This one doesn't have as much outright sex as most of my stories, but it leaves the door open for a sequel.

"Okay, Daddy, see you soon!" Krissy gave her father a hug, then skipped down the stairs of his house and out to her mother's waiting car. When she got to the car, she turned and waved before climbing in. She didn't miss the look of disapproval on her mother's face. She knew her mother didn't like the fact that Krissy was still close to her father. The divorce had been unpleasant, and Krissy's mom blamed her dad for everything that had happened. Krissy had been nine when the divorce happened, and she hadn't really understood what was going on. Now, at fourteen, she still wasn't sure about exactly what had caused it, but she knew that she missed her father and loved the one weekend a month she got to spend with him, no matter how much her mother hated him. Of course, it didn't hurt that after she'd been at her dad's her mother would give her anything she wanted to make sure her father didn't get the upper hand.

"So, honey, are you hungry?"

"Not really, we had pizza just a little while ago. I probably don't need anything else to eat tonight. Actually, I was going to go over to Caitlin's house and listen to some music and stuff."

"Oh. I guess that's okay." Linda was disappointed, she'd been looking forward to spending enough time with her daughter to poison any good feeling that hung on from the girl's visit with her father. She hadn't yet figured out that Krissy had discovered her game at least a year ago, and wasn't playing any more.

Bob stretched as he walked back into the house after saying goodbye to his daughter, then grinned to himself. He loved Krissy, and loved the time he got to spend with her. Since he only saw her one weekend a month, he noticed more than most how she had become a very nice-looking young woman, with her wavy blond hair and that cute face. But the time he spend with her was time that he didn't get to spend with other, slightly older, women. And whether it was in person or on line, there was nothing Bob like more than spending some time with the ladies.

Bob had been twenty-seven by the time he and Linda got married, she was twenty-three, and they'd been seeing each other for a couple of years. Bob had decided that he was at the age where he should settle down, have a family, act like an adult. It didn't take long for him to realize what a mistake that was. He just wasn't cut out for that kind of life.

Bob's life was pretty much defined by sex, and he needed variety in his sex. Variety in partners, variety in activities. With Linda he wasn't getting either. Sex with Linda pretty much followed the same script every night - rub her clit with his finger until she came (nothing else seemed to work for her), then fuck her, missionary, until he came. He asked her about trying different things, but she wasn't interested.

Then, after about three years of marriage, Linda got pregnant. Bob was shocked, he'd had no idea she was off the pill. Just like the selfish little bitch, he knew she'd done it to as a way to control him. Only problem was, it didn't work.

Bob started finding excuses to be out of the house at night. He had to work late. He was helping a buddy work on his car. He just needed some time by himself. What he needed was to get laid, and he was doing it, a lot, and with plenty of different women. Linda did everything she could think of to try to get him to make love to her, while she was pregnant and after she had the baby, but he wasn't interested. She was just too boring.

Finally, he'd had enough. Five years ago, when he was forty, he'd filed for divorce. Mostly he just wanted to not have to sneak around any more. Linda tried to talk him out of it, but in California there's really no way to fight a divorce, and they were able to work things out without having to go through any court fights. He got to have Krissy one weekend a month. He'd have liked to have her more often, but wasn't in a mood to push it. If Linda had known some of the things he'd done while he was "working late" he not only wouldn't get to see Krissy, he might not see anything of the outside world for a while.

He put all of that out of his mind, now. He always behaved impeccably when Krissy was there, but now that she was gone, it was time to hit the computer and see who he could find. He was hoping his latest little slut would be around. She was a young one, eighteen, although she looked younger. Claimed to be a virgin, but you couldn't believe what anybody told you online. Didn't matter to him, she was foxy, with long hair that split the difference between blond and brunette, green eyes,a cute face, and a tight little body - small breasts, cone-shaped, that curved up, flat belly, slim hips. She didn't shave her pussy, but didn't really need to, the hair was light and fuzzy.

