One woman's erotic adventure to a Pacific Island
A Trip to Remember
Chapter 1

Kathy had been expecting Harry to kiss her ever since they left the Tiki Bar but it still took her by surprise. They were walking hand in hand down the beach when he suddenly turned to her and leaned in to give her a light kiss on the lips. It was very quick but left her wanting more. When he kissed her a second time, it was just a little longer as he pressed his lips against hers and wrapped his arms around her waist to pull her close. She suspected he thought she would pull away but his kiss left her wanting more and she pressed her lips tighter against his. He broke the kiss once more and looked into her beautiful green eyes. When he saw the sparkle there, he leaned in and kissed her again, this time pressing his lips tighter against hers and using his tongue to explore her mouth long and deep. She loved it! She couldn’t help but respond in kind, letting him French kiss her and then returning it passionately. His hands began to massage her back from top to bottom until he was cupping her ass firmly. He pulled her against him and she could feel his cock beginning to harden even though their clothes separated them. One hand slowly caressed her ass and then began to move upwards again until he finally touched her titty lightly, just barely grazing it with his palm. She longed for him to touch her now, wrapping her arms around his neck and holding his kiss.
He laughed lightly as he broke the kiss and let his lips trail across her face and then to her neck where he began to plant very light kisses. He kissed from her shoulder to her ear where he ran his tongue inside just briefly and then began to kiss back down her neck and across the front to the other side where he repeated everything again. Chill bumps broke out all over her body just from his kisses and she raised her head with closed eyes to expose her whole neck to him. He took full advantage and kissed her neck from her chin to the v of her blouse before moving back up to kiss her left side again and finally to kiss the back of her neck under her hair line. She was melting quickly and wanted him to touch her so bad!
She could feel her body responding and she knew she could cum very easily just from the way he was kissing her, touching her, holding her. All it would take was just a little more. Her mind recalled her husband’s parting words.
“If the opportunity is right, don’t be afraid to let yourself go and enjoy yourself.”
She could very easily do just that.
Harry pulled back slightly to look into her semi-glazed eyes.
“Did you enjoy that?”
“Oh God Yes!” she said as she placed both hands on the side of his head and pulled his lips to hers for more of his kisses. This time, it was just as soft and gentle as before but she also could sense the passion as his tongue played with hers. He now knew she wasn’t going to push him away and his leg moved between hers as he gripped her ass firmly to pull her tighter against him. She was already on the balls of her feet but she raised herself higher when she felt his erection pressing firmly against her mound so she could feel him grow. When his hand came up to brush her titty again, she knew he wouldn’t stop with just a gentle caress this time and she longed for his touch. She wasn’t disappointed. He cupped her titty firmly through the thin blouse and her nipple immediately began to harden. When he felt it growing, he gripped it through the material and rolled it firmly between his fingers. He increased the pressure of his lips on hers while his fingers searched for the buttons of her blouse and quickly released the top two so he could get his hand inside. Her demi bra couldn’t conceal her inflamed nipples and he quickly pushed it down to expose both titties to the night air, moving from one to the other. She automatically pressed her upper body tighter against him as his hands caressed her and she moaned softly into the kiss as he toyed with the nipples until they were as hard as bullets.
Very slowly, he broke the kiss and leaned over as he held her titty high so he could lick the nipples lightly before taking as much of her titty into his mouth as possible. His fingers worked at the remaining buttons and in seconds her blouse was completely open to expose her whole body to the cool night breezes – and his mouth. He sucked firmly on one titty, holding it in his hand, before moving to the other and her climax finally hit her. He felt her body shake slightly and knew immediately that she had climaxed. His mouth left her titty and she almost cried out for him not to stop but his lips captured hers before she could and she melted into him again. His left hand left her ass and began to move around her hip until he was touching her pussy lightly through her short skirt and she found herself moaning into his mouth even more this time.
“Ohhhhh! God! Yes!” she moaned as his finger pressed firmly against her clit.
He knew instantly that she was on the verge of another climax and his hand moved down to the bottom of her short skirt and then up again as he put it underneath. Her thin bikini panties did little to stop him as his finger worked under the leg band until his finger touched her sensitive clit. As soon as he did, she found herself pressing against his finger, urging him to do more. He teased her clit unmercifully before sliding his finger up and down the wet lips of her pussy to coat his finger. He then began to slide it inside of her and she found herself spreading her legs as she opened herself up to his invasion. When his finger penetrated her deeper, her juices flooded again, coating his finger completely. He drew it out slowly as he broke the kiss and smiled into her eyes.
Slowly, he brought his finger to his lips and sucked it slowly, savoring her juices.
“You taste so good!” he said softly as he removed his finger and pressed it against her lips.
She knew he was offering it to her to taste as well and she opened her mouth slowly as he pushed it in, then pulled it out.
“I need another taste,” he said as his hand dropped down to ease under her skirt again. In seconds, his finger was back inside her, fucking her slowly.
She gave him a big smile as she reached down to feel his erection through his pants. “I want a taste of this,” she said boldly as her fingers began to ease the zipper of his pants down.
She had known from him pressing against her that he was big but she hadn’t expected what she found when she pulled his cock from his pants. He was at least 10 inches long and she could barely close her hand around his girth. She stepped back causing him to loose his hold on her. He had his hand all the way inside her panties now so he could finger her deep and she felt the panties tear as she stepped back. Looking into his eyes, she slowly knelt on the sand while she kept her eyes locked on his. She kept watching him as she touched her lips to the head of his cock and she was pleased when she saw his eyes glaze just like hers had. Finally, she pulled her gaze away from his and began to ease him into her mouth. As hard as she tried, she couldn’t take in any more than a few. Still, she was determined. She sucked him slowly, moving her mouth up and down as she gripped him with both hands. Every time she moved back down, she would relax her throat just a little more until she felt his large balls touch her chin. He was all the way in! She couldn’t believe it herself and she wondered briefly how it felt for him. She now began to suck him fervently, firmly, using her tongue on his cock just as he had used his in her mouth. Her hands stroked him at the same time and she was shocked to feel him grow even harder and longer in her mouth. She felt his hands grip her head lightly and looked up. He was standing tall, his eyes closed and his head down as if he had been watching her. She smiled to herself as she tried to such him better than she had ever sucked anyone before. It wasn’t long before she could feel his cock twitch in her mouth and she knew he was close. His hands pulled against her head, trying to pull her away but she held onto him firmly, refusing to let him go. With one last plunge on his dick in her mouth, she felt his cum drench her throat. The first burst exploded deep down her throat and she enjoyed his tangy flavor. She swallowed as best she could but there was too much. She quickly pulled him out and pointed his cock downwards so the remainder splashed against her tittys, coating them with his thick cream. His moans filled the air.
“Uhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhh! He cried as he emptied his sac against her.
When she felt him pulling her up this time, she stood slowly as she gazed at his smiling face.
“I wasn’t expecting that,” he said softly and then kissed her lightly again.
She gave him a big smile. “I wasn’t planning that either but it seemed like the right thing to do at the moment. Did you enjoy it?”
“Absolutely,” he said. “I just wanted to cum inside your pussy instead of your mouth.” He shrugged his shoulders with a smile. “I’m not complaining though.”
“Good,” she said. “We’re not through yet. You’ll get your wish.”
His smile got bigger still. “Do you mean that?”
“Yes,” she said softly. “Later.”
His smile was still bright on his face. “I’m sorry about the panties. I wasn’t expecting you to pull away so suddenly.”
She laughed. She had forgotten that they ripped. “Don’t worry about that,” she said as she stepped back. Reaching under her skirt, she pulled the torn panties down her legs and kicked them off towards the dunes. “Do you like me without them?”
His eyes sparkled. “Yes. Now and any time I’m with you.”
“Okay,” she said. “I’ll remember that.”

She would never be on the island if she hadn’t found that little native carving in the airport gift shop. In her job as senior buyer for Marks Bros Exotic Gifts, she was always on the lookout for something new and different. Everything they sold was unique and expensive and she prided herself on finding items their customers came back for time and again. She had purchased the carving and taken it back to show to the VP of Marketing and he fell in love with it as well.
“Did you find out where they’re buying these?” he asked her.
“Of course,” she replied. “They buy directly from the source on some small island in the South Pacific called Ogeno.”
“Well,” he said with a smile. “I guess you know how to get hold of these for us to sell.”
“Of course” she replied with a big smile. “I’ll make contact with the name I got to see what they have.”
“No,” he said. “I think it would be better if you went down there to see for yourself. There may be some of the locals who have other unique carving or handmade crafts. Something like this will fly off the shelves. It would be money well spent for you to go there personally.”
That was a week ago. By the end of the day, her travel agent had called back to tell her everything was arranged but there was only one flight from Hawaii to the island and it was only on Saturdays so she would have to leave right away. She would not be able to return until the following Saturday when the flight came back to Hawaii. The only lodging on the island was a bed and breakfast type and they were delighted to have someone book a whole week at their house. According to the travel agent, they were used to rich folks coming in by boat and staying a night or two, then leaving because there was so little to do there.
“Wow”, she thought to herself. “Seven whole days on a South Pacific Island no one has ever heard of and with little to do. What had she gotten herself into now?” They had very little information for her beyond that. It would be her luck to get down there and be bored to death after the first day. She couldn’t even look forward to meeting someone when a cruise ship docked. Still, she had no choice now. She had to go. When she told her husband, Pete, about where she was going, he contacted some of his friends to find out more. The island had been popular for American soldiers during World War II but it was too small for any commercial efforts after the war so it still remained pretty much the same as it was then.
“There were some American GI’s who retired and went back to the island to live but that was a long time ago,” Pete told her.
“I guess I’m going to be bored out of my mind on this trip,” she told him.
He gave her a hearty laugh. “Don’t be so negative,” he told her. “You might meet some good looking guy who’ll sweep you off your feet for the week. If you do and the opportunity is right, don’t be afraid to let yourself go and enjoy yourself.”
“Right,” she said. “I’ll end up spending my time between the local markets and that little bed and breakfast.”
The flight to Hawaii was long and tiring and she knew she would have very little time once she arrived before she had to meet the island charter so she dozed as much as she possibly could. After she cleared customs in Hawaii, she was directed to a gate at the end of the Delta wing where a single agent was present below a small sign that read Nemo Air. As soon as she approached the desk, a young native girl in a Nemo Air blazer greeted her by name. Kathy was somewhat surprised.
“Do you know all your passengers by name?” she asked sweetly.
“Not hardly,” she attendant replied with a big smile. “You’re our only passenger today so it wasn’t hard to guess who you were when you entered the gate.”
Kathy couldn’t help but laugh. “I can see now that this trip is going to be very boring. I’m going to an island that no one knows about where there’s only one flight a week in and out and now I’m the only person going there.”
The attendant seemed surprised at her statement. “There’s plenty to do on the island. We have snorkeling, fishing, great food, beautiful water falls, and a great little tiki bar at the hotel.”
“What hotel?” Kathy asked in surprise.
“Oh, it’s new. My father and uncle just opened it about two months ago and word hasn’t gotten out much. The name is Island Inn. They only have a dozen rooms but it’s right on the beach and the tiki bar has already become the favorite island hangout. Why, where are you staying?”
“The travel agent booked me into a little bed and breakfast there.”
“Oh no!” she girl said with a laugh, “You don’t want to stay there. That old lady will drive you crazy. Would you like for me to book you a room at Island Inn?
Kathy didn’t have to think hard to answer. “Of course,” she replied quickly.
Kathy was glad she was the only one now. Otherwise she would never have received such direct island information. The gate attendant quickly made a call and seemed to wait forever but she finally hung up with a smile.
“It’s all set,” she said sweetly. “I also canceled your reservation at the bed and breakfast. You’ll love the Island Inn. My dad and uncle took a long time fixing it up just like a small hotel that my grandfather used to own in the Florida Keys where they grew up.”
“I’m glad you were able to get me a room on such short notice,” Kathy told her.
The girl laughed. “It wasn’t hard. There’s only two other guests there right now and they’re both friends of my uncle.”
“Who is your uncle?” Kathy asked, now intrigued by what she was hearing.
“Harry Nemo. He’s also the pilot and owner of the charter service. You’ll get to meet him in about half an hour. He’ll personally escort you to the plane.”
The plane was on time and Kathy smiled as she saw the pilot get out of the plane and start towards the gate. He was over 6’ tall, stocky built and extremely handsome in his pilot’s uniform. Maybe this trip wouldn’t be so boring after all, she thought to herself. When he walked in, he spoke to his niece and then looked towards Kathy. With a bright smile, he turned and walked towards her.
“Hi, I’m Harry Nemo,” he said in a cheery voice. “I understand you’re my passenger today.” He then looked back towards his niece and back at Kathy. “Kali tells me you’re also going to be a guest in our hotel.”
“Yes,” she replied with a big smile. “She was kind enough to tell me about it and make me a reservation.”
His laughter was hearty and loud. “That wasn’t hard to do. We haven’t had over a dozen guests since we opened the place. Not many people come to Ogeno.”
“Maybe more would come if you advertised,” Kathy volunteered.
