Ulfr, a full-blooded werewolf, is attracted to the human Adrianna.

Ulfr was a pure-blooded werewolf from the Forest Mountain. He was a large man, tall and muscular, black hair falling in thick locks over his shoulders. He was one of the most powerful of his kind, and leader of his Pack, an Alpha.
‘Damn the woman!’ Ulfr cursed miserably under his breath.
He gazed at the petite, slender female who tormented him through the window. The female produced a scent identical to the females in his pack and she wasn’t even aware of it!
Adriana saw him through the window and he waved to her.
Without waving back, she pouted her lips and walked away. Ulfr was speechless. He could not decide if he was amused or insulted by her unsympathetic dismissal. As leader of his Pack, he was accustomed to attracting a female’s interest. His looks were above average. Ulfr was not a vain man, but it was rare for anyone to ignore him.
‘Damnit! Now she’ll never talk to me again.’ He raked his fingers through his hair and spun away from the window.
Despite his superior strength and ability he was hopeless at courting her. This female was defiant and strong-willed by nature. That’s what turned him on all the more. None of the females in his Pack would’ve had the spirit to challenge him. Then again she wasn’t from his Pack.
In fact she was a pure human female and that was the problem.
He closed his eyes and remembered the episode which made her upset with him.
It had started well enough. Her hot, silky tongue invaded his mouth to spar with his. She’d liked it, because Ulfr had smelled her scent pooling between her legs. He suckled on her lips. Adriana liked the tasting and groping.
Then, somehow, she had managed to awaken the werewolf in him. It was that bizarre sound rumbling in his chest, something like a growl. Another sensation eclipsed his arousal. Fear verging on panic.
He pulled his mouth free from hers, wrenched her hands off him and whirled around. His fangs had elongated and his eyes had changed. With his back to her, he trembled, his fists curling and uncurling as the claws grew bigger.
“This can’t be happening!” He breathed frightened with every hoarse breath.
She struggled to catch her own breath. At last she spoke: “Did I do something wrong?”
He didn’t answer or turn around but only ran away to the safety of the mountain.
For a second he blushed with self-disdain at the memory of the only way he’d managed to satisfy his werewolf was by jerking off, but his need had swiftly overwhelmed his shame. He’d rubbed his cock hard and fast, his breathing strenuous as the strain intensified beyond tolerance. Ulfr continued to pump himself, roaring as his seed shot out to spill all over his belly.
That had been last night and although it’d eased some of the sexual pressure in him he still wasn’t in the clear. The transformation had scared the hell out of him!
Throughout a werewolf’s life the wolf and the human were always aware of each other without one controlling the other. The wolf would provide strength and agility while the human provided freedom, nourishment and sex. The werewolf’s surfacing was something the human could control, even when the pull of the Full Moon was strong.
It was all about maintaining the right balance, which worked for both man and beast. The human mind was always present, preserving some control, balancing the wolf’s instincts.
According to legend if the wolf took complete control, the man became the passenger in the beast’s mind. Nothing would stop it until it got what it wanted.
The werewolf was the stuff they told in ancient lore and legend. A genuine werewolf was that creature which walked on two legs craving for power. Keeping the beast in control was of the maximum importance.
A pure werewolf was extremely dangerous, because it was completely uncontrollable. He’d never turned into a full werewolf form before. It had only happened a handful of times in the last century. The outcome would always be bloody and violent.
Last night, the werewolf had fought to get out and claim the female as his own. It had nearly won if he hadn’t bailed out on Adriana at the last minute.
That wasn’t him last night.
He was an Alpha and an Alpha was always in control. It was his duty to the Pack to maintain discipline and not to indulge in such stupid, irresponsible behaviour. He needed to mate and soon because of the full moon in three days time.
A good old fashioned ferocious werewolf fucking would keep him from changing completely.
Although mating rituals did happen between werewolves and humans they were rare. Mating amongst werewolves was intense. He could be gentle if he remembered to be, but most of his mates were perfectly content to have it rough.
As a pure-blood Ulfr was expected to mate with another pure-blood, but not necessary obliged to do so.
He had considered using Adriana as his mate, but he was afraid of her reaction if he got to horny to control himself like the previous night. It wasn’t like he could simply walk to her and say: ‘I’m really into you cupcake and by the way I change into a werewolf whenever you play with my penis!”
Adriana’s scent dangerously tempted him. If she were a werewolf he’d take her forcefully as his mate and that would be the end of it. A part of him feared that he was not going to be gentle when the time came … assuming she’d accept to be his mate.
‘Adriana!’ His member sprang upright.
He needed her. He needed to come inside that tight cunt and fill her with his seed. Hunger liked he’d never felt before burned through the veins of his cock. He needed to be inside her. He needed to change her into a werewolf.
