This story is about two male teens having sex. If you have a problem with that, stop reading.
His name was Anthony. I saw him every day in eighth grade, always surrounded by a big flock of girls. This annoyed me. What made the girls like him so much? Yes, he had long wavy black hair, dazzling smile, and brown eyes that always seemed to be laughing. But he was a total d-bag. A total manwhore. I hated his guts. But I loved his body.

My name is Matt. I'm 14, in eighth grade, and utterly confused about who I am or what I am. Anthony was my best friend. That's right: WAS. A couple months ago, the manwhore decided to ask out the one girl I had an interest in. Worst part is that he knew that. Me and him can no longer walk down the halls without glaring down eachother.

Its always been like this. The girls will always look at Anthony, and completely miss me. Its not like I'm that bad to look at. My hair is long and wavy, like Anthony's, but blonde. I'm slightly shorter, than him, but still. It just doesn't make sense.

But, to begin.

It was a day like all others: the entire student body entered the school reluctantly. Me, alone. Anthony, never by himself. Today it was Anna. Tomorrow it would be another. He would send her home in tears, of that I am always sure. Interesting sidenote, Anna was my crush from kindergarten. Now she's Anthony's one-day girlfriend. Asshole.

Luckily, our lockers were nowhere near eachother and we only had one class together. But that class would be where I would strike. It was time to get revenge.

English class. Run by the most uptight bitch you will ever meet. Ms. Lawrence, so old you could see her flesh decomposing just from standing. It was also book report day. Each book report was to be two minutes long. We were also given a list in the order that we would be representing. So I know the exact time Anthony would be in the front of the room with every single eye in the classroom focused on him.

I was up first, reading the words off the page, barely concentrating. I also knew that Anthony was three people away from me: four minutes. Anna was up next, I barely gave her one look; my eyes were glued to the clock. Anna finished. The moment she hit her seat, my hand sprang in the air. The old hag looked over her barely-working glasses, and asked what I wanted. I told her I wanted to go to the bathroom. With a sigh, Lawrence gave a small hand gesture which gestured I was free to go.

I walked down the hall to the bathroom, opened the door, then locked myself in one of the stalls, and waited.

My plan was simple: pants Anthony in front of everyone. With luck I could also snag his boxers, it wouldn't be hard, Anthony always walked around with his pants down low. I would expose his bare dick and balls to all eyes. The best part was Lawrence wouldn't be in the room as she would be getting her coffee as she did every single day of the year.

Then something unexpected happened. An image of a pantsed Anthony entered my mind, and instantly a stirring occured in my pants. I was also getting incredibly horny. What the hell?! I tried to push the image away, but it came back in full force, with Anthony having his dick in one hand while juggling his balls with the other. I was now rock-hard, and horny as hell. Finally resigning myself, I stood up facing the toilet, and unzipped my pants. My hand journeyed down into my boxers, before I pulled out my full-mast dick and balls.

My dick was about six inches long, and I had a small patch of blonde pubic hair. My balls were hanging low, and were hairless. They would flop around as I jerked off frequently. I slowly jerked my dick, but I was too horny for this to do. I dropped my pants down to my ankles, revealing my muscular hairless thighs and legs. I increased my pace, relishing the feeling of the hot piece of meat I held between my fingers. I steadily pumped faster, my left hand traveling up my shirt to gently pinch my nipples. I lifted up the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up over my head, exposing my bare hairless chest. I was lean, not skinny, but not very muscular either. I loved my nipples, so brown and perfect. I had a completely flat stomach that was most commonly seen with cum on it.

The image of Anthony was now imprinted in my mind. I jerked faster than ever before. I threw my head back and uttered a long guttural moan that resonates all the way down from my toes. I feel a squeezing sensation in my balls, as I feel my cum rising through my dick. I release my hand as the first cum shoots straight out and lands in the toilet. Several spurts followed it, the first few landing in the toilet, the last landing on the toilet bowl. I breathed deeply as my heart gradually recovered from one of the better orgasms of my life. It was better than any other time I had ever fantasized about any girl.

I looked down at my watch. Five minutes passed, one minute still left in Anthony's speech. I quickly cleaned up with toilet paper, then flushed the toilet. I hoisted up my pants and undid my shirt. I left the bathroom at top speed.

I ran down the hall, and paused outside the door to the English classroom. Anthony was droning on about some book, with the eyes of girl firmly fixed on him, with some attention from the guys, some of whom who also did not like Anthony. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

Anthony barely had enough time to look over before I rushed over to him and pulled down his pants, his boxers hooked to them, and they all came down to the floor. For the briefest of moments i had a view of the backside of Anthony: hairless legs, tight thighs, and a perfect, tight, tan ass. I got up quickly as an erection began to form in my jeans. There was a moment of absolute silence before the entire class broke out laughing in unison. Anthony quickly fumbled and bent over to pick up his pants, giving me a brief but glorious view of Anthony's tight asshole. I moaned out loud as my cock grew rock hard once more, but luckily the laughter of the class drowned it out.