“Oh no!,” Harry replied. “We just opened the place to have room for the few guests that do come along and some friends now and then. That old bitty over at the bed and breakfast was always giving everyone a hard time with her restrictions of what you can do and when you can do it. Now, she’s not the only place to stay. We like the island just like it is. I don’t want some corporation trying to come in and make it like a resort. Now, let’s get your bag on the plane and head to Ogeno”, he said as he reached down to pick up her bag.
Kathy followed him to the plane and watched as he stowed her bags. When he motioned for her to board, she started up the stairs with him right behind her. Harry couldn’t help but notice how her nicely her tight skirt hugged her ass and his mind wondered as he looked. “No panties lines so she was either not wearing panties or wearing a thong. Nice ass too.” Harry had to shake his head to clear the thoughts from his mind. “She’s wearing a wedding ring but that doesn’t stop a man from admiring a beautiful woman”, he said to himself.
When he entered the six passenger jet, he had to stoop over to keep from hitting his head on the hatch. When he stood again, she was looking at the seats as if trying to decide where to sit.
“Sit anywhere you like,” he said sweetly. “It’s a two hour flight and I’m the flight attendant, co-pilot and pilot,” he continued with a hearty laugh.
His laugh was contagious and Kathy couldn’t help but laugh with him.
“Am I going to be safe on this flight?” she asked with a big smile.
He shrugged. “No worry. My crew will see that you are safe and well pampered.”
She couldn’t help but laugh again. It was hard not to like this guy. She took the front seat and looked towards the cockpit. It was open to the rest of the aircraft and she watched him as he talked into his mouthpiece and began to ready the plane for take-off. When he finally lifted from the ground, it was so smooth she hardly realized they were flying. He quickly gained altitude and leveled the plane out. She watched him fiddle with the instruments a few minutes and then he turned to look at her with a big smile.
“You can stay back there and force me to do the safety talk about seat belts and all that stuff or you can come up here and sit in the co-pilots seat and I can tell you without using the stupid mike,” he said with a smile.
Her mouth fell open in surprise at his invitation but she quickly recovered.
“I’d love to come up there,” she said excitedly. “I’ve never been in the cockpit of a plane before.”
“Well, come on up,” he said with a big laugh and wave of his hand.
As soon as she was seated beside him, he told her how to fasten the co-pilots seat belt and told her to put on the ear phones so she could listen until he cleared the airport pattern. She quickly put them on and listened as he talked to air traffic control and got clearance to head to Ogeno. Finally, he took his ear phones off and motioned for her to do the same.
“My co-pilot went on a binge last night and was still hung over when he showed up at the airport this morning. It was too late to get a replacement. It’s not the first time either,” he told her. “Fortunately, FAA rules don’t apply here.”
She smiled. “It seems to me you should fire your co-pilot and get another one,” she said sweetly.
He laughed. “I can’t”, he said with another big smile. “He’s half-owner of the plane and my brother.”
“Ohhh!” she said. “Is he the one who owns the hotel with you.”
He shook his head with a grin. “Kali must have talked your head off. I’ll have to get on to her about that.”
“Nonsense,” Kathy said quickly. “She’s the reason I’m staying in your hotel and I’m delighted.”
He shrugged. “I guess I owe her thanks for that,” he said.
At just that moment, the aircraft hit turbulence and it was obvious that Harry hadn’t expected it. He quickly grabbed the controls to hold the airplane steady as he worked his head set over his cap. It lasted less than a minute but he was quick to apologize when he saw her face had turned white.
“I’m sorry about that. I took off my head set so I didn’t hear the weather warning. We’ve cleared the worst of it.”
He gave her an apologetic smile. “I hope you’ll forgive me. I was distracted,” he said with a smile.
She couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re forgiven.”
He sat upright in his seat and looked her in the eyes. “Will you have dinner with me tonight so I can make it up to you?”
“You don’t have to do that,” she said quickly, her mind reeling at the possibility of being alone with this handsome pilot.
“Please say yes,” he said almost pitifully.
“Ok,” she said. “I’d love to have dinner with you.”
“Good,” he said and turned back to his controls. “We’ll be landing in a few minutes so hang on in case I lose my concentration again.”
She laughed again. It was obvious he was trying to flatter her and he was doing a good job of it.”
He started a slow descent and they broke out of the clouds a few minutes later. All Kathy could see below them was clear blue water and she began to look around for the island. He pointed straight ahead when he saw her searching. When he saw her gaze lock on the small island they were approaching, he smiled.
“We’re approaching from the south and the airport is at the north end of the island.” He laughed lightly. “My brother and I had to build that too. You’ll have a good view of the whole island as we approach the airport.” He then gave her a big smile and laughed lightly. “It’s not that big,” he said.
As they got closer, the island began to take form. He spoke up again. “It’s just over 10 miles long and less than a mile wide at its widest point. It’s hard to get lost there.”
She smiled. It was obvious he loved the island and had invested a great deal in staying there. “How long have you been on the island?” she asked.
“About 10 years, ever since I retired from the Air Force.”
A few minutes later, they were landing and he quickly taxied up to the small terminal. He helped her from the plane and retrieved her bag.
“Thank you,” she said as she reached for the bag. He pulled it back out of her reach.
“Oh,” he said quickly. “I forgot to tell you. I’m the hotel shuttle driver too.”
She couldn’t help but laugh. “You have a lot of jobs, don’t you?”
He smiled and shrugged. “Someone has to do it.”
He stowed her bag in a small European sports car and held the door for her to get in. “It’s not exactly a limo but I love it,” he said.
“It will do fine,” she replied as she got in and watched him close the door.
When he got in the driver’s side, she saw his gaze go to her legs and realized her skirt had ridden well up her thighs. She smiled but made no effort to pull it down and he finally turned his eyes to the road as they headed for the hotel. When he pulled into the drive, she saw it was a bungalow type hotel with cottages rather than rooms. The whole area around the hotel was decorated just like pictures she had seen of Key West and she remembered what Kila had told her.
“I understand you built this to look like something you father owned in Key West.”
He shook his head. “Yes. My brother and I grew up in that hotel. My father ran the restaurant and bar while Mom ran the hotel. My brother is an engineer as well as a pilot and I finally convinced him to come over here about 8 years ago from Hawaii. He fell in love with the island too so we decided to invest our combined incomes into making it seem like home.”
He stopped the car and held the door for her to get out. She smiled when she realized that he would see more than just her legs as she got out but she didn’t ask him to turn away either. From the look in his eyes, he enjoyed what he saw. Half an hour later, after meeting his brother and his brother’s family, he led her through the guest check in and into a garden that led to a quaint bungalow. He smiled as he opened the door and stepped back for her to enter. Everything inside was done in bamboo with colorful curtains over the windows. She also realized it was much larger than just a room.
