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Natalie and I had been distant friends for years. We grew up in the same areas and attended the same schools, knowing each other only by name, not who we were or what we did. But there had always been that connection between us. The glances where both of our eyes meet and we seemed to be thinking the same thing, whatever those thoughts were I really wasn’t sure at that stage. As we grew older and more aware of who we were, the looks became longer and the curiosity stronger. Before we knew it we had come to an age where childhood friends went their different ways, whether it be travel, work or pursue a higher education. Good friends sometimes stayed in touch, and merely knowing someone from younger days meant a fleeting nod in the street while passing by.

I decided to attend university. Besides, my close and distant relations were all high achievers and therefore had high expectations of me. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, and I didn’t want to settle for a job flipping burgers for a minimum wage until retirement. My Father was an unhappy, ruthless capitalist, ignoring all ethical boundaries in order to make his wallet as fat as possible, and to make sure my family and I had all the luxuries we wanted while growing up. As much as I didn’t want to become like him, I understood the value of money. But unlike him, I also knew the importance of a rich life in other areas – friends, purpose, direction and fulfilment.

I had always had an interest in people and health, so I enrolled in medical school and tacked on some elective psychology papers. I moved into an apartment down the street from the medical school and began the countdown to the first day of semester.

As I jumped out of bed on the first day, I was excited about the challenge ahead of me. I knew med school was competitive and was ready to kick some nerds’ butt... Only, by the end of the day, my enthusiasm had dwindled somewhat severely. It was apparent to me early on that the lifestyle of a city campus was very dispersed. I had desperately searched the lecture theatre and later the grounds for anyone I might know, without luck. To make things worse I had to pay through the teeth for huge 1500 page text books. I decided to go home and get started on some readings – start as I mean to go on was my plan for success.

The next day I felt refreshed. I realised I had many years of this ahead of me and in that time I would make good friends, besides, I had only spent one day at this place anyway. I walked into the Biomed Sci lecture rather late and saw a spot on the back row in the corner of the theatre. I jogged up the stairs, slid onto the chair and began taking my books out of my bag.

‘Hello Kane,’ said a vaguely familiar voice. I turned to see Natalie smiling at me. Our eyes meet and there was that same, instant attraction we had always felt.

She was a great looking girl. She was 5’7”, had straight blonde hair that fell to halfway down her back, olive skin and bright blue eyes. She had long legs that lead up to a perfectly formed, round butt. She was wearing a low cut white tank top that day which exposed the cleavage of her c-cup breasts.

‘Wow, hey Natalie, long time no see’ I replied, caught off guard. I felt stupid, we had never said that many words to each other ever before, except through our eyes of course.

‘Sure is. I am so glad to see you here,’ she said grinning at me.

My heart jumped. ‘Likewise, I was wondering if I would see anyone I knew,’ smiling back.

The lecture was three hours with a small break halfway through. We left the theatre and went to get a drink from the cafeteria. We chatted together like we were best of friends, and had been for years. We talked about school, about our decision to come to med school and what we wanted to do when we were older. At the end of the lecture we exchanged contact details and compared timetables and discovered we were in 4 of 5 lectures together.

The next few weeks were amazing. Natalie and I became very close in that time and had a very strong mutual respect for one another. We would organise to meet and have lunch or dinner then walk to the library or one of our rooms to prepare for upcoming examinations and anything else we were struggling with. Although most of the time we would talk about pointless things, laughing and joking, solving the problems of the world.

We both had to eventually got jobs. She worked a few hours a week in a cafe as a waitress; I worked in a bar on the weekend and some weeknights. We saw less and less of each other, and grew tired of the daily grind. Working at the bar and getting up only hours later to stumble, with bloodshot panda eyes, into a lecture was taking its toll. Being around the throngs of people, endlessly, purposefully going about their tasks without a thought for the more simple things in life was becoming tedious. It was time to escape for a while. Of course we talked about this in lectures, and on the last lecture before mid-semester break we decided we would get in my car and drive, not caring where we end up.

That night I told the boss I wouldn’t be in for a few days, Natalie had agreed to do the same. Saturday morning while the sun began to show over the horizon, I threw some clothes in a bag, grabbed my two person tent, got in my car and drove to Natalie’s place. She was already waiting in the cool morning air as I pulled up. She had her hair hanging loose and wore a bright dress with a cardigan over the top. We said nothing as she smiled and threw her bags in the car and we headed north, the sun rising into the sky to our right. We drove all day, stopping at shops to eat ice cream and beaches to stretch our legs and wade in the cool water.

We pulled in at a quite camping ground after driving all day. Seeing no other campers around, we put up the tent and inflate and air mattress, then walked through a small gathering of trees to look over the white sand beach, the sun setting over the shimmering water. We lay on the grass, side-by-side watching the vivid blues and oranges deepen as the sun continued its journey, leaving us behind for the day. We hold hands, our fingers interlocked, and talk about what it would be like to leave everything behind, forget the material things and our perceived duties to ourselves and others and follow the sun around the world. To discover nature in its whole, to understand how small and insignificant we are as humans in the universe. To realise how precious life is and how every moment must be embraced as if it were the last.

The moon now rises high up into the sky, the stars twinkling behind it as it casts a serene white/blue light over water. I turn to Natalie as she turns to me.

‘I’m glad we meet each other finally,’ she whispers, her eyes flickering in the dark moonlight.

‘It really should have happened sooner, we both know that –‘

Before I could finish, she leans over me and staring into each other’s eyes, we gently meet lips. Shivers run down my whole body as her hair falls around us. Remaining there for a few seconds she pulls away, her pupils dilated, I hold the side of her face and guide our lips together again. She slides her body further onto me, her leg positions between mine and I feel her press into me.

