Final part for those that have been followig it.
Late September.

I was asleep when Katie entered Sarah’s bedroom, Sarah told her to get in between us both, which she did.
They lay facing one another; Sarah leaned across and kissed her.
“Happy birthday Katie.”
“Thank you mum.”
She was stroking her hair and face, “fourteen today hey, doesn’t seem that long ago I was pushing you in your pushchair, you certainly have grown.”
“Have I been a good daughter?”
“I couldn’t have asked for a better one, yes we have had our problems but all families do. You have certainly grown into a beautiful girl.”
“Like my mum.” She smiled
“That’s kind of you thanks. You will have the guys queuing around the block when you are sixteen.”
“I can’t say I want them queuing round the block mum to be honest.”
“You won’t be able to stop them, you are beautiful.”
Katie didn’t reply.

“We will have to go into town and get you a present later, what would you like clothes?”
“No I have enough clothes, I don’t know really.”
“There must be something you want.”
“No, I don’t think so, can’t think of anything.”
“Lets play a game, I’m your fairy godmother, and you can have one wish for a birthday present, what would you wish for?”
“I don’t know.”
“Come on it’s only a game, lots of money, long holiday in the sun, or go to Disney land?”
“The only thing I can think of I can’t have.”
“And what’s that?”
She didn’t reply, “Come on tell me.”
“You won’t like it if I do, and I don’t want to cause problems.”

Sarah was stroking her hair again, running her fingers through her hair, “you have lovely soft hair Katie, I think I know what you want, well its not so much of a what, as a who, am I right?”
She nodded, “I was born thirty years too late wasn’t I?”
“Had you been born thirty years ago, I wouldn’t have stood a chance against you. But you will find someone Katie I’m sure.”
“Perhaps I don’t want anyone mum, perhaps I have met someone already, and I wouldn’t do any better then him, so there’s no point me looking.”
Sarah brushed a tiny tear from Katie’s face.
“I know what you are saying Katie, I wish I could do something.”

At that moment I stirred and turned over, Katie turned to look at me.
“Morning birthday girl, hey, why the tears on your birthday.”
She didn’t answer it was her secret, and she was only going to share it with her mum.
“Aren’t you going to give her a birthday kiss, Mark?”
I leaned on one elbow and gave her a peck on the cheek, “is that it Mark?” Sarah asked. “You can do better then that I’m sure, it’s her birthday, she’s not going to school.”
I leaned over once more and kissed Katie again, this time it lasted a little longer, and I had kissed her on her lips.
“I have to say Mark I am very disappointed in you, you kissed her like you would a friend in street. I thought you loved her.”
“I do love her.”
“Well for Gods sake show her you love her, give her a proper birthday kiss.”

Katie looked back at her mum, searching her mum’s eyes for an answer as to why Sarah wanted me to kiss her, but couldn’t find one.

She turned back to me, I looked at Sarah, and I too was puzzled.
“Well.” Sarah asked, “She’s waiting for her birthday kiss.”

Once again I bent towards Katie’s lips, kissed her, I didn’t know when I had to stop, I was as confused, as Katie.
We carried on kissing, expecting Sarah to say something, she didn’t.
By now Katie was kissing me back, it seemed like the old days to her, when we would kiss secretly, but now it was in front of her mum.

Katie wanted more, she put her arms around my neck, expecting any second to be told to stop, she wasn’t.
She kissed me long and hard, savouring the feeling she had missed for so long, at last she was in my arms again, and I was kissing her, and still her mum hadn’t stopped us.
Finally we had to stop.

“That’s better.” Sarah finally said when our embrace had finished, “that was a beautiful kiss, a proper birthday kiss, to someone you love. Ill go and make some breakfast, you two wait here Ill bring it up, its breakfast in bed for my birthday girl.”

She got out of bed, went to the dresser and picked up an envelope, and handed it to Katie.
Then she walked out the door.
Katie opened the card and read the message.

Happy birthday Katie,

I hope you have a lovely day, and hope you get all you have wished for.
Dreams do come true sometimes.

Love Mum XXXXX

She handed it to me to read, “I won’t though will I Mark, get every thing I wish for?”
I put his arm around her, and once again I gave her a long kiss.
Out of the corner of her eye Katie saw the door move, thinking it was her mum, she broke away, “not again.”
I looked down at her,” we have been caught again. Mark” She said.
I looked at the door, Lauren face appeared around the door. “Happy birthday Katie, I’ve got a card for you.”