He smiled as she looked around. “I decided our special guest deserved the master bungalow. It has a full kitchen and sitting room with a separate bedroom. There’s no air conditioning but you won’t need it. There’s always an ocean breeze blowing so just open the windows.” He saw her eyes narrow in concern. “Don’t worry. This whole place is built on a cliff and the only way in and out is through the main lobby. We see everyone who comes or goes. No one will bother you here.”
“Thank you,” she said.
“Now,” he said sweetly and with a big smile. “About dinner. Can you be ready at 8:00?”
She had almost forgotten about going to dinner with him. She quickly glanced at her watch. It was only 4:00 now. “Of course,” she said. “What should I wear?”
He smiled. “What you have on looks good to me,” he said and then tipped his hat as he started for the door. When he reached it, he turned and waved. “See you at 8,” he said.
Kathy took time to call her husband on her cell phone to let him know she had arrived. When he asked if her flight had been exciting, she couldn’t help but tell him about Harry.
“Well,” he said with a smile she could sense over the phone. “Looks like my beautiful wife is already attracting suitors. Don’t forget what I said. Enjoy yourself. Just don’t forget to tell me all about it.”
“Pete,” she said. “He’s just taking me to dinner.”
He laughed. “Yea,” he said. “I know what he wants for dessert too.”
She brushed him off and hung up a few minutes later, promising to call him tomorrow. She unpacked and checked the clothing she had brought, suddenly wanting to dress up for Harry. Still, the skirt was okay but she wanted a different top to wear. It was then she found the sheer demi-bra with a note from Pete.
“Just in case you need something sexy,” it said.
She smiled and nodded to herself. “Thank you Pete. I’ll wear it tonight.” She then found a pull over blouse with a deep vee cut and set it aside as well. “Perfect,” she said out loud. “I’ll really give Harry something to stare at tonight.”
Shaking her head, she realized she was getting horny and that wouldn’t do. She barely knew the man but he was oh so handsome in his uniform and she couldn’t wait to tantalize him. She took a long, hot bath in the huge tub in the bathroom, realizing it was designed for two. As she lay back, she couldn’t help but think about what her husband had said and about the tall handsome pilot she was meeting in just another hour or so. She closed her eyes and recalled the look in his eyes when he caught a glimpse of her panties as she stepped out of his car. She wondered how he would react when he got a glimpse of her tittys. The demi bra would push them up and out and they would be easily visible to him if she leaned over just right. She felt a tingle go through her body and shook herself out of her dream state. With a start, she realized her fingers had been toying with her nipples and they now stood out hard and firm. “Wow,” she said softly. “That will never do.”
She got out of the tub and took her time putting on makeup and dressing for her date. When she was finished, she glanced at herself in the mirror and smiled. “I hope he likes what he sees,” she said to the mirror. Underneath, she wore the demi bra and a pair of thong panties, also sheer. Of course, she had no plans at the moment to let him do anything more than maybe see them if she teased just right. A knock at the door brought her back to reality and she walked slowly to open it. She didn’t want him to think she was too excited. He smiled as she opened the door and held out a bouquet of flowers.
“Fresh cut from the garden,” he said with a smile.
“Well thank you,” she said as she took them and placed them in the flower dish with some others. “I’ll find another dish for them after dinner.”
He led her to the lobby and then into a small dining area. No one else was there but the lights were dim and a table was set for two. “You’re our only guest for tonight so I had the chef prepare something special for us,” he said as he pulled out her chair. A waiter appeared as if by magic with a carafe of wine and poured for them, then quickly disappeared. “I hope you don’t mind if I took the liberty of ordering for us.”
Chivalry was not dead. “Of course not. I’ll love whatever it is.”
Dinner turned out to be lobster tail, baked potatoe and fresh vegetables “from our own garden” Harry told her with a smile.
Over dinner, she told him of her business on the island and showed him the carving she had purchased.
He nodded with a smile. “Those are made by the Maki’s on the south end of the island. The chief is a good friend of mine. I’ll introduce you.” He smiled again. “By the way, that carving is one they produce in quantity. Every Maki and his children carve them. You want the carvings they do individually. They’re much better.”
He then told her of his 18 years as an Air Force pilot and how he discovered this island when he flew over one year on a mission. He came back later in a smaller plane and landed on the beach. The islanders were friendly and he made several trips, bringing them special treats each time. By the time he retired at the age of 40, most of them were dear friends and he decided he wanted to live out his retirement years there. Throughout dinner, she noticed that he glanced frequently at her blouse, particularly when she leaned over to reach her glass. She made sure he got a good view each time. Finally, he motioned for the waiter to clear the table and stood to pull back her chair.
“We have a great little tiki bar here that I think you’ll enjoy,” he said.She just nodded. “I’m all yours for the night,” she said without realizing what she was saying. His eyes sparkled.
“Come on then. You’ll like Bob. I served with him in the Air Force and he came here to visit me once. He never left. He’s a great bartender and handyman.”
Bob was just as friendly as everyone else she met and she enjoyed listening to him and Harry talk about their military days, about all the places they went and things they saw. She also noticed how he would lean over every time he placed his “special island drink” in front of her. She was sure he was trying to look down her blouse as well. It was after 11:00 before she realized it.
“I guess I should be going,” she said almost sadly. “I have to find these islanders tomorrow who make those great carvings.”
Harry laughed. “They won’t be up and about until late in the morning. No one gets in a hurry here. I’ll drive you out there myself. Right now, let’s take a walk on the beach. There’s a full moon and you’ll enjoy it.”

Kathy smiled at Harry as she rearranged her clothes. Knowing he was watching her with lust still in his eyes, she slowly reached under her blouse and started to fasten her bra. She suddenly had a change of mind and smiled at him as she reached through each sleeve and pulled the bra from under her blouse. She dangled it lightly between her fingers.
“Would you rather I not wear this either?” she asked coyly.
His eyes lit up in the moonlight and his smile got bigger. “If it was up to me, you wouldn’t be wearing anything,” he said calmly.
With a nod of her head, she held out the bra. “You’ll have to hold that for me until we get back,” she said as she dangled it in front of him. “I don’t have any place to put it now.”
He laughed lightly and took it from her fingers, then folded it neatly before putting it in his pocket. It bulged slightly but he could have cared less. His mind was reeling from the oral sex she had just performed and he couldn’t wait to get her back to the lodge.
She gave him another smile. “Is the tiki bar still open? I could use another of Bob’s special island drinks.
