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Ok, so this is one I'm not so sure about but I felt i should submit it. Comment and let me know what you think or if you want more. Hopefully, You'll enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'm considering continuing the story into more chapters, What do you think?
“Goodnight daddy,” I said with a smile as I closed the door to my room. Even though I was nineteen I still lived with my parents though I didn’t mind. Life was pretty okay, especially since I had just met a guy that I was really interested in a few days ago. His name was Ryan and I had met him at my bedroom window a couple nights ago.
The story is actually a pretty funny one when I think of it, from the point of meeting him until now when I’ve been constantly talking to him. A couple of nights ago Me and my friend Alicia were drinking at my house when we decided we wanted to make French toast, sadly though we didn’t have any bread. So Alicia, the amazing person she is, decided to call this guy Zack she liked to bring us bread (I mean obviously we couldn’t drive after drinking, my dad had our keys). So since he couldn’t drive because he was too young he called his buddy Ryan and they brought us bread at 3:30 in the morning. Best moment of my life. The next night I had this crazy amazing sex dream about Ryan (note: I had never ever had a sex dream about anyone before him) and Alicia got him to start talking to me. Since then we’ve hung out a bit and talked a ton. I really, really like him and could even see myself having sex with him.
Tonight though he was in Ocean City with some friends, which is where he’s been for the past few days. I get to talk to him in a bit though since he said he would call tonight. For now though I had to just deal with texting him. I didn’t mind though it gave me some time to play. I could just entertain myself with my thoughts until Ryan called. Though trust me, I could definitely keep myself entertained for hours with thoughts of ryan.
A little bit passed while I laid in bed and texted Ryan when all of a sudden he asked me to send him a picture of myself. I asked him what kind and he said a naked one. So I sent him a picture of my chest. I figured that wasn’t so bad and if he didn’t like it then I didn’t have to worry about his friends seeing my most private place.
It’s not that I thought Ryan was the kind of guy to do that, I just always would rather be safe than sorry. It took him a while to text back but when he did I was amazed. He asked me if I wanted him to send him a picture. I said yes and jokingly tried to convince him to send me one of his dick. I didn’t expect him to send me one but I figured it would be funny to try. Deep in my heart though I sincerely wished he would send me that picture.
It wasn’t long before I got a reply and when I opened the message my heart stopped beating for what seemed like forever. I couldn’t breathe because amazingly Ryan had sent me a picture of his massive cock. I couldn’t believe how big and thick he was. On top of being “to-die-for” sexy, Ryan had an enormous cock!
I saved the picture in my phone for later just as he called.
“Hey,” Ryan said when I picked up. His voice was amazingly sexy and I wished he would start saying all kinds of dirty things to me. Of course I would never actually say that to him.
“Umm, hey,” I said back breathlessly.
“You get the picture?” he asked quietly.
“Yeah, wow,” I replied nervously. “How did you like mine?”
“It was amazing, What did you think of mine?” he said in what sounded like a kind of anxious voice.
“You’re huge,” I said without thinking. “I mean it was really good.” I tried to cover for myself but failed miserably.
He laughed at my response before replaying. “I was hoping you would like it. But guess what? I have a surprise for you when I get back from the ocean just to let you know.”
“Cool what is it?” I asked.
“I can’t tell you,” he said.
“I hate surprises please tell me,” I begged.
“I can’t tell you but trust me you’ll like it. So how was your day?” he said casually. The conversation continued for a while with us just talking about our day and what we wanted to do when he got back from the ocean.
It wasn’t long before we said our goodbyes and hung up. We texted a bit more before he fell asleep . I let out a deep breath, the one I had been holding on the phone the whole time, and opened the picture of his cock again.
I was so wet from just looking at the picture that I wondered what it would be like to really have that massive thing inside me. I had never had sex before though I had stuck my own fingers inside my pussy many times. I knew that I was tight but I had never known just how tight.
It wasn’t long before my mind started to wander and think of all things I wanted to do to Ryan, the things I wanted Ryan to do to me. My virgin pussy started to get extremely wet with every passing moment. I got out of bed slowly and started to turn out the lights in my room and make sure the doors and windows were closed. I was already naked so I knew I wouldn’t have to undress for the fun I wanted to have.
Slowly I reached my hands to my breasts to play with my little perky nipples. My chest was kind of small just a B cup but I had very, very sensitive nipples. I moaned softly to myself as I imagined Ryan’s large callused hands on my nipples, pinching them and rolling them between his fingers. I spent a few minutes with my hands on my nipples pleasuring myself before one hand continued on its downward journey to my tight wet little pussy.
One finger trailed between my pussy lips to find the sweet little clit nestled there. I began to rub it slowly while pleasure started to overwhelm my senses. I had to keep my moans down though, I didn’t want my little sisters to hear me and wonder what I was doing.
As I rubbed my clit I imagined Ryan rubbing my clit with the fingers of one rough hand. I imagined they would feel amazing rubbing my most sensitive area. I imagined his lips kissing me passionately and his other hand still playing with one of my hardened nipples. I imagined he would play with my clit until he finally got me so wet that he could plunge one of his fingers into my pussy. I imagined that it would feel so good that I would cum instantly just from the shock of having something other than my own fingers in there. I imagined that after a while he would stop using his fingers and move on top of me and start to slowly plunge his dick into me.
The more I imagined, the harder I rubbed my clit until I moved down to shove one finger in my pussy. I felt myself, dripping wet and tried to slide another finger in but I was so tight I thought it was impossible. I opened my eyes to find myself looking at the picture of Ryan’s huge cock and started to cum right then and there. I wanted to actually experience Ryan going into me. I wanted to experience what it fell like to cum on his long, thick, hard cock.
I finally stopped playing and started to fall asleep. Every night until Ryan came home and up until the first time Ryan and I had sex, I played with myself to the thought of having sex with him. I wanted to experience it so bad that nothing else mattered to me.
Upon returning from the ocean, Ryan asked me to be his girlfriend, which started my sexual adventures…
And my oh my has there been a lot of them.


2011-05-12 07:44:19
Good story but maybe paragrapgs so u dont hurt peoples eyes

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2010-09-21 00:37:26
Good story but it need an ending...

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2010-09-19 12:43:01
Txt me if ur horny 8014997230

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2010-09-19 10:58:29
Keep writing. It's a good story

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