Katie looked at her, “why don’t you whistle when you are coming in? I thought it was mum.”
“Why, what were you doing?”
“Mark was kissing me, that’s all.”
“Please don’t start that again Katie, mum will throw Mark out, and you will have to sleep in the woods again.”
“I wasn’t starting anything, just a birthday kiss.”
“Can I have one?”

Katie looked at her puzzled, “well if you want one I suppose…..”
“Not from you stupid, from Mark.”
“But it’s not your birthday Lauren.”
“If you can have a kiss so can I.”
“You are such a dummy sometimes, only the one whose birthday it is gets a kiss, not little sisters.”
I looked at Katie, “It will be easier for me to kiss her then try and explain Katie.”

Lauren ran over to me and jumped on the bed, then onto me, her nightie up around her waist, bum in full view, she wasn’t wearing knickers, and planted a wet kiss on my lips, putting her arms around my neck.

At that moment Sarah came through the door, “what’s all this, a family reunion, why are you kissing Mark Lauren? It’s not your birthday, and why is your bare bum on full view to everyone?”

“That’s it,” Katie said, “You have fucked everything up again Lauren, mum will think we are trying fuck Mark now, and he will have to go. Why don’t you think before you do such stupid things?”

“Katie three things,” Sarah started, “first I have told you about using that word, and second I didn’t think you were trying to fuck Mark, and third Mark won’t have to go.”
She put the tray down beside the bed.

“Where is yours mum,” Katie asked.
“Its downstairs, I’m going to start the ironing, Lauren, give Katie her card, and for god’s sake pull your nightie down, we don’t want to see your bum, and your breakfast is down stairs with mine, you can watch television while you eat it. We will leave Mark and Katie to eat theirs.”

She turned to go, Katie looked at her, “we will be down as soon as we have finished mum, and you can trust us honest. Nothing else will happen.”
“Don’t rush, take your time, we aren’t going anywhere, until this afternoon, then we will get you a present, lay and have a chat, you never know Katie, perhaps your fairy godmother will grant you your wish.”

Katie looked at her, not knowing what to say.
“Come on Lauren downstairs.”

“What did Katie wish for mummy? And who is her fairy godmother?”
“If Katie tells you her wish, it won’t come true, if she doesn’t tell you, then it may come true. And I have a feeling it will come true for her today, see you in a while Katie.”
She closed the door, taking Lauren with her.

I looked at Katie, “what was all that about a wish?”
Katie was beginning to understand what her mum had meant, but was confused as to why her mum would allow her wish to would come true.
“I can’t tell you, if I tell you it won’t come true, and I really want this dream to come true Mark, especially today.”
“Well I think she acting a bit strange, leaving us in bed like this, and alone as well.”
“It’s my birthday Mark; she knows wishes should come true on your birthday.”

We ate our breakfast in near silence; Katie was wondering if she was right about her mum allowing them to make love, it was so unlike her.
She didn’t want to get it all wrong, and me to have to go again, she wanted me with her, even if she couldn’t make love to me.

We lay beside each other, I was stroking her hair, “You are so beautiful Katie, laying here beside you and not being able to do anything to show my love for you is very difficult for me.”
Katie sat up and kissed me again, another long kiss, “we shouldn’t do this Katie, let’s get up and go down, in case your mum comes back and sees us.”
“I don’t think she will come back, I don’t think she will come back until we go down.
I have a feeling she wants us to,” a slight pause, “make love.”
“Don’t be so daft, all these problems and now she wants us too, I can’t believe that.”
“Mum and I had a little chat before you woke up, and I really believe she will allow us to do it, if only this once.”

Katie’s hand went under the bed clothes and found my penis; she could feel it growing in her hand.
It fell nice her holding my cock again.
She bent and kissed me again, throwing the covers off us both.
She sat and took her t-shirt off, and leaned on my chest, once again kissing me.
I could feel the swelling of her breasts; it had been almost several months since I had seen them.
Rolling her back on the bed, I began to kiss each nipple in turn. They had grown, they were almost the size of Sarah’s, I savoured the taste and feel of them.
Still uncertain as to whether or not to continue.

I moved further down the bed, if her tits had grown, what did her smooth sweet pussy look like now.
My fingers removed her knickers, and I looked, she was still smooth, still waxed.