Harry smiled and looked at his watch. It was almost 11:30. He shrugged his big shoulders lightly. “Bob closes up the Tiki around 11 unless he has lots of paying customers and I don’t think that’s the case tonight from what we saw earlier. He’s probably closed.” Harry saw the look of disappointment in her eyes as he spoke and immediately knew how to make her happy. “However, I think I make that drink just as well as Bob. You can be my taste tester tonight. Let’s go,” he said happily as he took her hand and started back towards his car.
This time when she got into the car, she made sure her skirt was up high on her thighs. There was no reason for pretense anymore and she wanted to please this man tonight. As soon as he got in, his eyes opened wide when he saw her skirt at the top of her thighs and the juncture between her thighs clearly exposed. He gave her a big smile and leaned over to give her a kiss as he placed his hand on her thigh just above the knee. Again, his kiss was gentle without being demanding, yet passionate at the same time. Their lips barely touched as he placed light kisses on them over and over again before moving his lips down to her neck. She stretched her neck to open it to him and closed her eyes as his lips found all the sensitive spots. His hand moved slowly upwards. When she felt his fingers at the top of her thighs, she spread her legs for him, giving him full access to her pussy. When his fingers touched her pussy, she moaned softly and he suddenly captured her lips and kissed her long and deep as his finger moved inside. He fingered her slowly, using his finger to fuck her the way he wanted to do with his cock. She pressed her pussy tight against his invading finger and he could feel her juices flooding it, coating it from end to end with her cum. He pulled away slowly and removed his finger, sucking it to taste her juices again. Smiling, she reached over and took his hand and brought it to her mouth and sucked it too, a smile on her lips as she tasted her own juices.
“Do you like my taste?” she asked sweetly as she released his finger from her mouth.
“It’s like honey,” he replied with a big smile. “One taste is never enough.”
She laughed lightly. “We should go, don’t you think?”
He nodded. “Yes we should before I try to lay you down in this little car and we’d both get frustrated.”
She laughed and settled back in her seat, her legs still open so he could see her swollen pussy lips as he drove. His hand rested lightly on her mound as he drove and she soon felt his finger begin to caress her clit lightly. She closed her eyes and reclined back in the seat as his finger worked on her until she felt another climax building slowly. His finger moved from her clit to the swollen lips and caressed up and down slowly, drawing out her wetness until his finger was coated again without even entering her. She winched when she felt him move it away and opened her eyes to look at him. He was looking at her too with a smile on his face.
“We’re here,” he said softly. “Do you still want that drink?”
She knew he wanted her to say “no” but she wanted to keep him in suspense, making him want her even more.“Of course!” she said
He shrugged his shoulders as he parked the car in front of the tiki bar. The lights were out and the stools were on the counter so it was obvious Bob had already closed for the night. He helped her from the car and led her to the gate securing the small open air bar hidden in the garden surrounding it. He led her to the bar and turned on the back bar lights as he pulled her with him. Looking back at her with a wicked grin he spoke. “I just had a brilliant idea.”
“What’s that?” she asked with a light laugh.
He gave her a bigger smile. “I’m going to show you how to fix it and then we’ll both do a taste test.”“I’d love that,” she said excitedly.
He quickly found the shaker goblet and began to set out different mixes on the bar and motioned for her to come over to him. With her in front of him, he told her what to mix and she happily followed his directions. As she poured, he kept his hands on hers to guide her and she could feel her tittys brushing against his arms. Finally, he told her to shake it up good and she began to shake it. Her tittys moved up and down as she did and she felt him release her hands and cup both of them. She felt his lips on the back of her neck and tried to keep her attention on what she was doing but between his fingers toying with her nipples and his kisses, she found herself leaning back into him. She could feel his cock pressing against her ass and she ground back against him, eager to feel him get harder. When she turned to look back at him with a smile, his lips suddenly captured hers. His hands left her tittys and she felt him take the shaker from her hands and set it down before he moved one hand back to capture her titty again while the other searched for the bottom of her short skirt. When his finger slid into her pussy again, she moaned softly into his mouth and tried to speak without breaking the kiss.
“Ummmm! I’ll never get through if you distract me like that,” she mumbled.
He laughed and pulled his mouth from hers but only far enough to look into her eyes. “Maybe I want you to get distracted,” he said as he moved his finger slowly in and out, drawing out the juices that were already flowing. His lips met hers again and he kissed her deeper this time, his tongue finding hers and moving rapidly inside her mouth. Kathy turned in his arms to face him and put her arms around his neck. Pressing her titties tightly against his chest, she returned his kiss with just as much passion.
Harry loved the way this woman turned him on. His hands moved down to grip her ass firmly as he pressed her whole body against him so she could feel what she was doing to him. His fingers began to bunch up her skirt until he felt the hem. Slowly, he reached under the skirt and cupped her naked ass and pulled it tighter against him. She moaned at his touch. He picked her up and set her on the counter in front of him. He worked at his zipper urgently until he was able to release his cock, now hard and ready. She still held on to his neck as she felt him step between her thighs, pushing them apart to allow him to get closer. When she felt his cock touch the lips of her pussy, she knew she couldn’t push him away. She wanted it now as much as he did. He leaned forward and she felt the tip of his cock begin to penetrate her. She moaned at his entry, feeling him stretch her pussy wider than it had ever been stretched before and he wasn’t even all the way in yet. His hands still cupped her ass and he pulled her forward at the same time that he thrust deeper and she could feel more of his cock go inside. Her juices began to flow even heavier than they had earlier and she felt the counter becoming wet under her. He moaned as he pushed again and broke the kiss to look into her eyes.
“Ohhhh!” he moaned. “You’re so tight I can barely get inside of you. Open your legs wider,” he pleaded.
Without a word, she captured his lips as she spread her thighs as wide as she could under the circumstances. She felt him push into her another inch and knew instantly he was already deeper than any man had ever been before and there was still more to go. At long last, the juices soaking her pussy allowed him to enter her all the way and she shivered when she felt his balls contact her pussy. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him deeper and hold him there. She had already cum twice just from him going into her and she definitely wanted more, much more. He began to fuck her slowly, pulling out only an inch or so before shoving back in. His cock rubbed every sensitive area she had including some she had never known existed. After a few strokes, he was able to pull out farther and finally was pulling out until just the tip of his cock remained inside her before slamming into her hot pussy again. Every time he did that, her body shivered as another climax wracked her. She had cum so many times, she didn’t know if she could stand much more. When he started fucking her faster, she felt her body convulse and closed her eyes as the pleasure ripped through her. The pressure of his fingers toying with her nipples at the same time made it even more pleasurable and she felt herself become light headed and closed her eyes. When he plunged into her and froze with his hard cock buried so deep he was touching her cervix, she passed out momentarily. When she regained her senses, he was exploding inside of her, his hot cum drenching her deep inside, splashing against the cervix wall over and over again. She cried out as she came so hard she thought she would pass out again. Finally, he slumped against her covered in sweat, a big smile on his face.