Caitlin had finally convinced Krissy to come over and have a look at the guy she was doing cyber and cam with. Caitlin had just moved in a few weeks ago. She was a shy girl around people she didn't know, and was a little surprised when she found a friend in Krissy so fast. They wound up sitting next to each other at lunch one day, and found out they liked the same kind of music (electronica and dance), the same kind of movies (vampires and horror in general), and had lots of other things in common. One of them was divorced parents, although Krissy's had been split up for a while - Caitlin's parents had just broken up, that's why she'd moved.

One thing they didn't have in common was online sex. When Caitlin turned fourteen her mother let her have her own laptop, with no restrictions, and she immediately discovered the underside of the Internet. She was a virgin, had never even had a boyfriend, but online she could be anything she wanted to be, as long as she was eighteen years old and not fourteen. When she told Krissy about what she'd been doing, her new friend was shocked. Krissy would never think about doing the kinds of things Caitlin was talking about. She didn't say anything because she needed all the friends she could get.

Caitlin beamed as she pulled up the pic from her computer.

"Isn't he great?"

"Oh my fucking god!" Krissy felt light-headed, gasped for breath.

"What is it?" Caitlin asked, looking puzzled.

Krissy scrambled for a reply. "Uh, his dick, it's so freakin' big, damn!" Which was true, the guy in the picture had as big a dick as Krissy had ever seen. In a pic, anyway, since she'd never seen one in person. But that wasn't what was making her feel like she was having a heart attack. The guy in the pic with the monster dick was her father.

Krissy made an excuse about having homework to do so she could go home and think about what she'd seen. She wasn't sure what shocked her more, the fact that she'd just found out that her father was some kind of disgusting pervert, or that her new best friend was doing it with him online. By the time she got home, she was upset enough that her mother was worried and asked her what was wrong.

"I've just got a little headache, I'm going to go lay down until it goes away." Krissy's stomach was churning, she was afraid she was going to throw up. She just absolutely didn't know what to do. She knew that what her father was doing was wrong, but she didn't want to get him in trouble.

And it was disgusting that Caitlin would do things like that with a guy so old. When Caitlin had told her she was doing cyber with an older man, Krissy figured it was a guy in his twenties, not somebody who was really old. Krissy shuddered just thinking about it, then almost retched when the idea ran through her mind of what it would be like to actually have sex with a man that old. Not cyber, but real sex, in person. It was too nauseating to think about.

Caitlin was upset that Krissy had to leave so soon. She was hoping that her new friend would stick around long enough to maybe see her online guy in person instead of just one of the pics he'd sent her. She knew Krissy didn't do things online the way Caitlin did, and she thought it might be good for her. She thought maybe her guy would like it, too. She'd have to ask him about that the next time they were online together.

What she really wanted to ask him, though, was if they'd ever get a chance to be together for real. It was a blast playing with her pussy and clit while he watched her and stroked his cock. She always made herself cum, and she loved watching him shoot his stuff out all over his belly. But all of it just made her think more about what it would be like to have that big dick inside her, tearing open her tight little virgin pussy. Caitlin wanted to get fucked. And she wanted to get fucked by a real man, who knew what he was doing, not one of the little boys who was always trying to get into her pants at school. She was tired of being a virgin, but she was willing to wait until she could get what she wanted.

When Caitlin showed up a little later, Bob was feeling incredibly horny, and they had a great session. He blew his load everywhere, and she was moaning into her cam for him, having what looked like a big orgasm. After they relaxed for a couple of minutes, admiring each others' bodies, Caitlin surprised him.

"Hey, do you want to meet in person some time? I want your cock in me for real." They had their mics on, which meant that Caitlin was home alone. She still lived with her parents, so if anyone else was around, they had to do IMs instead of sound.

"Uh, never really thought about it, but, yeah, that would be cool. If you live close enough, that is."

Caitlin had never even considered that they might be on opposite sides of the country. The Internet tended to obscure things like that. "I'm in Cali, in Anaheim. How about you?"

"Well, damn, I'm in Riverside." Not all that far at all. In fact, Linda and Krissy lived in Anaheim. But so did a lot of other people, Anaheim's a big city. Lot more there than just Disneyland.

