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The aftermath of our first orgy is great
This is the sequel to 'Our first orgy'. Read it first.

Before our first orgy, our sex life had been pretty good, but afterwards it was spectacular.

I usually got home from work half an hour before Jim, and in the past I had had the dinner ready soon after he got home. Now however I stripped off my clothes as soon as I got home and was waiting for him in the kitchen. I got a kiss and a quick grope as soon as he came in, then he disappeared to the bed room and came back naked to find me bending over the kitchen table, presenting my arse and pussy to him. Sometimes he would plunge into my cunt and fuck me from behind, but the times I came to enjoy the most were when he picked up a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and used it to lubricate inside my arsehole and all over his prick, then he would press into my anus and fuck me that way. I don't think that it was important that the olive oil was extra virgin, it's just that that was the only oil that we had in the kitchen.

The first time that he fucked me in the arse I was stunned, because he had always refused until then, even when I begged him to.

“How come that you just fucked me in my arse? I've been begging you to do that for years and you have always refused.”

“Well, darling, I watched Phil fucking you in the arse the other night and I saw the look of ecstasy on your face, and I decided that I wanted to make your face light up like that, so I decided to try it.”

“Oh! Thank you! I'm so glad that you did. I really love it.”

“The funny thing is that I really like it now too.”

I learnt very quickly to plan for dinner to be ready about one hour after Jim got home, which gave us plenty of time to fuck, take a shower together, and then drink a glass of wine together while talking about our day's adventures.

Over dinner we reminisced about our first orgy and planned for our second one, which would be at our place this time, four weeks after the first one. We were both keen to make this one as exciting as the first one.

We got out of the habit of watching TV after dinner, preferring instead to head straight for bed. Often the first thing that we would do was a 69, with me on top, his cock in my mouth, his tongue in my cunt. We usually both came pretty quickly the first time. Then we would cuddle together, bare skin against bare skin, until I felt his cock hardening against whatever part of my body that it was pressed against. Then I would urge him on top of me and into one of my holes. After our third orgasms of the evening, we both fell asleep very quickly.

We both woke early in the morning, thanks to our early-to-bed regime, had one more quick fuck, before sharing a shower. We ate breakfast naked before dressing for work and heading off for another day.

Jim insisted that even when I was going to work I wear short skirts without panties, although he did allow me to wear a bra to work, but not at any other time. He would ring me at work and ask me if my pussy was wet or not. Nine times out of ten he caught me when I had been day dreaming about our first orgy or about the upcoming second one and I would have to tell him that I was very wet, and why. Even if I had been concentrating on my work, when I felt my bare pussy under my short skirt, I would be immediately wet again and again I would tell him why. He would just laugh, tell me how much he loved me, and hang up.

I was very friendly with a girl at work called Cynthia. We usually had lunch together, and talked about what ever was on our minds. On the Monday after our first orgy Cynthia noticed the great mood that I was in and asked me what was going on but all I said was that we had had great sex over the week-end. But she noticed that each day I seemed happier than the previous one and kept asking me what had happened.

In the end I wanted to tell someone and so, even though I was scared of shocking her, I told her about our orgy and about how turned on Jim and I were since then. She wasn't shocked, she was jealous! Then I told her that the next one would be at our place, and asked her if she would like to come with her new boyfriend, Bill, that she had told me about just a few weeks earlier.

“I'd love to come, but I don't know about Bill. I don't really know, but I suspect that he expects that he and I will be faithful to each other. We're so good together that I don't want to risk losing him.”

“How about if you and he come to dinner with Jim and me this Saturday? If I cannot seduce him then I guess you're in for a boring, monogamous life, but I bet you anything that I can seduce him right in front of you and Jim. What do you say?”

“You are so evil! I'm not sure if I hope that you can or cannot seduce him. Still it will be fun to watch you at work. We'll come.”

That night I told Jim all about my plan to seduce Bill. Like Cynthia, Bill thought that I was evil, but he also thought that it would be fun to watch. He hoped that I would succeed because then he would get to fuck Cynthia. I told him that I wanted his active help, although I was not sure what he could do to help me. He said that it might help if he could demonstrate that he was OK with Bill and me fucking.

For Saturday night, I got out my shortest skirt and cut another 2” off the bottom. It still covered my bum providing I stood up straight. Then I took a see-through blouse and cut the bottom off it, so that it just covered my nipples and aureoles, although it did not hide them because the blouse was very see-through. Most of the underside of my breasts were exposed. Of course I did not wear panties or bra. I asked Jim's opinion of my clothes. He looked at me and grinned.

“Wow! If Bill's human he'll have an erection as soon as he sets his eyes on you. The only thing that I would change is that I think that you should wear your highest high heels. With so much leg on display the heels will show your legs off to perfection.”

So I put on my red high heels. Looking in the mirror I decided that Jim was right. Jim came into the kitchen to help me prepare the meal. The main thing that he did to help was to pour us each a glass of wine. In fact, by the time the front door bell rang I had had 3 glasses and was game for anything.

I welcomed Cynthia first with a sloppy wet kiss, then I told her, “Go and kiss Jim.” and turned to Bill.

“Hello Bill. I've been wanting to meet you. Cynthia tells me that you have a wonderful cock and you know what to do with it too. Feel how wet my pussy is from thinking about your beautiful cock.”

And I kissed him full on the lips, with my mouth open while I held him hard against me with one arm, and pulled his hand down to my pussy with my other hand.

“Jenny! How embarrassing! How can you talk like that in front of your husband? Or my girl friend? Your pussy certainly is wet. You really mean it!”

