A young girl is violently raped, but her prayers are answers when her knight in shining armor whisks her away and hides her from the world.
Sara was an average fourteen year old; she was about 5 foot 4 with dirty blonde hair that hung around her shoulder blades and piercing blue/grey eyes. Her skin was snow white, and her hair kept darkening with age. She was very slender with curves that were FINALLY developing and a 32 B cup on her chest. She tapped her knee impatiently in the back of the church as she listened to the preacher drone on.

"And so," He continued, "Jacob worked another seven long years for Rachael-"

"Does anyone really care?" She whispered to her friend in a peeved tone.

Her friend giggled, "Probably not. Just hush, though. This is just a revival, and you're only going this once so that you can look good in front of Josh."

Josh. He was the boy from Sara's neighborhood who she had had a crush on for AGES! He was perfect in her eyes; he had dark brown hair and playful brown eyes. He was about 5 foot 11 with broad, strong shoulders and arms, but he was always smiling. She liked the way that he watched her out f the corner of his eye, and she frowned sorrowfully about his age. He was 18.

Sara had often been called "jail bait" by men over 18 who scammed on her. Even some of the men at her father's workplace had said it! Once one of them squeezed her ass playfully as he walked by, and his friend whispered to him loudly, "Don't tap that! She's jail bait!"

That was the only thing keeping her from Josh.

"I know I'm here to see Josh," She sighed, then turned her gaze angrily to the other side of the church, "But why does HE have to be here?"

Her ex boyfriend Chase sat on one of the pews eyeing her. She glared at him. She had broken up with him for a reason.

When they had been dating, she invited him over to her house. They weren't supposed to be alone, but her sister's car had broken down, and her mom had left them to bring her home. The car had failed pretty far away, so it would be about 2 hours till she came back.

One minute the two of them were walking along laughing, and the next Chase was on top of Sara kissing her neck and telling her to have sex with him. She screamed, "No!" but he decided to do it anyways.

He was VERY strong; when he had gotten bored he did 20 pull ups without breaking a sweat, and she couldn't even do one. He held her down easily and tore her shirt off her chest and revealing her perky pink tits. They were perfect, he thought as he cupped one in his hand, Sara writhing and squirming beneath him. She tried to scream, so he kissed her and massaged one of her nipples between his hand as his weight pinned her down. He reached down with his other hand to pull out his stiff prick, and when he shifted weight it gave Sara just enough time to get one of her legs loose and plant a foot hard into his sex.

Chase fell to the ground, and Sara ran like hell, covering herself as best as she could with her ragged shirt. She broke up with him the next day when there were a lot of people around.

She glared at him intensely, and whispered to her friend, "His every breath insults me. I'm going outside to cool my temper."

She slipped out of the back of the church unseen, and she paced around in the parking lot. Her frosty breath clouded the air around her, and she pulled out her phone to see if she had gotten any texts. She heard a rustle in the bushes, and she went to inspect it.

"Hey there, little guy!" The neighbor's cat meowed and purred as the girl scooped him up into her arms and scratched under his chin, "You'd better go inside or-"

She squealed as a hand closed down hard on her throat and another snatched her by the waist, dragging her down onto the ground.

"Or you'll get raped too," Chase laughed sickly as he spoke to the cat, who ran for his life back to the house.

Sara gasped for breath; after being slammed to the ground, being scared, and having a hand holding her throat hard, it was nearly impossible. He smirked as he looked at her gasping, and he eased his grip enough to let her breath a little bit.

When she regained her breath, she choked/whispered, "Let me go, you bastard!"

He slapped her hard across the face, drawing a yelp from her as she felt it's sting.

"I'll do whatever I want with you, you little slut," He said angrily, "I need to finish what I started."

He unzipped his fly and pushed her skirt up, revealing her lacy paints. She blushed furiously with shame.

"You little slut," He chuckled as he pushed them aside, revealing her smooth, shaved virgin pussy, "What else would I expect?"

His dick was rock hard, and he rubbed the tip of his cock on her open pussy lips.

"I'm not wet at all!" She cried as she stared at his huge cock and tried to block her opening, "You can't just have sex with me like this! It'll hurt even more!"

"You're blood from your cherry with lube you up a little," He said casually.

"Don't do this," She begged as he pinned her arms down to the sides of her head and pushed his head in to rest against her cherry.

"Oh," He grinned, "I will. If you had just slept with me when I told you to, it would have been A LOT different. But you wanted it to be like this."

He slammed himself al the way in as fast as he could, and she screamed, passing out with the pain as she was suddenly ripped apart and stuffed.

"Don't scream, you dumb bitch," He grunted as he kissed her to shut her up.

He thrust in and out of her as hard as he could, trying to make it hurt. It did. Sara's pussy ached with his every move, and her dry pussy didn't seem to get any wetter.

"God," He groaned, "You're so fucking tight . . ."

He felt her pussy wrapped around him, trying it's hardest to get him the fuck out of her. It made him horny as hell.

