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After my wife left us my daughter and I face life together
On Monday night I arrived home from work to find my 16-year old daughter Angie in tears. She pushed a piece of paper at me which turned out to be a note from Sarah, my wife of 16 years, and Sarah's mother, which informed us both that she was leaving us to live with someone called Dick and Dick's wife, Doris. We were not to try to find her. Symbolically, she had left her house keys with her note. I hugged Angie, trying to calm her down, and assured her that I was there for her and that we would still be happy together.

After a longish while she calmed down enough to ask me “Why? What did I do wrong?”

“Angie you must not think that it was anything that you did wrong. Sarah's problem was that she was not happy with our sex life, and now she has found a huge dick to fuck her.”

“Daddy, must you say 'fuck'?”

“Angie darling, I want to help you to understand what has happened, but to do that we have to talk quite explicitly about fucking, so we might as well use the raw words. Besides, it might help us both to relieve our anger.”

“Can I use words like 'fuck' too, Daddy?”

“I hope that you will. I consider that your mother's leaving us means that from now on I'll have to treat you as an adult. I may still nag you to do your homework, but in other respects I'll allow you much more freedom.”

“So tell me about Mummy.”

“I think that you know that we were married one week before you were born. This happened because I took your mother's virginity; that was a pretty exciting night but, 6 weeks later, she told me that she was pregnant. I had thought that she was on the pill. I was not ready to get married, so for the next six months I fucked anyone who would let me. Then, finally, I went to your mother and asked her to marry me. We married and we have been faithful to each other until last Friday.”

“How many girls did you fuck during those six months?”

“About ten, there were another six who would only give me a blow job.”

“Daddy, what's a blow job? Tom keeps asking me to at least give him a blow job.”

“Angie, a blow job is when a woman takes a man's cock in her mouth and sucks, not blows. Either the guy pumps his cock in and out, or the woman bobs her head up and down. In porn stories all the women can take the cock right into their throats without gagging and by swallowing stimulate the man's cock to orgasm. That's called 'deep throat'. I've only ever known one woman who could give me a deep throat blow job. It was great.”

“Yuk! How gross! Does she have to swallow the cum?”

“Usually, but it is not really gross. I'm not gay, so have never given a blow job, but many girlfriends have told me how great it is. The excitement of sex makes it great. Besides, no one ever got pregnant giving a blow job!”

“So what am I going to do to keep Tom happy?”

“It's not for me to say, but I will give you one rule: do not get pregnant until you are ready to look after a baby. Tell me! What do you and Tom do so far when you are out together?”

“We kiss...”


“...he feels my breasts and pinches my nipples...”


“Daddy this is so embarrassing!”

“After all the detail that I have given you? You forget that I was your age once and just as horny as you and Tom. Nothing that you say will shock or even surprise me.”

“He puts his fingers inside my ... cunt...”


“...he tickles my clit until I cum...”


“...he makes me hold his dick...”


“...and I stroke it until he cums all over my hand.”

“And that's all?”


“There, that was not so embarrassing was it? I think that it is urgent that you start on the pill as soon as possible.”

“Oh Daddy, would you let me go on the pill?”

“I'll not let you; I insist that you go on the pill, and soon! Also we will buy you a queen or king sized bed so that you can bring Tom or any other sex partner home to fuck in comfort and safety.”

“Oh, Daddy! I'm so glad that I can talk to you like this. What are you going to do without Mummy?”

“Nothing right away. I kind of hope that Sarah will tire of her big Dick and come back to me. Watching your happiness will give me vicarious sexual pleasure.”

“Poor Daddy! You still have not told me how Mummy met her big Dick?”

“Two or three weeks ago Sarah told me that she was bored with our sex life. I had to agree with her, missionary position once a fortnight gets monotonous over time. Then she told me that she had found a web site for a club for swingers here in Sydney. At first I was very reluctant but Sarah said that it could not do any harm to try it once. Finally she wore me down, so, with you staying at Harriet's place for the weekend... You did go to Harriet's place for the weekend?”