‘No!’ Ulfr took a deep breath. He loved her too much to bear her rejection. Ulfr would rather that Adriana hate him than fear him.
He’d leave for the mountains today so he could mate with a female of his own kind. The best thing to do was to stay as far away from Adriana as he could.
He jerked his head up and realized the other person in the room was waiting for his response. “Uh?”
Ulfr felt grateful his long overcoat hid his erection tenting in his pants. It would’ve been awkward explaining why he had an erection for no particular reason.
“Have you been listening to what I said,” asked Sigmund, the self-proclaimed mayor.
Sigmund was a potbellied bald little man with a thick bushy golden moustache. He was a keen businessman with a large acreage of land in the farming area.
“You want me to hunt the creature killing your livestock,” he said absently. Two cows were killed last night. It made him uneasy to think that such an incident should happen so close to mating season.
He didn’t want strangers roaming his mountain. Keeping werewolves a secret was hard to keep from the populace. It was bad enough that humans had hunted werewolves in the past, but a widespread panic was the last thing he needed.
Sigmund folded his arms across his chest and took a step forward. He needed to crane his head upwards to meet Ulfr’s eyes. He leaned in closer as if to share a secret. “There’s word going around.”
“Oh, what’s that?”
“William thought he saw a creature last night,” he waited for Ulfr to ask him to appease his curiosity. When he saw that he wasn’t going to get the question Sigmund spoke in hushed tones: “He thought he saw a Bigfoot running into the mountains!”
The two men watched each other for a few long seconds – granting Ulfr plenty of time to observe the older man’s emotions. Then suddenly Ulfr burst out laughing: “Sigmund, you sly dog. For a minute I thought you serious. Bigfoot, really!”
“Ha-ha-ha,” Sigmund laughed nervously, but he had been serious about it. “Of course the Bigfoot isn’t real, but William saw something.”
“I think that as a mountain ranger I’d have seen one by now,” he patted Sigmund friendlily on the shoulder. “No, William was either drunk as usual or he probably saw his wife naked again!”
He laughed heartily but inside Ulfr was cursing himself for being so stupid. He’d been lucky that nobody more credible had seen him. He was an Alpha for crying out loud! It was his duty to protect the Pack.
“Yes,” Sigmund wiped his bald head with a handkerchief. “But that creature killing my livestock is real enough.”
“Don’t worry,” Ulfr assured him. “I’ll take care of it.”
“Err, there’s something else I need from you …” Sigmund seemed reluctant to speak. Ulfr raised his eyebrows at the subtle request in Sigmund’s voice. “It’s something personal. It’s more of a favour, really.” Sigmund lowered his eyes. It was uncommon for Sigmund to be asking anything more than the usual mountain ranger business from Ulfr. “I shouldn’t be asking you this, but I was wondering if you were heading up to the old mountain trail? My grandaunt has a cabin there … She’s all alone for the winter. Foolish woman won’t come down … Says it’s her home.”
“You want me to look on her? No problem.” Ulfr rubbed his chin calling to mind the elderly woman. She was one of the few humans who knew of the existence of werewolves. As far as he knew she was in good health. He didn’t want any strangers walking up the mountain so close to the full moon.
Ulfr turned to leave when Sigmund cleared his throat. Ulfr’s jaw flexed violently, because he wanted to get moving up the mountain instead of wasting his time talking to Sigmund. Adriana’s scent was still to strong in the village and he was barely able to conceal his erection.
With a calm voice and controlled rage he asked: “What is it?”
“My niece wants to spend the winter with the old woman.”
“That’s out of the question.” He snapped too violently, but then regained his self-control. “I’m sorry. It’s foolish to be roaming the mountain with a wild animal on the loose. Tell her to wait for a few days and then I’ll come back to take her.”
“I concur,” he fiddled with his fingers. “But Adriana is adamant.”
The mention of her name made his cock stiffen. She would be a fabulous fuck – intense and sexy. The werewolf in him howled in his mind, his hunger for the female growing.
“Adriana?” He said casually. “The tanner’s daughter?”
Sigmund faced him, his eyes alight with alarm. “Please Ulfr! Do this as a personal favour to me.”
“I don’t …” Ulfr began.
“If you don’t take her she’ll go alone. I know her.”
Ulfr knew she would too. What’s worse she’d probably stumble on a werewolf fuck festival. There’s no knowing the damage it might have on the Pack. The old lady, her aunt, would need to keep Adriana locked indoors.
Ulfr relented. “I’ll see to her safe journey, Sigmund.”
Sigmund nodded, visibly relieved and he nodded back his goodbyes.
Walking into the street Ulfr hissed in a low voice: “Fuck! That girl is going to be the death of me!”

Chapter 1

Ulfr dropped back his head and inhaled a breath of fresh mountain air – but there was something else. It was something sugary and succulent; apple pie, his favourite. His heart pumped, his body feeling vibrant. It was a feeling like he had never felt before.
