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Pat 1
Lunch Break.

Between the day of the pool party and the first day of my senior
year, I realized three things.

One, I liked what I was doing.

Two, I didn’t want it to stop just because school was starting.

And three, too many people knew about it already. I couldn’t let
anyone else find out.

That was a lot of weight on my mind as I biked down the hill to
school. My summer job had not afforded me enough cash to pay for a
car, but that wasn’t a huge problem for me. I was pretty athletic.
In fact, I was looking forward to my spot as captain of the swim team
when I returned to school. I wanted to make it to the regional
competition this year, but I knew it was a long shot.

The first person I saw after ditching my bike at the bike rack was my
kind-of girlfriend, Deanna. Deanna was also a senior and had spent
the summer as a camp counsellor in the far north. She ran up to me,
looking healthy, tan and muscular. She threw her arms around me and
kissed the side of my face. “Sam! How was your summer?”

I thought of the first time I’d forced my cock into Krissi Cates’
under-aged twat. Her hot juices mixed with my pre-cum as I took her
virginity. “Uh, fine,” I said. I’d taken Deanna’s virginity, too,
after putting in a good three months’ time dating her. We still
weren’t officially going steady, but we might as well have been.

“Well, I missed you, too,” Deanna huffed, flipping her choppy,
shoulder-length dark hair from side to side. “Want to sneak out at
lunchtime?” she asked. Deanna, unlike me, had a car. It was a
little embarrassing to have to be driven around when we went out, but
at least I didn’t have to clean up the wet spot after fucking Deanna’s
brains out in her back seat.

“Yeah,” I said. Initially, I’d thought I might not find Deanna
attractive anymore after all of the pre-pubescent girls I’d screwed
over the summer. Instead, I found myself drawn in by her developed
breasts, nipples hard and visible through her bra and camp T-shirt. I
reached between her legs and rubbed her newly-muscular inner thigh.
She shuddered under my touch. “I have missed you,” I admitted.
Summer break had been great, but I was just as turned on by Deanna as
I had ever been.

I hugged her. This time with passion, as my drama teacher might have
said. She smelled sweet and clean and horny. My cock was hard
against one of her strong legs, and her breasts were pressed flat
against my chest. “I’ve got AP English first, what a dumb!” she

“Hey, so do I.” We compared our schedules. We had English and
History together, but she was in a higher math and science class than
me. At least I got to spend English watching the way she crossed her
legs when she sat, and her fingers curled and drumming on the desk. I
pictured my body between her thighs, pressing them apart with my
knees. My mouth sucked one of those big nipples inside. Her fingers
curled around my dick and guided it into her wet and waiting puss.
Those were some good daydreams. Best English class I’ve ever had.

As promised, instead of lunch, I met Deanna in the parking lot and we
drove to Goose Lake, which was our town’s unofficial lovers’ lane. It
was a subdivision someone had started building—put in the roads and
everything—and then stopped when they ran out of money. So, it had
vacant grey roads, empty cul-de-sacs, a lake surrounded by willow
trees and full of geese, and even half of a house, which the geese had
claimed for nesting purposes.

We parked near the pond, in the shadow of the half-house. Deanna
reached over to me and unzipped my pants. My dick was already
rock-hard when she brought it out and sucked it into her mouth. She
was able to take me all the way in, the head of me tickling her
tonsils, my balls resting against her chin, getting spitty as she
lubed me up with her mouth and bobbed her head up and down. The
suction was amazing, along with the feeling of her sweet, full lips
moving up and down on me. I felt her tongue lapping against my shaft
and tweaking my head as she bobbed up and down on me. I groaned,
needing to hold myself back from cumming already. I think Deanna
sensed this, because she stopped, leaving my dick spitty and erect and
sticking straight out of my pants.

“Oh, no,” she said, “You’re not cumming until I do.” Deanna climbed
effortlessly into the backseat. I had to get out of the car and climb
through the back doors. I couldn’t tuck my cock back into my boxers
because it was too wet, so it wagged in the cool autumn breeze during
the seconds I was outside of the car.

I could smell her pussy already. “You still on the pill?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said, already unzipping her shorts and drawing them down
her legs. Flashes of chlorine-stained memories came back to me. The
dirty things I’d done and seen—Kyla Cates riding my cock hard, getting
Krissi Cates gangbanged, watching my friend Max fuck that dirty Asian
kid, Ling, on the stairs of my pool. I slid into Deanna; she was
tight and slick. I drove all the way into her, lubricated by spit and
pussy juice. My balls slapped her ass cheeks. She moaned and curved
her body against mine. Just as I’d fantasized, I kissed her, from her
angular jawbone down to her breasts with their tan nipples. She was
so different from the girls, and I loved the difference. I was
starting to love variety already. It was a trend that would last
throughout my life.

What followed was ten minutes of unrelenting, ball-slapping, sweaty,
teenage sex. I groped her breasts roughly. She pulled my jeans and
boxers down and slapped my bare ass. She was warm and responsive, her
body wriggling under mine, her pussy popping around my dick. I
grabbed those curvy hips and kept slamming into her, pulling my dick
nearly all the way out, so the ridge under my cockhead only just
exited her puss, then slamming it back in balls deep. It was Deanna’s
turn to moan now. I got my thumb and forefinger working on her clit.
It was bigger than the girls’ clits, something I could hold onto and
tug and masturbate like a tiny little penis. Hey, why was I thinking
of penises when I was with my girlfriend? I got back to thinking of
being inside Deanna, warm, wet, inviting Deanna.