"i hate you," She whispered as she felt the hot sting of angry tears, "I hate you so fucking much, you bastard! You're going to hell for this!"

He smirked, and twisted one of her tits through her shirt, "I'll meet you there, slut."

She slammed her head into his, making his vision swim. She crawled to her hands and knees and began to crawl away, but he remembered himself and a new found anger over took him.

"You want to play that game, bitch??" He whispered through gritted teeth as he held her upright by her hair, forcing her to look at him, "Big mistake!!!"

She felt fear enter her for the first time. Genuine, no shit fear.

He slammed himself inside her as hard as he could, smacking his balls against her ass and making her dizzy. She put her hands on his shoulders to prevent herself from falling and slamming into the gravel.

Chase pushed her head forward and stopped hurting as he pressed his lips into her ear, whispering, "I was going to be quick about it, but you've pissed me off now. I'm going to fuck your guts out, ho."


Josh walked out into the parking lot in boredom. Ever since Sara had left, he had nothing to do or think about. He told his parents he was leaving early, and he left.

There was a rustling in the bushes ahead of him, and one of the boys from the church walked out, zipping up his fly as he did so.

"Was that you that made the rustling in the bushes?" Josh asked curiously.

An idea struck Chase, and he smiled, replying, "No, it was an animal, I guess. I couldn't find it! Maybe you should go look, just in case it's a stray or it's hurt or something."

"Okay?" Josh asked with confusion. He looked back to see Chase climb into his truck and leave, then he moved into the bushes.

There was the stifled sound of crying, and Josh felt a chill crawl down his spine. He pushed back a branch and saw Sara hugging her knees on the ground, her face bruised. Her tights and sweater the places he couldn't see.

"Sara," He gasped.

She scooted away from him, hiding her face and shaking with fear as he approached.

He placed a hand on her shoulder gently, and he could feel her violent quivering. His face saddened, and he took her by the hand. She looked at him and finally came back to her senses.

"Please get me away from here," She begged, "I need to get away from this place now."

"Okay," He nodded in understanding, "I'll go tell your parents-"

"Don't!" She cried. He turned and saw the tears on her face. She gulped, and managed to say, "I just need to leave now. Please take me to your house. I can't face them right now."

He nodded again, and she stood to her feet following him to his truck. He opened the door for her, and she sat down, wrapping her arms around herself and relishing in the warmth of the seats.

He turned the ignition and turned the heat on full blast. He turned off the music and didn't speak to her, he just glanced over every now and then to look at her.

"So," He asked, "What-"

He stopped when he saw that she was asleep.


"Sara," He whispered as he stood in his driveway trying to awake her, "Sara, wake up."

She didn't stir, so he scooped her up in his arms and carried her inside the house. He couldn't believe how light she was!

When he sat her down on the bed, she woke up. When she looked between him and the bed, she scooted back as fast as she could and pulled the sheets over, covering herself.

"It's okay," He crooned, and saw her relax, "I'm not going to hurt you. You look like you need a shower, though. Here's a clean towel and there's soap in there, okay?"

She nodded, and he left her alone in the room. She ached all over, but she took off her clothes and stared tearfully at her reflection. She had dried blood on her inner thighs, and her breasts were bruised. She had one black eye, and her scalp hurt from where he had been pulling her hair.

She got into the shower and let the warmth of the steam and water surround her. She snatched the bar of soap and tried to wash off every bit of herself, trying to get every bit of him off of her. She felt dirty and nasty.

As much as she hated to do it, she slid the bar of soap down between her legs and over her pussy, which didn't hurt as much as she thought it would. She got the blood off her thighs, and stepped out of the shower feeling a lot better. She dried her hair casually, then wrapped the towel around herself.

She stared at her clothes, and noticed for the first time the mixture of blood, melted snow, and dirt that covered them. She winced at the thought of it, but she stepped out of the room and found Josh sitting on the couch.

"Um," She asked nervously as she made sure the towel was secure, "Do you have any clothes I could borrow?"

He looked her up and down. She still had steam rising off of her slightly, and she smelled just like him, which turned him on for some reason. He thought quietly about any clothes that would fit her, then responded, "Yeah, I think I might have some."

He went to his room and brought out pants that had a string to tie the waist, and tee shirt that was too small for him, and then he asked her curiously, "Do you need underwear?"

She felt tears sting her eyes, but she somehow managed to quell them as she said quietly, "Yes."

He handed her a pair of his underwear, and she went back inside the room to put on the fresh clothes, leaving her dirty ones with him.

"Do you want me to wash these?" He shouted through the door. When he heard a quiet yes, he picked up the pile and took them to the washer. He noted the blood on them and the tears in the fabric, and he placed them in the washing machine. When he returned to the living room, Sara stood facing him in the clothes he had given her.

"Thank you for washing them," he said with barely hidden embarrassment.

He ogled her lustfully. Her bra had been torn during the rape, to her nipples stood out lightly through the thin tee shirt he had given her. The pants were baggy, reminding him how tiny he was. He thought about her little pussy in his underwear, and it made him harden. He remembered what he needed to ask, and asked it, "What happened, Sara?"

