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This is part one of a story about my life with my wife, the first chapter is true and so are other bits of the story but a lot is fictisious. I have changed our names.
[b]My life with Steph (and her sister)
Chapter 1[/b]

I’d been going with Steph for about three months; she was a gorgeous auburn haired 16 year old with a fantastic slim body and we were really into each other. I was 17 and about six months older than Steph. Neither of us were what you could call sexually experienced, in fact Steph was still a virgin when I met her. I had had a few sexual experiences but was by no means an accomplished performer.

We were on a date one night in town when after a few drinks we found a dark spot down an alley. We spent a while kissing and feeling each other up in that clumsy teenage way and I gradually worked my hands over her body caressing her small tits and arse and eventually worked my way around to the fastener on her skin tight jeans . She made a half-hearted attempt at brushing my hand away a couple of times but I persevered and finally managed to loosen the button and slide her zipper down allowing my searching fingers into her never before violated space. Steph struggled and squirmed a bit and tried to clasp her legs together in a vain attempt to forbid me access but I knew she was as excited as I was and was only putting off the inevitable. My fingers roamed over the thin fabric of her panties, feeling the soft hair that lay beneath as I ran my middle finger down the crease of her pussy she squeezed me tightly almost crushing the breath out of me, her lips pressed tightly against mine as she tried to keep control of herself.

I used my left hand to loosen the buttons of her blouse and began caressing her right breast underneath her bra, eventually pulling the bra up over her tit I clamped my mouth around her nipple and sucked and licked and flicked my tongue over the sensitive spot; slowly circling her areola and nibbling at the erect nipple. Her right hand pushed on the back of my head as I continued to massage her pussy with my right hand. Slowly she began to relax as never before experienced sensations coursed through her, the more she relaxed the more my fingers were allowed to explore and I managed to slip my hand over the waistband of her knickers and slide a finger into her now moist crack. She gasped and pushed her hips forward trapping my hand between us as I paused at that moment wondering if I had gone too far.

Steph gradually relaxed the pressure on my hand and I had the option to either remove it or carry on, I decided I had gone far enough and reluctantly began to slide my hand up and out, to my surprise Steph forced her hips forward, once more trapping my hand; this time she whispered into my ear “Don’t stop”. I gladly pushed my hand back down and she gave me a little room to manoeuvre by leaning back against the wall and letting her knees bend slightly and thus moving her legs a little wider. As I gained in confidence I began to push my finger deeper into her crack and as she became wetter it became easier so I slipped another finger into her warm moist crease. I quickened my action and moved my fingers further and deeper with each stroke, running the tips up and over her now engorged clit and then back down and between her pussy lips. “Mmmmmm” she moaned and relaxed even more, widening her stance a little as she began to weaken at the knees, this had the effect of tightening the fabric of her jeans and restricting my movement. I removed my left hand from her tit and slid it down to her arse hooking my thumb over the waistband of her jeans and tugged at them in a vain attempt to push them down. They were too tight and the only way was to remove my right hand and pull them with a wriggling motion. As they slid over her hips her panties came with them. Steph looked directly into my eyes with a mixed expression on her face, obviously enjoying what was happening but at the same time unsure as to where we were going. I smiled and pushed her jeans further down bending down at the knees as I did so, her hands moved onto my shoulders as I did so and soon my face was directly in front of her exposed pussy.

The most beautiful sight I had ever seen met my gaze; her tight curly pubic hair glistened with droplets of pussy juice and the most amazing smell of her musk assailed my nostrils, I immediately drove my face into her mound and let my tongue flick at the wetness lapping it up, she pushed against my shoulders “No, no Darren don’t!” This was something she never expected and was obviously taken by surprise and a bit shocked. There was no way I could stop even if I wanted to, I was high on her smell and pheromones were playing havoc with my senses. This might end our relationship before it got properly started but when base instinct takes over I reckon your sensibilities are fucked.

