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I saw you standing there,
Tits jiggling in the air.
I bet your pussy’s real, real tight
We’ll find out for sure tonight.

So I rip off my pants and take out my cock
I said, “Fuck me now, and please don’t talk.”
We’re gonna do it rough tonight,
Fucking hard until it gets light

I’ll shove my rod into your gaping wet slit,
I’ll even play a bit with your nice swollen clit.
I go in and out of your amazing cunt,
Slamming it so hard it makes you grunt.

I do crazy shit to your boobs,
This ain’t nothing you’ve ever seen on the tube.
And then I sneak my fingers into your asshole,
As you enjoy my rock-hard pole.

Then I begin to jizz down your mouth,
Before planting my seed down south.
So I leave you there lying in bed,
After riding you like a fucking Christmas sled.

I’ll be back next week or day
And next time I’ll ride you like Santa’s sleigh
I love to fuck you any time and any place
Especially when I come on your beautiful face

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2012-09-09 05:55:30
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2010-09-23 12:08:19
is it a good thing or a bad thing to sound like a tucker max story?

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2010-09-22 23:30:51
this sounds like dialogue from a tucker max story

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2010-09-22 12:10:58
man this is awesome!!

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