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Anna is a typical fifteen year old girl with the exception of the smoking hot body of a twenty five year old, she is only five foot tall but what she lacks in height she makes up in looks and body, nice round firm ass and swelling hips that sway so seductively when she walks, a tiny twenty three inch waist, 38DD firm perky breasts with strawberry coloured nipples. She has long red curly hair down her back, skin the colour of cream and feels the same texture as it too, creamy jade green eyes and the most lushest pink pouting lips I have ever seen. She has had boyfriends of course with her looks who wouldn’t have wanted to date her but she was still a virgin, she was a smart girl never anything more than touching. But one red dress could change it all...........
The Red Dress

By Tricki x

This is my very first attempt at anything like this so be gentle with your comments please, but I would like constructive criticisms so I can improve for everyone to enjoy and not just me. Thank you for reading my first virgin story.


Anna is a typical fifteen year old girl with the exception of the smoking hot body of a twenty five year old, she is only five foot tall but what she lacks in height she makes up in looks and body, nice round firm ass and swelling hips that sway so seductively when she walks, a tiny twenty three inch waist, 38DD firm perky breasts with strawberry coloured nipples. She has long red curly hair down her back, skin the colour of cream and feels the same texture as it too, creamy jade green eyes and the most lushest pink pouting lips I have ever seen. She has had boyfriends of course with her looks who wouldn’t have wanted to date her but she was still a virgin, she was a smart girl never anything more than touching.

But one red dress could change it all……….

It was a warm summer’s morning the day of Anna’s fifteenth birthday when she woke to find her legs spread, pussy wet, one hand massaging her clit furiously the other tweaking and twirling her nipple between forefinger and thumb. At that very moment she realised what she was doing and who she was dreaming of, her older very muscular built cousin, he was the most handsome man she has ever seen. With his broad shoulders, rippling muscles, diamond white smile and those eyes, the most intense green eyes that you could see deep into the soul with. As she thought of him she finished herself off before getting ready for the day that lay ahead of her.

As she turned fifteen today, her parents are throwing a big party for her at there mansion, all of her friends will be there and all the family including her hunky cousin Mark and his girlfriend Jen, they had been together for 10 years and Anna had never liked her, she knew the truth to Jen behind her pleasant manors and delicate smile she was a whore a gold digging whore. She hated her so much because she knew that if her cousin ever found out what she was doing it would kill him, because he loves her so much. Anna had always wanted to tell him but his pain out weighed the satisfaction she would feel from seeing her being booted out of the family, so for now she had to suffer in silence known Jen was sleeping around on her cousin.

Anna had caught Jen blowing Mark’s father, her uncle about a year ago and wanted to tell Mark but both of them had begged her not to and tried to buy her silence with gift, her loyalty to her cousin is much more stronger than gifts she told them, all that was stopping her telling is the pain that would inflict on him, nothing else certainly not protecting both of them.

In preparation for her party her mother had a day booked at the beauty shop planned, for all the girls who where going to the party to get there waxing, nails, hair, tan and make up done for that night. There were around thirteen different girls getting waxed at the same time, bikini waxing to be specific, Brazilian waxing to be even more specific, all the girls wanted to be smooth and clean feeling for the party.

That night an hour before the party the family started to arrive at the house, Anna and the girl are up stairs getting ready, well they are really running around either naked or in their skimpy underwear when there is a knock at her bedroom door. They all rushed around to find something to cover up with when the door opens, it’s her cousin Mark.

He pops his head around the door to see what all the noise is about and sees Anna standing there with just a pair of white panties on, she shrieks as she sees him and runs towards him her 38DDbreasts bounce against him as she pulls him into the room, she jumps up on him wrapping her arms and legs around him hugging him tight. All the girls look on with amazement at this gorgeous hunk stands holding onto his half naked cousin’s ass. Mark lifts her off him hey little cousin, he smirks well not so little now he looks her up and down, you want to put some clothes on? He then realises that the room is full of other girls, Well hello ladies, I will let you all get ready I just wanted to let you know I was here Anna. He leaves, closing the door behind him, he hears all the giggling and shouting about him.

What he didn’t know was that they were really playing with each other rubbing clits and tits before he had interrupted, so when he left that’s what they went back to getting each other off as they were horny as hell after getting waxed when they had felt the smooth softness of their bald skin around their pussies.

After that the girls get back to getting ready and cleaning themselves up for the party as they are going to make a grand entrance by going down one by one like bridesmaids then Anna will come down, no one has seen her dress not even her parents so it could get interesting, as they gave her free reign on what she could buy as daddy had just handed her his credit card over to her, BIG mistake.
The time comes when its time to unveil herself to everyone, the girls go down one by one and she stands at the top of the stairs waiting on the signal that they are ready for her, she starts to descend the stairs they see her feet first with the five inch red silk and diamond heels, then the red silk dress as she reaches the bottom of the stairs you can hear gasps and low chatter about the dress. The red silk dress is basically a skirt with a slit on the right leg up to the thigh that sits low on the hips with two pieces of the red silk panelled material the comes up from it to cover her 38DD breasts and tied behind the neck, showing off her very mature and toned body.

