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Suzanne visits in Sydney
This is the sequel to Suzanne 1 to 4. I'm assuming that you have read them first.

As I flew home to my wife in Sydney I was worried. I was worried because the next step that I was about to take might cost me my marriage of more than 30 years.

That morning Jerry and I had met to discuss the progress that we had made on the joint project that we had been working on for the past week. We both agreed that the project had progressed extremely well, and both had identified new possibilities that we had not thought of when we started. Unfortunately, neither of us could devote enough time to these new directions to do them justice. We needed a student who could devote his or her full time to our project.

Jerry pointed out that Suzanne was the most appropriate and the best qualified student in his department to take over this project, and he considered that it would make a really good thesis topic for her, so Jerry invited Suzanne and her thesis supervisor to lunch with us in the staff club to discuss her taking over our project. Suzanne loved the idea, her supervisor was pleased that she would have a really good topic for her thesis, and Jerry and I liked the idea of working with her.

Then we discussed logistics. Because initially it was a joint project, both Jerry and I wanted to remain involved, at least on a consultative basis. We both felt that it would be best if she could spend a part of her time in Sydney where she could interact directly with me and part of her time in Adelaide. However Jerry didn't have any money in his budget to support her travel back and forth. I was pretty sure that I could find enough money for a few airfares, but to avoid having to pay for her accommodation costs, I suggested that she could stay with my wife and me whenever she was in Sydney.

The big questions were, could we hide from my wife the fact that we were lovers, and would we be able to keep our hands off each other in my wife's presence? I was afraid that the answers to both questions might be 'no'. On the other hand, the chance to spend more time with Suzanne was something very tempting to me. They do say that there is no fool like an old fool!

When I got home Vera, my wife, had a special dinner ready for me, and a bottle of red wine open and breathing. Over dinner she asked me about my trip and so I told her about how well the project had gone, so well that we needed to involve a student to tie up all the loose ends and make the most of the various possibilities that we had identified. Then I told her that Jerry had identified Suzanne Jones as the best available student and that she would be coming to Sydney frequently to work with me. Then I told her that, because of budget difficulties I wanted her to stay with us when she was in Sydney.

“Are you two lovers, Bill?”

The horrified look on my face must have answered her question for her, because she burst out laughing.

“It's all right, Bill. I've been thinking for some time that you should find yourself a lover. I've even tried to suggest it to you a few times, but somehow I couldn't bring myself to say anything. When you came back from Melbourne you were so much happier than when you set out that I guessed that you had been with someone, and then this last trip to Adelaide seemed so important to you that I guessed that you had met someone from Adelaide. We'll work something out.”

“Really. You're not angry with me? Or shocked?”

“No, not shocked. I realise that your sexual appetites have not diminished the way that mine have. I am scared though, because I can't imagine living without you after all these years. I still love you, Bill, and I hope that you still love me.”

“Oh! Yes, Vera! I truly love you. It's just ...” I didn't really know how to express the turmoil of emotions that I was experiencing. I wanted to reassure Vera, but I also wanted to fuck Suzanne again, and again.

“It's OK, Bill. While she's here you and she can sleep in the guest room together. I'll just have to trust that you wont forget all the good times that we have had together.”

Not knowing how to thank Vera, I went to her, pulled her to her feet and hugged and kissed her harder than I had kissed her for a long time.

Then I said, “And you and I will continue to have good times together, I promise you.”

What a turn around. I never thought that that discussion could turn out so well.

Suzanne flew to Sydney on a Sunday afternoon and I met her at the airport. We greeted each other with an enthusiastic hug and kiss. On the drive home I told her of the living arrangements that Vera had proposed to me.

“Oh dear! Bill, is that going to work?”

“I hope so. At least I wont be deceiving Vera.”

Over dinner that evening Vera and Suzanne were polite to each other but I sensed no affection between them. After dinner the three of us watched some TV together, then Suzanne and I excused ourselves and headed to the guest room together. Once we were inside and the door was closed we quickly stripped naked, and as our bodies melded together we forgot the tensions of the evening. The sex that night was as good as any that we had had together, by which I mean that it was extremely good.

