the floor, allowing my erect cock to bounce obscenely in front of me.

Jerry came in through the front door behind his wife and wrapped his arms around Suzanne's naked body and kissed her most enthusiastically. I think he may have had some of his fingers in Suzanne's cunt, and certainly, by the time that they broke their kiss, his erect cock was poking out the front of his unzipped jeans and bouncing up and down as he moved.

Maria came out of the kitchen, her body covered by a neck-to-knee apron. However as soon as she turned her back to us to lead us into the living room it became apparent that apart from the apron, she too was naked. Jerry moved behind her and undid the tapes that were holding her apron in place, letting it fall to the floor.

“I've planned to have the dinner ready in just over 1 hour. That should give us time for a pre-dinner drink and a little play. What would everyone like to drink?”

Suzanne collected drink orders and I helped her prepare and serve them.

“Cheers everyone. Jerry and I have been having most wonderful sex since last Monday night. We've been going to bed early to fuck or suck, then waking up early to fuck or suck some more before getting ready for work. We never used to do 69s, because I didn't want to swallow Jerry's cum, but now it is one of our favourites and I swallow it all. I've even let Jerry fuck my arsehole, and I really love that too, now. I'm so glad we had such fun on Monday night. It has completely changed my attitude to fucking, and it's all because you, our friends, were so willing to share with us. Thank you so much.”

While Sally was making her little speech I quickly finished my drink, then moved behind her and reached around her and slipped my hands under her blouse and around her body, then up to her breasts. There was no bra to get in the way as I happily played with her nipples, rubbing and squeezing them. The end of her little speech was interspersed with little moans as my attention to her nipples affected her. With Sally's encouragement and assistance, I removed her blouse and skirt, which was all that she had on.

Both Suzanne and her mum moved over to Jerry, took his empty glass and put it down and then proceeded to strip him naked too. Since all that he was wearing was jeans and a shirt this did not take long. By now Suzanne was the only one in the room wearing anything; she still had her high heels on.

At that point I lost interest in what Suzanne Maria and Jerry were doing together because Sally got me to lie on the carpet on my back then she lay on top of me with her freshly shaved cunt in my face and her mouth around my cock. For the next 15 minutes, although it may have been 5 minutes or 30 minutes, it's so hard to judge time when your building to an orgasm and finally cumming, I did my best to give Sally as much pleasure as she was giving me. Eventually I came first, but as she swallowed my first squirt she started cumming too, filling my mouth with her juices, which I also swallowed happily.

We just lay there for a few more minutes with her still on top of me, savouring the pleasure that we had given each other. Eventually she rolled off me, sat up and helped me to sit up. I looked around and spotted the other three. Maria was on her back with her legs spread wide, Suzanne was lying face down with her head between Maria's thighs, and Jerry was slumped forward over Suzanne's back. None of them was moving as they were apparently also savouring their post-coital bliss.

Eventually Maria came down to earth and stood up.

“Dinner should be ready now. Suzanne, would you please help me dish and serve?”

As we sat around the dinner tables on chairs covered by towels 'to catch the drips', the conversation turned to sexual fantasies.

Sally went first. “I've just lived my sexual fantasy; I've been fucked by someone that I hardly know in the presence of my husband who was also fucking someone else. It's something I used to dream of, but never thought that it could ever happen. I do hope that we can all fuck together again sometime.”

Jerry spoke next. “It's silly you know. I had the same fantasy as my wife and yet we never told each other. Even if we had told each other we probably would never done anything about it. What is it about you, Bill, that unlocked the forbidden door for us?”

“Well! I think that Suzanne has to take most of the credit. She was the one who offered her body to me in Melbourne in exchange for a bed to sleep in. Then it was Maria who made it clear that she wanted Suzanne and me stay with her this week, and it wasn't for my conversational ability, not that I'm lacking in that department. Finally, Sally, about 5 minutes after we met you, you said: 'Jerry tells me that he suspects that you three have been indulging in unconventional sex. Please tell us about it. I really love to hear about other people fucking each other, real people.' I think that the 'forbidden door', as you call it, was unlocked by these three randy women.”

“We may be three randy women, but you have proved to be two very willing men, you know.”

We all laughed at Suzanne's retort because it was so obviously true.

Then Suzanne admitted to her own fantasy. “After being with Bill in Melbourne, I was as randy as hell with no one to fuck, so I spent some time looking at porn on the web. The thing that really did it for me was pictures of girls being fucked by two cocks. I'd really like to find out what that feels like. It's so nasty that it really turns me on.”

“Which two holes would you want to be fucked in?” I asked.

“Well! I'd like you in my arse and Jerry in my cunt. Can we do it? Please?”

“Well! I'd really like to do something special for you before I go home, but what about the other two girls? They'll be left out after all.”

“Oh! Don't worry about me. I'd love to watch. Maybe another time I'll get to do it.” Sally answered.

“I'd love to watch too.”

“Well, if your up for it Jerry, let's do it. Have you got any lube?”

Suzanne replied, “I brought some lube with me, just in case. Here it is.”

Suzanne handed me the lube then collected a couple of towels from the dining table and placed them in the middle of the floor.

“OK, Jerry, you lie on your back on the floor and I'll get on top of you. You don't look as if you need any foreplay, and I'm certainly fully aroused, so let's get started.”

Once Suzanne was comfortably installed with Jerry's cock inside her, I pushed my fingers, covered with lube into her arsehole. I pumped my fingers in and out, knowing that Jerry could feel me as well as Suzanne. I had already lubed my cock while Suzanne was organising Jerry, so now I pressed my rock hard cock against Suzanne's bum hole, and with only a little difficulty slid into her. It was not the first time that I had fucked her arse, but it was definitely the first time that I had fucked her arse while her cunt was filled by another cock.

The feeling was incredible; every time that Jerry moved his cock in and out of her cunt, I felt it, and no doubt when I slid in and out of her arse, Jerry felt me too. At first we had trouble finding a rhythm, not that Suzanne seemed to mind, judging by her moans of pleasure. After a bit we got into a rhythm where Jerry pushed in as I pulled out and vice versa. Suzanne's moans only got louder until they changed to a strange gurgling sound as her first orgasm swept through her. Soon after I felt Jerry's cock pulsing as he pumped his cum into her cunt and seconds later I was filling her bowel with my load. Suzanne screamed as a second orgasm took over her body.

We all just lay together for some time before I eventually rolled off Suzanne and took note of the world around me. I was surprised to realise that Maria and Sally were sitting on the couch, side by side, grinning at the little pile of naked humanity that we constituted.

“That was hot!”

“I've got to try that sometime!”

After that we all had another drink together, then Jerry and Sally gathered their clothes, but did not put them on, and headed home. As they were leaving Jerry and I agreed to meet in his office first thing the next day, Friday, to review our joint project.

To be continued in Suzanne 5

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I like it. Keep the series going.

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