I worked her clit lightly. The little button came out of the fold of
flesh. I kept rutting her as she moaned her way to her orgasm. I
fucked her flat-out as she came, slamming her head hard against the
back door of the car. Then, it was my turn. I let loose, ejaculating
into her with her pussy still pulsing and squeezing me. Best cum I’d
had in days. And I was eager enough that I was willing to bet Deanna
had no idea I’d been sleeping around while she was away.

We drove back to school. I had Chemistry I, kind of a disgrace for a
senior, but what can I say? I’m not a science person. Deanna had
Advanced Placement Biology. Anyway, my friends Max and Kyle were in
the same boat as I was, probably as a result of us studying together
and copying each other’s tests for our first three years of high
school. As soon as I split off from Deanna, kissing her lightly on
lips that still tasted like my nut sack, I saw my friend Max walking
toward me from the science room.

“Dude, you’re not going to believe this.”

“Believe what?” I asked. Seeing that Max was one of the few people
who knew how much preteen pussy I’d been getting, I almost assumed
that this couldn’t be anything good.

“Come see for yourself.” He gestured toward the chemistry room. We
walked in together, and I immediately saw what he was talking about.
Little Ling, the dirty Asian girl, was sitting at a desk at the front
of the classroom.

“Hey, Coach!” she called, then ran up and gave me a huge bear hug I
could have done without. “Or can I call you Sam now that we’re

“Classmates?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Ling said. “My parents got me into the high school, just for
math and science. You know, Asian... smart....” She trailed off,
then started laughing. “Actually, it makes me feel like a huge nerd.
At least I know you guys.”

“Yeah,” Max said, his eyes going all wide. “You want to be in a lab
group with me, Sam and Kyle?”

“Sure. As long as we can have private study group at Sam’s house sometime.”

“Of course,” I said. And in that moment, I realized two things.
One, I was going to pass Chemistry this year, and two, the best part
of it was going to be the chemistry that went on in my backyard pool.

Part 2 - Swim Team

And that’s how I ended up in my bedroom the following week with Kyle,
Max and Ling. My mother was home, clunking around in the kitchen, but
Ling sat confidently on Max’s knee, his hand under her skirt,
fluttering against her pubic mound. I was failing chemistry already,
which was pathetic, seeing that we’d only had two assignments and one
pop quiz. “Noooo,” Ling said, pointing at the formula I’d just spent
ten minutes transcribing into my notebook. “H-e-2,” not “2-H-e.”

Yeah, that made sense.

“I’m starting to understand, Ling,” Max said, his hand fluttering
even more quickly. He wrote something in his notebook, using his left
hand because his right one was busy with Ling’s puss.

Ling had to catch her breath before pointing out that Max had done
the first problem wrong, too. “I’ve got an idea,” I said. “Ling, why
don’t you just do the work and we’ll copy it?” This was definitely
not how I’d seen study group. One, we were studying and two, my
mother was home, preventing us from doing anything else. I’d hoped we
could hold study group beside the pool, taking turns nailing Ling to
the deck with our cocks. Looking at Max’s fingers warming her up, I
would have been happy to take sloppy seconds, or even thirds.

“I’ll do that, Coach,” she said, drawing out the ‘Coach’ really long,
like she was mocking me. “But you have to do something for me. Let
me, Max and Kyle be on swim team.” I was captain this year, so I was
certainly capable of granting this request. Ling spread her legs and
I could see that Max had drawn her panties back over her little pussy
mound and was slamming two fingers into her now, his thumb still
rubbing her clit. Her little lips were cute and puffy, with a sparse
amount of slick, Asian pubic hair.

“You, yes,” I said. “But Max and Kyle, I’m not sure they’re even
going to make the Junior Varsity team if they don’t practice.”

“But it would be fun,” Ling said. “All those swimming lessons.
Extra practice in your pool.” Max slammed his fingers in hard and
Ling convulsed into a screaming orgasm, covering her mouth so she
wouldn’t disturb anyone. I could smell her excitement. I watched Max
take his sticky fingers out of her and lick them off.

“Tastes good,” he said.

That was it. I was sold.

If you’ve ever played high school sports, you probably know that
hazing happens, regardless of whether school officials try to stop it.
I think they should just let it happen. In almost all cases, it’s
good natured bonding between young people. Fuck, I sound like a
teacher sometimes. Yeah, I was humiliated when I was a frosh and the
swim team hazed me. I had to run across the guys’ locker room naked
and let the team beat me with wet towels. But I stuck it out and
ended up team captain. That’s the way hazing goes if you’re a man
about it.

For my new team members, Max, Kyle and Ling, I came up with something
better. “Okay,” I said, with the four of us standing next to the
pool, “As new members, you all have to dive off the board, into the
pool and swim a lap... naked.”

Ling jumped up in the air and shrieked, clapping her hands. I guess
my hazing idea was a real winner. Max and Kyle didn’t look so
certain, even though they’d had no qualms about getting naked at my
pool. “What if someone else walks in?” Max said.

I bolted the door to the pool area. Being captain of the swim team
does have its advantages. By the time I turned around, Ling had
stripped off her bathing suit and was already climbing the ladder to
the diving board. The harsh, fluorescent lights of the pool area made
most girls look washed-out and chunky, but Ling, with her smooth,
olive skin and shiny black hair pulled back in a ponytail, looked
beautiful. She had dark, narrow eyes and beautiful lips—upper and
lower. Those lower lips, which had sported slick pubic hair days
before, were now completely shaved, as though she’d been anticipating
this. Her slit was narrow and undeveloped, almost completely closed,
like a clamshell, without a sign of her clit or inner lips.

