Young girl sees a man masturbating in the park and becomes curious.

It was about 10:30 pm and I knew I was in trouble, I should have been home hours ago. Every Tuesday evening I went to my piano lesson but tonight had been different. My best friend Cathy had found her older brother's stash of porno films and I had skipped my piano lesson to watch them with her. We were both fifteen years old and sexually curious. I was still a virgin but Cathy had lost her cherry 6 months ago to her ex boyfriend, she only did it once with him but she said it was lovely but over too quickly. I was insanely jealous of her and sometimes fantasised about having sex but as yet I was intact. I often masturbated at home imaging some hunk was deflowering me but no male had ever touched me sexually. In reality I was rather shy and this prevented me from getting a boyfriend but it didn't stop me feeling horny. Tonight, me and Cathy had watched three porn films one after the other, they were quite explicit and left nothing to the imagination. In fact the sight of men shooting their sperm over the faces and bodies of the women disgusted my friend so much she actually left the room. I, on the other hand, was totally fascinated at the sight of those big cocks and all that spunk splashing about. In fact I got so engrossed in the films that I totally lost track of time. I left Cathy's house and decided I would have to take a few short cuts to get home, the alley would save me at least 10 minutes off my journey home. It was a warm summer's evening and I was wearing a pair of shorts and a thin cotton t shirt. At the other end of the alley I could see a figure standing near the lamp post, as I needed to get home quickly I ignored him. Usually I didn't like to use this alley at night as it was dark and kind of creepy. Ahead of me, I could see the man standing in the alley. He looked like he was pissing, I didn't know what to do as I didn't want to walk by him as that would be too embarrassing. Yet something kept me from turning around and running back down the alley. I knew I needed to get home, although the shadows fell across the man's face, I could plainly see that he had his cock out. As I got near the man I realised that I could see his cock perfectly, there was no piss coming out from it. Then, like a ton of bricks, it hit me, this man was wanking himself off. The man was licking his lips and pounding his hand up and down the shaft of his cock real quickly. I swallowed hard as I'd never seen a real cock before, although I had looked at them in porno magazines and films, this was my first look at a real cock. I wasn't sure how long it would take but I wanted to see him cum, to see his sperm erupt from his cock like in the porno films. The man didn't realize that he had an audience and he kept wanking his prick, juices flowed from the hole in the tip of his prick and he spread them along his whole cock shaft, allowing his hand to slip up and down his cock with ever-increasing swiftness. As he wanked he bucked his hips forward, fucking his fist. Across the alley, I stared at him, my virgin pussy felt funny inside my knickers and I shifted around a bit, trying to make the feeling go away. I marvelled at how fast the man's hand went up and down on his cock and how big his prick was.

The man's breathing grew loud and heavy and I could hear it from where I sat. The sight of this throbbing cock was making me hot, so I knelt down onto my notebook, I could feel my virgin pussy getting damp and sticky in my knickers. Suddenly he looked straight at me, I froze, I was totally terrified. Only now did I realise how dangerous my situation was. Here I was in a dark lonely alley after dark, and less then 10 feet from me was a total stranger openly wanking. For a second I wanted to flee but I couldn't move, the man smiled at me and once again began to wank his hard cock. I had never experienced anything like this before, I was both terrified and wildly excited but I liked the way it made me feel. My eyes were once again fixed upon on his cock, pre-cum dripped from his fingers and made his prick shine in the street light.. "You can touch it if you want to little girl" he said to me. The sound of his voice broke the silence of the night, I should have run but I was transfixed by the sight of his hard prick. The man once again smiled and walked across to where I was kneeling on my notebook. Now his big cock was only a foot away from my face, I could see it throb in his hand. I just reached out and grasped the end of his prick in my hand, it felt incredibly hot. I wrapped my other hand around the shaft and began to wank him like I had seen women do in the porno films. The man gasped "Good girl, now rub my cock, that's right, rub it faster" I was so turned on and I eagerly grasped his cock between my teenage fingers and began to pull on his penis. As I stroked the cock of the stranger he reached down and began to rub my tits through the fabric of my t shirt. I didn't have a bra on and in no time my nipples were proud and erect. The man lifted the front of my t shirt and began to fondle my titties and nipples as I tugged on his cock. I couldn't believe what was happening to me, here I was a fifteen year old virgin, having my tits rubbed up whilst wanking a total stranger off in the middle of an alley at night. The man started to moan and thrust his hips in time with the strokes from my hands, I knew from the porno films I had seen that he would climax soon. Suddenly he knelt down in front of me and I heard him give a strange, strangled cry. For an instant I looked at his face and then my eyes flicked back to his cock. He groaned again and put one hand on my shoulder and with the other he squeezed my nipple hard. I felt his cock pulsing wildly between my fingers then the first of many white jets of spunk burst forth from his cock. The hot cum shot out of him and splattered over my tits and belly, he was moaning loudly as I continued wanking his prick hard. More of his sperm splashed out and fell in hot pools on my thighs as his cock jumped in my little hands. He must have shot out seven or eight good squirts of cum over me when he came and I was soaked with his thick semen. Finally his climax ended and I felt his penis gradually grow soft in my hands as he fondled my breasts, rubbing his spent juice into them. Without warning he abruptly got up, and without a word he rubbed his still sticky penis all over my face and lips leaving a thick sticky strand of his spunk over my face. With a heavy sigh, he tucked his rubbery prick back inside his pants and zipped them up again. Then, with a quick glance around, he hurried off into the hot summer night. I sat there on the floor for about ten minutes still wet from his sperm, my pussy was pounding in my knickers. I looked down at the little pools of semen on my thighs and dipped my fingers into the spunk and brought them to my lips, the sperm was still warm and the thick fluid tasted mildly salty. Again and again I did this and soon I had swallowed the all the strangers's cum. Then I pulled my t shirt down and then just headed off for home, feeling incredibly dirty from what I had just done.

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Made me cum but make the girl 10 or 11

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shit im spent but shit i still liked the story and the theme and i like how she didn't just get raped as soon as she walked in the alley GOOD JOB ^_^


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really cute 19/m/wash st. ,green eyes 6ft 195lbs long n really thick , i posted a couple storys lol (not very good) i like role play and talkin bout taboo wit nawty lil gurls call or txt 360 689 4926 females only plz

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Hai nice story please again mach story

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