Chapters 59-61
Hello again Dear and Gentle Readers I hope that this installment meets with your approval. Again if you Haven't read the first 16 parts go back your starting in the middle of the story, and it will be terribly confusing for you if you start here. I'm sorry to all of you who have been waiting impatiently but I have been .... busy for lack of a better word. The rest of you, thanks for your patience and enjoy

Chapter LIX

Clarissa had invited a half dozen people to her house for a party. It was of course a big house and with the half dozen people there were a half dozen spouses that went with them and another dozen or so kids. The adults had adjourned in the upstairs where the drinking and socializing had begun. Clarissa knowing her guests would be bringing their children had hired a baby sitter, Kimmy, who was sixteen and attractive Clarissa herself had licked her lips at the thought of seducing Kimmy. She was of medium height with a curvaceous figure, and soft pouty lips that looked like they belonged wrapped around a cock or as Clarissa felt her clit. Kimmy had full round grapefruit sized breasts, and a taught round ass that was just perky enough. Already the group of adults was getting rowdy, as alcohol was being poured freely. Downstairs the kids were confined to some degree to the Playroom which had all of Amber’s toys.

There was a bowl of Punch and Cookies and sandwiches on a table set up and already Kimmy’s head was spinning she was getting paid a lot for babysitting but this was the first time that she had had so many kids to look after. There were four boys and nine girls including Amber. The boys were Tommy, Kenny and Trey; the girls excluding Amber were Mary, Beth, Dora, Nikki, Jasmine, Carol, Hannah, Julia, and Kimberly.
After the first couple of hours of playing in the back yard and then another hour inside when it got dark. The younger kids were exhausted and fell asleep involuntarily. That left Jasmine, Amber, Kenny and Beth awake with Kimmy sitting around a table in the playroom.
“We should do something Jasmine” said
“Sure” Kimmy said “what would you like to do?”
“Something Fun” Amber said
“Okay?” Kimmy said “Like what?”
“We could go swimming” Kenny said
“No we have to stay in the house” Kimmy said “Something indoor”
“How about Spin the Bottle?” Beth said
“With only one boy?” Jasmine said “Eww”
“We could play Dares” Amber said handing a cup of punch to Kimmy
Kimmy drank it down in one gulp, “No we have to do something that won’t get me in trouble I mean your mom is just right up stairs” Kimmy responded.
“Like she is going to come down and check?” Amber asked.
“She might.” Kimmy said.


Upstairs Clarissa had pulled Monica Jenkins away into one of one of the many bathrooms; Monica was on her knees in front of the counter her tongue sliding up and down Clarissa’s swollen slit. Clarissa pulled at her hair, “You are a sweet pussy licker Monica,” she moaned between gasps.
The door suddenly opened and Larry Maguire walked in on them. “Oh” he said “I…”
“Shut the door” Clarissa commanded Larry started to go out “No Larry you stay close the door and lock it, then come here. One of Clarissa’s hands was still tangled in Monica’s hair as the woman started to pull away, she pulled her back to her task. Larry moved up beside the pussy-licking woman. Clarissa wrapped her legs around the other woman’s head and then unbuttoned her blouse with one hand revealing her nature-sculpted breasts. “ Take your cock out” she whispered to Larry.
“My wife?”
“Your wife won’t care in a couple hours if she even cares now.”
Larry Gulped and stood there dumbly Clarissa cleverly opened his pants and pulled his cock free. “You like my tits Larry?” Clarissa asked “or do you like my pussy better?” She stroked Larry’s cock a few times and his cock erupted onto Clarissa’s stomach. “Mmm a hair trigger?” she smiled at Larry as she pulled her Monica’s face up to lick up the thick streams of semen on her stomach. Monica paused for a second and then began to eat Larry’s cum greedily. Clarissa kept stroking Larry’s cock.
“Think you can cum again big boy?” She whispered. Larry nodded his eyes locked on the erotic scene in front of him.