She was at the top of the ladder now. “You’re not naked yet, guys,”
she called to Max and Kyle. I looked over to my friends. They,
like me, were just stunned, looking at her thin, naked body, displayed
before all of us on the diving board. She spread her legs and put her
hands on her hips, teasing us. She thrust her little pelvis back and
forth. I put a hand in my pants, not embarrassed at all about needing
to touch myself to the sight of her.

Max and Kyle struggled out of their bathing suits, eyes never leaving
Ling, dancing on the diving board. “Okay, I’m going to jump,” she
said, putting herself into the proper stance. I watched her body,
glistening in fluorescent lights. Her hips and thighs were narrow,
with just a hint of a flair. She took off running—it was three steps
to the end of the diving board. She bent her knees and shot up, her
naked body in midair. She tucked her knees in, hiding her pussy but
displaying her perfect ass for all of us to see. Like the rest of her
body, it had curves that were only just beginning to develop. So she
wasn’t straight up and down, but there wasn’t much in the way of fat
on her pre-teen butt. She turned a somersault in the air before
returning to diving position and breaking the water with her thin
fingertips. I saw a flash of her little pussy—I swear it was getting
slick around the lips, as turned on by us as we were by her. And she
began swimming.

I looked back to the diving board; Kyle was nearly at the top of the
ladder, Max behind him. Max was climbing faster and I watched as he
bumped his nose against Kyle’s butt. I laughed. “Gross, dude,” Kyle

“Well, hurry up,” said Max.

With Ling in the water, there wasn’t much to watch in the way of
girls, so I watched my friends. As Kyle ran and jumped, his erect
cock bounced up and down against his leg, his cockhead peeking out of
his foreskin. He jumped, legs splayed, dick flying out, head fully
exposed now. He landed in a messy bellyflop in the water. Max wasn’t
far behind, his circumcised dick exposed. He tried to imitate Ling,
tucking his legs up, but ended up cannonballing instead of diving.
Yeah, my friends were going to need some practice to be competitors in
swim team.

Ling, on the other hand, needed no practice. I’d taught her well
enough in swim team, before swim team had degenerated into my peeping
tom ways, and my desire to fuck as many of my young students as I
could. On still another hand, Max and Kyle were taking off now.
Their strokes weren’t perfect, but they were certainly fast. Probably
just because Ling was in front of them and they were chasing her.
After her lap was complete, she began another one, swimming slower,
intentionally showing more of her tight little ass. It bobbed above
the water, olive-skinned, smooth and gleaming with pool water.

Max and Kyle finally caught up with her, grabbed her by the legs, and
pulled her under. She struggled, good-naturedly, but I could see
underwater, and she was already gripping Kyle’s hard dick with her
hands and taking Max’s into her mouth. The girl had stamina. She
stayed underwater for a good two minutes, sucking off Max and beating
off Kyle. I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t jump in and join the
fun. I’m sure Ling could have used her other hand on me. Instead, I
stood with my hand in my pants, jerking myself off as I had the first
day I’d decided to peep on the girls. Only now, I wasn’t just
watching girls. I was watching my friends with a girl, and that was

I watched as Ling surfaced for a single, rasping breath, then went
back under, her hand never leaving Kyle’s dick. As she dipped below
the surface again, I saw Kyle bend his legs and spurt cum into the
pool water. Ling focused on Max now, hands on his ass, mouth on his
cock. I kept touching myself. The water was pure; it was the
beginning of season. I watched Ling, floating in the water with legs
splayed, pussy slightly open to reveal an aroused little clit and
miniscule inner lips, as she sucked Max off. I couldn’t see his cum,
but I did see his body shake. Ling surfaced, swallowed, and swam
toward the side of the pool.

“We hazed enough for you, coach?” she asked, gripping the pool’s edge.

Ling pulled out of the water. I hadn’t gotten a good look at her
tits. They were more developed than the rest of her body, inching
toward b-cups with chocolate brown nipples the size of my fingertips.
I took her hands and helped her to her feet. I lowered my mouth to
her nipples and began sucking on one of them. I couldn’t help myself.
My right hand returned to my cock. My left hand reached down to
explore that perfect ass I’d been admiring from afar. I skimmed its
wet surface before opening her crack and slipping a finger inside.
Lubricated by the pool water, I found the little rosebud of her
asshole. I was acutely aware that my friends were watching me now.
Still fingering her ass, I pushed my swim shorts down, around my
ankles. I hadn’t gotten to cum yet. Neither had she. I was going to
fix that.

Using the hand I had on her ass, I took my finger out of her asshole
and lifted her, so her cunt was level with my cock. I rubbed my dick
up and down over the little, hidden bump of her clit. I had been
right—she was just dripping wet with her own juices. I spent some
time on her, rubbing that clit with my cock-head, squeezing her
perfect little ass and her tight, muscular thighs. Pussy juice had
run down her legs and was now coating the inner parts of her thighs.
I knew it was time to enter her. She was an athletic little thing,
able to grip my shoulders and, while giving me the deepest, longest
kiss I’d ever had, begin to move up and down on my dick. The
penetration was amazing. She was wet and warm, slick and smooth, but
at the same time, tight as ever. My head popped past the entrance to
her pussy and entered her channel. She moaned into my mouth, tongue
playing with mine, as she moved up and down on me, lowering herself so
that I was nearly all the way in, with my dick head resting against
her cervix, then bringing herself up, leaving my cock wet and exposed
in the air.

