One day little Johnny sees his grandfather sitting on the front porch smoking his pipe. Johnny askes "Grandpa can i smoke your pipe too?" his grandfather replies "Can your dick touch your ass?" Johnny says "No" so his grandfather said "Then no you cant" Two days later Johnny sees his grandfarther sitting on the front porch drinking a beer. So Johnny askes "Grandpa can i have a sip of your beer?" his grandfather said once more "Can your dick touch your ass?" Johnny said again "No" so his grandfather once again said "Then no you cant" Another two days pass and Johnny is walking down the street with a plate full of cookies and he sees his grandfather sitting on the porch smoking his pipe and drinking his beer. His grandfather calls out to him "Johnny come over here for a minute" Once Johnny reaches the porch his grandfather askes Johnny "Can i have a cookie?" and Johnny replies "Can your dick touch your ass?" and of course wanting a cookie his grandfather says "Yes it can" and Johnny replies "Then go fuck yourself old man cause these cookies are mine!"

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2013-01-22 03:28:09
- Thank you sooo much Tricia you had such a great day. I am really glad that you and jonnhy love them. Can't wait to see you guys again!Gina, thanks for stopping by. We have managed to miss you at church lately. Thank you for posting a comment and letting me know that you like them. Stay blessed!!!Melinda, I love the rings. When we started photographing weddings we had a lot of couples that couldn't afford the details, but low and behold they all have them. The rings are one of those, the bridal bouquet, and shoes. My favorites are the rings. Thanks for noticing the art!!

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2009-04-10 17:20:14

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