cuntinued story of a moms lust.
Mike took off for work that day and was going to be gone for a week. I spent the day trying to clear my mind on what I had done but to no avail. All I could think about was Mike eating me out this morning and me cumming and forcing out my juices mixed with his sons cum into his mouth. I got wet thinking of it.

John spent most of his day playing wii or watching tv. Not even acting like anything happened. I played with myself several times during the day. It was a turn on to think of my son or one of mikes friends or his brother. Fucking me.for some reason I wanted to cheat or the thought of cheating on him turned me on. I guess after 10 years of being maried to someone that only satified himself in bed you get that way.
It was getting evening and I was horny as all get out. I was watching tv with just my bath rob on and john came into the living room. He sat down beside me and started watching TV. I thought for a moment then stood up and let my rob fall off me.I pull john to his feet and he stands about my height at 5 foot and look him in the eyes. I kiss his lips as he just stands there frozen in time. I slowly get down on my knees in front of him and pull down his underwear. His dick is soft as I reach around and cup his but with my hands and pull him into my face. I fell him start to grow as I suck on soon as he gets hard I have him get on the floor and I stradle him and lower myself onto his shaft.. It sends fire threw me as I rock back and forth on him.I rock and buck and scream out as I cum on my sons dick I can feel my juice running down his shaft out of me onto his balls.I lean forward breathing hard and look at my son. Mom likes it when you get hard for her baby. You make me feel so good and I kiss him passionately as I struggle to breath at the same time.

John stays hard and I rool over on my back and pull him on my guiding his dick back in me I bring my knees up to my chest and put my feet on his butt and pull him into me. After a couple times I feel him get the idea and he starts working his hips in and out of me.
Ohh fuck john ooh that’s it baby fuck your mom pound my pussy he jerks and I feel him cum in me at the same time I do and we ly there on the floor in a poll of sweet and sex.

I snap out of it and get up .I sit on the couch and cry unable to understand why I cant control my sex urges.
I knew I need someone to fill in for my husband. Someone that would not tell him or anyone else. Maybe if I found someone else I could stop molesting my son. As I sat there and cried my son got up and hugged me.
I told him I was sorry and he did not say a word. He just hugged his naked body up to me and slowly I stop crying and hugged him back.

Mom its ok I like it when you love on me it makes me feel good.
I wont tell anyone you did this. I love you. I love you to john its just not normal for mom to do that to her I say this john leans in and kisses my nipple on my left breast.even in this state I watch him as he sucks and nibbles on it like he did 9 yrs ago when he was a baby. Soon I feel my body give in and I put my hand on his head and press him into me. I look down and he is hard. I lean back and he climbs ontop of me as I spread my legs and he slids into my wet pussy and starts fucking me again.I ly ther in disbelief that he likes it and is fucking me on his own. I lay there on my back and watch my son suck my tit and his cute little butt pump up and down on me.

I feel him cum in me again and then feel him start going soft as he gets up I tell him to go get ready for bed. He smiles and goes gets into the shower.After he gets in bed I get dressed and sit quietly in my room. I did not get off that last time my son did. It was just him using my body like his father has. I liked it. To give myself to him and let him have his way. I drift off to sleep being totally satified and relax.

The next day I wake up my son shaking my shoulder. I said what is it john. Can I have you again mom like last night? I was surprised I rolled over to talk to him but he was naked already and climbed ontop of me before I could say anything. I lay back and he was inside me that quick. He started pumping his hips in and out of me as fast as he could.and I felt him cum in less than I minute.he got up and left the room and I lay there with his cum running out of me. I think like father like son.he got me worked up just enough for me to be real horney and left. Just what I need is to be sexually frustrated all day. I get up and head for the kitchen for some coffee and I hear the door bell. I go to the door and its Billy johns best friend. Hi is john home? Yea he is in the shower come on in.
i take billy by the hand and tell him to come with me and we walk down the hall to my room. we go in and i lock the door.Billy looks at me and says wher is john and i say he is in the shower now be quite i dont want him to know you are hear.
i drop my robe and stand in front of him. He stared wide eyed and looked up at me. i put my fingures to my lips as to be quite and lead him to my bed.Billy is a little shorter than john and has dark hair. he cute and has a nice round butt for a 10 year old. a little chunky but i am in a lust driven craze from my son getting me started this morning. i am not thinking . my breathing was heavy as i pulled down his pants and took off his shirt. i could tell billy was imbarressed and a little scared but at that moment i did not care. i pushed him back on the bed and started sucking on his bal little dick till it got was...

more to come later enjoy.

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i like it hope there more

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NTFQVT However, the author created a cool thing..!

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I remember my first was went out..with the next door neighbour. They got drunk....When mom came home..she passed out..on the sofa...i remembr it. I saw her hairy cunt. she had no panties on. I pulled my cock until It was sooo hard. I put it up to mom's cunt, and pushed it into her.
I jerked short spurts of cream..shot into mom's cunt.
She never even woke up. It was awesome.


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Good stuff...but to quick I feel like the wife left horny

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The writer is the buter.

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