1 was 13 and she was 5 1/2
My story of sex with my little sister Denise started pretty innocently but soon got pretty kinky.
I was thirteen and my sister was 5 1/2. We were close despite the number of years different in our ages. She was a cutie and I enjoyed playing around with her. This particular day though we were at the far end of the property in an unused shed when I had the idea to play "Doctor", something I'd done with neighbor girls a few times and it was fun but it never got too carried away.
As soon as I had the idea, I began to get excited, I told her she was the nurse and I'd been bitten by a snake, I showed her a place on my forearm and that she needed to suck out the poison. So she was sucking on my arm dutifully when I told her I had another bite. This one was on my thigh and I had to take down my pants. She was enjoying the game and taking down my pants was maybe a little risque for her but my boxers were still on. My mind was onto the possibilities here though and my boner was growing.
I could hardly wait to get to the next stage and said I thought there I had one more bite, she looked so innocently quizical as I said "In here and pulled open my boxers. My dick was rock hard just at the idea of showing it to her. I've always had a fairly large cock and I think it was pretty nearly as big then as it is now, 8 1/2 inches and fairly thick. It looked enormous next to her, she was petite as well as young.
I was actually kind of shy and told her I wasn't sure where I'd been bitten and she should try around. I think I needed to know she was into it. well I didn't need to think too long about it, she went right to sucking various places on the shaft with some eagerness. I decided to just say," I think it's on the end" I was eager to see her suck the end. No Problem she was sucking away, doing it harder when I asked.
It was too cool, It was so big in her mouth! I told her it felt good which seemed to please her. Eventually I just had to say,"it feels good when you go up and down on it" and showed her how to stroke the shaft and bob her mouth down on me.
How perfect! Within maybe 20 minutes I had my pre-school aged sister sucking my cock and beating me off!
I was pretty horny and was gonna cum soon and wasn't sure how to handle it. I decided to tell her how good it felt and when you did it long enough some "stuff" came out, and asked if she wanted to see it? she was kind of eager it seemed like. So I told her to hold out her hand and I jacked off into her tiny palm.
A whole world of sex just opened up for us. We had lots of opportunities together over the next 4 years and sometimes our folks even left me to babysit. I even got paid to have sex for 4 hours.
Back to the story, even that first time together, we got down to what felt good to her. I was still plenty horny and asked if maybe she might have a snake bite "down there" which she was certain she did. I told her to pull her panties down and lay back on the straw, I was so eager to finally have free access to a pussy. Of course she was smooth and hairless. I gently spread her little pussy lips apart --exposing her little clit, pee hole and tight little hymen around her fuck hole. It was a perfect little circular opening smaller than the tip of my little finger. I lowered my mouth down gently on her and ran the tip of my tongue all around her clit and hole, She liked it all, particularly as she got into it, gently sucking on her clit.
We were able to get together pretty often and pretty much did everything we could think of. I probably wouldn't be able to recall all the details except for a very lucky thing happened a few months into this. I got a polaroid swinger for Xmas. I couldn't even wait to get home from our grandparents and figured out a way to get denise into the basement and took a picture of my dick in her little mouth. That's why I can remember just how awesomely huge it looked.
After that I always tried to have film and we took literally hundreds of porn shots.
I really liked how big my dick looked with her and had lots of pictures of her jacking me off, suckin it, even poked up between her puffy little pre school pussy lips. We never actually stuck it in but we did a lot and always took pictures.
Denise always like getting eaten out, so when our folks were gone, we went into their bedroom so we could use the mirrored doors of their closet to get pictures of her sitting on my face. Sometimes I'd jack off while I ate her, sometimes wed 69 but I always remember sticking the end of my tongue as far up her little virgin hole as far as I could while I came.
I also liked close ups of stretched open pussys and took a lot of pictures of Denise stretching her pussy open for me. Eventually I wanted some penetration/ dildo shots and showed her how to stick things in her hole so I could take a picture. We used the ends of plastic pens, silverware handles, smooth sticks, I was always on the lookout for some new thing to take a picture of sticking up my little sisters' cunt hole. I loved all those pictures. We used to lay out our favorites each time and come up with variations and new ideas.
We Usually took pictures after I came too so there were a lot with cum on her face, in her mouth, in her hands, on her stomach etc. We used to play a game--Thanksgiving- where she was the turkey and she needed to get stuffed, it was funnest to do in the kitchen so when the folks left us home alone, we always thought of it.
I'd set her up on the kitchen counter and she'd grab her heels and spread her legs as far apart as she could. I propped up her head with pillows from the couch so she could see then I spread her little pussy lips with the thumb and forefinger of one hand and plugged the end of my cock right up into her, making sure the holes lined up. then I'd let go uf her pussy lips so they were kind of cradling my cockhead. Usually I'd take a picture and then masturbate keeping my dick snugged up into her.
Denise had seen me cum so many times, she knew exactly what we were doing, she could tell I was getting ready to ejaculate and I would sometimes pull her head forward so she was close--- then it was time to "stuff the turkey" and I'd shoot my load up into her little virgin womb. I always took pictures of my cum oozing out of her little girl cunt.
The most elaborate of these "Thanksgivings" I knew we were home alone for a long time and I tied Denise up on the kitchen counter with her knees spread and as much like a turkey as I could get her. I did my usual "stuffing" into her and then got out my surprise. I had been saving all my sperm when I jacked off in a freezer in the basement and had thawed it out. there was maybe a half cup. I got a turkey baster from the drawer, pulled the bulb off and poured my cum into it, I told her what it was and we needed more stuffing so I stuck the end just inside and filled her up, her little womb was full of my cumm and there was still more-- I had an idea, --I'd baste her and poured out the rest all over her and spread it around with a pastry brush. Then I took pictures-- it was pretty far out.
One time another sister in between our ages caught us masturbating each other and we asked her not to tell, I don't think she did. But we finally quit when my mom found the "negatives" those cameras had--you had to peel away a layer and you could kinds see what the picture was in a negative way, I remember she could tell it was Denise sucking this big dick with her little hand jacking it off because she recognized her watch. that pretty much scared us off but there's a few more stories if ya want.


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