I got nearer, instead of the tiny lips I had seen and tasted before, they were now protruding, the fleshy meat now darker them I remembered.

Did it taste like Katie, sweet and clean as before, I needed to find out?
My mouth went to pussy lips and licked them, a sudden shudder shot through Katie’s body, this was the first time for nine months it had been touched by anyone other then herself, and the feelings she was receiving were beyond compare.

She lay back and allowed me, her only love to eat her, anything I wanted I would get, she was mine.

Her legs opened to my mouth, and I was taking the pussy lips into my mouth chewing each in turn, I glanced at Katie, she was laying eyes closed, biting her lower lip, as her hands were pinching each hard nipple.

My tongue entered her, and the taste was the same, I could still remember the taste even after all this time, and I drank her juice.
She was soaking, fluid was running from her body, soaking my face, I wasn’t about to complain, it was the taste I loved.

She began thrashing about on the bed her head moving from side to side, her orgasm hit her, she screamed out loud, clamping her legs around my face.
My face covered in Katie’s juices I drank, like a thirsty man would in a desert.
Her screaming could cause Sarah to come back, but I couldn’t stop her now, she was her own world.
I licked and bit the flesh more, until her scream subsided once more.

My head resting on her legs watching her cum run between her legs, even that had changed, she was actually squirting further, not just a dribble.

She got up and moved nearer to me.
“I love you even more then I thought possible Mark, I never wanted it too stop.”
She kissed me again, holding my rock hard cock in her hand; she began licking the end, slowly taking my full length deep in her throat.

Up and down she moved, the feelings I was once again receiving, was better then I had ever known, even with Sarah. Katie was better the Sarah, or was it the thought of her age, it didn’t matter. I lay there in paradise.

She stopped, she hadn’t forgotten, she knew when I was getting close.
I lay on my back, Katie crouched over my penis, and slowly lowered herself down on to my shaft, and inch by inch it entered her.
She had forgotten just how good it felt.
It filled her vagina, she could feel it all, and feel it pulsating inside her.
She sat for a while enjoying the feeling, then began to move slowly, up and down on my shaft.

My fingers were pinching her nipples and stroking her tits.
Faster now, she could feel her own orgasm about to start once more.
She rode harder and faster, she needed to orgasm, she needed to make me orgasm, she needed to feel my cum filling her once again.
She had only felt it once, but still remembered how it feel, the best thing on earth.

Faster she moved on my shaft, it moving like a piston inside her, she was almost there, and hoped I was also.
One last push and she was over the top, screaming out loud again, biting her lips, shaking her head from side to side, the orgasm ripped through her like a tidal wave, soaking the skin between us, as her juices flowed freely from her body.
I began pumping in unison with her; she knew I was nearing that point too.

She rose and lowered to meet my penis as I pumped her, until I suddenly stopped, looking up at her.
She could feel me pumping my sperm deep inside her body, it was better then she had even remembered, another push from me, sent the last drops inside her.

She fell forward on my chest, holding each other tighter then normal, never wanting to let each other go.

Kissing each others faces, I was looking into Katie’s deep blue eyes, her eyes lit up when she had an orgasm, I had forgotten that.
Her eyes were beautiful, I had always thought so, but never more beautiful then they were now.

We lay back on the bed and rested, and both drifted off to sleep for a while, she was dreaming of the last hour of her life, when we had once again became one with each other.
Katie knew she would never want anyone else but me, even if she couldn’t have me like this again, she would stay with me.
If this was the last time we would make love, it didn’t matter it had been the best.

I was first to wake up, and I looked at the bedside clock, it was nearing midday, I gently shook Katie, “we had better get up, and your mum wants to go out.”
She leaned over kissing me again, telling me how much she loved me.
I repeated her words, I loved her and I would never let her go.

If only Sarah could understand how we felt, I was sure she would understand that Katie and I needed to be together, needed to make love occasionally.

I couldn’t help wonder what kind of reception we would get from Sarah when we went down stairs, she must have known what we had been doing.
Just by the noise that Katie had made
I had made my mind up, if there was going to be trouble, and Sarah wanted me to go I would go, but I was taking Katie with me, I would never be separated from her again.

Katie had finished in the shower, and had gone to her bedroom to dress.
I had showered and was dressed waiting for Katie, if there was going to be an argument we would face it together.
And if need be, we would leave the house together.