Her mouth tasted salty. I realized what it was after I’d been
stroking into her for a while—it was Max’s cum. She hadn’t swallowed
all of it. She’d saved it in her mouth and was now letting it diffuse
into mine. For some reason, I didn’t break the kiss. In fact,
something about knowing this hot little piece of pre-teen ass was
spitting cum into my mouth got me even more turned on. I pressed her
down, rutting hard into her, grinding her pubic bone against mine. I
was sure to crush her little clit against my pubic bone, stimulating
her as I stimulated myself. All of the dirty thoughts I was having
came together. I swallowed hard, tasting the salty taste of my
friend’s cum, as I shot Ling full of my own. I came hard, filling
her. I felt my own cum, mixed with Ling’s ample juices, running down
my thighs. As I was cumming, she had her orgasm as well, back
arching, leaning back, breaking the kiss. I felt jizz on my lips,
her pussy squeezing my dick hard.

I groaned, shooting out the last jets of my cum. My stream of cum
slowed; I was just leaking into her now. After a few moments
together, I lifted her off me and eased her to the ground. We were
both dripping.

There was only one way to wash off. We jumped into the pool.

“Okay,” Ling said, when she resurfaced. “Now I’m sufficiently hazed.”

“Yeah,” I said. “You are.”

Max gave us all a ride home after we were dressed. “Hey, Ling,” Kyle
said. “Just remember we need to get together to copy that chemistry
problem set off you.”

“Tomorrow would work,” I said. “My parents always go out on Friday.
We might even get some time alone.”

“Oh, good,” said Ling. “Because I’m not just going to give you the
answers, I’m going to make you pay for them.”

I wondered what she meant by that. Little did I know , she’d sensed
the guilty pleasure I’d felt during that cum-filled kiss, and was
going to capitalize on it. I had no idea of this on the ride home. I
was kind of overwhelmed with the satisfied feeling of having fucked
her brains out, combined with the guilty feeling of getting turned on
by the taste of my own friend’s cum.

Part 3
Extra Credit

Ling arrived about five minutes after my parents left on Friday.
This was good because I wouldn’t have to explain her presence to my
mother, who seemed a little suspicious after I began “tutoring” Krissi
Cates over the summer. Of course, the only thing Krissi and I studied
together was how to cum without making a sound. I didn’t want my mom
thinking I was into little girls. I wasn’t, really. After all, I was
fucking Deanna on a regular basis. This was just fun. And I was
about to have more of it.

Ling was armed with books, also good because Max, Kyle and I had not
a clue what was going on in our chemistry class. We weren’t exactly
star pupils to begin with and Ling didn’t make it easy. She wore a
middle school uniform which must have been designed by a pedophile
school administrator. It was the stereotypical plaid skirt and white
blouse and Ling wore it well, always leaving one too many buttons open
on the blouse so we could see her developing cleavage. We sat, more
often than not, books hiding nervous boners as Ling shifted in her
seat, giving us a look at the curve of her breasts. Occasionally, she
would drop her pencil, which she would then stoop to pick up, giving
us a glimpse of her panties. Today, she hadn’t been wearing any and
I’d seen, in the shadow of her skirt, the wet cleft of the puss I was
dying to fuck this very evening.

We’d been waiting for her, Max with his boner already sticking out of
his pants, the most brazen of us all. “Put that thing away,” Ling
scolded as I showed her into my bedroom. “At least until I tell you
what I want you to do with it.”

“I know what you want me to do with it,” Max said. Ling looked like
she agreed; she was already unbuttoning her blouse. She was wearing a
peach-colored bra, which contrasted nicely with her olive-colored

But once her shirt was off, she said, “No, I don’t think you do
know.” But she smiled, dropped to her knees before Max, who had most
certainly not put his dick away, and took him into her mouth like the
practiced little slut she was. She was deep-throating him right in
front of us, slurping with her little tongue, taking him so deep into
her mouth that her nose touched his stomach. I watched, my dick
straining against my jeans in a combination of pleasure and agony. It
was only when Kyle pulled his schlong out of his pants that I did the

This, apparently, was Ling’s plan. We were both standing there,
tugging our dicks as she bobbed her head up and down on Max’s cock,
which was now covered in her pink, glittery lipstick. I was enjoying
the view when Ling beckoned for me to come closer. I didn’t know
exactly what she was getting at, but I moved a bit closer to Max. Not
surprisingly, as soon as I was close enough, she pulled Max’s dick out
of her mouth and sucked mine into it, leaving a trail of spit from one
cock to the other. She went back and forth between us for several
moments, giving us each a deep, hard suck before returning to the

I was already leaking pre-cum into her mouth, turned on by her small
mouth, tightly pursed lips and the sight of the half-naked thirteen
year old on her knees before me. I ran my hands down her shoulders,
groping her breasts through her bra. The feel of them was amazing. I
could have sworn they were firmer and larger than they had been at the
pool. And her nipples were every bit as hard. Before I got a good
feel on her, though, she was back to Max.