Downstairs Kimmy was feeling a little off maybe she was just tired she thought.
“Hey Kenny if you take off your clothes we will?” Amber said
“Your lying no you wont?” Kenny said
“Oh won’t I?” Jasmine responded pulling her shirt over her head exposing her bra clad chest and tossing her shirt into a corner.
“You guys shouldn’t be doing that.” Kimmy said, but she found that she was unbuttoning her own shirt.
“Well are you game or are you chicken?” Jasmine asked unbuttoning her shorts and exposing her light blue panties with little white flowers on it.
“I’m game” Kenny said after a moment’s hesitation pulling his shirt over his head and shucking his shoes. He was soon standing in his boxers in front of three young girls and the babysitter. He watched as Beth the youngest of the group pulled her dress over her head and stood in front of him bare-chested in just a pair of tight little white panties. Amber was helping Kimmy out of her clothes and when she was down to just her underwear she too stripped.
Kenny took the next step and let his boxers drop to the floor his cock was already hard and the girls gazed at it with great interest. Amber was the first one naked and knelt down beside Kenny. The other girls seeing that followed suit and shed their remaining clothing, except Kimmy, who, felt a little out of control at the moment.
Kimmy looked at the three girls Beth a brunette had a slim boyish body without a wisp of hair covering her slit. Her breasts could best be described as small strawberry shaped mounds. Jasmine’s dark skin drew her attention next her breasts were pert and proud on her chest like glasses of brandy the nubs of her nipples darker and taught like little brown eraser ends. And Ambers breasts were low hills capped with small mounds upon which thick pink nipples poked out.
“Can we touch it” Jasmine asked?
“Uh Kenny said can I touch you back?”
“Where do you want to touch me Kenny?” Jasmine asked “Here” she said cupping her breasts, “or maybe here?” she said her fingers pressing and splaying the lips of her lightly covered pussy.”
“Or do you want to touch me?” Amber asked lifting her breasts in her hands as if offering a pair of apples.
“You can touch me too” Beth said moving closer
“Can you make it shoot?” Jasmine asked
“Yeah” Kenny said
“Make it shoot for us” Amber said. Beth got closer clapping her hands excitedly.
“Girls you know you shouldn’t be doing this” Kimmy said coming to her senses.
“Oh Kimmy” Amber said turning to the babysitter “You know about boys you can teach us.”
“I…” Kimmy stammered
“Come on” Amber said peeling the girl’s underwear off and leading her by the hand to where the others were waiting.

Clarissa gasped as Monica’s tongue teased her clit brining her closer and closer to another orgasm. “Cum on my pussy Larry” She said looking him in the eyes, shoot your white cream all over my quim so that Monica can eat it. She loves eating cum don’t you dear”
Monica just moaned and nodded plunging her twat twiddler deep inside of Clarissa’s slit. Clarissa’s hand in constant motion on Larry’s Cock, he groaned and then shuddered as his hot cream splattered across the top of Clarissa’s mound and on the side of Monica’s face. Larry stood holding the wall trying to maintain his balance as Clarissa kept stroking his cock and Monica slurped up his creamy goo. Clarissa then pulled Monica over so that her face was even with Larry’s Cock. She licked the goo off Clarissa’s hand an then without any further prompting slurped Larry’s cock into her mouth. Clarissa moved Monica’s body so that she was now standing bent over her mouth busy on Larry’s cock. She pulled Monica’s skirt up and slipped her panties down to her ankles. She leaned over beside Monica’s ear, “Suck him hard and then fuck him.” Monica nodded and Clarissa slipped a finger into Monica’s wet slot causing her to moan on Larry’s cock. “Fuck her good” she said to Larry “And cum inside her” she bit his earlobe. Straightening her skirt and buttoning her blouse, she returned to the party still horny but sated for the moment.

“You have done things with boys right?” Jasmine asked Kimmy
“Yeah sure?” Kimmy responded
“Like what?” Amber asked
“I’ve been fingered and I have let boys suck my tits” Kimmy said
“What else?” Jasmine asked
“Well one time I sucked a guy’s thing”
“Really?” Beth asked her eyes wide in disbelief.
“Did he shoot in your mouth?” Amber asked
“I don’t think you did show us how,” Jasmine said.
“I don’t know if I should?”
“Why not it’s not like we are going to tell on you” Amber said
The girls watched closely as Kimmy leaned forward and took Kenny’s cock in her hand and brought it to her lips, her tongue darted out and circled the tip, she let her lips press and then envelop the younger boy’s cock.
“Does that feel good?” Jasmine asked
“Oh god” Kenny said, “It’s the best ever!”
“I want to try” Beth said.

Clarissa walked into the main room two of the husbands and three of the wives were passed out on couches. She walked up to the remaining group who were crowded around a coffee table where Bonnie Smyth and Janet she couldn’t remember her last name were doing a strip tease together. “Well boys are you going to stand there and watch or are you going to fuck them like they obviously want you too.” She asked the four men, two of them opened their pants and pulled out their cocks and started stroking them to the beat of music and jiggle of flesh. Clarissa smiled to herself it was going to be a great night.