Anthony finally cinched up his pants as the bell rung. I quickly left the room with high fives from the jocks. I set a sneer on my face and looked back to see Anthony's expression, expecting a look of anger. Instead what I saw blew me away: a look of pure hurt.

I hadn't felt as good as I thought I would've, I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

There was only one period left in the day, but by that time, the entire school except for me seemed to have seen Anthony's dick. I quickly got on the bus before Anthony could spot me. The bus sped off just as Anthony spotted me from the sidewalk through the bus window. I swore I saw tears in this brown eyes.

The bus dropped me off at home. The bus ride had done nothing to help this terrible feeling. I quickly entered through my house, which was empty due to both my parents being at work, and locked the door behind me. This guilty feeling was blocking my horniness of having seen Anthony's ass.

I decided to watch some tv to cool down. I had been watching for about ten minutes when I heard a slow knock at the door. My heart dropped. I knew exactly who was at the door. I slowly got to my feet and reluctantly made my way to the door. I opened it.

Sure enough, Anthony was standing outside, his head hanging defeatedly, his hands stuffed in the pockets of the shorts I had dropped around his ankles. He looked up. His brown eyes had a stain of red to them, indicating that he had been crying.

"I-," he started, but I quickly cut him off.

"Come in."

Anthony nodded, and shuffled inside the house. I closed the door behind him, then locked it once more.

Anthony sat down on the couch we had once watched movies and played video games on. I took the seat right next to him.

"Matt... I'm sorry. I know this is way overdue, but us not being friends, its killing me man," he said.

I tried to remain as stony faced as possible, but it became more difficult with every word he said.

"You got your revenge on me. I just want this to be over. I need us to be friends again," he continued.

I sighed and dropped my head.

"I miss you," he uttered softly. "And I would do anything to make this work. Maybe doing what I've wanted to do ever since I met you..."

I looked up, confused. His eyes traveled from mine down to my dick.

"Matt, you've been like a brother to me. We've told eachother everything, except one. I go out with all the girls to hide who I really am." Anthony slowly slid off the couch and positioned himself between my legs. My breath became short, as I could predict what happened next. "I'm done hiding."

And with that, Anthony unzipped my jeans. My cock instantly became rock hard. He slowly kissed the sizeable bulge through my blue boxers. I began quietly grunting, as he slowly pulled down my jeans down my ankles, then tossed them off. A familiar devilish smile crossed his face.

Anthony moved back up, slipping his hands under my shirt, then tugging it over my head. He stared into my eyes intensely for what seemed an eternity, before his head traveled down.

His tongue traced a line down my chest, then circled my nipples, before he slowly began to suck on them, making me shudder. I softly put my hand on the back of his silky head. His hand reached down and began massaging my erect dick through my boxers. His tongue became busy once more as he finished his journey down my torso, finishing at my torso. He put a finger on either side of my boxers, being prepared to pull down.

"Wait," I told him. He looked up at my questioningly. "You gotta give me something too."

He smiled once more. He slowly got to his feet then sat down on my lap facing me. I grabbed his shirt, and pulled it over his head.

If it were possible, I grew hornier. He had a very slightly chubby chest, not quite as flat as me, but in no means fat at all. His chest was tan, along with the rest of his body; I knew this because Anthony was part Native American. I put one hand on his chest, gently pushing him back as I moved in with my tongue, and copied what he did to me: sliding my tongue up and down his gorgeous chest, and gently sucking on his nipples. I unbuckled his belt, and slid it out, then pulled his shorts down to his knees, revealing baby blue briefs, with a large bulge. Once again I wondered how big he was.

Anthony puts his hands gently on my chest and softly traced his fingertips down as he resumed his old position. He grabbed my boxers and slid them down my legs. He looked at my package and smiled.

Anthony stuck out his tongue and stuck it gently inside my urethra, then swirled my head with it. I did a slight spasm and grasped the couch as I let out a long moan. He looked up at me, winked, then began to suck on my dick. He went down as far as he could, then went down farther. I moaned louder as Anthony's head traveled back up my cock, before plunging back down. Already I felt the pressure build up in my balls.

"Shit, Anthony, I'm about to cum."

He took his head of my cock right before I was about to explode, the devilish smile returning.

"You suck." I said, realizing the pun right after I said it.