It wasn’t long before Kyle got tired of jerking his own dick and moved
in closer to us. Ling, of course, began to alternate between the
three of us. I found that I wasn’t just turned on watching and
feeling her as she worked on me, but also as I watched her with my
friends. Back and forth she moved; my cock twitched and ached even as
I saw her swirling her tongue around Kyle’s fat, uncircumcised dick.
It was my turn next. Because I was in the middle, I was getting twice
as much head as everyone else. But instead of taking me into her
mouth, this time, she stepped back.

“Okay,” she said. “I’m tired of doing all the work. Sam, you finish
off Max and I’ll do Kyle.”

For the first time that day, I hesitated. I’d been curious about what
things would be like with a guy ever since our orgy in the pool, when
I’d ended up licking my friend’s cock. I wasn’t sure that I was ready
to suck it off, though.

“Seriously, Sam,” she said. “You said you’d do what I told you and
I’m telling you to do this.”

Max, who was just as uncomfortable and, as it turned out, just as
curious as me, used humor as a defense. “Go on, Sam,” he said,
laughing. “Stick it in your mouth.”

Much to my own surprise, I did it. My own dick still hard against my
leg, I got on my knees in front of him and took his dick, first in my
hands, and then into my mouth. First, I licked him, the tip of my
tongue on the head of his penis and the little hole that leaked his
pre-cum. Then, I took him into the front of my mouth, just the head
at first. He was still coated with Ling’s spit and her lip gloss and
that was what I tasted first when I began sucking. Underneath that
taste, though, was Max’s male aroma, and it wafted from my mouth into
my nose. Shockingly, I didn’t find it entirely unpleasant. I kept
sucking, drawing Max deeper into my mouth. His shaft, long, hard and
smooth, twitched in my mouth. I guess he was enjoying it, too.

I was aware of Ling, directly beside me, slurping Kyle’s dick. I knew
they were both glancing at me. It was as though I could feel their
icy stares. And I didn’t care. I felt unbearably naughty—naughty in
a good way. My dick was rock-hard and leaking. I put my hands on
Max’s hips and kept sucking him off, now taking him back into my mouth
as far as my uvula before my gag reflex kicked in. I can’t say I was
as good as Ling, who had taken all of us deep into her throat, past
that tender, dangling piece of flesh, but I did my best. And Max’s
dick was nearly eight inches long.

As I realized that he wasn’t upset with me, I got into it, imitating
Ling and swirling my tongue around his bulbous head, tasting him even
more strongly now, swallowing when my mouth got too spitty. I tasted
the salt of his pre-cum mixed with my own saliva.

Beside me, I heard Ling pick up her pace. The sound was familiar—the
smacking, slurping sound of lips against dick. I recognized it
because I was hearing it in my own mouth. Kyle groaned loudly. I
knew he had cum. The next thing I knew, Ling was crouched on the
floor, moving head between Max and me. I felt her wet lips, probably
still coated with cum, slide onto my dick. Suddenly, I was in
ecstasy, my mouth filled and my cock inside a hot, wet mouth. She
worked me hard as I made a faster effort on Max’s dick, the head of
him sliding a bit past my uvula. I was getting used to it now; I
barely gagged as his dickhead slammed into my throat.

I felt Max begin to tense up. I kept sucking until I felt the hot,
rapid fire of cum against the back of my throat. That did make me gag
and I pulled away, only to be greeted with two more squirts of hot,
slimy jizz—right in my face. The cum rolled down my face, dripped off
my chin, and landed on Ling’s lips, which were still working my dick.
The sight of her, lips glistening with cum and still working on me,
was enough to push me over the edge. I spurted my juice deep into her
thirteen-year-old throat, so much that even Ling, an expert
cocksucker, gagged on my jism. She looked up at me with a smile, wide
eyes, and a mouth full of my cum.

In that moment, I felt like I’d found a kindred spirit—someone just as
dirty as me. I grabbed her by the back of the head, twisting her hair
as I kissed her deeply. I could taste my own cum in her mouth and my
dick was already hard again. I fumbled with the zipper on her skirt,
finally getting it undone to reveal the glistening pussy mound i'd seen earlier in the day..
Max’s cum, still on my face, was now all over Ling’s, as well,
courtesy of that deep kiss. I parted her legs and entered her with a
single rough movement. I fucked her flat-out, hard as I could,
wanting to be deep inside her warmth. Maybe it was because we were
kindred, dirty spirits. Maybe it was because I needed to prove that I
was still a man, even though I’d just sucked some dick. I kept riding
her, grinding her against the carpet of my bedroom, not thinking about
rug-burn, the fact that my friends were watching, or anything else.
It was then that I felt Max’s hand reaching between us to touch my

As I drove into Ling, he held onto what I couldn’t fit into her, which
was about an inch of my length. His fingers were hot and slimy and it
felt dirty and good. It didn’t take long for me to shoot my load, a
smaller one this time, but enough to slick Ling up before the other
guys took their turns. I eased back, watching Ling’s pussy, which I’d
fucked raw. It was slightly open, with a trickle of my pure white cum
running out of it and pooling beside one of her toned little thighs.
I stuck my hand out, wiped up the cum with my index finger, and then
licked it.

Kyle, who had yet to do anything “gay” was quick to take my sloppy
seconds. He got Ling on the floor, doggy style, and entered her from
behind. She yelped and arched her back. I watched Kyle’s hands
unsnap the peach-colored bra, and then begin to paw her growing
breasts, her hard nipples. I was determined to get Kyle into this
whole experiment, and not just because I was curious. I figured that
if he participated, he wouldn’t tell anyone what Max and I had done.
The smell of sex all around me, I crouched on the floor, got my head
underneath her, and slid my tongue along his dick as he pushed in and
out of her.