When we finally got down stairs, Lauren was still watching the television, “you have been a long time?” she asked.
“We had our breakfast then we both feel asleep again.” Katie told her, “where’s mum?”
“In the garden doing some weeding I think.” Lauren replied.
Katie left me to sit with Lauren, it was Katie’s wish, she wanted to talk to her mum alone.

She walked into the garden not really knowing what to expect, would she be mad because we had been upstairs all morning?
She didn’t know.

“Hello young lady, I wondered when you would get up, did your wish come true?”
“Yes, mum it did, I’m so happy, it is the best birthday I could have had.”
“Do you believe that you have a fairy godmother now?”
“No, I don’t, I believe I have the best mum in the world, and I love you so much. It must have been so hard for to allow us to make love. I know it was only as a birthday present, and it won’t happen again, but I don’t care it was the best present ever.”

“Don’t say that Katie you never know when your fairy godmother will grant you another wish.”
“You are the best mum ever, I love you so much”
“Now we have to think about Lauren.”

“Well don’t you think she will get jealous, when she finds out, and she will?
She loves him too you know. I remember her saying to me, “that you wouldn’t let Mark fuck her because she was too young.” Well you were twelve when you started your games with Mark, and she’s twelve in February, she won’t think she is too young then. so what are we to do about her, we just cant say she cant do it, while I’m allowing you to do it, that wouldn’t be fair, and as you know I try and treat you the same. So if one is going to do it, the other must be allowed to do it also.”

“I can understand that.”

“I’m glad you do, and when Lauren wants Mark, I don’t want any trouble with jealously, we have had enough of that with me, thankfully, I hope I’m over that now.”

“Why did you let us stay in bed mum?”

“I read somewhere that the best way to get over your fears is to face them, so I let you two kiss, and I didn’t feel as bad about it as I thought I would. So I moved to the next step, let you sleep together. Now you may not realise this, but I love Mark as much as you do, and I don’t want him running off with a younger girl like your dad. So if we can both be part of his life I think it may work out. And if I can work it out with you, then I shouldn’t have a problem with Lauren. I realised after reading your diary the other day I was being selfish. You both love him as much as I do, so I had to come to terms with that, and this was the only way I could think of.”

“You are the most wonderful mum any girl could want, can I tell Lauren.”

“NO, it’s her birthday present, a secret, like this was yours. Oh by the way, I’m going to arrange the marriage again, if Mark still wants me, and that’s a secret to, let me tell him please.”
“When for?”
“The new year, now give me a big kiss and a hug, I think I deserve it.”

I had been constantly looking out of the window for signs of an argument between them, but hadn’t seen any.
Now they were kissing and hugging each other.
Looks like Katie was right again.
Is she ever wrong?
I had known her for about eighteen months, and she had been right every time.

That night in bed we discussed the matter, and Sarah told me what she had told Katie.
To say I wasn’t shocked would be an understatement, I couldn’t believe my ears.

“I feel I’ve been selfish, and depriving Katie of someone she loved, but I hope that will all change now.”
I just sat and looked at her in disbelief.
“Just because I let you do it once with her, doesn’t mean you can throw me on the scrap heap, now you have a younger model, I want the lion’s share of you.”
I cuddled her, and told her I loved her, and she was very brave to let things happen as they had.

We didn’t make love that night.
Just told each other we loved one another and cuddled until we drifted off to sleep.
Sarah was content for the first time in a long time, she had overcome her jealously, and by doing so, not only had she kept me, but also her daughters.

Now we can become a proper family unit, without fears about the future.


Sarah had told her parents about the wedding plans, we had decided on February, close to Laurens birthday.
It would be a small gathering of her parents and friends.
The girls were going to be bridesmaids and they were excited about that.
Sarah had bought them both powder blue dresses, and they looked gorgeous.
Sarah had decided to wear the white dress, the one she wore to the club.
I asked her “why? I thought you would want a new one.”
She told me, “I wore that dress the night we made love for the first time, and we told each other we loved each other.”

I had decided that it would be nice for Sarah and me to go back to Lanzarote for our honeymoon.

What did surprise me when I mentioned it to Sarah and the girls was the girls took it ok, they didn’t moan about not coming with us.
Sarah on the other hand wanted the girls to come.
In fact the girls said they didn’t want to come, it was our honeymoon, and they would be quite happy round their grand parents for the two weeks we would be away.

