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from human dartboard to roadkill
Betting the wife – Conclusion

Dave didn’t show any intention to disappoint the beer guzzling tattoo sporting pumped up crowd. Many were staring at my wife with flared nostrils and sweat droplets on the brow , they took swigs from their beer mugs with eyes fixed at my wife sitting hunched on the floor , with one arm absentmindedly fixed over their bulging crotches. Dave was making his mind go fast , I could sense .by the way he licked his tongue and chewed his lower lip.

A collective catcall went up the crowd as I saw Anna trying to stand up shakily , her tits swinging in the effort, they were just right , heavy yet not saggy . I remembered the times I coaxed her into letting me titfuck her which felt same as the regular thing. Anna was trying to walk unsteadily to the bar and I heard her whisper for a gin.

Dave stepped forward, and caught her by her hair , jerked her up to a more upright position and thrust the neck of half empty bottle of Jack Daniels he was holding into her mouth . She tried to shake off first then calmed down to gulp the whiskey which was now spilling around her mouth and trickling down her neck and tits. Her arms hang limply by her side as she let Dave force the drink down on her. She has never drank save for the occasional champagne on our wedding anniversaries and it was really showing , she visibly perked up when Dave removed the bottle and led her by her hair to the counter.

There, some more white coke was laid out for her . Dave forced her nose down on them and made her move across the counter, sniffing the coke in the process, I saw her trying to struggle , with the new found energy given by the jack daniels , to raise her head, but Dave only rammed her head back harder forcing her to sniff almost all the coke. She was on a heady cocktail mix of alcohol and coke and that did acted like morphine, it seemed from her gait as she headed back to the centre of the crowd with almost steady strides. She stood trying to take in her surroundings, she seemed to recognise me vaguely and mentioned I looked just right with the collar on. And she even waved to the crowd after , just like a porn star after a successful shoot . giggling . This made me feel a bit hot and angry at the same time.

Hi Anna , wow u look just like a crack whore , ready for some more fun ? someone in the crowd shouted , and Anna simply stared glassy eyed at him with a smile . She gave her blond hair a self conscious wave.

“Yes, lets have a game of darts” Dave suddenly declared and ours bulls eye shall be .. he didn’t finish but whizzed a dart at Anna . It zipped and stuck with a soft squishy sound on her left thigh. Anna gave a startled yelp and tried to reach down , trying to remove the dart . But by that time two other guys came up from behind and grabbed her arms and pinned her upright between them.

Come on guys a live dartboard to practice before the tournament, be quick , they screamed , louder than Anna , who was struggling now, screaming curses . In a short while her front looked like a live pin cushion , with darts sticking out of her tits , belly,thigh and pussy lips . She screamed as each dart found its mark and at places little trickles of blood flowed down . A dart even stuck her right nipple and one found her navel . After the game was over , the bar crowd milled over a now limp and shaking Anna , held up by the two bikers , examining their handiwork and claiming the darts by the color code and admiring the whole display in general .

When they were satisfied of a good practice opportunity , Dave yanked me over by the leash and told me to remove the darts and clean her up. The bikers let go of Anna and she collapsed on the floor. I went over her removing the darts and poured beer over the cuts , and wiping her clean . And she looked good to go again , moaning and sitting up after all that .

And next up is a …. Dave couldnt finish as Anna suddenly made a rush for the door . The Biker gang was slow to move, their eyes following her exit rather than their feet. It was partly because of their own drunk exhausted state and partly because they did not assume my fragile looking wife still had it in her to make a break for it. But it was a mere pause, as Dave yelled like some game hunter and dashed after her . The rest of the crowd made a rush to the door , some to see a naked Anna running down the interstate, illuminated occasionally by bright lights of passing cars and some to give chase.

No one was guarding me and I took hold of this opportunity to quickly assume a respectable guise , throwing away the collar and grabbing my shirt and denim. It was a while I came out and I could still see Anna at a distance , now half stumbling and walking really on the sideroad, with the exhaustion and the drug catching up with her . Just a little behind her were a group of 4-5 bikers slowing down now that they have caught up with their hunt, Dave was on the lead bike , and he was twirling a lasso over his head , and with a flick he tossed it over Anna’s hair and head , neatly and revving forward, straining the rope. I could see Anna lurch forward, her hands at her neck trying to get the noose off , then she tripped and was straightened out on the asphalt , being dragged behind Dave’s bike face down , legs thrashing about . Dave made a U turn on the centre of the road and started towards the pub parking space , dragging a naked , bruised Anna behind his bike , it happened in minutes and before the other bikers could release the enormity of the hunting action. As Dave idled the bike to a stop, Anna had a face blotched purple with the tongue sticking out a bit , the body red and bruised , with a tyre mark diagonally across her belly.

Dave had a crazed gleam in his eyes and looking at them I understood he meant it to be a snuff party all alone , only the ending came on spur of the moment.The other bikers were revving their engines and starting to clear out the scene , having had their fill.

I knew what the local paper will headline tomorrow- “Junkie on her last trip, becomes roadkill”

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2013-04-14 02:27:52
This the worst FUCKING story ever

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2013-01-25 07:13:04
Uncool end to a promising story.

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2012-08-14 17:30:05
question: why was the wife torsherd and killed, this stupid

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2012-06-24 00:31:18
man you are sick fucker betting your wife and losing then watxching her be tortured to death by some more sick
fucks.......... you should be fucked up royally

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