“Wowww!” he said breathlessly. “I’ve never felt anything so great in my life.”
She smiled and tightened her legs to keep him inside of her, relishing in the feel of his cock as he gradually softened. “I’ve never been fucked like that before either. I can’t ever remember passing out from cumming so much!”
“Very nicely done!” said a voice from behind them.
Kathy was looking into Harrys eyes when she heard the voice. Although she froze at the sound, she continued to look deep into his eyes and saw them open wide in alarm as he looked over her shoulder. His eyes then softened and a big smile came on his face.
“Bob, you old coot! You scared the hell out of me!”
Bob’s laugh was strong and hearty. “Well, if you had told me you were going to be here, I could have hid in the store room like you do when I fuck a lady in here. As it was, I saw the light and thought I left it on.”
Kathy started to release her legs from around Harrys waist but his hands suddenly reached down to hold them in place as he continued talking to Bob.
“I didn’t know I would be here until the last minute myself,” he told Bob.
Bob laughed again. “Well, I got to see enough that I’m not too disappointed.”
Kathy was in total shock as she felt Harrys cock begin to stiffen again. Only minutes earlier, he had been flaccid and she had to hold him tight with her legs just to keep him inside her. She suddenly realized that he was turned on by his friend catching them in the act. The longer he talked to Bob, the harder he got and he was soon pushing into her again, his cock just as hard as it had been when they first started.
“Ohhhh!,” she moaned involuntarily when she felt him push deep. “That feels so good,” she said with a light laugh.
“Well go ahead and fuck her again man!” Bob stated firmly. “Don’t mind me.”
Harry looked at Kathy with a big smile as he replied. “The lady might not appreciate that,” he said.
Kathy just tightened her legs around his waist. “Don’t even try to pull out,” she said firmly. “Do it!”
“Your wish is my command,” he said firmly. “I think another position would be more appropriate though.”
He was pushing her legs away as he spoke and pulled her from the counter before she could protest. Turning her quickly, he pushed her forward so she was leaning over the counter and looking at Bob. She smiled when she saw him standing there with his cock in his hand, stroking it slowly.
“You don’t mind if I handle myself while I watch, do you pretty lady?”Before she could reply, she felt Harrys hard cock invade her pussy again, penetrating to its full length in one push.
“Uhhhh!” she said with closed eyes. She felt Harry begin to stroke in and out of her pussy and managed to open them to a small slit to look at Bob. “Noooo!” she said almost in a whisper.
She was unable to concentrate on anything else for the next few minutes as Harry fucked her relentlessly, obviously spurred on by his friend watching. He fucked her for a good 10 minutes before she felt him thrust hard and deep, then blast his hot cum deep inside her pussy again.
“Ohhhhhhhhh!” she cried out passionately as her strongest climax of the night wracked her body. “Ohhhhh my god!” she said weakly. “That’s sooooo good!”
Finally, Harrys spent cock popped from her tight convulsing pussy and he reached around to grip her firm titties as he pulled her upright. Cum leaked from her pussy in rivelets when she stood up straight.
“Bravo! Bravo!” Bob said as he clapped his hands softly.
Now, Harry and Kathy both laughed with him. Harry leaned close and whispered into her ear. “Have you ever been double fucked before?”
She turned her head quickly and looked back at him. “No!” she said quickly. She saw his shrug towards Bob and quickly continued. “But I’d love to try it.”
His smile grew larger at her words as he looked from her to Bob. “Why don’t we take this to my cabana?” he said.
He and Bob both watched silently, but with big smiles on their face, as she pulled her blouse together and put her skirt on. Bob gave her and Harry a devilous grin.
“I just love it when women leave off their undergarments,” he said with a chuckle.
Harry led Kathy by the hand while Bob followed closely behind. Kathy could feel his eyes on her and turned to glance back at him. He had a big grin on his face and winked at her.
“You have a marvelous ass, my dear!” he said unashamed.
“Thank you,” she said without hesitation.
When they entered Harry’s cabana, he pointed towards his couch as he continued on towards a bar in the corner of the living area. “Have a seat Kathy,” he said with a smile. “I’m going to fix us one of those fabulous drinks since we never got to drink the one you fixed.”
“Nonsense,” Bob said quickly. “You set with the lady. I’m the bartender. Remember?”
Harry laughed. “You never let me forget it Bob.”
Harry smiled as he sat beside Kathy and immediately put his arm around her. “Turn around and lean back against me, Kathy?” Smiling, she leaned back against him and put her feet up on the couch beside her.
Her short skirt pulled up slightly but not enough to expose her already soaked pussy. She could still fill Harry’s cum as it leaked out to soak her skirt and coat her thighs but she didn’t care at this point. She hoped there would be more before the night was over. Bob came over with their drinks in his hand and gave her another wink as he held it out to her. She couldn’t help but smile at him as she took it and sipped. She had to smile. She doubted the one she had fixed could have been any better.
“Very good,” she said.
Harry laughed. “I have to admit he makes them better than I do but he’s had lots of practice too.”
Bob gave them a hearty laugh and then sat at the other end of the couch. Without a word, he took Kathy’s feet in his hands and placed them on her thighs.
“Let me give these beautiful feet a good, relaxing massage,” he said as his hands began to knead her feet. For the next few minutes, she listened attentively as Bob and Harry talked about minor things. The massage felt so good and she relaxed her head back against Harry’s chest as they talked. She was so relaxed, she was totally unaware of Bob’s hands moving higher until she felt him massaging her upper thigh. He was watching for her reaction and gave her another smile as he glanced up at Harry.
“Relax young lady! You’ll enjoy this,” he said as his talented hands continued to massage her thighs, moving ever upward until he was massaging just below the junction of her thighs.
His hands were so relaxing but she knew that he was getting very close to her pussy and she quickly turned to look at Harry for his reaction. As soon as she turned, she saw the smile on his face just before he kissed her. He gave her one of those long, lingering kisses she had learned to enjoy on the beach and she was helpless to pull away. As the kiss continued, she felt his hands at her blouse again and then it was being pulled away from her body. When his fingers found her still sensitive nipples, she felt them harden immediately.
