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parts five and six
~The Next Day

As I was putting on some clothes jake asked me where I was going. I told him hunting... He said okay and jumped in the bed and turned the T.V on to his favorite show. CSI. I hoped out the window and landed swiftly on the ground. I jogged into the forest and transformed into a grey wolf with a black spot on my eye. I dashed into the woods going predator mode. Ducking and dodging every branch and fallen tree. I stopped in my tracks and spotted a deer. Crouching down and getting ready to attack, I accidently stepped down on a twig and it cracked. The deer’s head shot up and scanned the forest. It spotted me and made a run for it.


I dashed right for the deer. Digging my nails deep into the earth and stretching as far as I could. Just to scare the deer I barked at it and it sped up. So did I. As I was chasing the deer I smelled something funny closing in. checking my surroundings I saw a dark figure on the ground. I thought [ill kill it later]. Getting tired of seeing the deer’s ass and annoyed of the dirt it was kicking into my face. I jumped on the deer and bit into its neck jerked it around until it stopped moving. Once I got though drinking its blood, I left it there for any other animal that likes meat.

I traced the things scent back to the spot where I saw it at. I stalked over to it cautiously where it was sitting leaning against a tree. It wasn’t a vampire...Hell I didn’t know what it was. It had black wings, and the body of a man. His face strong with good jaw structure. Black hair that stopped at his shoulders, he had bushy eye brows. His body had a small scare left on his chest. His nipples were a dark brown, with wash board abbs. He had on white martial arts pants, with no shoes.

I sniffed him...bleek he reeked. I tapped him with my paw. His eyes fluttered open. His hazel green eyes looked over to me.

“What the...”


I changed back and smiled at him.

“I need… B-blood...”

Is all he said before closing his eyes half way.


I ran back to the deer I just got through hunting and dragged it back over to him, and held it over his head. He opened his mouth and I squeezed the left over blood from the deer’s neck.

“Sooooo… whhats your name?”


“Im Jordan…But you can call me Jo”

“Such Beautiful name for a goddess like you”

I blushed. I had to ask him, “what are you?”

“A Fallen Angel”

“I suppose you’re a werewolf?” he said

“Nope” im a...

Then I remembered some mumbo jumbo stuff my granny use to tell me she died

“Fascinating” he said with a grin

He looked so hot right then. His straight white teeth and his eyes. I blushed and turned my head.

“Wanna come back to my house so we can clean you up?”

“I would be honored”

So I helped him up and walked 20 steps away from him and noticed he wasn’t following me. I turned around and he cocked his head to the side.

“You coming” I asked


I watched him as he twitched his wings and flapped them once and walked over to me. I just looked at him and said wow. I smirked

“Cant catch me”

Then dashed at top speed for my house. Dodging every branch. Finally I made it to my house. I turned around he was right there. Wow your fast a folded my arms and smiled. He just smiled and he eyes shifted to my window.

“Wait here”

I jumped up to my window humming the CSI theme song.

“Long hunt babe” said jake

“Uhh Jake there somebody I‘d like you to meet.

His eye flicked over to me and said who?

I went over to the window and motioned Kalona to come up. He came up and gave a warm smile.

“Greetings” he said

“Hey” said jake not showing much entrance.

I growled at jake for being an ass to our guest. I pointed toward the bathroom for Kalona to take a shower. He started walking towards the bathroom and jake stopped him in his tracks and said where are you going. I got irritated with jake and said he’s going to take a shower. The look I gave jake made him immediately shut his trap. Kalona made it to the bathroom closed the door and ran his shower. I on the other hand I turned my head and tackled Jacob before he got a chance to sit up in the bed.

“You are such a mean person you anus” I said pinning Jacob down

He chuckled

“I don’t like him his blood smells bad”

“He stinks jake!”

He just turned his head to the side. I took the remote and turned the T.V off.

“Look at me!”

He still dint look. I let one hand go and pinched his nipple. He sucked in some air and flipped me over. He was mad at me for that one, but I used the puppy dog eyes on him. He just sighed and kissed me on my forehead, then my nose, then my lips. He was going to get up but I pulled him back down and kissed him deeply. I flipped him over on his back and tore his shirt off. He started to take my shirt off before Kalona walked through the bathroom doors. My shirt was high enough to see my full bra and cleavage. I yanked my shirt back down and blushed.

“Umm…this is awkward”

He just stared at me and said where do I sleep?

“Right this way”

I lead him to his room and said my good nights and he thanked me for giving him a place to stay not even bringing up what just happened. I said it was no problem looking down at the floor…and walked off...I went back to my room and jake was still laying down on the bed. I took my clothes off in the doorway and walked over to jake and straddled his waist.

“Still hyped?”

“Damn Straight” he said while tracing a line down my stomach.

“Lose the Pants Jake” I said

I got off of him and he immediately stripped of his pants, and boxers. I layed down on my back and spreaded my legs for him. He lowered himself on to me and blew on my clit and sucked my sensitive button I shivered. Slowly licking up and down my pussy he spreaded my lips wider and licked in my inner walls and flicked my clit. I gripped the sheets and a low moan escaped my mouth. Circling my button with his tongue, my climax was coming. I tensed and he rose up off of me. I growled at him for stopping. He smirked and aimed his cock for the entrance. He gripped my thighs and slowly slid his cock into my pussy. I bit my lip trying not to moan out in ecstasy loud enough to wake Kalona. Then he started pumping in and out of my pussy. Leaning in closer he kissed me deep and passionately and pumped in and out of me faster and harder with each stroke. At this point I couldn’t keep my mouth closed. I moaned with every stroke. I wrapped my arms around his neck and rode his cock.

“ Calm down Jordan before you wake up our guest” he said in my ear

“ I-I cant it feels soo good” I moaned in his ear

He dint say nothing he just sped up his paste. I buried my face in his shoulder and bit his neck gently. At the time I came all over his cock and he came with me.

After this session, I fell asleep right in his arms. Listening to his heart slow down.

~Next Day

I woke up the next morning, with my throat burning and head hurting.

[Damn I need to feed] I thought to myself

I got up out the bed and quickly ran myself a shower. When I got out the shower jake was gone. I thought to myself [must have gone hunting to]. I jumped out the window and ran into the forest. I saw a rabbit run across the field. I chased it, and caught it.


I was walking back to the house… then I smelled a familiar stench. I turned my head, and with a blink of an eye mark had pushed me up against a tree. His eyes were pitch black and he smelled of blood.

“Hello Jordan” he said with a grin

“Hunting to I see” I said

“Yes and your next on the menu” he said extracting his fangs and diving for my neck

“Bullshit” I said and kneed him in the stomach.

He crouched down and cursed…I pushed him and he fell backwards. I ran for home until he grabbed my shirt and threw me 10 ft across the forest. I fell on a fallen tree and broke right through it.


I was in so much pain I dint want to move. I saw mark walking towards me with that same devilish grin.

“Looks like you loose Jordan…..Again!” he said

I stuck my middle to him and I past out. Before I was completely out I heard a tree fall, and mark screaming.

To be continued…
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