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In 1982 iI was in the navy station in San Francisco bay area, I was 21 years old, single but living with a 26 year old girl from the Philippines and i never had any bisex.

One night after i was dancing all night at a club and not having any luck with the young girls, but did get hit on many times from guys, I headed back to her place about 15 blocks away, I was walking back to her place drunk when i ran into 2 pretty young asian girls. We talk as we walk a few blocks when the said they live here and ask me if i wanted to come in for a drink.

Once up at their place we sat down on the floor in front of the fire place and started drinking and they both started rubbing their hands all over me and my cock got hard as a rock. they both took off there tops and saw some nice asian tits, i was playing with there tits while they unzip me and pull off my pants and both of them went down on me and suck my cock and balls, then they had me lay on my back and pull my leggs up and one suck my cock while the other tounge fuck my asshole and i came all over the one face.

After about 15 or 20 min i was hard again and one of the girls got on her hands and knees and the other one lifted her dress up and grease up her ass hole and my cock and aim my cock into her ass, i was fucking her good for about 10min when the other started licking my asshole and finger fucking it and then i felt something a litte bigger trying to go in, so i turn around and saw that she had a cock, so i reach under the one i was fucking and she too had a cock,( I said to myself, when in sf do what sf people do. when i felt the other guy, girl what ever push his small cock in my ass, it felt good.

After i came in his/her ass we broke off and the one fucking me ate the other ones cum filled ass while the other suck my cock back to hardness. One got on his/her knees and the one i just fuck grease up his ass and my cock and i fuck him, while the other suck his cock. After i came again, they both stuck their cocks in my face and i suck both cocks and they pump their load in my mouth, what a night and that the being of my lust for bisex, I have many more true story of strait and bisex from all over the world, in my 20 years in the navy.

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2014-07-18 22:26:50
no offense but I really NEED to fuck a shemale like now!!!!!!!!!!


2007-12-20 09:11:42
Fucking great story


2007-08-07 09:30:30
Lousy spelling. Lousy grammar.


2007-02-19 20:41:53


2006-11-08 17:05:57
sucked ass, 1/10

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