Sarah on the other hand, wanted them to come with us; it would be a family holiday, the first as a complete family.
It was there that I purposed to her, and we had told the girls.

The girls still were adamant they weren’t coming.

“We are not going to spoil your holiday, by being there, you can both stay in bed and not worry about what Lauren and I are doing, or thinking you have to take us out.”
And Lauren added “you can have as much sex as you like, you won’t have to share Mark.”
And they both laughed.

I had to come to a comprise.
“Look the girls don’t want to come, but you on the other hand, want them to come, as you think you will miss them for two weeks. I shall go to the travel agents tomorrow and book us two weeks, then I shall book the girls one week and flights. Your mum and dad can put them on the flight, and we will meet them the other end, how does that sound?”

“Do you think they will be safe all on their own? I don’t want them meeting any strange men, and getting molested or anything.”
Lauren looked at her mum, “bit late for that don’t you think mum?” and then looked straight at me, smiling.
We all laughed, Lauren could come out with a few wise cracks sometimes.

Katie told her, “I am fourteen now, I can look after Lauren, she is bound to get on the wrong plane on her own and end up in Greece or somewhere.”
After much discussion, it was agreed, if her parents didn’t mind that would be the plan.


We had our Christmas dinner at the soon to be in laws, and once again I had to have a word with her dad over his cigar on the patio.
“You two had a spot of bother then, all sorted out now? Are you both sure this time?”
“Absolutely, any doubts we may have had have gone, those few months apart made us realise how much we meant to each other. And the girls missed me as well; I’m pleased to say, which confirms to me any way that they want me to be there dad.”
“Then once again we will go ahead with the wedding and hope this time it happens.” He finished his cigar and we went back in doors.

People reading this will wonder, how we had decided to keep the girls happy.

Sarah had carried on working, full time now, but Saturday was the girl’s day.
Katie quite understood that when Lauren was around we couldn’t make love, but she was content to be in my bed, and we only ever had oral sex together, the three of us.
But we were all happy with that arrangement.

On the occasion that Lauren would stay over at her friends Friday nights, then that Saturday Katie and I would make love.
Of course although Lauren wanted to stay over at her friends, she missed her Saturday, so for a couple of nights in the week, at bed time I had to make it up to her.
She then thought she was getting more then Katie, and was extremely happy.


All the arrangements were made for the wedding; invitations sent out, cars booked.
We were only a small party so we decided to book a room at a pub, and I had invited a few guys from work.
The holiday was also booked, two weeks for Sarah and I, one week and flights for the girls.
So every thing was settled, so I thought.

“You know its Laurens birthday while we are away don’t you?”
“Yes”. I answered.
“Mark? I want you to do some thing special for Lauren on her birthday.”
“She’s waited so long, bless her, and has been very patient, she knows about you and Katie. She is the only one, who hasn’t made love to you, and she loves you so much, I think its time.”
“So what do you purpose to do then?”
“Well I know you won’t mind adding another to your harem,” she told me smiling, “but I want to put her on the pill next week, so she will be ready in Lanzarote. Do you mind doing that for me; I feel that Katie and I are being very selfish denying Lauren.”

Why did she ask? Lauren is a sexy as both of them in her own way, and I had often thought, when will I be able to make love to her, but I thought she would have to be at least thirteen, and now, Sarah is wanting her to have full sex at twelve.

“You know I’m putty in your fingers, how can I say no?”
“Didn’t think for one minute you would, you randy bastard.”

“How are you going to plan it then?”
“Easy, I shall take Katie to a club or maybe that rodeo show, and you and Lauren will stay behind.”
“Will Katie like that idea?”
“She will have to, Ill explain it to her, and she will be ok.”
“What about Lauren, she loves the rodeo show.”
“I don’t think she will love the rodeo show as much as a night in bed with you, do you?”
“Ok then if you want me to make love to Lauren I will, but I have a request to make.”
“What’s that?”
“You don’t wear that white dress, and Katie doesn’t wear Laurens shorts, I don’t want either of you fucked while you are out.”
“Now who’s jealous? We will both wear legging then ok?”


The wedding went as we had planned it, except for Joe getting drunk and asking Sarah to go out side with him, saying, “I’ve got a bigger cock then Mark.”
To which Sarah replied, “It’s not how big it is but how you use it.”
That shut him up, but didn’t stop him having a grope when he danced with her, I didn’t say anything, just let it go.