“Oh never mind, you can tell me about your weekend later. With you away for the weekend we went to this club on Friday night. We got there at about 9pm, payed the entry fee, and stood around the bar sipping champagne and chatting with other couples. It was easy to tell regulars from first-timers like us. There were a few couples who seemed as nervous as us (new chums), although most were quite relaxed (old hands).”

“A big man, about 6'4” (193 cm) and built like a brick dunny (non-Australians see footnote), and his very tall, very attractive wife, both obviously regulars, came over to talk to us. Sarah and Brick Dunny seemed to hit it off straight away, and Brick Dunny's wife and I were comfortable chatting together. I assumed that they had taken pity on us new chums and were trying to make us feel welcome.”

“Soon it was time to go downstairs to the 'play' room. Once downstairs every one stripped off their clothes and hung them in the lockers provided, then moved into the 'play' room proper. Straight away Sarah, my wife, your mother, went up to Brick Dunny, put her arms around his neck and kissed him. He cupped her bum cheeks with his huge hands and returned her kiss. Then, effortlessly, he lifted her in the air and lowered her onto his enormous dick. It is twice as long as mine and twice as thick. Almost everyone else stood and watched, and applauded when he impaled her. I was so mesmerised watching this display that it was minutes before I realised that someone was stroking my very stiff cock. It was Brick Dunny's wife, standing beside me.”

“I turned my attention to her, slipping two fingers into her cunt and twisting them around while my thumb stroked her clit. The scene was so surreal that I came far sooner than I would have liked. I continued finger fucking Mrs Brick Dunny until she came too, but by then my dick was hopelessly limp, so she wandered off to find more action. For maybe an hour I just watched the activity all around me; there was even one woman getting fucked in her cunt, her arse, and her mouth. When all four came one after the other, the three guys sat her on a bench and left her there with a big dreamy smile on her face, and cum running down her inner thighs. I felt a twinge of jealousy for her obvious contentment.”

“After some time Sarah came to me and said that she was going to spend the rest of the weekend with Brick Dunny, whose name she told me was Dick, and Brick Dunny's wife, Doris. I got dressed and went home and tried not to think about Sarah with Big Dick. I half expected her home by Sunday night but she had not arrived before I left for work this morning. You know the rest.”

Then I queried Angie about how she had spent the weekend. She looked so very embarrassed that I said. “Angie I think all teenagers lie to their parents about sex. I know that I did. But I am keen to establish an open relationship between us, with no secrets. Do you think that that is possible? Would you like that?”

Angie hesitated for ages then “OK. Tom and I went away alone together on a camping trip in the Blue Mountains. We swam together naked in the river beside our camp site.” “Wasn't the water cold?” “Freezing, but we were so excited that it didn't matter. Then we lay in a patch of sunlight, still naked, until we warmed up. Then Tom started licking me; he would stick his tongue into my cunt, then suck on my clit, then tongue fuck me again. I got very excited and ended up squirting fluid from my cunt into his mouth. Then he asked me to take his cock into my mouth. I surprised myself by agreeing to do it. It was like the blow job that you described for me. He only lasted a few minutes the first time, then he shot his load down my throat. We spent the rest of the weekend naked, sucking each other off whenever we were ready again. I really loved it but Tom really wanted to fuck me properly. He was pretty frustrated that I would not let him. I am sorry that I lied to you about how much we had done.”

At this stage, Angie was sobbing gently. I gathered her in my arms and tried to soothe her “It is not easy to change from father and daughter to confidantes. That is what I would like us to become.”

After a while she said “I wonder what Mum took.” So we went into Sarah's and my bedroom and checked her wardrobe and drawers. As best we could tell she had taken no bras, no panties, no shoes, no jeans, only short skirts, T-shirts and singlet tops.

