The good doctor
"If you girls want to act like young ladies we can play an old game called doctor. I
will play the doctor and one of you will be the nurse as we examine the other. Than
you exchange places and the other becomes the patient and the other the nurse. Wanna
play"? Carla looked at Patty smiling and they both shook their heads and said yes. I
had this whole night to have these 2 cuties to myself so I had to take advantage of it.
"Ok who wants to be the patient first"? They both raised their hands up but I picked
Patty since she was the older of the two.

"Ok I will go to Patty's room and then Carla will have you come see the doctor after
I give her instructions. Follow me Carla". Carla came to the room with me. "Ok let our
patient know we will be doing a total check-up so she will have to remove her clothes.
Let the patient know that if she feels uncomfortable taking off her clothes she doesn't
have to, but then we will have to do a different exam". Carla went to tell Patty what I
said. I could hear them from the room. "Michael says you need to take your clothes off
so we can do a full exam but that if you don't want to we will do a different exam". "If
I don't take my clothes off Michael will think I am just a little girl. I have hair on
my pussy already and my boobs are nice for a 12 year old". I got a hard-on when I heard
Patty say that.

"You do have a lot of boys in school that like you". "Well now I want Michael to like
me". I heard silence for a while and then the girls walked back into the room. "Nurse help
our patient undress and have her lay down on the examining bed". Patty undressed. "Yummy".
Carla took Patty's hand and led her to the bed. Patty lay down. I was drooling and had
a raging hard-on looking at this fine little piece of tail. "Ok we will now give you
some anesthesia so that you don't feel any discomfort". I took a cup and put it over
Patty's mouth. "Ok just breathe naturally and you will soon go under. Close your eyes
and let the anesthesia take effect". Once I saw Patty close her eyes we were ready
to start.

Ok nurse, put your ear to her heart and take her heartbeat. Count how many beats you
hear when I tell you go til I say stop. Carla put her hand to Patty's heart and of
course had to touch some of Patty's sweet B-cup boobs. "Stop". "Eighteen". "Ok her
heart is beating 72 times a minute so she is calm and we can continue. We need to
clean her so take this wash cloth and pass it over her body. Carla began to wipe Patty
with the cloth starting with her face and moving all over her body. Patty couldn't help
but fidget. "Ok let me see the wash cloth to finish the job". I concentrated on her legs
and especially the area around her pussy which was already leaking.

"Nurse do you see that gooey stuff around her pussy"? "Yes". "I will have to clean it
better so as I do that pass the cloth over her boobs to clean them better too. I got my
head betwen Patty's legs and started to lick her inner thighs near her pussy. Patty
really fidgeted now. I licked her pussy and she arched upward. I started slurping all
the juice she was leaking. I noticed her little clitty was at attention so I really went
to work on that. Patty was moaning and arching her pussy at my mouth. As I worked on
Patty's clit she lunged upward and thrashed around meaning she was cumming. I slurped
up her juices.

"Ok nurse. I will have to clean her inside here now. The patient might be coming out of
her anesthesia somewhat so you will have to put your lips on hers to keep her relaxed.
Carla got up on the bed and put her lips to Patty's. I slipped a finger in Patty's pussy
and wiggled it around. Patty slid forward out of reaction. "Slip your tongue inside the
patient's mouth and rub your tongue to hers. That works like anesthesia to keep her calm."
I saw Carla do that and I saw Patty part her lips to meet Carla's tongue. My hard-on
was hurting. I put a second finger in Patty's pussy and started to finger-fuck her once
again putting my mouth to her clit, sucking, and flicking it around. Patty was meeting
my finger thrusts and soon heaved upward cumming once again.