Sarah’s dad took us to the airport; girls came too of course to see us off.
Katie and I managed to steal a loving kiss in the car park when no one was looking.
“I’m going to miss you so much Mark, except for the time mum told you to leave; we have never been apart so long as we will be now.”
“It’s only a week Katie it will soon pass, then we won’t ever be apart again, unless you want us to part.”
“That will never happen you know that.”

We kissed once more before telling each other we loved one another.

The flight took off on time, and the girls went back to their grand parents.

Ever day of the week was the same, stay in bed till late morning making love, then sunbathing around the pool.
We had seen all the sights the last time.
Meal in the evening, and a club, my dancing was beginning to improve.
And then love making when we arrived back.
It was great holiday for us both.

Both of us agreed on the night before the girls were due to join us, that we had missed them far more then we had expected.
I had missed Katie in particular.

People wouldn’t have believed we had only been apart for a week, the way the girls greeted us at the airport, and Katie wouldn’t let go of my hand.
While Sarah was getting them drinks Katie asked me in all seriousness, “do you still love me as much as you did when you left?”
“Of course I do, I will always love you, you know that, why?”
“Well, you being with mum alone for a week, I thought you wouldn’t want me any more, I’ve been thinking about it all the way here, that you may not want me anymore.”
I kissed her to reassure her, and she seemed ok

The first thing they did of course was to go in the pool.
While once again we unpacked their cases.
Over the meal that night Sarah mentioned, “Only two days to your birthday Lauren and you will be twelve, any thing you want in particular?”
She said she didn’t want anything in particular, but was looking straight at me when she said it.
But I had the feeling there was something special she wanted, I didn’t say anything.
But I think Sarah guessed.

The second night we went to the wild west show, Katie came out of her room wearing leggings, “will I do?” she asked me.
She had remembered I didn’t want her to wear a short skirt to the bucking bronco, and show her knickers to all and sundae.
“Perfect, my angel, just perfect.”

They all had a go on the bucking bronco this time, Lauren being a little taller then last time, in fact she was filling out quite nicely, I thought to myself.

I was so wrapped up in Katie and Sarah; I hadn’t taken time to notice Lauren as much as I should have done.
But she was growing into a beautiful girl too, her chubbiness had gone, replaced by a body equal to either Katie or Sarah, the only difference being, Lauren had brown hair, and brown eyes.
When she tanned she could be mistaken for being Spanish, she had that look about her.

The following night, Laurens birthday, we had planned to take her clubbing, and she was really looking forward to it.
Katie and Sarah were dressed and ready first, Sarah told Lauren and me, “Katie and I are going into the shops first; we will meet you at the club ok?”
“Ok.” I answered.

Lauren appeared a while later in loose summer dress, which was half way up her thigh, she looked gorgeous.
I was sitting on the sofa, she walked over and gave me a twirl, “do you like it Mark? Nan bought it for me as a birthday present.”
“You look beautiful Lauren, you really look grown up, come here.”
She walked over to me, standing in front of me.
I put my hands on her legs and slowly moved my hands up her legs until they were on her thighs.

Pulling her closer, I slipped my hands up under her dress, and under the material of her panties.
“Do you want to stay here for a while? And we can go and find Katie and your mum at the club later.”
She knew what was going to happen, but thought it would be just oral sex like before, but Lauren was grateful for any time she could spend alone with me.
She nodded, and smiled.

I pulled her closer, and through the material of her panties, began sucking on her pussy.
She lowered herself to the floor, which made it easier for me to remove her pink panties, once again uncovering her tight little slit.

I went down and began licking and sucking her, she was already becoming wet; all of them seem to get turned on so quick.
I lay for several minutes tonguing her, her legs wide open for me now, her head moving from side to side.

“I think we will be more comfortable on the bed,” I told her.

We got up and I led her through to our bedroom, which had a double bed.
Lauren standing in front of me, I unbuttoned the front of her dress, and it fell to the floor.
Gently I pushed her back on the bed and began eating her pussy once more, she was groaning in delight as my tongue darted in and out of soaking pussy.

My hands moved to her tiny breasts, and I began massaging them, pinching her little nipples, she fingers now scratching at my back, holding my head.
I continued this for several moments, my lower body touching her pussy.
I could feel her juices on my belly, I knew she was ready.

I lifted myself up, looking down at her, Laurens eyes closed.

