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This is a stand alone story about a stepfather that exacts his revenge upon a stepdaughter that has earned his disapproval. I'll leave it to you to decide if this story is true or not...
The sexual tension at this point was so thick you could slice it with a knife…the longer she held my cock, not jerking me but squeezing softly, the more I was sure that the little slut sitting on the arm of my recliner was going to learn to suck a man’s cock today. That….and a whole lot more.

“Is that all you’re going to do? Just hold it?” I asked.

“N..n…nooo” she whined.

“Go on, you know what to do, from what I hear you’ve become quite the little cock sucker.” Placing my hand on the back of her neck I began to force her face toward my cock “go on Rene’ open your mouth…suck my cock…you know you want to.”

She didn’t resist….not even a little bit.

“Ahhhhhhh yyyeeesss…that’s it, suck Poppa’s cock like a good little slut” I moaned as my step daughter lowered her parted lips and surrounded my bulbous cockhead….already oozing pre cum. “Fuck that feels good, take it deeper slut….Poppas got a present for you!”

I suppose I had known from the time Rene’ came into my life as a charming completely loveable 9 year old that one day I would wind up here, guiding her head with my hand as she moved her head up and down sucking my cock like it was a candy cane. She and I had hit it off from day one and she was always hanging onto, hugging or kissing me just like any affectionate child would….except a little more so. Over the years her child like acts of affection had become more and more overtly sexual. She loved getting in my lap and rubbing her bubble butt on my cock while her mother watched TV in the living room with us. When we were alone she wandered around the house half dressed most of the time, and it seemed that the only panties she owned any more were thongs.

It was Saturday morning, and I was being lazy, relaxing with my morning coffee. I enjoy the quiet time in the morning, my wife off working at her crappy job and my step daughter still in bed sleeping. I lay back in the recliner wearing my lounging pants and was about to doze off again when I was awakened by the sound of Rene’ making her way out of her bedroom and down the hallway to the toilet. I noted that she was wearing her thong already….the rear strap splitting her ass cheeks sexily and causing the beginnings of tent in my pants.
Rene’ had become a problem in multiple ways and I had gotten to the point that I was angry and resentful of her behavior. She was constantly in trouble at school, would lie at the drop of a hat, had been caught multiple times giving head or hand jobs to several of the neighborhood boys, and had lost her virginity to god knows who when she was 12. She was no longer my “little girl” the apple of my eye and had instead become the neighborhood slut. I was not at all happy about it on the one hand, but on the other, as her flirtations became more aggressive, I admitted to myself that she was a little “hottie” even at 13…sorry almost 14 as she so frequently reminded her mom and me, and fucking her ass off was not unthinkable, not any more.

This morning she was on a mission. She must have paraded back and forth through the living room 20 times, stopping to give me a good morning kiss twice while managing to show me her plump tits as she leaned over to kiss me, her loose fitting cropped top hanging open conveniently. Finally, she did what she often did and asked me if she could sit in my lap and cuddle with me?

This time, unlike my rejections of the past several months, I told her that sounded like a great idea. She immediately climbed over the arm of my recliner and snuggled against my chest pressing her boobs against me. I had not bothered to put on a shirt that morning and Rene’ immediately began running her fingers through the hair on my chest. As she played with my chest hair I slipped my arm around her and put my hand on her bare stomach and began lightly stroking her with my finger tips. Almost immediately I felt her nipples stiffen and her breathing become deeper and a bit faster.

Her fingers were also at work, lightly circling my nipples while nuzzling her face against my neck. I wasn’t long ‘til I felt her begin to softly kiss my neck so I responded my sliding my hand up under her top and boldly taking her right breast into my big calloused hand, squeezing it softly as my thumb rubbed her pointy nipple.

“Uuuummmmmm Poppa that feels nice.”

Then she rose up and kissed me full on the lips….and when I began to respond she eagerly slipped her tongue into my mouth. As we kissed, her hands slid down my chest to my stomach, then slowly lower and lower until her small hand wrapped around my very stiff cock.