Kyle’s dick felt different than Max’s when it touched my tongue. His
foreskin gave it a bit of extra padding, and it bunched up when he
entered her, leaving me something to lick, even when he was fully
inside. His entire dick was dripping with pussy juice and perhaps a
bit of my own cum. I lapped it up, running my tongue up and down
Kyle’s shaft as I did. I heard him groaning above me, so, even though
I couldn’t see his face, I knew he was enjoying himself. He had a
different taste than Max did. It was something I hadn’t thought about
before—whether different cocks tasted differently. I’d certainly
tasted enough pussy to know that a range of tastes existed. I guess
guys are the same.

Kyle kept pumping into Ling. I had an excellent view of her little
tits bouncing with every thrust, her muscular stomach flexing as she
accommodated his dick in her well-fucked puss. I was even able to
reach up and join Kyle as he groped her curvy little breasts. I
tweaked her nipples and watched her squirm. Kyle grabbed her by the
ass and fucked her faster, excited by this. Now, his dick was really
moving against my tongue. Her juices were dripping into me. I felt
her orgasm come first. She tensed up above me, juices drizzled out of
her, down Kyle’s cock and into my mouth, and she squealed.

Kyle’s orgasm came next. His dick tensed up, twitched inside his
foreskin, and the next thing I tasted was jizz—sweeter than Max’s. I
guess different jizz tastes differently as well. I didn’t care. I
had done so many filthy things today that I did one more. I swallowed
every drop, even sucking it out of Ling’s wide-open, freshly-fucked
pussy when Kyle pulled out of it. Ling collapsed on the floor beside
me, pre-teen breasts heaving.

I couldn’t look up at my friends. I was afraid of what they would
think of me now. Even though they’d participated, I’d been into it
more than they had. They’d think I was a freak. They’d think I was
gay. They’d think...

It was then that I heard footsteps downstairs.

“Shit,” I said.

Part 4
Final Lap

I tugged my clothes on as quickly as I could, leaving everyone else
fumbling for their own garments on my bedroom floor. The smell of sex
was in the air and probably all over me—if either of my parents had
come home, I was in trouble for sure. “Mom?” I called. “Dad?” I
rounded the corner that led from the stairs to the vestibule. The
front door hung open. “Hello?” The footsteps had gone away, but when
I approached the door to close it, I saw, in the sliver of fading
sunlight, someone walking—no, running—down the driveway.

I could just make out who it was. It was Deanna.

I called after her, but she only ran faster.

As expected, the break-up came the next morning. Deanna, flanked by
two of her friends, approached me at my locker. “Sam,” Deanna said.
My stomach twisted into ten different knots, wondering what she’d seen
or heard. I stood there with my mouth gaping, thinking of our lunch
hour fucks in the backseat of her car, her slick pussy squeezing my
dick, my mouth on her dark nipples. While I undressed her with my
eyes, she struggled to form words with her trembling mouth. I could
tell that she’d been crying. Shit. I never meant to hurt her or
anyone. I was just having fun. Worse, still, what if she’d seen me
with another guy?

“Sam, I know who you were with yesterday in your bedroom.”

I swallowed the lump in my throat, but couldn’t speak. Please don’t
say Kyle or Max, I thought. Please don’t say Kyle or Max.

Oh, sweet, small mercy. “You were with Ling,” she accused. “I’d
know that stupid, valley-girl accent anywhere.” I knew better than to
deny it; it was the truth, not the whole truth, much better than the
truth. Her two friends glared at me, waiting for me to defend myself.
They wouldn’t get the satisfaction.

“I’m sorry,” I said. That much was true. Sorry to have hurt her.
Sorry to have lost that soft, warm body I’d pressed into. The musky
smell of her open legs, now closed to me.

“We’re done,” Deanna said, then turned and walked away. While part
of me breathed a sigh of relief that my dirtiest secrets would not be
exposed, I still felt like I’d been punched in the gut. Not to
mention the gossip that would get around the school if she told
everyone about Ling.

The second blow came as I walked to chemistry class. Max met me
outside the classroom. He punched me in the arm, and not in a
friendly way. His eyes met mine. “Just so you know, I’m not a
fucking fag,” he said. “Everything I did last night was for Ling.
Got it, gaywad?”

I nodded. Sighed like a little emo. Kept my head down throughout
class. At least I’d copied Ling’s answers so I wouldn’t fail. I was
sure Max and Kyle felt the same way, but they weren’t talking to me.
Ling, on the other hand, sat beside me, seductive as ever, crossing
and uncrossing her legs, walking bowlegged to the pencil sharpener in
the middle of class. As class ended, Ling passed me a note. It was
the only good thing that had happened all day.

“Heya, Sam!” the note read. “Sorry 2 hear about da break-up. To get
yr mind off it, I have a BIG SURPRISE 4u at swim team 2nite. CU
there. Luv and other inside sportz... Ling!”

Yeah, it was a small consolation after losing Deanna, but at least it
was something. I spent the rest of the day moping about like an emo
kid. I barely remembered Ling’s mention of a BIG SURPRISE by the time
I packed my gear into my backpack and headed to swim team practice.
As coach, I was in charge today, and I was determined to keep my
composure even if Max and Kyle were still giving me the silent
treatment like weepy little girls. But as I neared the gym, I saw
that someone had already tried to undermine my authority as coach.