Caitlin was almost trembling. Maybe it could actually happen. "So, could we meet sometime, maybe this weekend?"

Bob smiled at his cam, thinking about what that little pussy would feel like. "Yeah, I think we can do that. When and where can I pick you up?"

Bob glanced over at Caitlin as he drove to the motel. She looked every bit as hot in person as she did online. And every bit as young, but she swore she was eighteen. He wasn't worried about it being a setup, she wouldn't be claiming to be of age if it was. He just wasn't sure she was telling the truth. But he licked his lips and looked at her again, knowing that he didn't really care.

At the motel, Bob hustled Caitlin into the room quickly, not because he didn't want to be seen, but because his dick was throbbing from thinking about what he was going to do to her. Once they were inside, he didn't waste any time in pulling her against him. He kissed her deeply, running his hands up and down her back, cupping her ass. She smelled and tasted sweet, the kind of thing you can't find out online. He could feel her body wriggling against his. She claimed to be a virgin - he was tempted to believe her from the way she reacted to his touch.

He whispered into her ear, "You said you wanted to suck my cock. Did you mean it?"

"Oh god yeah!" She was practically gasping already.

Caitlin didn't need any more encouragement. She fell to her knees in front of Bob and started unfastening his belt and pants, trying to do things just the way she'd seen girls doing them in the porn vids she'd seen. When she got his pants open and pulled down his boxers, his cock popped out and nearly hit her in the face. Her eyes got really wide as she got her first look at it in person. In fact, her first look at any cock in person. It was every bit as big as it looked on the cam. She suddenly wondered if it would fit, in her mouth or in her pussy.

It was too late to worry about that now. She wrapped her fingers around the base of the shaft and pointed the cock toward her face. She looked up at Bob, a little unsure.

"I've never done this before, you know." He chuckled a little.

"Don't worry, honey, you'll be fine. Just pretend like it's a popsicle."

She grinned at that, stuck her tongue out and let the tip run along the bottom of his cock. She felt his cock twitch, heard him groan, and figured she must be doing something right. His skin tasted strong and a little salty. She licked up and down his shaft a few more times, letting her tongue graze over the small hole in the tip, tasting something bitter there.

"Mmmm, yeah, baby, suck it now." Bob was in heaven. Caitlin might not have any experience, but she was doing just fine and her tongue felt great as it danced along his dick. Now her lips wrapped around the head of his cock and he moaned.

Caitlin opened up as wide as she could to get his big dick into her mouth. It stretched her jaw, uncomfortable at first, but after she bobbed her head up and down on it a few times, she got used to it. A couple of times he pushed it farther into her mouth, and she gagged as she felt it bump against the back of her throat. She didn't mind that much, and Bob moaned louder, so he must have liked it. Suddenly he grunted, and Caitlin felt something warm and salty wash over her tongue and back into her throat. She gulped furiously, realizing he was cumming in her mouth, and managed to swallow just about all of it. She was gasping for air a little by the time his cock stopped spurting.

She looked up at Bob, asked a little sheepishly, "Did I do okay?"

"Oh, yeah, baby, you did great!" Bob was breathing a little heavily. "Now it's your turn!" He pulled Caitlin to her feet and expertly stripped her clothes off with a few quick moves, stood admiring her teenage body, licking his lips. He ran his hands over her body, and Caitlin purred as she felt a man touching her there, and there, for the first time. Then he tossed her back onto the bed and simply buried his face between her legs.

Caitlin squealed when she felt his tongue begin to lap at her, gliding over her lips, then poking inside, flicking up to touch her clit, then down, all the way down, to tease her asshole, something she'd never really thought about. It made her so hot, so wet, more than she'd imagined while finger-fucking herself and watching Bob jerk off. She grabbed her tits in her hands, began massaging them, let one hand drift down over her belly. Her tongue flicked out across her lips as her head rolled from side to side on the bed.

