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I return to Tony's house after school and we both get a surprise
this is a little short but i think it was best to split up thing rather than have one long story.

PS; I think i have sorted out the spelling mistakes

My best friend Tony and I had showered his mother after a hen night out, in the process of drying her off he dared me to put my cock in her pussy, calling me a chicken when I refused. My true story continues.

The day after I didn’t see Tony as my parents took me to see my grandparents, so Monday at school was the first chance I would have of asking what happened after his mom rode his cock.

We meet up on the corner of my road, “Well, what happened yesterday” I asked “Nothing, mom was her usual self, it was as if nothing had happened at all” I knew he wasn’t lying, we could tell this about each other having been friends for 9 years. After school he invited me over his so we could do our home work together, I was a little nervous as I walked into the kitchen, but Heather didn’t act any differently to how she normally does, we both couldn’t believe she was like this after I had, what would be called, raped her, even though she complied by locking her legs around me stopping me from pulling back.

Tony and I got our home work done as Heather Started cooking us a meal, as we were heading out of his room his mother came up, “Finished have you”? “Yes mom”. “What were you going to do now”? Thought we would watch a bit of TV” “Oh” “Why did you ask”? “Nothing really, I was just thinking of having a shower and wondered if you both would, “No, I’m sure you wouldn’t” Tony looked at me and we both looked at his mom, “Wouldn’t what mom”? “I was just wondering if you both would like to have one with me”? “You’re joking mom”? “What do you think”? She then went into the bathroom and we just stood out on the landing looking at each other, we heard the shower start running then “What are you going to do boys”? I was seconds behind Tony in stripping off, we both had hard on’s and with shaky legs we walked into the bathroom, Heather was in the shower, seeing us she pushed the door open, we stepped in.

Taking the soap I lathered up my hands as did Tony, we washed a tit each, her nipples grew in our hands, “You always liked mommy’s tit’s, I had a hell of a job getting you off them when you had a feed” with them washed we both bent down to suck them now, “Oh yes, that’s it boy’s have a good suck of mommy’s tits” her hand rested on the back of our heads, we sucked and nibbled her tits for about five minutes, then I dropped my hand between her legs, I found Tony’s hand already down there fingering his mother’s pussy, he looked across to me and gave a little smile, not wanting to miss out I slipped a finger in beside his, Heather gave a groan, “Steady boy’s there’s enough for both of you” I felt her hand running down my side and around my front, I moved back a little and her hand closed around my raging erection, “It this for me”? I didn’t need to answer, she knew it was.

I guessed she was feeling Tony’s cook too as I saw him jump a little, after a few minutes Heath slowly slipped down to her knees, turning to Tony she kissed his cock, “Oh fuck” she kissed up and down his shaft a few times, before doing the same to me, I had died and gone to heaven. Looking up at us she licked her lips, “I think we need more room for this” she stood and took us to her room, she lay back and tapped the bed each side of her, I knelt one side and Tony the other, she first sucked my cock then Tony’s. “Come on Andy, show me how you fucked me the other night” moving down the bed I lay between her open legs, holding my cock up a little I edged forwards, my cock parted her lips, “Come on, stop messing about and just shove it up me” I thrust hard, she opened her eyes in surprise, “Wow Andy, I wish I had been conscious before, now show me what you can do” I pulled back and slowly pushed forwards, as I was doing this she was sucking of her sons cock,

With a slow steady pace I fucked her threw three orgasms, she had to stop sucking Tony’s cock other wise she might have bit it off, but as she came down she went back to work on it, pulling off him once more she called out, “I’m coming, I’m coming” I felt her pussy contract around my cock and suck me deeper, this was enough to bring me off, spurt and spurt of my thick cum splashed the inside of her pussy, she groaned and moaned, her legs came around my hips and she pulled me tight against her, “Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh fuck” I jerked and shuddered as my orgasm raced threw me, with it easing up I got out of the way so Tony could shove his cock into his mother’s pussy, he didn’t last all that long, a few minutes if that, he called out “Oh mommy I’m coming, I’m filling your cunt with me spunk” I had moved up the ed and Heather had started sucking my cock again, I was hard in minutes and was moving between her legs again, when my mobile phone rung, I reached it out of my pocket, “Hello mom” “Ok, I’ll be a few minutes, we’ve got something to finish off” I said that mom wanted me home ASAP, “Well you better not go home with a stiff cock had you” “My thought’s too” I pushed into her hard and sharp, I fucked her like we had minutes to live, I came as hard as before.

I dashed to the bathroom and washed up, I didn’t want to go home smelling of sex, with a quick kiss and cuddle I left Tony and his mother rolling around on the bed. I got home to find mom with a police man and woman, “Your dads been in an accident, he’s not dead but serious, we have to go to the hospital” I hugged mom and we had a lift in the police car. Dad was unconscious so all we could do was sit beside the bed to be there when he woke up. Three days and nights we sat with him, the doctors told us this was a good sign as his body was healing it’s self as he slept. Mom had gone to the bathroom leaving me with dad, when he opened his eyes, “Dad” I shouted, the nurse’s came running and fussed about him for minutes, dad was going to be alright, but he would need time and a lot of care.

He came home a few weeks later and mom had her hands full with looking after him, unknown to me she had spoken to Heather and had asked if I could stay with them for a while, Heather said it was no problem, that night I moved in, not to my own room or bed, but into Heathers bed along with Tony, the three of us had a wonderful month, Heather had never had as much cock as she did that month and as for our spunk, I recon we could have filled the bath, we came that much and often, in her mouth and pussy. We were still seeing Diane and Julie but they still only let us feel their tit’s, not that this was any problem because Heather would make up for them later.

Dad was finally OK and I moved back home, things were strange at first, I had to get used to sleeping on my own again and I didn’t have a pussy at my beck and call. After school I went home with Tony and we fucked his mother nightly.

It was about three weeks later I came down really ill and had to have time off school.

To be continued

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2015-08-26 21:27:22
it has been proven the spelling of words doesn't make all that much difference to a story, threw or through shore or sure, two, to or too, not every one is an //English graduate, read it as a story and not an exam paper

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2014-01-02 19:00:35
another asshole writer that FAILS to properly title his stories. on sites like this ALL CHAPTERS of a series HAVE to have the SAME TITLE you just use numbers or the subtitle to tell the order to read them in. no one wants to open a story only to find they need to go searching for the beginning. DELETE AND REWRITE AND TITLE IT PROPERLY LOSER.

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2012-10-23 20:00:38
Actually, I do write stories. I don't post negative comments, but you can improve by simply proof reading. I tend to find mistakes in my writings also.

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2012-04-18 02:43:15
Should be through not threw and my not me in 6th paragraph get someone to catch the errors before posting and too short should've combined it to make a longer story

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2011-03-21 03:23:13
whew...that was good. My dad is in Afghanistan right now, with the marines. One day I came home early, I caught my mom fucking herself with a large dildo. Her cunt is so hairy, so much black pussy hair. I went to my room and jerked off. Last week she finally het me fuck her. I am 17. I stayed home from school and fucked mom all afternoon. I think four times..not sure. She let me shoot my hot sperm up her cunt....each time. She actually milks my cock with her cunt muscles. She said if I got her pregnant, not to dad is due home soon, so she will blame his cock..not mine. I'm fucking her tonite again.

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