Kissing her on the lips, my hand on my shaft, I began to guide it to her entrance.
She gasped as I pushed gently forward, opening her eyes for the first time, she didn’t say anything, just looked into my eyes.
The head of my penis just inside her, she spoke, “fuck me Mark, fuck me like you fuck Katie, I want to feel what Katie feels.”
I pushed forward again gently as not to hurt her, slowly it entered her, and she closed her eyes once more, allowing the new sensation she was feeling to take over.

I was embedded in her fully now, her pubic hair and mine matted together with her fluids, I began to pump her slowly.
She was moving also, to met my thrusts, her head moving side to side, tongue licking her lips.
I lowered my self and began kissing her; she broke away and was biting my neck.
I was pumping harder now, I could tell she was close to orgasm, her biting became quite painful but I continued, it was Laurens time at last.

Every thing I was doing was for Lauren, and if she wanted to bite my neck I would let her.

She was so close, she bit harder as if to stifle her screams, her body rose to meet me, and for the first time Lauren had experienced her first orgasm with a man inside her.
She lowered her legs to the bed; I gently turned her on her front, raising her legs off the bed, so she was now in a doggy position.

I entered her once more. This time it was for me.
I was pumping hard, watching as her tight arse cheeks quivered with every thrust.
I looked at my dick, covered completely now in Lauren cum.
My finger found her brown hole and I inserted a finger inside.
I could feel my shaft pumping her as my finger probed her arse, she buried her head in the pillow, her groans becoming louder with each thrust, I was now cumming, firing my seed deep inside Lauren, and she was pushing back toward me, as another orgasm overtook her.

We both fell in the bed, exhausted.
I lay kissing her neck, “That was beautiful Mark, at last I know how Katie feels, I can see why she says it the best feeling in the world, it is.”

We lay hugging each other for a long time, kissing each other, my hand felt her pussy, it was almost as if she had bathed it was so wet.
I went back to her pussy, I wanted to taste her, and has I drank her cum juice she held my head in place, she tasted like her sister, and I licked and sucked her clean, savouring the taste of once young virgin cunt.

We got showered and dressed, an hour and a half had passed, she once again wore her summer dress.
While combing my hair, I could see the damage Lauren had done to my neck, red and bruised.
I decide to wear a shirt with a high collar.

We arrived at the club and found Sarah and Katie dancing, they pointed to their table, and we sat down, Lauren holding my hand.
The music had finished, Lauren got up and walked to Katie, and began dancing with her to the next song, Sarah came back to me.
Immediately she moved my shirt collar to one side, “you have had a good night I see.”
“Lauren got carried away a little.”
“So I see, is she ok?
“Wants to do it again, just like Katie did.”
“And you will help her out again, I’m sure of that.”
She kissed me, and we both joined Katie and Lauren on the dance floor.

Before we left our apartment to come home, all three of us made love together on the bed, it was cramped but so much fun.
I experienced my first four some, and realised I wasn’t as much of a stud as I thought; I thank the lord the girls orgasm so quickly.

So that was our life for next year or so, sharing our bed with Katie and Lauren.
We had bought a king size bed now, and gave the double to Katie.
Laurens room wasn’t big enough for a double.
Lauren didn’t mind, she rarely slept in her room any way.
Thinking back, Lauren was right, when she said, “they do make beds that big. I’ve seen them on the tele.”

Eighteen months later, Sarah gave birth to Carly our daughter, the girls were thrilled to have another sister, Katie remarking, and “I hope she not as scatty as my other sister.”

Lauren was seventeen now and had got a place in a university, it was the first time we had been apart, and a sad moment when we waved Lauren goodbye.
She returns every month, and I make time for her as I always have.

Lauren had been at university for two years.

On one of her visits home, Lauren and I were laying in bed after making love.
“Mark, this will have to be the last time we make love.”
“Why Lauren?”
“I have met a boy at uni, and we sleep together, I love him Mark, and I really want it to work out for us. I hope you don’t mind, you know I will always love you, but I have to put Tony first now.”

I kissed and told her I also loved her, and I was glad she had met a boy of her own age.
“When you come home next, bring him with you, so we can all meet him. He can sleep in Katie’s room.”
“So you aren’t mad with me?”
“Certainly not, I hope it works out for you, but please come and visit, we all love you so much.”
“Like Katie always told you we won’t ever leave you, I shall always come back to you and mum, and how could I miss watching my little sister Carly grow.”