On the door of each locker room, there was a poster in Ling’s spindly
TODAY. Great. That would be Ling, Max, Kyle and me, all alone. I
entered the guy’s locker room, smelling scents that were all too
familiar after the previous night. Somehow, the scent of sweaty cocks
and balls jogged my memory—Ling had a surprise for me. I changed
beside my friends, who were already in the locker room, catching a
glimpse at Max and Kyle’s dicks as I did. They were both soft.
Whatever this surprise was, they weren’t in on it.

I was the last one into the natatorium, but as I walked out, I could
see Max and Kyle, stopped at the edge of the pool, eyes fixed on
something. As I approached, I could see what it was. Ling had
brought friends. She had the young, sexy sisters Kyla and Krissi Cates,
and budding lesbians Ava and Brianna had formed a circle in the center of
the pool and were rotating round and round, causing a whirlpool. Upon
closer inspection, I realized that all of them were naked.

Ling broke out of the circle and swam toward me. “Hey, Coach,” she
said. “Did we cheer you up?”

“Not unless I get to join in,” I said, tearing off my swim trunks and
diving over her. I swam under the preteen girls’ feet, tickling
Krissi’s toes. I surfaced in front of her, having blown bubbles from
the opening of her little slit all the way up to her flat chest. Max
and Kyle surfaced, one on either side of me. They, to, had joined
right in. I knew instantly that our friendships were going to survive
this, even though my relationship with Deanna had not.

Kyla broke out of the circle and climbed onto my shoulders. “Hey,
Coach,” she said. “I heard you like to do it with boys now.”

“Yep,” I said. “And I’ll let you see if I can watch you eat Brianna out.”

“Deal,” she said. And that’s just what we did. Kyle and Brianna
leaned against the of the pool. Kyla and I dipped underwater and
licked their genitals as their legs squirmed around us. I took Kyle’s
cock into my mouth, the feeling of his cock underwater somewhat
different than it had been in my bedroom. I couldn’t taste him as
strongly and had to surface for breath several times during the
process. It didn’t help that Kyla was hard at work beside me, tongue
working on the exposed bud of Brianna’s clit, little fingers moving in
and out. Kyla started with her thumb, pushing it in, pulling it out,
and worked down her hand until she got to her pinky, inserting each
finger individually, twisting it inside of Brianna’s little hole,
making the poor girl moan and squeal, but never filling her full.

“Want to trade partners, babe?” I asked. I turned to make sure Max
was all right. He was. He had flat-chested little Krissi on the
stairs, doggy’style. Krissi was looking over her shoulder at me
longingly. Maybe I hadn’t broken her of her obsession with me yet.
Max drove into her hard. I heard his balls slap against her tight
cunt. Krissi turned her head away and I turned my attention back to

I hadn’t fucked Brianna yet, but I’d cum in her mouth and she and Ava
had given me the most delectable shared blowjob I’d ever had. Brianna
was a little redhead, with porcelain-white skin that never tanned.
Head to toe, she was shiny-white and utterly amazing. Her nipples
were pink buds and her long, wet, red hair curled around them. I
licked them with my tongue, getting hair in my mouth. Even her hair
tasted delicious, like coconut or something. Better yet, from the
look on her face, she was absolutely aching for my cock.

I didn’t waste any time. I positioned myself between her thighs and
pushed my way upward. Her little pussy had a neatly-trimmed line of
red pubic hair leading from her clit to the top of her pubic mound.
My own pubic bone rubbed against it; I felt the hair mixing with mine.
I felt her warm, pale pussy lips opening as my dick pushed upwards.
Felt the opening of her puss begin to yield to me. One hard, upward
thrust and I was all the way inside her. She yelped and threw her
head back. Beside me, Kyla started to laugh. “You popped her
cherry,” she teased. “Brianna’s a lezzy who doesn’t like cock.”

“She does now,” I said, fucking deeper into her, exploring her tight,
newly opened channel. Now I knew why Kyla had taunted Brianna with
just one finger. But I’d had a shit day and I wasn’t going to take it
easy on Brianna. I wrapped one hand in her red hair, pulling her head
back so I could press my lips over hers, kissing her and probing her
puffy, pink lips with my tongue. I explored her in and out, inhaling
that coconut scent and knowing I was the first guy to ever feel her
pussy lube up on the inside.

I was even more turned on knowing that beside me, Kyla’s well-used
channel was getting reamed out by Kyle’s dick, which had just been in
my mouth. She was riding him hard and he was responding, bucking his
hips and forcing his dick up into her in fast, smooth thrusts. I had
to have her, too. “Ready for your second cock, Brianna?” I asked,
whispering it into her ear. To be honest, I didn’t care if she was
ready for her second cock or not. I just wanted to see her get
fucked, and I wanted to fuck Kyla. So I took what I want. I pulled
Kyla off of Kyle and pressed her up against the wall facing away from
me. I entered her from behind, rubbing my dick against her butthole
first before working my way into that familiar and well-used little
puss. She was slick with Kyle’s pre-cum and her own pre-teen juices.
She scissored her legs around me so provocatively that I felt my cum
rising. Her legs were muscular; they drew me in, even from behind,
made me want to shoot my wad.