“Poppa do I make you horny?”

“Very much so babe, as I’m sure you intended to do!”

“Poppa, can I see your cock, it feels so big and fat?”

“Ohhh yeah Rene’ I think it’s time you got what you want…so take it out and look all you want.”
At that point she pushed the elastic waist band of my lounging pants down which allowed my stiff cock to spring free.

“Ohhh Poppa, it’s so big!” Rene stammered. “Can I touch it?”

“If I can touch your pussy you can. You want me to touch that little pussy anyway, so I know it’s okay isn’t it?”

“Uhhhh huuuh” she said as she wrapped her fingers around my stiff cock and I slipped my fingers under the front of her thong and began rubbing her steamy little girl cunt.

Which is where you came in…

She scrambled down off the arm of the recliner to get between my legs….my cock still embedded in her mouth, I savored the sight of her hungrily sucking my cock and now….gently cupping my heavy balls in her hands. No longer was I guiding her movements, she was in full control and taking me progressively deeper and deeper into her mouth. What she lacked in technique she was more than making up for with enthusiasm as I allowed her to pleasure me with her hungry 13 year old mouth.

“Ohhh fuck Rene’…Poppa is gonna cum, cum right NOW!” I groaned loudly as I grabbed her bobbing head in my big hands and launched the first blast of sperm thru my cock and shot into her waiting mouth…followed by a second, a third, and a fourth major spurt of cum which she eagerly swallowed as fast as I could fill her little mouth. Eventually there was just too much sperm for her to swallow and some of it leaked out of her mouth and ran down her chin. She never quit sucking though, she seemed determined to do a “good job” for her Poppa.

“Is that what you wanted from Poppa this morning…a nice mouth full of cum for breakfast?”

“Ummmmhmmmm” she muttered around my pulsing cock.

“Good…just keep sucking my cock and then Poppa is gonna get what he wants this morning….some of that hot little pussy!”

Rene’ looked up at me, her eyes wide.

That’s what you want Poppa to do isn’t it….you’ve been trying to get me to fuck you for the last two years. Well today little girl, you’re gonna get what you’ve wanted!

I leaned forward and pulled her little top up and as she extended her arms I pulled it off and tossed it aside. As I began squeezing her small tits and rolling her stiff little nipples back and forth between my thumb and forefinger, she looked up at me and smiled. I slid my hand down her bare back and under the elastic of her thong I enjoyed the feel of her smooth skin and a nicely rounded ass. As I thought more about how I was going to bend her over and fuck her tight teen cunt like a little bitch in heat my cock began to stiffen again and Rene’ let out a moan of happiness as she continued to suck me.

I let her suck me to full hardness again then I told her to get up and take off her thong. She quickly complied although I thought I saw a little fear in her eyes as the reality of what was going to happen sunk into her mind. I knew she had already been fucked a few times, according to her mom and the gynecologist we had taken her to, who also had put her on the pill “for safety sake.” I was also damn sure that she had never had a cock the size of mine in her hot little hole before and I was going to enjoy making her like it.

“Now, come sit in Poppa’s lap again, I know how you love to tease me with that hot little ass when you knew I couldn’t do anything about it.” Rene’ carefully climbed into my lap….and snuggled against my hairy chest, planting her ass on my throbbing cock. I slid my hand between her thighs and cupped her hairy pussy with my big hand….working a finger through the hair and into her slit. She was very wet….and I could already smell her musty scent.

“Now give Poppa a big kiss while I play with that little pussy you’re so proud of.” Obediently she turned her face upward and we kissed, or rather I kissed her, at least at first. My tongue slipped between her lips and began sparring with hers as I sunk a finger into her little cunt, she moaned and as I began to finger fuck her she grabbed my neck and began returning my kiss passionately!

After several minutes of increasingly urgent kissing, finger fucking, and her grinding her ass against my now steel hard cock I pushed her out of my lap, stood up, took her hand and half dragged her to her bedroom.