Lauren graduated from university, and Tony is still with her, we have met him he’s a nice lad.
I spoke to him as Richard had with me years before, and I know Tony loves Lauren with as much passion as I love my four girls, so Lauren will be ok in her future life.
She still comes home once a month when she can, and more often then not brings Tony with her.

Katie is twenty two now, and works in the local supermarket, she is also happy.
Rumours began about Katie; nobody had ever seen her with a man, so they assumed she must be a lesbian.
Katie didn’t quash the rumours; it suited her to be called a lesbian.
Saves her explaining why she doesn’t go with men.
She still shares our bed, and is a brilliant sister to Carly.

Sarah and I are in love as much as when we first made love all that time ago.
Things could have been so different though, if Sarah hadn’t faced her fears and overcome them.
Sarah still works in the dry cleaners.
It’s more of a hobby, then because we need the money.

I got promoted at work, and I am now area manager, which means I got quite a good pay rise. I have to travel around a bit, but I try and get home each night.
To be with my three girls.

We were all watching TV one night; Katie was playing with Carly on the floor.
“Mark, can I ask you something?”
“You know you can why as?”
“When Carly gets to twelve will you teach her the same as you taught Lauren and me?”
“No Katie I won’t.”
“She’s my blood daughter; both you and Lauren were my lovers.”
“She won’t ever know what it is like to make love then?”

“She will, when the time is right for her, but not by me.”

Katie sat on the sofa, her head on my shoulder.
“Do you regret not having married Katie? I feel I may have messed your life up.” I asked.
“I told mum long ago I could never find any one to love more then I love you, no you have not messed my life up, you have made it a lovely life, and I love you for every second of it. The only thing missing is that one day I want to have your baby. Then my life will be totally complete. ”

“Sarah, did you know about this? Katie wanting my baby?”
“Yes she told me a few weeks ago.”
“And how do you feel about it?”
“I’m ok about it.”
“And when do you plan of having a baby Katie?”
“As soon as possible, do you mind? It will make the relationship I have with you complete.”
“I don’t mind as long as your mother doesn’t.”
“I would love to have another young one around the house.”
“Well if you are sure Katie, then I wouldn’t mind another little one either.”

“I do love you Mark, is there nothing you wouldn’t do for me?”
“You are my life Katie and your mum as well of course.”

So Katie wants a baby, looks like I shall have two kids by different mothers with Sarah’s approval.

“Mum,” asked Katie, “have you enjoyed your life, as much as I’ve enjoyed mine?”
“Of course I have, silly question Katie.”

“And have you had a good life with us Mark?” She asked me.
“Couldn’t have been better, Im glad I got divorced, we would never have had children. Very happy I decided to move and make a new start, otherwise I would never have met your mum, and I would never have met you and Lauren. Yes, I’ve been very lucky; I have all I could have wished for. Who would have thought, that all that time ago, you flashing your knickers at me would have lead to all this?”

“Now your turn Katie, have you had a good life?” I asked.

“It’s been a perfect life, I’m glad you lodged with us, and lucky that Frank left when he did, or there wouldn’t have been room for you.
If we hadn’t met you, I know I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now. I love all my family, even my scatty sister, and I get so much love in return.
I have to be the luckiest girl in the world. Thank you Mark for coming to us, and thank you for loving us all as you do.”

We all huddled together on the sofa, Sarah, Katie, Carly and I.

I wonder if I shall have a daughter as well Mark,” said Katie, “you will be the only man in the house with four girls if I do, would you mind that?”
“Not one tiny bit, I love all my girls, and I’m sure I could love another.”

If I could have a just one wish, I couldn’t think of a single thing to wish for, my life is perfect just how it is now.

It’s a pity all men aren’t as happy as I am at this moment.

As Katie said, our lives are filled with love, a love that will never die.


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Lea - Hi Lauren,Sorry I missed your bdrihtay. It looked like an Awesome celebration!! Happy 21st!! Your website is Beautiful especially those pics of my granddaughter (and NOOOOOO I'm not a bit biased) and Tracy, Scott and the girls too. Jaelynn and Paityn could not make cuter models!! Anyways, I miss you and it looks like your life is sailing along a smooth course and I couldn't be happier!! =) Drop me an email when you have a minute I would love to hear from you.Lots of Love,Lea

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