Every man wanted to have her over the dining room table right there and then you could see it in their eyes but no man dare touch her, not for lack of trying but because her father would kill them. He was a very well connected man no one dared mess with him or his family, you head would roll if you did. Very secretive no one actually knows what he does just that he is to be feared and that if you mess with him they will find you in parts or not at all.

Her mother looks up to see what everyone is looking at and goes over to her daughter and drags her to the next room closing the door behind them, everyone can hear the shouting from her mother calling her a little slut and cheap whore, when Anna comes out looking happy at the reaction her mother has given her.

She sees everyone looking at her with looks of disgust just as that the d.j starts the music back up and everyone starts to relax again. Anna goes over to her cousin who is all alone….. no Jen strange Anna thinks.

Mark looks her up and down, damn girl that’s some dress, he takes her hand and kisses it then wishes her happy birthday baby girl. Anna sees the look on Marks face and replies with, I take it you like my dress then Mark, she twirls for him. Where is Jen? She says through gritted teeth. Ah well…you see…Anna I don’t want to talk about her tonight, tonight is all about you cuz. Anna smiles as she leaves him in the capable hands of her girls, I have to go see everyone and thank them for being here so I’ll talk to you later Mark, ok.

Anna goes around everyone thanking them for their presence at the party and for the gifts she received, all night she sees Mark watching her from across the room. She goes to get a drink from the kitchen and he comes up behind her his hands on her hips rubbing her stomach under the dress, she feels him press his groin against her ass she knew what that lump was, but it still made her jump she turned round to see who is touching her and rubbing up on her.

Mark she shouted stop it you’re my cousin, even though she wanted him so bad she knew it was wrong, his hands now on her back running up and down, he pushes between her legs making the slit on the skirt opening more as he pushes her legs apart with his. Shhh Anna someone will hear you, her hands on his chest pushing him away, he moves back against the kitchen counter well baby girl I thought this is what you wanted. She shuts the fridge and leans back on it while drinking a beer, looking at each other Anna speaks breaking the silence I do want you but not like this in the kitchen in secret and the chance of getting caught at any moment.

He grabs her waist, turns her so he is at her back, he starts to kiss her neck while his hand roam up her stomach to her breasts, he pinches and rolls her nipples between his thumb and forefinger making them erect and hard very quickly, one of his hands slides down to the slit in the dress lifting it up at the back and pulling her panties down, she lets out a little moan, he pushes her over the counter as he spreads her cheeks and rapes her ass, pounding away at her on the kitchen counter, she let out a squeals of pain which was muffled by him shoving her panties in her mouth. He heard someone coming and pulled out of her, fixing her dress and taking her panties out of her mouth quickly.

Just at that moment in time her mother comes in to the kitchen and started on her again, she tries walk away from her mother she grabs a kitchen knife and cuts the neck of her dress, the two pieces of material fall to her waist her breasts and erect nipples exposed to her mother and cousin Mark. Anna covers herself with her hands and runs up to her room crying. Mark scolds her mother for ruining her birthday for her and tells her no one is to come up till he comes down from her room he’s going to try and smooth everything over.

What Mark and Anna didn’t know was that her mother was watching him tease her nipples and rape her ass, all the time she rubbed her clit over her lace panties and tweaked and played with her nipples. The only reason she burst in on them was because Anna had started to enjoy it and that was a big turn off for her mother.

As Mark heads up the stairs the girls are at the door trying to get Anna to open it to find out what happened, they see Mark approaching the part to let him through he knock and says its Mark let me in now! She opens the door a crack and he goes in, closes it and locks it behind him. She is sitting on her bed crying still with the dress around her waist her arms wrapped around her breasts covering them, looking at the floor she sees his feet. Refusing to look up at him after what has just happened with her mother and between the two of them on the kitchen counter.

He puts his hand under her chin lifting her head up he dries her tears and kneels beside her, he holds her face and kisses her on the lips. He gets up and sits next to her on the bed and wraps his arms around her hugging her making her feel loved. She lets her arms fall to her sides as he holds her close, she looks up to him, why are you here alone Mark, where is Jen? He looks to her, why do you care you never liked her anyway, umm…….I care for you that’s why, I caught her cheating with my father that why she’s not here. Oh I see I’m sorry, he lets her go looking at the massive breasts heaving as she is still getting her breath back from crying.

He thinks to himself how this little fifteen year old has a body that fully grown women would kill for, she was only five foot in height but the rest of her was racing ahead she had the most wonderful hips and ass that swayed so seductively when she walked. Her tiny little waist my have been about twenty three inches if your lucky, those 38DD breasts and her little bald pink pussy lips just waiting to be parted by his huge throbbing cock. Also how is he going to fix this mess now.

He can see in her eyes that all she wants is love, love she has never been shown and that the hug he had given her previously had shown her some of the love she craved. He placed his hand on her exposed bare thigh and rubbed up and down her leg to try and soothe her pain. She looked at him with look he had never seen before, it was like hmm I’ve just had a thought that could get us both into a lot of bother, but it intrigued him.

