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The three girls were lined up on the king-size bed, on all fours, their bulbous asses in the air. Johannah was on the left, Mildred was in the middle, and Brady was on the right. My impossibly hard cock was buried in Mildred’s black asshole, slimy with the juice of three pussies, spit, ass juice and pre-cum. My hands were on her hips and sweat was dripping off my body. Johannah’s puckered asshole was gaping from where my cock was just seconds before. Her fingers busily worked on her pussy. Brady was encouraging her black girlfriend, her hand also between her legs. Mildred squealed wildly as I pummeled her tight starfish with my throbbing rod.

Then the doorbell rang.

I paused for a second, but Mildred literally screamed at me, “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” Johannah was just about to rub herself to orgasm. I could see the familiar tremors of her gorgeous body begin to pulsate through her muscles. Brady sighed and got down from the bed, the sound of her heels echoing through the bedroom. She grabbed a towel from the closet and held to her chest as she walked to get the door. Johannah let out a thunderous moan as the orgasm ripped through her body. I continued slamming my cock into Mildred’s black asshole. Brady clip-clopped through the hallway to answer the door.

Johannah collapsed onto her back, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm, and watched as I fucked Mildred in her asshole. I could hear Brady unlock the front door.

“Yes?” she said, as she fiddled with the lock.

“Um,” It was a girl’s voice. “I was wondering if you had any, uh, sugar? I live next door. I just moved in last week.”

It was the new girl from the apartment next to us. It didn’t seem possible, but my cock seemed to grow inside Mildred’s ass as I thought of fucking our new neighbor. She was a petit, dark-skinned brunette with a rocking body. Mildred continued to squeal, oblivious to the fact that our neighbor could hear everything.

“Sugar?” Brady said. “You need some sugar?”

“Uh, yes,” the neighbor replied, a bit awkwardly.

“Why do you need sugar?”

“I’m making something sweet.”

“You’re making something sweet.” I could tell Brady was toying with her.

“I have sugar,” Brady replied, “But I can’t just give it to you.”

“What do you mean?” The neighbor asked.

“Well, you can’t have something sweet unless you eat your meat.”

“I’m a vegetarian.”

“Well, you can eat this,” she said. “Come. Take my hand.”


Stacy could hear them through the walls of the apartment. They were fucking wildly. She could hear the masculine grunts of the man and the moans of the women. There must have been three of them from what she could tell. And it wasn’t just fucking. At one point she could hear one of the girls scream Fuck my ass, fuck my ass repeatedly. She had never had her ass fucked, but the moans put her over the edge and before she new it her hands were between her legs, wildly fingering her dripping pussy. She wanted cock. She wanted it uncontrollably.

She would go over. She would go over and ask to borrow something and see what she could do. He was already fucking three girls. How could he refuse a fourth?

She rolled out of bed and pulled on a pair of jeans and a tight tanktop. She slipped into her high-heel sandals and walked over to the next door apartment.

She could hear them through the door of the apartment. When she rang the doorbell she heard a girl say “Don’t stop” and for a moment she was worried they wouldn’t answer. She turned to leave when she heard the latch on the door open. Her heart was racing.

A tall, beautiful brown-haired woman answered the door, holding a towel to her chest. She had a stunning face, with big brown eyes and hoop earrings that emphasized the Romanesque beauty of her high cheek bones and structure. Her legs were impossibly long. Stacy felt tongue-tied at first and fumbled through a greeting, asking for sugar. The brown-haired girl seemed dubious.

And then she offered her meat.

Stacy was a bit confused, but the brown-haired girl told her to come and held out her hand, grabbing Stacy gently by the wrist. She turned around and Stacy felt her knees weaken and she breathed deeply. She could see the girls naked back, her perfect ass accented beautifully by the high heels she was wearing. She seemed oblivious to the fact that she was naked, as well as the deafening moans coming from the bedroom.

“The meat is in here,” the brown-haired girl told her, ushering her into the bedroom.

The meat, she now understood, she was referring to was eight inches of hard cock, which was currently buried in the tight asshole of one of the most gorgeous black women she had ever seen. The man looked over at her and smiled, continuing his rhythmic fucking of the ebony goddess. A blonde girl lay next to them, watching their every move, caressing the back of the black girl. Stacy felt hot and wet between her legs.

“Steve,” the brown-haired girl said, “This is our neighbor-“


“Stacy. She came over for some sugar, but I think she needs some meat first.”

The man looked over.

“No problem.”

He pulled out of the black girl’s ass. His cock was huge and engorged, practically the size of her forearm, dripping in pre-cum and ass juice. It was the most beautiful, alluring cock she had ever seen.. She wanted it in her pussy, in her ass, in her hands, in her mouth. He got down from the bed and walked over to her. He gently caressed her face and motioned for her to get on her knees. She did.

“If you want that sugar, honey,” he said, “Then you need to suck this cock.”


Stacy got down on her knees with very little prodding. I had seen her a couple of days ago, coming home from a jog, her lithe body glistening with sweat, the lycra shorts hugging her tiny, apple-shaped ass. I wanted to fuck her then and now she was here, her mouth open, looking at my cock with a look of shock and awe in her deep brown eyes. I held my cock in my hand. Mildred’s ass juice literally dripped off the head of my cock onto the floor. She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, sucking as much precum and ass juice as she could. I could feel her whipping her tongue around the underside of my shaft as I pulsated and throbbed in her warm mouth. The other three girls watched intensely, sitting on the edge of the king-size bed. The room smelled of sex and sweat, a pleasingly musty smell. I did not hold her head, instead deciding to leave my arms at rest, my hands on my hips. I did move my hips with the rhythm of her sucking. I doubted she could deep throat the whole thing. Many women couldn’t, with the exception of Johannah, but that was only after months of practice. I could hold her head and force feed her my cock, but that seemed inappropriate for such short notice. I let her work my shaft like she wanted and she was a pro. I could feel my balls swell up as my cock began to fill with cum.

“Oh yeah,” Stacy I said. “You are good at this. You are a good little cock-sucker.”

She moaned, her face filled with cock, and looked up at me with those deep brown eyes. I thrust my hips towards her face, moving my cock deeper down her throat. She gagged a little, but did not lose control. She was fully aware of what was about to happen.

“I’m gonna cum,” I moaned. “I’m gonna cum!”

I pulled out of her mouth. I’m not sure what she was expecting but the cum immediately exploded out of my cock onto her face. She was shocked at first, but she didn’t move, instead opening up her mouth. A second surge escaped and I tried to aim it down her throat, but I missed her mouth and the hot spunk dripped down her left cheek and got into her silky black hair. A third and final surge hit her squarely on the bridge of her nose, some of it getting into her left eye. She instinctively rubbed her eye clean. I stepped back to admire her face. She was soaked.

“Wow,” she said. “That was fucking awesome.”
Brady crouched down next to the cum-covered neighbor.

“I’ll get that sugar for you,” she said, dragging a long-nailed finger down the bridge of Stacy’s nose. She put the finger in her mouth and sucked it with an audible pop.

“You know what,” said Stacy, licking her lips. “I think I’ve had enough sweet stuff today.” She rubbed the cum into her face so her whole face was glistening.

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