A continued story of a moms uncontroled lust
Hi my name is amy its been 3 days since i molested/ raped my son
He has not said a word about it nor have I said anything to him. I been real upset that I could lose control
Of my body my will my self control like that. Me and my son have acted normal around each other. He
Goes on like nothing happened between us. I guess for a little boy it was no big deal or something.
I married my husband Mike out of High School when I was 18,A year later we had John. Its been 10 years since we got married. My husband mike is a good looking man. He stands about 6 feet tall and weighs just over 190 lbs. I am still in the same size as when we got married. I stand 5 foot tall and weigh about 105 lbs. I have sandy blonde hair and I have small perky tits that slope up like a ski slope on the tips. Its not that Mike is not attracted to me its that he sucks in
Bed. I love him dearly and he is the only man I have ever been with. Until my son a couple days ago.

Mike is going to be home tonight so I have to let my guilt of cheating on him behind me. I don’t think John will say anything ever about what I did. He has always been a quite boy. Mike got home about 9 and we ate supper and went to bed. mike started kissing on me and in seconds I forgot all my guilt and was lost in all my passion with him. Although we have been married 10 years I am still attracted to him and love the feel of him. He climbed on me missionary style and I was lost I wrap my legs around him and was hanging on the edge of a good orgasium when I felt him cum. He rolled over and in minuets was asleep.

I lay there frustrated as I have ever been another night of me getting myself off with my husband home even. I get up and go to the bathroom to my normal spot and proceed to slowly play with my clit bringing my self closer and closer over that edge. I was lost in my own world thinking of Mikes brother Mark . Then my thoughts drifted to my son again. His cute little body under me while I loose my self in lust. Him stairing up at the ceiling to embarrassed to look at me while I fucked him.

I was in a cloud of lust driven sexual urges. My body jerked as I fingured my self but it was not enough.
I needed that warmth of another body I get up and head down the hall to my sons room. I sneak in and lock his door I go to his bed and crawl under the blankets with him.His warmth was intoxicating. He is only in his underwear and the room is pitch black. Johnny wakes up as I am kissing him on the face and neck.

I tell him mommy is lonely and just wants to snugle with him him for awhile and I kiss him.He don’t say anything but just lies there still on his back.I go under the covers and slid off his underwear and fell for his dick. Its soft only about a inch long I quickly take it in my mouth and start kissing and sucking it . Making love to it with my tong and I feel it start to grow in my mouth.It grows to about 4 i can easely go all the way down sucking in his balls and all.

He is rock hard now and I slide up his body and stradle him sitting down slowly then grinding my hips into him. I take his hands and put them on my hips so I can feel him try to hang on to my hips.
I rock and thrust my hips grinding myself as tight into him as I can.I tell him mommies going to cum and it hits me wave after wave washes over me as I fall forward onto him I feel him jerk and cum inside me.

I roll over wraping my legs around him taking him with me.I bring my knees up and john with out a word is pumping into me as deep as he can possibly go. I feel another wave wash over me and at the same time feel him jerk and cum into his mother again .the feel of him cumming at the same time I did just increased my pleasure till we just colasped on me and we drift off to sleep.

Some time in the middle of the night I woke up. Johnny was still ontop of me I roll him off me and tuck him in and sneak out of his room.As I am heading back to my room I feel my sons cum running down my leg so I grab a towel and wipe it off before climbing back in bed with my now snoring husband.

The next morning i wake up to my husband kissing on me. he slides down my body after i wake and starts licking my pussy. I can still feel my sons cum leaking out and instead of paniking i puch myself tight against my husbands mouth wanting him to eat it all. this was my way of getting even for him not satifing me. he stcks his tong up me licking away and starts to stop so he can satify himself but i grab his head forcing it down on me i roll over and sit on his face rocking my hips on him i feel my juices mixed with johnnys running out of me into Mikes mouth and it actually put me over the edge and i cum on his face the first time in a long time Mike has gotten me off.

He picks up my petite frame and rolls me over taking my doggy style and in secounds he cums as usual and get up and goes to the bathroom. I lye there in thought of what happened that night and smile to myself at the thought of mike not realizing he was sucking his sons cum out of me.
hope you like more to come if you do

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"My Cute Little Boy 2" - Twenty-eight Year Old Neglected Married Mother, Amy and Nine Year Old Pubescent Son, John (aka Johnny).

Mother Amy is forever being unsatisfied by her husband Michael (Mike)...he gets his jollies, rolls over and goes to sleep. Amy is always left neglected, frustrated, just on the verge of cumming when Mike ejeculates--satisfied--rolls over and leaves his wife desperately needing. She has ideas about her brother-in-law, Mark (Mike's brother), but lately her visions shift to her young son, John (Johnny).

At Amy's young age, and that of her son, it's an awesome age for a mother to begin the centuries old ritual of a mother consummating her sexual cravings with her total true love, her son. A word to all mothers; do your first born son the pleasures of unknown bliss and introduction to his first sexual lessons...take him to bed with you, love him, honor his gift to you as he plants his brother or sister into the womb from which he came!!

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Author: Your story is crap because you didn't install Grammarly extension for Chrome and Firefox.


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Omg best mommy and son story cant wait for more

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I like this story so sexy. ......?

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loved it want more

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