Anna placed her hand on his cheek, Mark…., yes baby girl he replied, remember if you asked me if I wanted it, as in you and me, well I do, I do want it I want you. She reached up and kisses him with a passion he didn’t know she had in her. He kissed her back slipping his tongue into her mouth and massaging her tongue, her hand running through his hair and down his back, his hands running down her back to her ass her tries to find the fastener of the dress to take it off.

She breaks the kiss and stands in front of him, her head a little above his when standing she finds the fastener and holds it, he unbuttons his shirt and pulls her towards him and nuzzles in between her breasts whiles he tries to undone the fastener again. Anna runs her hands through his hair as he licks and nibbles on her strawberry coloured nipples she start to feel a strange tingle all over her body and her knees going weak.

She undoes the fastener of the dress it falls like water cascading down over her hips and legs as it falls on the floor, as he continues to lick and fondles her breasts and nipples, now she stands before him completely naked, he slides his hands over her body realising she is naked he stops to take a look at the goddess before him. She stands in front of him with only her red silk and diamond five inch heels on.

He stands and pulls her into his chest kissing her head, he turns her and pushes her onto the bed as he undoes his belt and his jeans pushing them down they hit the wooden floor with a thud. She looks up at him from the bed seeing his rock hard twelve inch cock pulsing at the sight of her body, she knew that there would be no need to suck him off first but she will just for the fun of it as she has never sucked a cock that big.

He walked to the edge of the bed, his cock mid air, she slid towards him and knelt on the bed, she licked her lips and kissed the tip of his cock, she made her way down with her tongue licking it all as to make nice and wet so she can suck with ease. She starts slow taking a couple on inches while stroking with one hand and rubbing his balls with the other, she takes another couple of inches into her mouth she moves quicker twirling her tongue around his shaft, he moans loudly as she pushes down on his cock taking a good nine inches in her mouth and throat, at first she gags but then takes him all right down to his balls.

He grabs her head and starts to fuck her mouth hard making her gag even more, she feels his balls tighten, she knows what’s coming next. He start to shudder and grunt loud and out of breath, she feels a powerful blast of cum hit the base of her throat over and over, he must have been shot inside her throat at least five time before pulling out of her. She swallows it all with no complaints then sucks on the tip again to make sure she milks him dry.

She lays back on the bed on her back, he get between her legs pushing them apart, baby girl you give an awesome blowjob now its my turn to please you, he says with a big smile as he goes between her legs. He starts by massaging her clit with his fingers then with his tongue, as he starts to massage her pussy lips before sliding a finger inside, as she starts to moan, he tells her how tight and wet she is, she sit up a little panting as he gets faster flicking her clit, I’m a virgin she moans as he gets her closer to an orgasm, he stops. You’re a virgin? He looks shocked at her, yes why do you sound so shocked Mark, your hot I thought you’d be very experience baby girl.

He stopped and went up beside her, kissed her and he pushes her down and gets between her legs, the fact of her being a virgin made him harder than he had even been before, he presses the head of his cock on her juicy pussy lips, he pushes the tip inside her he can feel her hymen pressing against his cock, she breathes in deep as she can feel the pressure. She nods and gulps as he pushes in a couple of more inches breaking her hymen, she gasps with the searing pain of the moment, as he pull out she feels a little better, as he starts to pick up a rhythm he gets deeper and deeper in her till her is all the way in all twelve inches of him in her virgin pussy.

He could feel every move and twinge her muscles made, every bump until he could feel her cervix, she started to feel good like the tingling from earlier but much more intense, she started to moan lightly, then louder and louder until her body started to go limp at which point he got to that he could bare no more he was ready to shoot his spunk all over her insides. One more thrust and she went into a spasm as he blew his spunky load inside of her. They lay together for an hour before there was a bang at her bedroom door, her mother.

Mark pulls on his jeans and goes to the door with no top on and goes outside to speak with her mother, his aunt, he comes back in and tells Anna not to worry about her mother, that he will fix her attitude toward her. He goes onto explain that she is jealous of her daughters body, but that wont be a problem for long you will be getting fat, he told her, she had a puzzled look on her face and ask what he had ment by that, he explained that he is a fertile fucker and she will be pregnant soon enough if not by now.

Sure enough to his word four months later she was with child but she never got fat to her mothers dismay she just got very sexy with her breasts going up to an F cup and her ass and hips getting very big and round, very horny and all she craved was her cousin Mark’s hot twelve inch cock in her as often as humanly able and in every hole possible. He ended up living with her in the mansion with her parents where it all started that one night on her fifteenth birthday when all she did was wear a red silk dress to her party.

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2016-07-08 12:00:36
It's a fucken sex story about incest not a fucken English exam for fucks sake read it and enjoy. Alex from New Zealand


2010-09-24 01:39:31
spelling, grammar, sentence structure, absolutely no dialog... and I roll my eyes every time I read a story about a young, teen lady who has super-gigantic tits.


2010-09-23 07:15:28
Nice first time story. I love the romance.

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2010-09-21 20:06:29
It wasn't bad but it could be better quotations, move a little slower, and more deions especially when he raped her ass.

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2010-09-21 20:04:55
It wasn't bad but it could be better quotations, move a little slower, and more deions especially when he raped her ass.

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