the start of a larger story
Hi my name is Honey.
If you have time to read this i will tell you about me. I am 46 years old and live in Tasmania. I have long blonde hair small tits, and a cute ass or so everyone keeps telling me.
I love sex, or more to the point i can't get enough to satisfy me. I like all kinds of sex, and have tryed most.

The story starts when i was five I was asleep in my room with Vicky my three year old sister, and the one year old twins Adam and mary. I could hear a noise coming from up the hall, dad was fucking mom. i listened to my mother moaning, i didnt know it but i was getting horny.
My hands started to explore my very faint titty bumps, thats all they were back then, My tiny little nipples tingled when i touched them.
I sleep naked my mom tells me to keep my pj's on when i go to bed but i like to feel the sheets on my bare skin.
I could feel an ache go right through my body, my pussy was throbbing, and i felt a strange sensation down there.
I moved my left hand down my body and rubbed my little bare pussy, i could feel a juicy wetness, my fingers rubbed along my slit, i moved my hand to my face, and smelled my fingers, it was a strange smell but i liked it, so i tasted it, oh fuck was that nice.
Even now the best taste in sex for me is young virgin pussy, any age the taste is so delicious i adore eating teenage girls.
I climbed out of bed and crept down the passage to my parents room, they thought we were all asleep, the door was open and the light was on.
What a sight my dad was sitting in an armchair masturbating his huge cock, watching his tweelve year old brother fucking my moms arsehole, while mom sucked our dogs cock.
My dads cock must have been over ten inches long. my mom took her mouth off the dog cock it was bigger than dads and juicer she had dog cum dripping out of her mouth.
Just then dad started to come he was moaning loudly and stroking his cock fast, then big sticky spurts of cum started squrting all over his chest he scooped some up with his fingers smelt it then licked his fingers clean.
I walked over to him and knelt between his legs and started to lick the come of his chest, he put his hands around his cock and offred it to me i started to lick it and suck on it, oh fuck that was nice sucking my daddys cock for the first time.

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2011-10-15 13:22:03
And this is under Watersports...Why??


2010-09-24 20:20:34
Barely merits a response. Does make me wonder about your sanity. Somehow intriguing in spite of its shortcomings.

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2010-09-20 18:01:34
You.stopped to soon...another premature ejaculator

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2010-09-20 17:59:37
My cousin played in her pussy since she was able to reach in it and my grandma would beat her for it but that didn't stop her and she would play with herself all the time until her mom asked the pediatrician why, he said it was normal but found later that she was developing to early and he gave her shots to slow the process

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2010-07-21 22:07:43
when do we get the rest off the storie ,its good

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