“Ummm!” she moaned into his mouth as his fingers toyed with the sensitive buds. It was at that moment that she felt Bob’s skilled hands begin to massage under the hem of her skirt and she was helpless as they moved higher until he was gently massaging just below her pussy. Everything was so sensitive now and she found herself relaxing her thighs to allow him more freedom. As soon as she relaxed, his fingers found her soaked slit and began to tease it with slow, gentle strokes. When his finger slid inside her pussy, she arched her body in surprise and delight.
“Ohhh yessss!” she moaned as she broke the kiss.
Harry smiled at her soft cries and took both of her tittys in his hands and began to massage them the same way Bob had massaged her pussy lips only seconds earlier. She had her eyes closed and her back arched and Harry began to kiss the sensitive lobes of her ears, then her neck. Ever so slowly, he kissed his way across the back of her neck and then down until he was kissing softly between her shoulder blades. She was totally unaware of any thing that was happening now and when she felt Bob’s lips capture her clit. She immediately had a powerful climax.
“Ummmmm”, she cried out. “Oh please don’t stop!”
Her hands reached for Bob’s head and pulled it tighter against her pussy as his wonderful fingers and lips toyed with her in ways she had never imagined. Harry eased from behind her and laid her back on the couch. Through glazed eyes, she saw him leaning forward and then felt his lips capture one of her nipples and bite gently. That brought another moan from her lips and she found herself putting one hand on his head to pull him tighter against the sensitive nipple while the other kept Bob pressed against the sensitive lips of her pussy. Her whole body was one erogenous zone now and she felt her juices flowing heavily. The more her juices flowed, the deeper Bob’s tongue went as he eagerly sucked every drop before it could reach her opening. She felt him pushing her legs wider apart as he began to eat her pussy with renewed vigor. At the same time, Harry sucked harder on her nipples, moving from one to the other and biting them just a little harder each time. She was in a sexual bliss and her body began to heave from side to side, then upwards as she came over and over again. She hadn’t even realized it when Bob got on his knees but now she felt his cock pressing against her pussy and then pushing inside. He wasn’t as big as Harry but her sensitive pussy locked around his cock tightly as he moved ever deeper.
“Ohh!” he said softly. “Relax a little Kathy. Your pussy is so tight I can barely move.”
She laughed lightly as she tried to relax and immediately felt him go deeper. As he began to move in and out, she felt him lift her legs up and she immediately locked them around his waist. Her feet pulled against his back as she tried to get him in deeper. His strokes were slow and easy as he pushed all the way in and then pulled out until just the tip of his cock remained inside of her soaked pussy. He then slid back in very quickly and repeated the slow retrieval again and again. Harry’s lips never left her tittys as he sucked and bit at the sensitive nipples and then sucked as much of her titty into his mouth as he possibly could.
She became aware of his hand on her ass and then a finger penetrated her ass ever so slightly. Her husband had tried to get her to have anal sex from time to time but she always found it uncomfortable and he would always relent. Harry was not her husband though and his finger drove deeper and deeper into her ass as Bob continued to plunge in and out of her pussy. Now, even more nerve endings were on fire as she felt Harry’s finger and Bob’s cock touch inside her body. Another finger entered and she flinched at the sudden invasion into previously forbidden places. He persisted though and she soon found herself enjoying the double penetration. Harry began to fuck her ass slowly with his finger, opening her up as she had never been before. Bob was fucking her fast and furious now and she cried out with the double pleasure bringing her from one climax to another.
“Ohhh. Yes. Yes. Oh fuck me hard!” she cried out involuntarily.
She opened her eyes only briefly to see a look of extreme pleasure on both men’s faces but she couldn’t keep them open as pleasure continued to flood her body. With one last deep thrust, Bob stiffened and froze. She felt his cock throb and then he was flooding her pussy with one blast after another until his cum was leaking between his cock and the folds of her pussy to flood the couch under them. Her body contracted at the same time as she experienced another powerful climax. She couldn’t help but clamp her ass on Harry’s finger so hard it was impossible for him to move it one way or another. When she finally relaxed, she felt Harry’s soft lips on hers as he kissed her lightly.
“You had one powerful climax there Kathy,” he said softly.
“Oh yes!” she said so softly it was barely audible.
He laughed. “That’s just the beginning.”
Kathy was exhausted from so many climaxes that she could barely move. Harry smiled as he reached over to take her hand. Pulling slightly, he sat her up on the couch and she suddenly realized for the first time that the men had managed to completely undress her. She looked weakly at Bob and couldn’t help but smile when she saw the look of extreme satisfaction on his face.
“Help get her up, Bob. I’m not sure she can stand on her own.”
Bob quickly stood and took one of her arms while Harry took the other. Harry nodded towards the bedroom and the two of them led Kathy there and sat her on the bed. She was slowly regaining her strength and composure and looked from one man to the other.
“Why did you bring me in here?” she asked Harry softly.
He smiled. “I told you the night was just beginning,” he replied as he sat on the bed on one side of her and motioned for Bob to set on the other. She gave both of them a smile.
“I don’t know if I can take much more,” she said.
Harry laughed lightly and reached over to gently caress her now slightly sore tittys. She instinctively closed her eyes as slight shocks like electric impulses shot through her. Harry looked at Bob and leaned over to whisper to him. Bob smiled and nodded his head quickly
“I think you can,” Harry said. “We’ll stop if it gets to be too much for you.”
“Stop what?” she asked.
“Just lay back on the bed,” Harry told her.
She laid back slowly, her eyes locked on Harry’s. He leaned over and kissed her lightly again, his soft lips barely touching hers. At the same time, Bob leaned over and began to plant light kisses on her tittys and then moved upwards to kiss her neck and shoulders. The feelings began all over again and she knew then she was theirs to do with as they pleased.
Their kisses seemed to go on forever as each man tried to outdo the other in planting kisses all over her sensitive body for at least 15 minutes. Light climaxes spread through her like wind in the forest and all she could do was enjoy it. Harry moved so he was kneeling beside the bed and she felt his lips travel down her arms, kissing every inch of skin as he did. When he got to her hands, she became aware of something soft and silky on her wrist and opened her eyes slowly to look in his direction. He was smiling as he pressed the Velcro together on a soft rope strap that went from her wrist to somewhere under the bed. She gave him a questioning look and then felt the same thing happening to her other hand as Bob connected a second strap to it. She was now tied to the bed and totally at their mercy.
“You don’t need to tie me,” she said softly but without concern.
“I know but this will make it better for you. You can’t get away from us when it gets real sensitive,” he replied and then moved to the foot of the bed and caressed her leg softly before connecting another strap to her ankle. Bob did the same thing on the other side. She was now tied hand and foot with her legs spread wide to expose her very sensitive pussy. Her pussy was full and the juices flowed freely. Her nipples had grown hard on their own volition just from the thought of what was about to happen.
