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From one aroused day, began it all.
My name is Eric. From a single horny day at school, opened a world of sexual opportunity.

I was 15 at the time. I was no virgin…. but I wasn't very experienced either. I had fucked my one and only girlfriend about 3 times before she broke up with me. It wasn't much-- but well enough to get me hooked. I've masturbated every day since I was 12… some days a lot more than that. After I finally had sex for the first time, I had started masturbating at least several times a day. It used to just be at least once a day.

So one day towards the end of school, I was in the locker room after P.E class. It was my last period, so school was just about over. Remember how he class was P.E?
That was the problem… I don't know about you, but the girls uniforms at my school have pretty short-shorts… those are my weakness. It all started from seeing a few girls bend over… oh those wonderful thighs and firm little butts. And to boot, I could see up some of their shirts from behind. Yeah they were wearing sports bras, but hell… some had decent sized tits, and that was all I needed. After being exposed, I started getting hard… As quick as I could I stuck my hands in my pockets and pulled the clever "shove your dick in your waistband" trick to hide it. That worked fine… but it never went away.

When the class was finally over, as typical, we headed to the showers. I acted particularly sluggish so that I would be the last one there. Why..? Relief….
When all the guys were gone, I ripped my pants off as fast as I could(hey if someone did come in I could just be showering, right? Just had to be sure to hide my dick), grabbed the nearest bar of soap I could find and lubed up my cock. It wasn't the best, but I needed to cum! I turned on one of the showers just right so that I could hide any sounds I made, but still hear anyone coming in.
With it done, I finally grabbed my cock and started pumping away. I sighed with how good each stroke felt. I wanted to go slow and make it feel better, but I hadn't the time, and I needed that cum. I stroked and stroked, rotating my hand for extra stimulation and I loved every moment of it. But then suddenly, I hear a cough from behind me. My heart stopped…. I couldn't believe I was caught. Whoever it was must have snuck quietly behind me.

I turned my head while trying to conceal my cock, and I was shocked to see a gorgeous girl…. shocked, and nervous.
She was gorgeous and sexy as can be; around 5'4 in height, long brown hair down to her back, gorgeous brown eyes, a slender sexy body, complete with incredible legs and perfectly sized C cup breasts.

I stared her down as she stood there looking at me, until she finally said "So what are you doing?" in a purposely cute voice.
I didn't say anything-- I couldn't say anything. I was too in shock.
She spoke again and said "Come on…", while wagging her finger towards herself.
I questioned if I should.. until she put on a puppy dog face and coerced me enough. I still had my caution though.. for all I knew she could've been planning to kick me in the balls.
I cupped my cock with my hand and walked slowly towards her; her finger still coercing me. When I got close to her she brushed my hand away and revealed my hardened cock.
"Nice" she said, as she she grabbed it and started to stroke. I gasped and started breathing heavily.
"Oh, but you ruined it!" she said and pulled me to the shower and washed the soap of my cock.

When she was finished, without hesitation she turned me towards herself, got on her knees and put her warm mouth over my cock and sucked up and down. I knew she was versed because she was outstanding…. perfect tongue action, amazing use of suction… She licked it all over as she glided her head up and down. She then brought up a hand and cradled my balls as she sucked me.
When about 2 minutes had passed she pulled off, though not without giving a few parting licks to my head, moved her mouth to my balls and stroked my cock with her hand. She went between slow long strokes and short quick which contrasted each other wonderfully and gave me an amazing sensation. Eventually she returned her mouth to my cock but first licked up and down every side of it, and then dove her whole mouth back. She sped her pace and I grabbed her head; my orgasm was finally coming. With a last few strategically placed licks, my cock erupted with my sticky cum straight into her mouth. She never picked her head up-- instead continuing her work and sucking up every drop of cum I had. Since I just came, I was super sensitive which caused me to hump her head for more. Eventually when I came down from it, she finally released me, but not without jerking me a little after to be sure she got every bit she could.

I panted as she stood up, and said "..that was awesome…"
"Thanks." she said and turned to walk away. I made a noise from my shock that she was just leaving. She stopped and said "meet me behind the school tomorrow when it's out. By the way… my name's Ally.".
And with that she left… I was still in shock and awe that it had just happened. But well… I was sure to meet her the next day. I wasn't missing out.

When I got home, I would end up jerking off 4 more times just from the simple thought that I had finally gotten a blowjob since my last girlfriend. I was dreaming. And to no surprise, all of my porn for it was blowjobs.

In the end, when I went to sleep that night, I was sure to dream of the things to come the next day.
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