I kicked open the door and told her to get on the bed on her hands and knees. She moved quickly, sensing I imagine that hesitating now would do her no good….and besides, she had thought wanted to fuck me, thought she had wanted me to pound her sweet little cunt with my big cock. Well, it was “put up or shut up” time now for my little slut!

I got her in the position I wanted her…on all fours with her ass at the edge of the bed. I stepped up behind her and guided my big purple cockhead to her very wet swollen vulva and parted the outer labia with two fingers. I pressed my cockhead against her opening and growled “Okay Rene’ it’s time for Poppa to get what he wants.”

I thrust sharply forward and pushed the head of my cock into her tight little cunt. To her credit, she didn’t flinch. I grabbed her hips and held her tightly as I began to work my cock deeper and deeper into her tender young cunt. God she was tight. I had forgotten how tight a young pussy could be, and she was very tight.

After I had about half my cock inside her I began fucking her with short strokes thrusting in sharply then withdrawing slowly and then thrusting sharply again…each time forcing my thick cock deeper into her teen pussy.

“Ohhh Poppa….it’s sooo big….it hurts Poppa!”

It won’t hurt for long …and this IS what you wanted isn’t it my little slut?

With that I simply started fucking her harder and faster….fingers sunk into her hip flesh as I rammed my cock in and out of her mercilessly…fucking her like a piece of meat put there for my enjoyment. I watched as my big cock stretched her further and further….I heard her sobs of pain and I just kept fucking her…no mercy, just hard core fucking. Finally, I was able to fully withdraw and then sink my meat in her to the hilt on every stroke and it was then that I realized that Rene’ was now pushing herself back onto my cock and her sobs had turned to progressively louder moans of pleasure as her step father ravaged her cunt for the first time.

“You like that don’t you slut?” I growled at her “You like a cunt full of man meat don’t you?”

“Yyyyeesssss Poppa…I love your cock…cum in me Poppa, cum in me!”

I grunted loudly as I shoved my cock in her to the hilt and spewed thick streams of jizz into her quivering cunt. When she felt my hot jizz flooding her depths she came too and collapsed face down onto the bed, my still spewing cock slipping from her pussy and depositing the last of my wad on her ass cheeks and lower back.

I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “I hope you liked that…’cause since you didn’t want to be my little girl anymore and just wanted to be a slut for the boys in the neighborhood, I decided to make you MY slut….and from today on your pussy belongs to Poppa, understood?”

“Yes Poppa, I understand and I promise.”

I turned and walked out of her room, retrieved my pants from the living room floor and went to take a shower, a smile of deep satisfaction on my lips.

Rene’s became a devoted little slut for her Poppa and for the next three years, until the divorce, she sucked me and fucked me on command. I still get a major hard on when I remember all the times I fucked her bent over the washing machine or the dining room table while her mom was in the shower.

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2013-10-12 12:29:05
i loved it and i want to be fucked by a man so get me my name is terisa noded please fuke me am 16


2012-11-08 17:07:47
People can't do simple math.
Rene is thirteen, about to turn fourteen, in this story. The divorce came "three years later" when her mom found out about it.
Sixteen is the age of consent in thirty US States plus DC, assuming this takes place in the US.
So while there may be moral or ethical issues with a situation like this, the main legal issue is non-existant.


2011-05-28 11:49:49
You can kiss and date a girl/boy under the age of majority as long as you do not have sex or sexual contact with them. Kissing is not sex, nor is dating, and everyone in the free world know that sex with a 13 yr old is illegal, because the law says so, so we must adhere to said law. I have no idea what city you live in, but I would not want to visit, especially if kissing an underage girl, can get you charged with a crime.

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2011-02-14 14:59:02
this is probably true. from real life experience, I've known of similar circumstances.

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2010-11-10 00:55:12
it say true story so i guessin' it true. .000001/10. stopped half way through. BBBBOOOORRRIINNG!
make somethin' worth readin'. voted not like haha cause' i mean haha

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