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This is a story of fiction. Please keep that in mind when reading it. Forced fantasy is one thing, doing this in real life is another.
Jessica was not your basic 18 year old high school senior. She was your class valavictorian and head cheerleader for the city champion football team. Besides that Jessica was beautiful, popular and extremely outgoing. Her parents Adrienna and Jose brought Jessica and her old sister Alexis to the United Staes when she was 3, and since then the family has lived a good life. Alexis was currently in college in Northern California at Berkeley, leaving their souther California home two years earlier. This left Jessica alone as the only sibling at home. Both her parents worked full time in order to afford the nice house and the tuition for college. However, Jessica had great influence from her religious roots and was still a virgin, saving herself from marriage. Despite saving herself Jessica was known as a tease at school. She did go to a Catholic School so short skirts were plentiful Jessica took it to another level, usually dawning stillouatos and a g-string; this drove other boys (men) crazy. Especially with her 5ft-6inch 150 LB somewhat chubby frame with 36 D tits and Brown hair blue eyes and latina toned skin

So this is where the story begins. One day after cheerleading practice, her final practice before the big homecoming game, Jessica was walking home her normal route on a Thursday night, the one day her parents couldn't pick her up because of work. She first passed the mall, then the train tracks. Jessica was listening to her IPOD and practically skipping in her cheer alphet as she started to pass an old closed down dump site. Jessica couldn't hear a thing and was oblivious to her surrounding when two men grabbed her and picked the teen up. Her IPOD fell from her ears and one of th men picked it up as they dragged her towards the dump site. Jerry had her feet and Jack her arms as they dragged her to an old dirty matress that was surrounded by 4 old cement blocks with chains attached to them. The two homeless men threw Jessica on to the mattress stomach first. She tried to get up but 5 more men jumped on her and grabbed her two arms spreading the apart and chaining them to the cement blocks. Two other men did the same with her legs spreading her eagle. One of the men pulled up her skirt and roughly ripped off her panties, Jessica let out a blood curdling scream so another man grabbed a dirty rag from the pile of trash and shoved it into her opened mouth. They pulled the skirt back down and one of the men used a knife to cut a hole in the skirt lining up perfectly with her two holes. Jessica was screaming through the makeshift gag as Jerry addressed the tied up teen whore. He said "Okay Jessica now that we have you here and I am going to tell you what is going to happen, and what is to become of you. We now own you, every part of you.

Me and my 50 friends are going to fuck, beat, torture and use you for as long as we want, you are now nothing more than a hole for us to fuck and piss on". Jessica began crying anew as Jerry pulled down his pants and out came a fully erect 12 inch cock. He spit on his hand and rubbed it on his cock for some lube. He lined his cock up with her virgin cunt hole and just jammed it in 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches holding it there for a few seconds then pulled out right before jamming at 12 inches into her cunt tearing apart her teen cherry. With that Jessica started shaking involuntarily as her blood acted like lube for Jerry. He just continued to pump in and out, in and out for another 5 minutes without regard for her. Then in an instant he came shooting stream after stream of cum into her womb. Another man replace Jerry and continued with the same theme, however he took it easier and pulled out coming all over her hair and back. For the next 3 hours another 50 men used her cunt either coming in Jessica's pussy or all over her body. She laid there with loads of cum all over ?. Jack decided to rip the remainder of her clothing completely off and threw them to the side liting them with the IPOD on fire to destroy the evidence.

Two other men unchained Jessica and took the gag out. Immediately the teen whore started whaling out crying and pleading for them to let her go. She was then shook by a punch to the gut and the face. This shoked the abused teen and she quickly became quite, most likely out of shock and fear. Jack addressed the teen again. You can cry all you want, but no one is going to hear you and you can forget about your parents saving you. We sent them a ransom letter from a fictious Mexican Drug Cartel and said you were being held in Mexico. No one is going to look for you here. She started crying and pleading. Why me? What I do? Jessica was interrupted by Jack saying because we can and because your just a beaner tease, and no one gives the fuck about teenage beaner whores. With that he picked her up and dragged her to the other end of the dump and threw her hed first into the pile of garbage. Two men held her there butt left pointing upwards. Jack grabbed a broken off broom handle and started to move it around her anal opening. Jesssica started protesting but right then and there he just jammed it into her previously virgin asshole. Slamming it in and out at full force. It seemed that he wanted to beat her with it not fuck her with it. In and out it went as Jessica became hysterical with uncontrollable sobbing. He just continued to fuck her with the stick as other men beat her back with slaps and another finger fucked her cunt with 3 fingers. This went on for a good hour as the just ripped her a new one. Jessica didn't stop sobbing during the violation continuing to say god help me, just let me die!! After about an hour they stopped and Jack picked the abused Mexican whore up to her feet and told her to open her fuck face.

She protested saying "fuck you".. Jack pulled his hand back as to punch her and said either open you mouth or get your teetch knocked out. Jessica still crying opened her mouth and immediately Jack put his cock near the opening and pissed into her mouth. With that Jessice went to spit it out, but Jack wasn't having any of that told her to swallow it, and hesitantly he did. This scene was continued as all 50 men pissed either in her mouth or all over her body. Jessica laid ther sobbing without control as she had 50 loads of cum and 50 piss shot either in her body or on it. The men just couldn't contain themselves laughing, but we're all tired from the party. So they brought Jessica back to the mattress tied her up again and placed the broom handle in her ass 6 inches deep and found a beer bottle jamming it into her cunt while gagging her again. She laid their spread eagle and once again filled in both holes. Jack said he would keep guard so the other could sleep, and that they did leaving the latin girl tied and filled. The first part of her initiation into the underground of depravity was over. But, there was so much more to come in the coming days.

Parts 3 and 4 coming up. Please message me with constructive comments, first story on here ever. Also, if ladies are up for fantasy get at me

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2016-04-21 09:21:51
Clearly the work of a virgin. A cherry 6 inches deep, sure.

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2016-04-13 04:39:10
oh I so love forced gangbang. the most amazing thing one can experience. I love being used like a slutty whore like dis.
awsome story to relax my cunt.

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2014-04-29 23:01:09
I love to imagine being tied up and so many men's cocks cumming all over me, not being in control of where or how they fuck me over and over. Makes me cum so much to think of this fantasy...

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2013-03-26 01:33:09
i would love to be gang turns me on complete;y

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2012-10-05 16:07:07
Amature rubbish. If she's wearing a skirt, why not just lift it up instead of cutting holes in it? You grammar makes it very difficult and a fake cartel? There is only one and they don't send letters by the way.

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