“Bill, Cynthia and Jim both know that I'm going to fuck you tonight and they both hope that I do because then they will fuck each other and we'll all have a lot of fun together. Look at them. They've heard what I said, and they're both grinning at us and holding each other tighter than is normal for a 'Hello' kiss.”

“Oh my god! But I can't do that. It would ruin my relationship with Cynthia, and I really do love her.”

“Of course you do Bill, and she loves you, and Jim and I love each other too. Tonight will just be sex, but, if you're like Jim and me, you and Cynthia will have stunning sex together for weeks after tonight.”

“You've done this before then?”

“Only once so far, but we're planning another party, here, with the same group of people in one week's time. Cynthia would like to come to that party, but only if you agree to come too. She wasn't game to ask you, for the same reason that you gave for not wanting to fuck me; she was afraid of losing you. By the way, I'll be very much insulted if you say that you wouldn't want to fuck me for any other reason.”

At this point Jim decided to break the tension that was building by offering Bill a beer.

“Bill, you don't have to decide right now. Let's get to know each other a bit first. Cynthia tells me that you like beer so here's your first for this evening.”

“Thanks Jim. Are you really OK with Jenny and me fucking? Just like that?”

“Yes, Bill. As Jenny says, it's just sex, even if it is very exciting sex, and besides, if you fuck Jenny, then I get to fuck Cynthia. That way everyone shares in the fun and no one need feel jealous.”

I decided that it was time to serve dinner and asked Cynthia to help me in the kitchen. A few minutes later we came back into the living room carrying two plates each. We were now both topless, I just had on my tiny skirt and high heels, Cynthia had taken off her jeans too, leaving her in a thong and heels. When they saw us big grins spread across Jim's and Bill's faces. I took the grin on Bill's face to mean that we would be having fun afterwards. We placed the plates on the table, and then Cynthia walked over to Jim and wiggled her tits at him.

“Would you squeeze my nipples, please, Jim?”

Jim did squeeze one of her nipples, but he bent down and sucked on the other one, then he switched sides. By then Cynthia was moaning with pleasure. Of course I went to Bill and offered him my nipples to play with, and this time he did not hesitate to imitate Jim's attentions to Cynthia.

“Hey, you guys. The dinner that I cooked with love for you is on the table and going cold. Let's eat now and play later.”

As we ate, and consumed a couple of bottles of wine, Jim and I told Bill and Cynthia the details of our first orgy and of the reinvigorated sex that we had been having since. By the time that we had finished eating the main course, I was as randy as I had ever been. Looking at the tent in Bill's jeans, he was pretty randy too.

Then Cynthia stood up, slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. Then she straddled Jim's lap, facing Jim and therefore facing away from Bill and me on the other side of the table. She fiddled with his jeans and apparently got his cock free because we could see her lifting up and down, presumably with Jim's cock in her cunt.

I turned to Bill and asked him to push his chair back from the table, then I undid his jeans and pulled his rock-hard cock free. I was torn between going down on him or fucking him, but decided to take his cock into my mouth, in the hope that I could fuck him later. He must have been really turned on by all our talk about fucking, and also by seeing his girlfriend fucking my husband, because within about a minute of my taking his cock in my mouth I was swallowing a load of cum. But his cock remained hard so I stood up and lowered myself onto his erection.

On the other side of the table I could hear Jim and Cynthia moaning and saying things like “Oh! Fuck yes!”. Then they were both moaning. “Ahhhhhh! Yesssss!” “Ohhhhhh! That'ssss gooood!”

Meanwhile I was lifting up and down on Bill's magnificent cock, and loving the feeling of being stretched. This time Bill lasted long enough for me to experience a mind-blowing orgasm before he pumped his second load of the evening into my cunt. This time his cock softened and soon slipped out of me.

When we had all come down to earth, Jim informed Bill and Cynthia that they were both too drunk to drive home, but that we had bought a huge new bed in readiness for our next planned orgy, and they were welcome to christen it with us.

We all tumbled into bed together and quickly fell asleep. Whenever I woke during the night I could feel someone's naked body pressed against mine. Then at about 5:00am I was woken by a tongue in my cunt. I looked down and recognised Cynthia's head in my crotch, so I somehow got her to turn around so that she was on top of me in a 69. We each attacked the other's cunt with devotion until after maybe 10 minutes we came almost together. It turned out that Cynthia is a squirter, so I had the added pleasure of swallowing all her juices.

By now the two men were awake, thanks to our shaking the bed. I climbed on top of Bill, who was already erect and Cynthia lay on top of Jim who was also ready for another fuck. Five minutes later Cynthia was screaming as she and Jim came together. Bill and I didn't take much longer to share a mutual orgasm.

We all just lay together in a pile of naked flesh. Bill was stroking my breast absent mindedly and Jim was holding Cynthia to him, enjoying the feel of her body against his.

In preparation for our upcoming orgy, Jim had called in a favour with a plumber mate of his and we now had an array of outdoor showers arranged in a circle near our pool which was protected by a privacy fence because we like to swim and sunbathe naked. Jim now led us all outside to christen the showers. We only needed about half of their capacity but we all enjoyed washing the body next to us and being washed by someone else. Afterwards we all agreed that as much fun as it had been showering together, it would be even more fun with more bodies.

Then Jim and I made breakfast for Bill and Cynthia, before they finally got dressed and left for home, but not before they had promised to join us for our next official orgy on the following Saturday.

To be continued in 'Our second orgy'.

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