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My first story
I walk up behind you and wrap my arms around you. I nuzzle my nose into your hair and breathe deep of your aroma. I find your earlobe and gently nibble on it. You lean back into me and let out a soft sigh. As I continue to nibble on your earlobe I start to gently caress your body with my hands. I move down from your ear to your neck nibbling and kissing. You grab my hands and place them upon your breast. Your breathing becomes faster and shallower. I continue to caress your breast as I move my kisses down your neck and onto your shoulder. You start to grind your hips into my groin. You can feel the hardness there and continue to rotate your hips.

I find the buttons on your blouse and start to unbutton them, slowly, one at a time. Your sighs and moans continue. I open the front of your blouse giving me my first glance at your bra covered tits. I continue to caress them; I can feel your nipples hardening under the palms of my hands. I slide my hands up under the bottom of your bra and lift it up and over your large tits. They bounce as they are released from their confines.

You pull away from me and turn towards me. You remove your blouse and then your bra. With one swift movement you grab the bottom of my shirt and pull it up and over my head. You move into my arms where our mouths and tongues find each other. You are like an animal on fire with passion. I return the passion with my own. Your breasts are pressed against my chest and I can feel your hard nipples stabbing into my chest. Our mouths part and I pull back to gaze into your eyes. I can see the fire and the passion burning within them.

I lift your breast and lower my head down to one. I suck the nipple into my mouth and flick the hard nub that I find with my tongue. Your sighs and moans continue as I move from breast to breast. Your chest is heaving making it hard to catch your nipple, but I always manage to succeed. I reach down to unfasten your pants; you pull away, slowly unfastening your pants. Your kick your shoes off and wiggle your hips as you pull your pants down over them. I lick my lips at the anticipation of kissing my way down to your hidden treasures. With your pants removed you move back into me and reach down to unfasten my belt. You stop to rub the hardness that you find. Now, it’s my turn to groan and moan. You get my jeans unfastened and then I hear the sound of my zipper as you pull it down.

Unfortunately, I have to stop you so that I can sit down to remove my shoes. After having done so, you move back to me and grab my pant legs, pulling them off and leaving me sitting in just my underpants. You come back to me; grab my hands, helping me to stand. You kiss me while inserting your fingers into the waistband of my underpants and push them down. As I step out of them; you push me back on to the edge of the bed. You climb up on me, straddling my hips. I can feel the wetness soaking through your panties as you rub against my cock. I grab your arms and pull you off to the side, reversing our roles. I tell you that this is about you and not me and that I’m sure that I will have my time later.

I bend down to kiss you and you wrap your arms around me. You whisper into my ear that you are mine and to take you in any way I want. I start kissing you, moving down your neck and then your shoulders. I make my way down to your luscious tits, taking my time with each. I gently bite your nipples sending shivers through out your body. I move down across your belly to your pubic mound. I slip my fingers into the waistband of your panties and pull them down as I continue to kiss my way down your thigh and leg. I remove your panties and then start to kiss my way back up your other leg. As I get closer to your pussy, the aroma meets me causing my dick to get even harder. Your pussy is dripping wet and you shiver as I place the first of many kisses upon the lips of your treasure chest.

I kiss and lick your outer lips, being careful not to touch your clit. Your juices continue to flow as I stick my tongue into your pussy as far as it will reach. I move down and start to lick up from the bottom of your pussy all the way to the top where I finally flick your clit with my tongue. You moan with pleasure as I continue to lick and suck the juices out of your pussy.

I insert a finger into your vaginal cavern. You are so hot I want to just shove my cock into you, but I refrain and continue my oral assault upon you. Your sighs and moans become louder and you start to squirm around. I insert a second finger into you. Your vaginal walls close in around my fingers, sucking them deeper into you. As my oral assault upon your clit continues you finally reach down, grabbing my head, pulling my mouth hard into your pussy. Your orgasm overcomes you and you flood my mouth and face with your juices. Your back arches up off the bed; you stiffen as your orgasm hits its peak.

I release your clit and bury my tongue into your pussy as your orgasm starts to fade. Your body trembles like little bolts of electricity running through your body each time my tongue licks up the juices that are still running from your pussy. I know I should stop to let you catch your breath, but I want to savor your cum and not let any of it get away from me. Finally you can’t stand anymore and push my head away. My face and mouth are soaked from your orgasm. I kiss my way back up your belly, place a kiss on each of your nipples and then kiss you fully on the mouth, letting you taste your own juices. Our tongues dance for a while then you push me over and pin me down. You tell me that I’m bad, but that you can be bad too and that it’s now my turn.

You slide down my body until you are face to face with my throbbing cock. You grasp it pushing down against my belly. You spread my legs out placing yourself between them. You pull the skin tight, pulling my balls up. You lick your lips then go down, licking your way up the seam of my sack between my balls. When you reach the base of my dick, you stop and start over, running your tongue up the seam again. As you listen to my moans you finally continue up the shaft of my throbbing dick. You stop at the head and give it a soft kiss. Then you wrap your lips around the shaft and swallow my cock deep into your throat.

I moan out in pleasure, but you come back up letting my cock slip from your mouth. You look up at me and I see an evil grin come across your face. You tell me that it is now your turn to be bad and you slide up my body until your pussy is sitting on my dick. You rub back and forth a few times then you lift yourself up and lower yourself back down impelling yourself on my cock. The smile on your face widens as you start to slowly rock back and forth. I moan loudly as the heat from your pussy soaks into my dick. The walls of your pussy wrap themselves around my shaft and your vaginal muscles begin to work their magic on me. I lay still, not having to move because your pussy is doing all the work. The velvety softness of your pussy is overwhelming and I know that I will not be able to last long.

I groan with pleasure as your pussy continues its assault on my cock. As I reach the point of no return I raise my hips to meet your downward thrust. My cock throbs and I unleash my cum into your pussy as my orgasm overcomes me. Your vaginal muscles continue to milk every last drop out of me. As my throbbing subsides you settle down, relaxing the muscles that hold my dick within you. As my cock deflates and slips out of you, you look me in the eyes and that evil grin appears again as you tell me that now it’s your turn to be bad.

With that you start to slide your pussy up over my chest and settle down with your pussy over my mouth. You tell me that it is now my turn and you lower your pussy to my mouth. I now know what you are up to, but I do not fight you. I surprise you by grabbing a hold of your hips and burying my tongue into your pussy. I continue to lick and suck our combined juices from your pussy. You try to pull away, but I won’t let you. I keep licking and sucking until you reach another orgasm and flood my face and mouth once more with your juices which washes all my cum out.

As your orgasm subsides, you slip off my face and slide down into the bed next to me. You look at my face and see my evil grin shining in our juices. You tell me that was not fair, kiss me once more and snuggle into me where we both drift off into slumber filled with dreams of our next encounter.
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