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iam sorry for the length but i wanted to tell this story for a long time
-------------------------------------------------------------------:)MY STORY(:-----------------------------------------------------------------
Ok well this is kinda my first tim on this site so iam just gonna tell the story and see what happens, also this is kind of a long story so bear with me

ok so a few years back my girlfriend at the time got kicked out of her home so i told her it'll be ok she can move in with me, (by that time we would have been dating for at least a year) so after tht happened a few months past and my parents tell me there moving out of town so i freak out a little and have a bit of a "iam not fuckin going" fit and me and my girlfriend at the time get kicked out.

the funny thing is that we move into my ex's parents house which was fucking hell for me, i was athiest and didnt really care what to "good lord" intendend (no offence to any christians out there iam very openminded so dont worry) but we had to sleep in seperate rooms and all that

so i don't know why but the night this all went down my ex gf was look absolutly stunning she was tall(ish) slender body frame really nice petite tits tanned and just got a really hot haircut that day, but i was telling her all night (the chances i got to speak with her) just how sexy she look and how bad i wanted to fuck her, she just shrugged me off and told me not to talk like that.

so then comes the night iam laying in my room looking up and the roof and just thinking about how much of a shit situation iam in and about how she was looking that day and start to drift off to sleep, couldn't have been alseep for more than a half hour when i hear some footsteps coming from the hallway, by this time iam wide awake and waiting to see whats goin on.

-------------------------------------------------------THE SEX STARTS HERE DOWN---------------------------------------------------

my door starts to open really quietly and a shadows creeps into myn room and all i can make out that it is naked (haha) it climbs into my bed and wouldn't you know its my gf completly naked and telling me about how bad she wants my dick.

So we get to work, we start makeing out really hard like if we went any harder our teeth would shatter i kiss down her neck while i was rubbing her all up and down after a bit i make my way down to her nipple those cute little tasty nipple i licked and sucked those things like they were candy, while my other hand was fingering her slowly gaining speed and more fingers.

she grabs my hand and pulls my fingers out of her and grabs my already hard as a rock boner and pulls me on top of her and i get the message so i slide my dick in as slowly as i could control and after it was in it was a no hold barred free for all it was hard fast and awsomeafter a while but she stops me and says she wants me to enterr her from behing, now the thing is ive never had anal sex before this night so i was a little hesatant before hand but after a little jerk she gave me i was up for anything

so she gets on all fours turns around, oh my god her ass was so fucking beatiful that night i don't know why it just looked great, i take my cock and place the tip of it on her ass and press it really gently (after lubing it up with some spit first) with more and more push i slowly end up inching my way into her and for a second it didn't feel good at all (for both of us)

"just give it a few pumps babe" she said i oblidge this request with a few gentle thrusts and gradually get faster by this time she moaning like ive never heard her moan before all the while iam tryin to slow down and tell her to be quiet but she wants me to "keep going!"

we were goin at it for a good hour and i start to feel the cum starting to build up even pump was bringing me closer and closer to orgasm and her also so i put in a last stitch effort to get her first and i go hard and fast thrust after thrust then she drops down to the pillow, and burys her face in it and lets out a scream that iam surprised didnt wake up her parents soon after i have the best orgasm of my life all over her lower back

she then cleans her self up and leaves my room, the next day we get ready for church and we both had the biggest smiles on our faces you wouldn't imagine :P

she said she never had anal (she was a virgin when i met her) but after that night it was hard to believe)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. sorry for the length people but i hope u found this story (true) entertaining and a good one because i've never told a soul about this night because i always had a big view on anal which was it was disgusting but of coarse that night i was converted and for some reason havn't had anal since

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look at all the keyboard warriors in this section of the comment's

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To the fucker that talks about the fucker that talks about the US ..... can you explain why I wouldn't be able to have school if it weren't for the US ? (no I guessed you couldn't) So ..... ass kicking time is it? Ok - I'm waiting. But I dont have an ass, sorry. I have a donkey if your'e ok with that

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to the fucker that talks about the US you would not be able to have school if it was not for the US .and i will kick your ass if you dont like it.......................................


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Start over and take your time with more details...good attempt for 1st time...being Anal is a good thing...PRACTICE

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did u mean length as in long? cuz it took me 30 seconds to read i thot it was gona b long and with detail

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