Bob loved the taste of her, the way her little body twitched and wiggled as he licked her. He wanted to shove a finger up her ass, but thought better of it, afraid it might be too much for the first time, for her first time. Besides, his cock was almost completely hard again, and it was time for the main event, what he'd come her for. It was time to make Caitlin cum, so her could put his cock into her virgin pussy. He rolled his tongue over her clit, then fastened his lips around it and began to suck.

Caitlin almost shrieked when Bob did that to her clit. She'd been close anyway, and she started to cum almost immediately, her body vibrating, breath coming in short gasps, hands clawing at her tits and belly. "Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes!" was all she could manage to say. She'd made herself cum plenty of times online with Bob, but this was different, more intense. She finally pushed his head away, gasping, "God, stop!" She lay on the bed panting, watched Bob strip off his own clothes as smoothly as he'd removed hers.

He stepped over to the bed, holding his stiff dick in his hand. "You ready for this, girl?"

"Yes, fuck me, right now!" Her tone was almost a plea.

Caitlin felt the head of Bob's cock pop between her pussy lips, spreading them wider than they'd ever been. Then she felt like she was being torn in half as his pole entered her, all at once, tearing through her cherry, splitting open the walls of her pussy. She bit down on her lip to keep from screaming, clawed at Bob's shoulders. She'd known it would hurt, but hadn't had any idea it would be this bad.

"It hurts! Oh my god, it hurts!" It was a low, sobbing wail.

"Just let it sit there for a minute and try to relax, baby. The pain will go away." Bob had no idea whether that advice actually worked or not, but it was what he said to all virgins when the complained about the pain. It seemed to make sense anyway. Not that he cared much. All he was worried about was the way Caitlin's cunt hugged his cock, how tight and hot it was. He gave her the minute, then started pumping in and out of her, slowly at first, pulling back until just the head was still inside her, then ramming forward to bury his whole length again.

Caitlin fought the pain as she felt Bob moving inside her, and after a few strokes of his cock, it wasn't hurting as bad. After a few more, it actually started to feel good, and she began moving her hips out at him in time with his movements. Her breathing was deep, and soft moans escaped from her as her pussy gripped a cock for the first time.

"Shit, baby, I'm gonna cum inside you!" Caitlin almost panicked, realizing that Bob didn't have on a condom, but the feeling was washed away by ecstasy as she felt his cum flood her, causing her pussy to spasm around him. It wasn't the earth-shattering orgasm she'd had on his mouth, but she was cumming, clutching at him to pull him closer.

"Mmmm, yeah, that's good," she moaned into Bob's ear, as he finished pouring his cum into her and collapsed on top of her.

Bob agreed, it was good. He was going to enjoy having this little slut to play with. But now he had to get going, unfortunately. Caitlin was disappointed they couldn't stay longer, do more, but Bob promised her they'd get together again soon. He was counting on it.

Krissy wondered what Caitlin was so anxious to talk about. She'd called and told Krissy she had to come over right away, there was something she needed to talk to her about. Caitlin sounded like it was some kind of emergency, and Krissy was a little worried. She told her mother where she was going, and walked the couple of blocks to Caitlin's house.

As soon as Krissy was in the door, Caitlin dragged her to her bedroom and sat her down on the bed. Then just sat there, breathing heavily.

"Come on, already, what's the big deal?" Krissy was getting a little impatient.

Caitlin looked down at her hands, folded it her lap. "I did it with him."

Krissy had a really bad feeling about what she meant. "Did what? With who?"

"Did IT. With the guy from online. I fucked him." She was looking Krissy in the eyes now, her face shining. Krissy's head was spinning, something foul was trying to crawl out of her stomach up her throat. She wanted to scream at Caitlin, but she couldn't. She was in shock, couldn't do anything except stare blankly at Caitlin and listen to her friend give her a complete blow-by-blow of what it felt like to be fucked by Krissy's father.

"...God, I thought I'd never get his dick in my mouth, it's so big... I about went nuts when he sucked on my clit, I totally came... It hurt so bad when he put it in me... After a while it quit hurting and just felt good..." Krissy was sure she was going to snap and try to strangle Caitlin before she got through, but somehow she lasted until the end of Caitlin's descriptions. Caitlin suddenly gave Krissy a worried look.