Next morning we showered together, then dressed for work before heading for the kitchen ready for breakfast. There we found Vera, dressed only in her pyjamas, hunched up and weeping.

“Oh! Vera! This isn't working is it?”

“No” Sob, sob. “I felt so alone last night. Please don't make me do that again.”

“Of course not. I suggest that I sleep with you tonight and Suzanne will sleep alone in the guest room. OK?”

“No! I don't want to stop you two from being together. Can we all sleep together in my, I mean our bed in future?”

“Would that work for you?”

“I think so. I just want to be near you.”

“And you would be OK with Suzanne and me fucking in bed with you?”

“Yes. I think so. I don't want to stop you from fucking. But I do want to be near you.”

At work Suzanne and I had to act the role of close colleagues, with no hint of a romantic involvement. I think that we carried it off pretty well. However, driving home that evening we could let our guard down.

“God, Bill! I so want you to fuck me. But how are we going to do it with Vera there in the bed with us?”

“Well, you had no problem with Maria or Sally or Jerry watching us. Why would Vera be any different? She might even revive her interest in sex if she sees how enthusiastic you are when I fuck you.”

“You wish!”

Dinner that night was still pretty tense until Suzanne started flirting with Vera and, to my surprise, Vera started flirting back. After the first course Suzanne offered to bring the desert from the kitchen and Vera accepted. While Suzanne was out of the room Vera asked me:

“Do you think that she might like me a little bit?”

“Well, she was flirting with you just now. At the very least, I think that that means that she would like to like you and would like you to like her too. And certainly your generosity about the two of us fucking would predispose her to like you. Do you like her, a little?”

“A little. She's very beautiful and her love for you shines out of her eyes. At first I was jealous of that, but I think that I would prefer to be her friend than a jealous enemy.”

At that point, Suzanne, coming back into the room heard Vera's last comment. She put our deserts down on the table and then stood behind Vera's chair and hugged her from behind. Vera responded by placing her own hands over Suzanne's on her shoulders. Encouraged, Suzanne slid her hands, with Vera's hands still over hers, down Vera's chest to her breasts, which she squeezed through her blouse and bra. To my astonishment Vera responded by nuzzling her cheek against Suzanne's bare arm.

“If I'd known that you were going to do that to me, Suzanne, I would have left my bra off.”

Then Vera saw the look of shock on my face. After all this was the last reaction that I would have expected from my seemingly asexual wife.

“Hey, Bill, you look upset. You don't mind if your girlfriend plays with your wife, surely?”

“Mind? No I don't mind, in fact I'm delighted. It's just something that I could never have expected of you.”

Just then Suzanne leaned over Vera and kissed her on the side of the head. Then she winked at me and sat down to eat her desert. The mood had changed, Suzanne and Vera continued flirting with each other for the rest of the meal and afterwards as we all helped with the washing up. I expected that we would watch TV again but Suzanne had other ideas.

“I think we should all go to bed early because I have no intention of going to sleep for ages yet, and we still have a work day tomorrow. OK?”

I headed for the bathroom for a pee, while Vera and Suzanne went to Vera's and my bedroom. Suzanne told me later about the conversation while they were taking off their clothes:

“Vera, maybe this is going to shock you but I want to tell you about something that Bill and I did with my mum. We were all naked in mum's bed, mum was sitting against the pillows with her legs spread wide and I was lying face down, and I was eating my mum's pussy while Bill was behind me fucking me in my pussy.”

“What do you mean dear 'eating your mum's pussy'?”

“Have you heard of cunnilingus?”

“Oh dear. My goodness. Do people really do that?”

“Yes. And the woman who is being tongue fucked gets a really great orgasm. I know my mum did, and I do whenever it is done to me.”

“So why are you telling me this?”

“Because I hoped that you would like me to eat your pussy while Bill fucks me tonight. It would make you a part of the action instead of just watching.”

“Oh. I'm not sure that I would enjoy that. Would you really do that for me?”

“I really want to do that for you. If you enjoy it, it can be my way of thanking you for lending Bill to me. I think that you enjoyed me playing with your breasts earlier, and if you enjoyed that you'll enjoy this even more, I promise you.”