He just flashed his dazzling smile, then climbed back up onto the couch, kneeling in front of me, his crotch inches from my face. With a nod from Anthony, I pulled down his boxers.

Anthony was completely shaven, no hair at all. His cock was at seven inches, circumcised like me, and large and floppy, drooping down. It was also a lot thicker than mine, and looked like it was a gigantic mouthwatering meat.

I stretched out my tongue and tasted it. There was no feeling like it. It tasted wonderful, a flash of pure ecstacy hit me. I loved it. I opened my mouth extra wide, then slowly took him in, inch by inch. The meaty cock filled my mouth to the limit, and I loved it. His cock hit the back of my throat, but I kept going, deepthroating him. I slowly slid my mouth back. Anthony moaned long and loud, his hands braced on the back of the couch. The second time it became easier, and by the third climb, it was simple, and I increased speed. I started up a rhythm. I felt his dick lengthen even more in my mouth slightly, knowing he was about to cum. I pulled out.

Anthony was breathing heavily. He looked down at me and shook his head.

"So, um, Matt... Wanna take the next step?" he asked.

I knew exactly what he was talking about. "Hell ya!" I quickly sucked on Anthony's waving cock.

"UH! YES! OH GOD YES!" he yelled out. His cum built quickly. He sent his milky stream down my throat. His cum tasted sweet and salty, thick in my mouth. I loved it.

His breathings gradually slowed. He dismounted me, then began quickly jerking me.

"FUCK! YES!" I screamed, before I finally came in his hand. He used the cum for a brief second handjob, making my dick slippery, then mounted me once more. He slowly lowered his cherry onto the head of my dick, then began traveling down my shaft. The pressure on my dick was incredible. He let out his loudest moan yet, and gritted his teeth as his entire face tightened up.

"How is it?" I managed to squeak out.

"So... so good... so tight... uh, ya, Matt..." he breathed out. He regained his composure and looked straight in my eyes with a wild look in his. "Fuck me, Matt."

I was happy to oblige. I placed one hand on either side of him, and grabbed on tight. I slowly began thrusting my pelvis deep within him while at the same time forcing him up and down. He began to grunt passionately. I was in another world. The smell of our sweat. The sight of Anthony's sweaty, dripping, wet body riding my cock. The sound of my balls slapping his ass, while his dick and balls flopping loudly onto my stomach.

Soon enough, Anthony's moans increased. His hands moved from the back of the couch to my shoulders. One traveled down to his large cock and quickly stroked it. Anthony screamed out loud as his hot cum sprayed all over my chest. I was soon behind him, my spunk shooting deep within him.

After a brief moment to catch our breath, Anthony said the two words I most wanted to hear: "My turn."

Anthony dismounted my cock, cum dripping out of his ass. He positioned me on my back on the couch. He took his fingers and mopped up the cum with his fingers, then stroked his dick with it. He grabbed my legs and his dick and positioned it at my asshole.


"Fuck me hard Anthony."

He nodded, then pushed his head in. I was in pain and pleasure world. He slowly pushed farther, as the pain increased. I bit my lip to keep from crying out in pain. Once he was all the way in, he slid out, then back in. I yelled out, this time in pleasure. He smiled, then repeated the process, only faster. Within moments he was pounding my ass. I was almost screaming with pleasure. My hands were positioned on his shoulders. With one last cry, my dick sprayed it creamy goodness for the fourth time that day. Anthony lasted only moments longer, his final thrust staying inside me. With a final scream, he unleashed his load within me. He was burning my insides, but I loved it so much. Anthony, soaked from sweat, pulled out, exhausted, and collapsed on the couch. Both of us were breathing heavily. We looked at eachother and smiled.

"Anthony, I forgive you."

"Thanks. I love you man."

"I love you too."

And with that the two of us hugged.

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2015-01-02 13:26:35
Hot. Very hot. But it seemed these two guys had done something with each other before this. Maybe not sucking each other off, and probably not fucking, but they have shared some kind of intimacy prior to this. Maybe watching porn together and jacking off under clothing (or under a blanket?); maybe just making out as practice for when they're finally with a girl and need to project confidence about what they are doing with her? But they are both so ready for each other in this story that I felt they must have had some kind of physical intimacy in their collective past. Maybe another story can reveal how they initially got their strong mutual physical attractions... And then go on to describe their next experiences as they cement their "best friends forever - with benefits" status...

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2012-05-05 19:21:03
awesome story dude! u gotta do another one. nice touch of drama and hint of lust... it's a great story:)

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2012-04-16 09:40:07
found my buddy past out,there was 3 of us who pee in his throat,his stomach grew,than we left.

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Omg i got soooo horny wen i read this plz write another

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that stories so sweet :)

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