"Hey, you don't look so good? You sick?"

"Yeah, I think maybe I ate something for lunch that I shouldn't have. I think I better go home before I throw up." Well, the last part was true, anyway. Somehow Krissy managed to congratulate Caitlin on losing her virginity, and got about half a block down the road before she threw up all over the sidewalk.

Bob was a little concerned when Krissy sent him a text and said she needed to talk to him. She would text him once in a while in between visits, but it was usually to tell him she'd gotten some new clothes, or to complain about her mother's rules. This sounded more serious. Especially since she told him specifically where and when to pick her up. Sounded like she was hiding something from somebody.

Krissy seemed nervous, distracted, on the ride to Bob's house, didn't say much, which was unusual for her. By the time they got to the house, Bob was definitely worried. They barely got inside before Krissy let him know that he had reason to be.

"How could you do that with Caitlin? What kind of disgusting pervert are you, anyway?"

"What..." Bob was reeling, not quite sure what was happening.

"Don't give me 'What?' You know what I'm talking about. She's my age, you freak! She goes to school with me! She showed me a picture of you on her computer!"

Bob felt things dissolving around him. That explained why she seemed younger than eighteen, why she had no experience with men. He let Krissy rant until she wound down.

"Honey, I'm sorry..."

"Sorry isn't going to cut it. I don't ever want to see you again. I'll make up some story for Mom, so she doesn't get suspicious. But if I ever hear about you doing something like this again, I'll go to the cops, I swear."

Krissy turned and walked back out the door. Bob stood there, a statue, for several minutes, then walked into his bedroom. There was something he had to do.

Krissy rode the bus back home. It was a long ride, but it let her anger subside enough so that she felt almost human again. Back home, she buried herself in her room for a while, reading, surfing the net.

Later that night, almost time for bed, Krissy was relaxing on the couch, watching TV when the phone rang. She heard her mother answer it, not paying much attention until her mother screamed, "WHAT? When, how?!"

She ran to the kitchen, saw her mother standing, slumped over, the phone dangling from her hand.

"Mom, what's wrong?"

Her mother looked up, eyes vacant, and whispered hoarsely, "Your father - is dead. Killed himself."

Krissy gasped, then fainted, collapsing onto the floor.

Krissy sat in front of the computer. She'd gotten all the info she needed from Caitlin. How to log on, create an account, to make sure she said she was eighteen. And not to be disappointed if the men came and went quickly, like Caitlin's guy had. He'd just disappeared after they'd actually met and fucked. But that seemed to happen all the time, from what other women on the site told Caitlin. Krissy wasn't going to enlighten her. She type in her first post.

"Young girl needs older man. My daddy left me and I need a new one. Send PM if interested."

She hit "Post" and stood up, stepped over in front of her mirror. She admired her naked body, then picked up her camera and started snapping pics. Had to let the guys know what they were getting.

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2013-05-18 18:58:57
I think u should write it again but without him dying but i still liked it

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Very different, with a totally unexpected ending. I was thinking the girl would become interested in her dad's big cock!

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To The Greek. I always like reading your despicable, degenerate and perverse stories. Pleas keep then going. It's to bad that Bob did not get to fuck Krissy but he did get to turn her into an underage little hot slut and get her out fucking strangers just like a hot little child prostitute. Just wait until her new daddys start giving her gifts and money for her favors, then she will be an underage whore.

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i now a girl and for a fact know she is 15 but the way she dres make her sometimes look like she is 12 and even somtimes likeshe is almost 18. so i blame the clothes kids under 18 can get if the look older then the are


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interesting story not what i was expecting but still good and very interesting i do feel bad for Krissy and her dad(Bob) she looked young but how was he supposed to know unless he asked for an ID or a drivers license there are a lot of people who look younger and or older then they really are it wouldn't be unbelievable to some one that she was of age.
i personally know a few girls who are19 who look like they are only 15 and i know for a fact they are 19

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