But I had other plans for it, and for little Brianna, the girl who’d
thought she was a lesbian. I knew just what it took to make Kyla cum;
I worked her little clit with my whole hand, grinding her hard nub
against her pubic bone, continuing to fuck her rough and hard, just
the way she liked it. As she came, her legs squeezed around me. I
felt a long, slimy trail of pre-cum leak out of me and into her
pulsating pussy, but I held my orgasm back. With Kyla watching from
the side of the pool where she rested her beautiful, perky little tits
against the wall, I swam up behind Brianna. Something about her
ghostly pale redhead skin turned me on. It was like she exuded
innocence, even though this was the girl who’d let me cum in her mouth
and rub it into her developing tits.

From behind her, I forced my dick up against Kyle’s. I felt where he
was going into her, and in a rough thrust, I penetrated alongside him.
Brianna gasped, suddenly full beyond what she had ever imagined
possible. With Brianna between us, I met Kyle’s eyes. “Let’s fuck
this bitch,” I said. It was the only time I’d ever disrespected one
of the girls, but there was no time for guilt now. His dick was
pressed against mine. I felt his spongy foreskin as we fucked Brianna
together, her puss strained nearly to the breaking point. My cock was
pressed hard against Kyle’s inside her. There was pressure on every
side. “I’m gonna blow,” I warned Kyle, knowing he was about to cum as

We blew our loads in her at the same time. I felt Kyle’s dick
explode beside mine and knew that some of the warmth against my cock
came not from the virgin we’d just defiled, but from my friend’s jizz.
And that turned me on, too.

I didn’t look at Kyle after I came. I swam away. I heard him
comforting Brianna in the background, telling her that she’d made him
feel so good and some other nonsense. Kyla, who recognized nonsense
for what it was, was mocking the little lesbian who’d just been fucked
by two guys at once. Kyle could go ahead and have feelings for
Brianna if he wanted them. She was hot as hell and I would have more
than one wet dream thinking of my cock and Kyle’s, parting the
porcelain pale lips of her vagina, and of the way her little cherry
had popped when I thrust upwards. But I had to admit the only girl in
the room I’d kind of developed feelings for was Krissi. Okay and
maybe Kyla and Ling, but I wasn’t thinking about that now.

She was probably the least developed girl in the room, even though
she was among the oldest. But then I’ve always liked the androgynous
type of girl. I guess I enjoyed broadening her horizons. Today was
no exception. I was done with the gay shit for the day, though I did
notice that Kyle had convinced the freshly-fucked Brianna that she
wanted to try to get Max’s dick in there alongside his this time.

What I wanted to do was get Krissi to do something with the
large-breasted Ava.

Krissi was sitting on the stairs, pussy underwater and ragged with
Max’s cum. I swam up to her, parted her boyish legs and started
fingering her with two fingers. “Come here, Ava,” I gestured. The
big-titted budding lesbian swam up beside me. “Think you can get two
fingers into Krissi?”

Ava nodded. She slipped two fingers into Krissi no problem.

“Okay, try three,” I said. Ava parted Krissi’s puss with one hand
and shoved the fingers up, clasped tightly together like a little
dildo. Her fingers were covered with Max’s cum. My dick twitched to
life. I stood behind Ava, snaking my hands around to feel her huge
breasts. I squeezed and probed. I held them together. “Okay,
Krissi, kiss Ava’s tits for me.” She lowered her head to them and
kissed, dutifully. “No, baby,” I said. “Really kiss them.” Krissi
went off. She started licking and kissing, drawing circles around
Ava’s well-developed nipples with her tiny, pink tongue. I joined
her, licking and sucking, and by the time we were done, Ava’s nipples
were completely red.

“So, who should I fuck first?” I asked. They both spread their legs
and begged me for it, but it was Ava I drove into first. I’d fooled
around with her, but hadn’t penetrated her yet and I was looking to
score some new pussy tonight. Ava had clearly been fucked before.
Her pussy was easy to penetrate, and already slick with her own
juices. As I fucked her, bouncing her on my lap as I sat on the
stairs, Krissi reached underneath me and played with my balls, felt my
cock at the base where I penetrated her friend, turned me on even
further by continuing to suck Ava’s big titties. I tired of Ava
quickly, though. She’d been a bit of a bitch in swim lessons and now
that I’d fucked her up the puss, I was bored of her. I pushed her off
me, but kept her beside me so I could play with her huge tits as I
pulled Krissi onto me, my skinny girl, my boyish girl.

“Kiss,” I ordered them, and they did. Krissi’s tight, immature pussy
squeezed me. I could feel her little hipbones against me as I entered
her deeply, remembering the first time we’d fucked. She arched her
back and took me deeper, her head turned, her mouth locked with her
friend’s. It was too much to bear. The two pretty girls kissing in
front of me, my hand on Ava’s freakishly large tits, my cock in
Krissi’s slick little channel, I blew my second load of the night,
just as Krissi reached orgasm. I noticed Ava shaking as well, and
realized that Krissi had been fingering her from the moment I’d
stopped fucking her. She was some girl, that Krissi.

When I was done filling her with my spooge, I ducked down and licked
her little slit clean, and wouldn’t you know it, she came again, right
on my mouth, shuddering, shaking, making my day so much better than it

My friendships saved, the worries I’d had about Deanna and her rumors
were pushed aside. I liked what I was doing. I didn’t want to stop.
And, for that moment, I didn’t care who knew about it. I looked
across the pool at my friends, who were taking turns with Brianna and
Kyla, and smiled.

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