“Oh, dear. What would Bill say?”

“What would I say about what?” I asked as I came into the room.

“I want to eat Vera's pussy while you're fucking me. What do you think?”

“What a great idea. I hope that you're up for it Vera. Are you?”

By now Suzanne was fully naked, Vera was down to her bra and panties. Suzanne went to Vera and undid her bra, then started massaging her nipples. I was astounded, but delighted, that Vera did nothing to discourage her. While this was happening, I was quickly stripping off my clothes. My erect cock betrayed the fact that I was already highly aroused.

I moved behind Vera and slid her panties down to her ankles, and she let me help her step out of them. Then Suzanne led my wife to the bed and positioned her sitting at the head of the bed with her legs spread wide. Suzanne got between Vera's spread legs and started to lick up and down her slit. Suzanne's knees were under her body, presenting her arse and pussy to me at the foot of the bed.

For a moment I toyed with the idea of fucking Suzanne's arse but then I decided that that might be too shocking for Vera, so settled for her pussy. Her pussy was very wet as I slipped my cock into her without any problem. In an attempt to hold off my orgasm until the girls both had theirs I was stroking slowly in and out of Suzanne's cunt. I looked at Vera's face, her eyes were closed and it looked to me as if she was enjoying Suzanne's attentions. This was confirmed shortly when she started to moan quietly.

I continued stroking into Suzanne as Vera's moaning got louder as she obviously was approaching an orgasm. This added to my arousal until I could no longer hold back and all too soon I pumped my load inside Suzanne's cunt then collapsed on top of her. After a couple of minutes of post-coital bliss I slipped out of Suzanne and rolled off to one side.

Suzanne had still not cum so I turned her over, spread her legs, and dived head first into her slit, licking her labia, poking my tongue into her hole, and finally attacking her clit, holding it between my lips and stroking it with my tongue. A few minutes of this treatment was enough to have her over the top; she grabbed my head pressing me into her groin as she expressed her pleasure.

“Fuck, yessssss!”

When her orgasm was over I stopped tongue fucking her and moved up the bed to cuddle against her naked body. She urged Vera to lie down on the other side and I was fascinated to see that Vera pressed her naked body against Suzanne's too.

“So Vera, how was that?” Suzanne asked.

“Oh! I haven't felt like that in ever so long. Thank you Suzanne.”

Soon after we were all asleep, well, I know that I was. I was awoken by the alarm, which meant that we did not have time for another fuck, because Suzanne and I had to get to work. I got out of bed and pulled Suzanne up to join me in the shower. Suzanne pulled Vera out of bed too, and so we all ended up crowded into our tiny shower stall. Still being crowded in with two naked wet women proved not to be a hardship at all.

Over breakfast we discussed last night.

“Vera, I'm so glad that you let me eat your pussy. You obviously enjoyed it, so don't try to pretend that you didn't. Are you up for doing it again tonight? I do hope so.”

“Oh! Dear! I'm so embarrassed. What must you think of me Bill? I've never done anything like that before.”

“What I think of you, Vera, is that you are an extremely generous woman. I probably wasn't thinking clearly when I suggested that Suzanne stay with us, and I certainly don't deserve the generous way that you accepted the situation, but most of all I'm thrilled that you shared our excitement last night, and it would be wonderful if you were to share with us again tonight.”

“But doesn't that make me a lesbian?”

“I don't think that it does make you a lesbian. Suzanne's mum is not a lesbian and she likes what you liked last night. But what if it does? I certainly don't care.”

“Well. If you think that it's not depraved, I think that I would like to do it again.”

“That's wonderful, isn't it, Suzanne?”

“It certainly is wonderful. And I don't care if it's depraved or not. I'm really glad that we can all play together.”

To be continued in Suzanne 6

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I am a foleowlr of her blog, and she is one of my favorite bloggers. I was glad she went back to private blogging too because I always forget to check for updates on the private blogs!Who doesn’t love Suzanne?!

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Great story. keep it going. it's about time all parties got together, then everyone is happy. No pregnancies, it just complicates things. well done.

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