"Ok the patient seems to be coming around again so I will need you to now put your mouth
to her pussy and move it all around there and lick it. I will have to put my dick in her
mouth so she will involuntarily suck on it. This will once again relax her. As Carla
put her mouth to Patty's pussy I pulled my raging hard-on out and placed it to the
entrance of Patty's mouth. When I saw her part her lips I drove my cock slowly into her
mouth. I felt Patty's tongue lick my slit and precum leaked. I slowly fucked her sweet
mouth as she sucked it like a lollipop. I didn't last 30 seconds. As I started to cum
in her mouth I pulled out and let some of the cum splash on her face. I noticed her arch
upward as Carla's licking apparently made her cum again.

"Ok nurse. The patient now has some ointment on her face. Spread it around her face and
this will wake her up. She can then wash up and get dressed. Let her know she passed
the exam and has no apparent problems. We can then prepare for the next patient. As
Patty saw that I left the room she got up and started dressing. "Wow Patty. You seemed
to like the examination. What happened"? "The good doctor made me cum twice. You made
me cum also. Yoy'll see how good it feels now that it is your turn to take the exam.
Just don't be afraid and let your feelings take over. Keep your eyes closed".

I was in the living room as the girls came out. Patty quickly said it was Carla's turn
to be the patient. My dick started to get hard again. "I will go back into the room and
Patty you can bring Carla in". The girls waited a bit then followed me into the room.
"Doctor we have another patient. I will get her ready for her exam". I stepped back out
of the room and Patty helped Carla undress and got her up on the bed. "Ok doctor". I
came back in. Since Patty knew what I did to her I let her do the preparations. "Give
her the anesthesia. Once she is under we will begin".

"Ok nurse. Take the wash cloth and clean the patient. Patty started at the face, then
the neck, around the little titties Carla had and I let her clean her legs also. Carla
fidgeted as Patty washed around her pubic area and rubbed her pussy with the wash cloth.
Patty kept rubbing Carla's pussy and she suddenly arched upward so I knew Patty had made
her cum. My dick was throbbing. "Ok nurse. Let me give her a good cleaning there now
since the patient is gooey around there". I put my mouth to Carla's pussy and sucked the
juices she just released. She was fidgeting a lot. I slipped a finger inside her pussy
and Carla buckled cumming again as I continued to finger-fuck her through her orgasm
and kept my tongue on her clitty.

"The patient seems to be coming to and we haven't finished. Place your mouth on hers
and rub your tongue on hers as an anesthetic. Then I will apply an ointment. I let Patty
kiss Carla as I saw them sloshing their tongues around. I licked and kissed Carla's
little boobies. They were like hard little pellets. I then took my dick out and
straddled Carla's face placing my dick to her mouth. As she opened her sweet mouth I
plunged my dick in and fucked her mouth. I almost came immediately so I stopped and
then began to thrust again til I came. I pulled my dick out after allowing a squirt
inside her mouth and spread the rest of my cum on her face.

"Nurse please pass that ointment around her face with your tongue for better effect".
As Patty did that I came up behind her, lifted her skirt, dropped her panties down,
and shoved my dick into her already sweet wet cunt. "Doctor"! As I started to fuck
her sweet pussy she began to kiss Carla on the mouth slipping her tongue inside. I
fucked Patty for a few minutes and then came deep inside her pressing up hard against
her when my last squirt was released. "Ok nurse. The patient should be coming to soon.
Get her dressed. We are though for today."

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2013-12-21 13:39:10
Good story.make patty style for fucking girls 9 to 12 is her on top so she can control the depth

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2011-12-06 14:23:53
a potential start to some good possibilities to get some really good, young pussy in the future. better to do the 12 yo first and let her convince the 10 yo to follow her lead. nest meeting should be great. keep em cumming n dont scare em off.

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Not that far. My daughter sucked my cock at 7...
Shes 9 now...and still sucks it. So far I have not fucked her.

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Pretty lame 'doctor' story....why others liked it is beyond me...this could have been written so much more interesting....
Part two is sure to go downhill even worse than this so don't bother!
1 out of 10

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Great story. Please tell us more. Since you fucked Patty, you need to fuck Carla as well!!!

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