She turned away from him; she couldn't face him. She mumbled through her tears and slight sobs, "Nothing, nothing happened . . ."

He could sense her pain, and he came close to her before spinning her around and wrapping her in a hug.She wept against his broad shoulder and forgot all her shame. She just cried and let him hold her.

He could feel her nipples against his chest through the tee shirt, and he was amazed still by how fragile he felt.

Wow, he thought, That guy must have beaten the shit out of her!

She remained in the embrace, but grew quieter. When he could hear himself think, he asked her, "What did he do to you? Why did he beat you up?"

"He didn't beat me up," She explained in a weak voice, "Josh, he raped me."

Josh felt more anger rise up in him at that time than he had ever felt before! How dare that low life piece of shit touch HIS girl? Before he could stop himself, he pulled away from the hug and paced, asking her angrily, "He raped you?"

"Yes!" She cried.

"How could this happen!" He shouted angrily, mostly at himself, "I can't believe I let another man touch you . . . how could I let him do this to you? I was right inside the building!"

"Josh," She said quietly as she placed a small hand on his heaving shoulder, "It's not your fault. I just need to sleep now, okay?"

He nodded, and in a few minutes Sara was settled in on the couch. Josh lad down on his bed and started to sleep, thinking of what he would do to Chase the next time he saw him.

He felt the bed shift lightly, and he looked up to see Sara crawling into his bed, frozen like a doe in headlights. He could see her cleavage down her shirt, and he yearned for her.

He moved closer to her, and she did the same. He brushed a strand of hair gently out of her face, and gazed into her blue/grey eyes as he asked her, "Can I kiss you?"

"Yes," She whispered. She barely got the word out before he pressed his lips into hers, searching her mouth with his tongue and pushing her gently into the sheets.

Sara took off the tee shirt silently, and Josh gave one gentle tug at the string of her pants. She kicked them off, and slid the underwear off easily. She laid underneath him fully nude, and he stopped kissing her to rip off his tee shirt and boxers, letting his cock spring free.

She had been scared out of her wits when she saw Chase's cock, but she was only slightly amazed when she laid eyes on Josh's. It was probably about 9 inches long and about 3 inches in girth. She knew he wouldn't hurt her, so she spread her legs willingly.

He kissed her breasts, cupping one in the palm of his hand and gently sucking on the nipple of the other. He saw that they were bruised, and he kissed them more and more, trying to take the hurt away.

He french kissed her and positioned his cock head at the entrance of her pussy. She whispered to him, "I'm still sore. Please, be gentle."

He kissed her neck tenderly, and replied, "I will be."

She was soaking wet and hot for him, so it was much less painful. He pushed himself in slowly, despite the growing need to be completely inside of her. Which, after a short while, he was.

She looked down at their bodies, which were now completely intertwined. She smiled and leaned up to kiss his lips.

He pulled himself out of her, then pushed all the way in again. She actually thought it felt good, and she braced herself against his brawny forearms as he picked up his pace.

"I love you, Josh," She whispered.

He laughed, "You're just saying that because I'm making you feel so good."

"No," She said sincerely as she looked into his chocolate brown eyes, "I do. I've loved you since I first met you."

This made his love for her grow even more, and he kissed her passionately, saying in between kisses, "I love you, I love you, I love you . . ."

She felt herself starting to climax, and so did he.

"Sara," He said huskily, "I'm going to cum soon. Do you want me to pull out?"

She didn't even have to think.


He pushed himself in and out to their love making rhythm four more times, before shooting his load deep inside her, giving her all his seed.

She bit into the place where his neck met his shoulder and screamed into it. He held her as he felt her tight pussy milking his dick.

He felt her go limp in his arms, and he laid her down on the bed, collapsing next to her. He pulled the blankets over them with his last strength, then wrapped his arms around her protectively and fell asleep.

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2013-06-01 00:19:42
The only problem is its stupid because she just got raped then has sex with him and I thought Josh was only her crush you have the story with mixed themes srry but this one was not your best

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2013-06-01 00:19:15
The only problem is its stupid because she just got raped then has sex with him and I thought Josh was only her crush you have the story with mixed themes srry but this one was not your best

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2013-05-10 17:30:41
Have read a few of your stories and i do enjoy them .. Constructive critisism is always a good thing, unfortunately there are those that want to inflict their crude remarks that is anything but constructive .. I agree with the person that suggested to ignore those comments and continue on with your work .. Just felt like commenting and i appreciate perusing what you write

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2013-05-09 17:45:08
Have read a few of your stories and i do enjoy them .. Constructive critisism is always a good thing, unfortunately there are those that want to inflict their crude remarks that is anything but constructive .. I agree with the person that suggested to ignore those comments and continue on with your work .. Just felt like commenting and i appreciate perusing what you write

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2012-08-04 07:21:24
i love yor stories. PART 2 PLEASE

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