We kiss deeply, our hands locked together in a tight embrace, our tongues dance around each other mouths, our breathing getting deeper and faster. She lifts her head away and we look into each others’ eyes and without needing to say a word, we know that this is what we each want.

I roll her over onto her back and begin to kiss her again, nibbling and biting her lips gently and kissing down her neck, breathing lightly onto her ears, telling her how much I have wanted this and for so long. I slide my hands down her soft bare thighs under her dress and she lifts her legs up and around my butt and holds me in tightly. I move my hands to her hips, sliding them up her sides, brushing against her breasts through her light dress until my arms are around her upper back, holding her in tightly as well.

She lets her legs down and with her feet on the ground, lifts her body up into me, into my cock growing as we rub together. Lifting my shirt off of me, she runs her hands down my back to my butt then to the front of my denim shorts and begins to undo the buttons. I kiss her neck as she slides my shorts down, kicking them off myself. Her dress now ridden up to her waist I feel my hardness press against her mound through our underwear.

I grab the hem of her dress and slide it up over her head to reveal a black lace bra holding her perfectly shaped c-cup breasts. She arches her back to allow me to reach under her and unclip her bra, and throw it aside. I hold her breasts in my hands and run my fingers over her hard pink nipples as I kiss the skin, my lips getting closer and closer to her nipples. Taking them one by one in my mouth I nibble her and suck her into my mouth, running my tongue over and around her hard nipple.

Moving my hands down her sides again and down her thighs, I slide my body down hers and grab at the elastic of her underwear. She lifts her legs to the side and into the air so I can pull her underwear down her legs and toss them aside. She lets her legs back down and spreads them apart under me, revealing her smooth pussy. I continue to slide down her body, kissing her stomach and belly button as I go. Kissing the inside of her thighs towards her sex but passing over to the other side and kissing up her other thigh. Smelling her scent I kiss outer lips of her pussy and then unable to wait any longer I lightly slide my tongue over her pussy, tasting her sweet juices and I feel her body shiver. I pull her pussy lips apart and slide my tongue deep into her, then flick my tongue across her clit, hearing her moan in pleasure.

She sits up saying ‘I want to taste myself from you,’ and pulls my lips to hers and sucks her juices from my mouth. I slide my index finger into her tight, wet pussy and begin to finger fuck her as she moans into my mouth. I slide two fingers inside her as deep as they can go, sliding them in and out as she sways back and forth. She slides her hand inside the front of my underwear and grabs my hardness and starts stroking in time with my fingers.

‘Let me taste your cock baby,’ she gasps.

I stand and let my underwear fall to the ground as my cock springs out in front of her face. She positions herself on her knees in front of me, and grabbing my cock with one hand and playing with her sex with the other, she licks right up the length of the shaft, encircles the head with her tongue and lowers her lips down over my cock. I watch as the whole length of me disappears into her silky smooth mouth. My shaft glistening with her saliva, she wraps her fingers around me and begins to stroke up and down the length. Lifting my cock up against my stomach she twists her head and sucks my balls into her mouth, one by one, licking and sucking, her moaning sending the most amazing sensation through my body. The pre-cum rolls down my shaft and she catches it with her tongue and sucks the rest out of my cock head.

I couldn’t resist the impulse any longer. I wanted Natalie so bad, I wanted to be inside her even more. Running my fingers through her hair in motions for her to release me from her mouth, I get on my knees and lower her back down on the dewy grass. She lays spread eagle, smiling up at me. I lay down once again over her only this time we were totally naked, her legs spread either side of me. My cock throbbing as I let it lie across her pussy and begin to slide up and down her body. The sensitive underside of my shaft sliding across her wet lips and stimulating her clit was the most amazing feeling.

‘I’m gonna fuck you Natalie,’ I moan into her ears as we hump each other.

‘Mmmm please do it now Kane, I need you,’ she replied, in between deep breaths.

I position the head of my cock between her pussy lips and slide inside. She moans loudly and arches her back as I push my hips forward. My cock slides seamlessly into her wetness, the warmth encasing my rock hard cock, all the way in until my balls squeeze against her. With one hand, I grab both her hands together and lift them up above her head, holding them there and I begin to thrust into her. The thrusting getting more vigorous now, her tits bouncing up and down in time with the sound of my balls slapping against her.

My balls begin to tighten as I feel the intense pleasure begin to build to a climax.

‘I’m going to cum baby,’ I tell her, breathily but desperately.

‘Cum inside me baby,’ She orders.

‘But-‘ I began.

‘Just do it,’ she persists.

I was so close; I could hardly pull out now. I lift my torso off her, leveraged over her with my arms and start plunging harder and deeper into her now. She digs her nails into my back and I feel her muscles contract around my cock and she starts grinding herself up into me, adding to my already powerful thrusts. I come down hard into her one last time as my body begins to jerk, my cock erupts deep inside her. Her pussy now contracting so tight around my cock as she squeals with pleasure while my cock pulses cum deep inside her, holding and squeezing each other as tightly as we both can, never letting go.

We lay on the grassy bank, my semi-erect cock still inside her, for what seemed like forever, still slowly grinding into each other, not willing to release our grip around each other. Then gathering up our clothes, we headed back to the tent, hand in hand, now the very closest and most intimate of friends.

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2010-09-17 20:30:14
(Just do it,’ she persists.) fucking rip off from the movie knocked-up
go back to reading comic books and wanking off in your mommy's
leave the stories to the grownups

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2010-09-16 22:10:58
im 7and came when i read this and also lost my verginaty when i was2

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2010-09-16 22:10:57
im 7and came when i read this and also lost my verginaty when i was2

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2010-09-16 07:53:59
Really Great Story!! I hope that you write more.

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2010-09-16 06:25:44
a excellent story i hope you write part 2 9/10

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