For the next half hour, the two men kept every nerve in her body at a sexual high as they kissed and licked her from the top of her head to the tip of her toes, lingering much longer when they reached her lips, tittys and pussy. At those times, she found herself arching her body almost completely off the bed so that only her feet and head made contact. Her climaxes were much stronger now, wracking her body over and over again. Her juices were so heavy they coated her pussy, thighs and the bed underneath her. The men took turns sucking them as fast as they could, driving their tongues deep inside her pussy to suck her juices with obvious pleasure.
Kathy’s body was now so weak from one powerful climax after another that she was no longer able to react to the attentions from the men. It took all she could do just to remain conscious and she felt herself near fainting several times. She had never experienced anything like that before and she weakly protested.
“I can’t take anymore,” she said weakly.
Harry and Bob laughed lightly. “We’ve just started pretty lady,” Bob said.
The two men stood and changed positions with Harry going to the foot of the bed while Bob got on the bed beside her. She watched weakly as Harry lifted her ass and stuffed two pillows under her so that the center part of her body was now elevated. With a smile, Bob straddled her body and leaned over to kiss her lightly. With a smile, he cupped both of her tittys in his hands and pushed them together and then upwards so they were almost right in front of her face.
“I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I saw these beauties,” he said with a big smile.
She hadn’t realized he was so hard again until she saw him holding his cock in one hand while the other held her tittys together. Slowly, he eased the tip of his cock between her now extremely sensitive tittys and pushed it into the valley between them. When the tip came out, it was right in front of her mouth. She didn’t hesitate as he opened her mouth and licked at the tip of his beautiful cock just before he pulled back. The next time he pushed forward, he hesitated with a smile to let her take him in her mouth and suck him briefly before he pulled back again.
She felt the bed sag as Harry climbed between her thighs and then he was holding her ass as he pressed his now rigid cock against her pussy. He pushed in slowly just as Bob’s cock was pushing into her mouth and the two men set a pace where their cocks were always in her pussy and mouth at the same time. Their onslaught continued for several minutes before Bob pulled away and climbed off her body.
“I can’t do that much longer or I’ll cum in her mouth,” he said breathlessly.
Harry laughed lightly. “You won’t mind, will you Kathy?
“No! No!” she found herself saying. “I want him to cum in my mouth!”
Bob laughed. “It would be nice, Kathy, but I have other things in mind.”
With a smile to Harry, he slapped his friend on the shoulder lightly. “I think it’s time we give this beautiful lady a fuck that she’ll never forget,” he said.
Harry smiled as he withdrew his still hard cock from her soaked pussy and stood up. Walking to the head of the bed, he kissed Kathy lightly at first and then his tongue pushed into her mouth. She accepted it eagerly and kissed him back with the same passion. She felt the bonds around her ankles release and then Harry was releasing the bonds at her wrists. Harry crawled into bed beside her and easily lifted her on top of him. His big cock had no trouble going back into her pussy this time and she moaned softly as he pushed in deep.
“Ohhhh! That’s so good!” she said passionately. “Your cock is so big!”
Harry waited until she was fully imbedded on his cock before taking her hands in his and once again connecting the straps to her wrists. He left enough slack that she was able to put her hands on his shoulders, yet unable to move much farther. At the same time, she felt Bob attaching the straps to her ankles too. She didn’t give it much thought at the time and just started moving her body up and down as Harry started kissing her again while his hands worked at her hard nipples, again squeezing them hard and then releasing them. She tried to set up but he pulled her against his body and urged her to relax and enjoy the ride.
She heard a drawer open and close somewhere behind her but she gave it no thought as she enjoyed the fullness in her pussy. Harry’s hands now moved to her ass and he would pull her down hard every time he thrust upwards and she felt another of those powerful climaxes spreading quickly throughout her body. Just before she peaked, she felt Bob’s finger spreading something like butter across her ass and she suddenly realized what he was about to do. Just as his finger pushed into her ass, she arched her body forward and cried out.
“Nooooo! I’ve never been fucked there before!”
Harry quickly pulled her head against his and whispered into her ear. “Relax baby. Just relax and you’ll enjoy it.”
“Noo!” she cried weakly again just as she felt Bob’s cock press against her ass. She tried to pull away but the bonds held her securely and she felt the head of his cock enter her slightly. Tears came to her eyes as the pain she remembered from an earlier encounter with her husband began. Bob was the one with words of encouragement now as he leaned over to whisper softly.
“Relax. I’m going to push in deeper now. I can feel Harry’s cock inside your pussy where it’s pressing against mine. Just relax,” he said in a soft, comforting voice.
She took a deep breath and tried her best to relax her muscles and found it helped ease the initial pain of his entry. As she relaxed, he pushed in even deeper and remained perfectly still as he allowed her to adjust to his invasion. He then pulled out and with each stroke, she found it hurt less. In fact, the walls of her ass suddenly became almost as sensitive as the inside of her pussy. The two men began to fuck her slowly, taking their time and ensuring that neither of them pushed in too hard or fast. She took a deep breath and looked into Harry’s eyes.
“Is that better now?” he asked.
“Some,” she replied weakly. “It doesn’t hurt as much now.”
“Good!” he replied with a smile followed by another of his wonderful kisses.
Bob began to fuck her ass as Harry fucked her pussy and the pain was soon replaced by a powerful climax as the two cocks moved in and out.
“Ohhh!”, she moaned. “Ohhh, that’s so good! Ummmmmmmmm! I’m cumming again!”
One climax after another wracked her body now. Bob suddenly froze with his cock buried deep inside her ass and then his explosive climax flooded her ass and she couldn’t believe the climax she experienced when his hot cum splashed against the sensitive walls never touched before. She heard Harry moan as he pulled her tightly against his body and then thrust up into her pussy hard and deep as his cum boiled out of his cock to coat the walls of her cervix. Again, she exploded with him and immediately passed out on his chest.
She felt a damp, cool cloth against her face and she opened her eyes. Harry was setting on one side of her while Bob set on the other. Both men had concern in their eyes.
Harry smiled at her. “You had me worried there for a minute Kathy.”
“Sorry,” she said weakly. “I came so hard I guess I fainted.”
Both men leaned over and kissed her lightly. “I guess you did enjoy it then,” Bob said softly.
She laughed lightly. “I hate to admit that I did,” she said. “It was the most intense climax I’ve ever had but I don’t know if I want to do it again anytime soon.”
Harry nodded. “There won’t be a next time unless you ask for it,” he said. “Okay.”
“Okay,” she said not knowing then that she would be asking for it again in the very near future.

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