Chapter LX

Pricilla walked up to Jeremy holding a bundle in her arms “Look its your grand daughter Jeremy isn’t she beautiful?”
Jeremy looked at the bundle in her arms and as he did a young girl of about 14 jumped out of her grandmother’s arms. “They grow fast don’t they?” Pricilla said “She’s special a litter of six girls they all have six breast and they live for fucking”
“You are going to fuck her too aren’t you” Pricilla asked, “Look at this six sets of perfect tits” she said kneading her grand daughter’s impossible cleavage.
Jeremy opened his eyes it was dark. He was sore everywhere. “Hello” he whispered his throat hurt terribly.
“Jeremy oh god we were so worried” Naomi’s voice sounded a little tired and worried. “Try not to move around too much you have been terribly sick, drink this a thin broth was poured between his lips, he coughed and swallowed. “Don’t talk” Naomi said “You have been unconscious about three weeks all told you had a terrible fever, your very weak Lee said that if you did wake up you wouldn’t be up to any heroics for a while. “So just rest and drink as much as you can. You’ll feel better in the morning I hope.”

Chapter LXI

Amanda was up early the coffee in her cup was steaming the kids were still sleeping it was a weekend after all and she was on the deck of the houseboat catching the morning rays of the sun, wearing a half shirt and a thong. A Car pulled up at the end of the dock that she recognized as Denise’s. She watched as Denise sauntered in a long coat down the dock. She walked up to where Amanda was lounging, and took off her coat, she was wearing a G-string and a bikini top. She took the lounge chair next to Amanda “Long night?” Amanda asked.
“It was I worked two shifts but I made a couple of grand”
“Nice” Amanda said.
“You have a nice body” Denise said her eyes obviously taking in every inch of Amanda’s exposed flesh.
“Thanks” Amanda responded, “You’re pretty hot too”
“Thanks” Denise said “but I have to work hard to keep it, Do you like girls?”
“I admire girls” Amanda said slowly “I mean I’m not a lesbian”
“I like cock too” Denise grinned “but I don’t mind a little slit licking from time to time”
“You do a lot of that?”
“Sometimes” Denise shrugged and then turned toward Amanda “I wouldn’t mind sometimes with someone like you” she said her fingers lightly tracing the woman’s breast. Amanda moaned softly as the other woman lowered her face to her breast her hand deftly pulling the fabric of her shirt away from her breast. Amanda felt the hot tongue of the other woman teasing her already aching nipple. She gasped as Denise kissed her full on the lips. Her hand sliding underneath the bikini, Denise’s fingers slipped easily into Amanda’s already dripping slit. Amanda moaned and took Denise by the hand and led her to her bedroom. Both women quickly stripped and began to attack each other’s bodies with fingers and tongue. Denise pushed Amanda onto her bed and dived between her legs Amanda gasped as Denise’s tongue probed deep into her hot box. Denise tasted something familiar, when she was eating Amanda’s slit. It was cum, the kind that comes out of the end of a cock. And she devoured Amanda’s throbbing slot, sucking the lips and clit as her fingers gently tickled and probed Amanda’s anus. Amanda shuddered in ecstasy a few minutes and a finger or two later.
Amanda was vigorously eating Denise’s slit, she was inexperienced but eager and the eagerness made up for inexperience, her lips slurping Denise’s clit her tongue beating a fast staccato on Denise’s already wild excitement. It took nearly no time at all before her hips were bucking against the other woman’s mouth.
The two of them lay in bed caressing each other’s breasts as they caught their breath. “How about breakfast” Amanda said licking her lips
“Since you’ve already had dessert” Denise smiled
“Yeah I’m out of eggs I’ll have to run to the market you don’t mind watching the kids they should be up soon.”
“Not at all” Denise said, “I just have one question, do you have a boyfriend?”
“Why were you thinking about a threesome?”
“No I was just wondering”
“No it’s just me and Brandon, I haven’t seen anyone since his father died”
“I’m sorry for your loss” Denise said hiding her secret pleasure at what she’d put together
“I’ll be back in about an hour?”
“That’s fine I’ll keep an eye on the kids” Said Denise as she watched the other woman dress and pick up her keys. “She pulled on a robe and followed her onto the deck of the boat.

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