Angie's comment was “Wow! She seems to be as obsessed with sex as I am!”

To which I replied “Let's talk about your obsession with sex. How are you going to avoid getting pregnant until you have finished university?”

“What if I don't want to go to University?”

“Well, it is definitely your choice, but I really hope that you will. You are quite capable of doing well at University and it will set you up well for life. Also you will meet lots of attractive people at Uni. However, I have known women who had their kids early in life, then went to Uni as mature age students; I think maybe they got more out of Uni than the youngsters like you. I guess that that could work for you too. Either way that does not mean no sex for you.”

“So Daddy,” asked Angie, “will you come to the GP with me to get a preion for the pill? Then I won't have to convince her that you are cool about me having sex.”

About two weeks later there was still no word from Sarah. Our GP had inserted an IUD for Angie; she said that it was safer than the pill because you have to remember to take the pill every day. A king-sized bed filled her little bedroom. To make room for her new bed, we had had to move her desk and chair into my study, but that was fine by me. It was Friday night and Angie and Tom were off to a party at a friend's home, then Tom was to spend the weekend at our place. For the party Angie wore a see-through blouse; in the past she had always worn a bra under this blouse but tonight nothing blocked the vision of her nipples and areolae. Before she walked out the door she did a little spin for me to admire her appearance, then she lifted the hem of her short skirt, except that she had cut the hem off her skirt to make it even shorter, to show me that she wore no panties either, and her pussy was clean shaven. “Wow” was all I could manage, “Lucky Tom” was what I thought.

Five minutes later I heard Angie giggle from the entrance to our unit. She had her blouse off and in her left hand, Tom was beside her playing with her right nipple. As they moved through our living room toward Angie's bedroom I caught a glimpse of Tom's erection which was pointing ahead through his unzipped jeans, with Angie's right hand wrapped around it. Angie was trying to hide this detail from me with her body but unsuccessfully. They were too busy with each other to greet me, and went straight through to her bedroom and shut the door.

Half an hour later I heard their voices coming from the bathroom. The shower ran for a very long time. Eventually they emerged, again dressed for the party. This time they greeted me.

Angie explained “Tom could not wait until after the party!”.

Tom said “I hope that you don't mind Mr Smith. She looks so hot dressed like that. I don't think that she wanted to wait either.”

I replied “I don't mind you two fucking and I can understand the urgency, but I do object to you calling me Mr Smith. Please call me Phil.”

“OK Phil. We are really going to the party now, but don't be surprised if we come home early. Seeya later.” “Have fun, both of you. Seeya.”

They arrived home after I was asleep in bed. As usual, I woke up early in the morning. Angie's bedroom door was closed, so I guessed that Tom was with her. I went for my morning walk then returned and started preparing breakfast. I did not start cooking until the shower had been going for about 20 minutes. When everything was nearly ready Tom and Angie came out of the bathroom, wrapped in large bath towels. When Angie saw me waiting for them, her towel slipped to the ground, whether by accident or intention I did not know but she made no effort to recover it. Instead she ran naked across the room to me and leapt into my arms. Instinctively I caught her with my hands under her bum cheeks, while her arms went around my neck and her legs locked around my waist. She kissed me full on the lips, then I felt her tongue pushing against my lips and, again instinctively, I parted my lips which led to our tongues darting back and forth between my mouth and hers. By the time that Angie broke our kiss I had a raging hard on caught in the shorts that was all that I was wearing.

“Daddy, I am so happy! Thank you for being so understanding!”

“It is a joy for me to see you so happy!”

“I wish that I could do as much for you as you have done for me. Judging by that lump in your shorts you are not as relaxed as I am.”

“Angie, you throw your beautiful, naked body at me, kiss me like a lover, then tell me that I am not relaxed. How unfair is that?”

“I'm sorry Daddy, I just wanted to share my happiness with you.”

“And I am very glad that you did. I'll survive the frustration.”

To be continued in “Sarah left me 2”

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