I pushed back hard driving my tongue into her and pressing hard against her clit. She responded by pushing my head, but her resolve was weakening as she reached new heights of ecstasy. “Darren stop, please stop.“ She sobbed. I ignored her and continued to lick at her pussy, rubbing my nose against her clit and trying to force her legs further apart to gain better access. Her hands slowly moved to the back of my head and began pulling rather than pushing, her legs eased apart and I was allowed full unobstructed access. I began lapping at her in earnest sliding my tongue deeper and deeper and occasionally sucking her clit into my mouth. My thumbs were now prising her pussy lips apart as her hands pulled my face tighter and harder into her; now her hips were pushing forward, her shoulders braced against the wall with her back arched to give her maximum force. I moved my hands to her bum cheeks and pulled her onto me, sucking greedily at her soaking wet cunt. She began to buck her hips, her hand gripping my hair almost pulling it out by the roots as she neared orgasm. “Oh yes, yes, oh my god, oh my god YES! YES! OH SHIT! ARGHHHH” She screamed as she came. Her body clenched, her hands tightened their grip, and her hips slammed her pussy into my face even harder. I could barely breathe; her body began to shake as wave after wave of orgasm ripped through her.

Eventually she began to relax and her grip gave, she eased back against the cold wall and I was able to take a breath. Steph began to slide down the wall until she was sat with her bare arse against the pavement, me now on my knees in front of her; her eyes filled with tears of joy (I hoped). She sobbed and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me long and hard, tasting her own juices on my lips. We stayed like this awhile our love now confirmed, not speaking just holding each other. I gradually eased away from her and got to my feet holding her hands and gently pulled her up, I helped her pull her panties and jeans up and we got ourselves respectable again. Luckily Steph didn’t use much makeup, just lipstick and a bit of blusher so her face wasn’t too streaked with the paths of her tears.

“I love you!” I said to her as I leant forward to embrace her and once more kiss her sweet lips.
“I love you too.” She replied.
“Do you want another drink” I asked her “We’ve got time before your bus”
“Yes, please.” She replied.
We walked along to Rosie’s Bar at the end of the alley (If you knew Newcastle in 79 you’ll know where we are) and had a final drink before I walked her for her bus home.

anonymous readerReport

2010-11-19 01:26:33
Ahhh, young love and initial explorations of "What it's all about". Yes, reminds me of when I was 15 and first went down on my 14 yr. (and very tasty) girlfriend. I had read "Candy" and "Fannie Hill", so thought it might be nice to apply. Yes, it was VERY nice!

anonymous readerReport

2010-09-16 11:58:00
Very nicely written!! Reminded me of the first time I went down on my GF....She responded the same way as in this story....But I backed off 'cuz I didn't want her to think of me as the pervert that I was....We were both too young....both of us learning about sex. In later years I met her and her husband and he said, 'So YOU'RE (anonymous)" And I couldn't help but wonder whether she told her husband about our first oral.....I still truly love her, 40 years later, and always will have a place for her in my heart.....

anonymous readerReport

2010-09-16 08:18:27
Your Teenagers and where you live the Bus is okay. However you should have taken her all the way home on the Bus and then cought another Bus Back.

Some people young people mostly, sometimes Date using the Bus. Common here in Hawaii. Also in Big Cityies Subway and Trains.
When I lived in London in 1962, I used the Tube and the Bus.

I tried to find a friend girl with a Car but I was very young, very American although I tried to fit in with out being phony. I never did accomplish the friend girl part, although i came close with a West Indian Lady, Should have happened but diden't because of last moment call to go North to spend Christmas with Dad and Stepmother.

I never got the timing back on that one and we left not long into 1963 returning to the United States and California. Also back to high school.

I never adjusted.

John Died in Nov 22 1963, and things where never the same.

I found No Fault with England or the people, had a good time dispite everything.


anonymous readerReport

2010-09-15 12:27:38
this is very well done love it please post more

anonymous readerReport

2010-09-15 12:14:22
Yes--absolutely we need more, more more--you've just begun!

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