Without opening his eyes he identified the scent and said, “Adriana, you should stay here. It’s not safe in the mountains.”
“I can take care of myself.”
The determined tone in her voice impelled him to open his eyes. He needed to see her face, the challenge in her eyes and the confidence in her posture.
She wasn’t wearing her usual dress. She opted instead for practicality, a pair of trousers and a tight shirt which fitted her snugly. Her feet were enclosed in men’s ankle-high working boots.
“So there are your father’s pants,” Ulfr remarked with a smirk. “I think I saw him running around naked looking for them only a few minutes ago.”
“How hilarious.” The defiant lift of her chin made his cock stiffen. “By the way I’m not wearing any panties …”
Ulfr almost came in his pants. She would like it rough – no doubt about it. It would be one fabulous fuck after another – hard and fierce. The werewolf growled again in his mind taking more control. Using every ounce of his willpower he tamed the beast within.
He’d sent a message to the other werewolves to instruct the old lady to feign illness. Once Adriana reached the cabin she’d be looking after her sick aunt while he was fucking the brains out of another female werewolf. He had to get this out of his system and fast.
He looked at her for a long time and then sighed. “I suppose you leave me little choice, right?”
He grinned. “We’d better get going. I don’t want us to reach the cabin before dark.”
“Is that necessary,” she nodded to the hunting rifle resting on his shoulder.
“It’s to protect you from the Bigfoot roaming the mountain, or haven’t you heard?”
“Ah,” Adriana nodded. “So my uncle Sigmund told you.”
“If we’re lucky we’ll get to see the Yeti, cupcake.”
“Don’t call me cupcake,” she protested.
“As you command.” He winked and began to walk. “Cupcake.”
Adriana grinned behind Ulfr’s back as he trekked up the mountain trail. It was a beautiful day for a walk in the woods – the sun was shining, a gentle breeze was blowing and a good-looking man with a tight ass walked in front of her.
However she wasn’t there to take pleasure in the landscape or Ulfr’s tight ass. She was going up the mountain to look after her great-grandaunt.
She wondered why he’d left in a hurry yesterday. She was hot as well as horny, but then he left without as much as a goodbye. It was like she suddenly contracted the plague.
Maybe it was because he was of the mountain. The mountain people usually kept to themselves and her father would’ve disapproved of a romantic liaison with Ulfr. There was only so much defiance that Adriana could get away with.
Maybe it was for the best.
‘It would’ve been a bad idea anyway.’ She tried to convince herself.
She was from the village and Ulfr was the leader of the mountain people. They could hardly have a successful relationship if both their communities were against them.
“Aren’t we leaving the trail?” she asked after some time of trekking.
“How very observant.”
“Why don’t we stay on the trail,” she asked.
“I want to kidnap you.”
He sounded like he was joking, but with Ulfr one couldn’t tell for sure. She asked: “Really?”
He shook his head. Kneeling down he picked a piece of wood and broke it. “It’s going to rain in a few hours. That’s why we’re taking this short cut.”
“You can tell that by breaking a piece of wood?”
Ulfr guffawed at the comment and moved on.
“You didn’t have to come you know.” She stretched out her pace to keep up with him. Adriana was in terrific shape but Ulfr had a lot of muscle in those legs. And they were walking mostly uphill. “I’m able of looking after myself.”
“Of course you are.” He said uninterested.
“I am you know!” She sounded like she was trying to convince herself mostly. “I’d brought my own rifle if you hadn’t tagged along.”
“If I hadn’t tagged along!?” He said astonished, but without turning around or slowing his pace. “I’m here doing you a favour, cupcake!”
“Don’t call me cupcake, you know I hate it!!!” She roared and stopped. “Why did you run away yesterday? What were you afraid of?”
Ulfr suddenly stopped and turned. His eyes looked dark and a little cold. “What do you mean by that,” he sounded a bit tense.
“Are you impotent?”
“What ever the fuck gave you that idea?” The comment stung his manhood as well as his werewolf. “No! Fuck no!”
“I can’t understand you Ulfr!” She raised her hands in the air expecting an answer. “We’ve been going out for a year now. You obviously like me and I like you. So why do you avoid me like the plague?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about …” Ulfr’s cock stiffened. Damn, he wanted her desperately. He wanted to fuck her and ride her until she screamed his name.
“Are all men as thick headed as you or has the mountain air constricted your brain?” She shouted.
“You don’t need to yell,” he groaned.
“Is it because I’m from the village?”
“It’s not that simple,” he tried to keep himself from breathing in her scent.
“Look at me Ulfr, please!”
Ulfr allowed himself to take a quick peep at Adriana’s nipples outlined by the sweaty snug shirt. It turned out to be too much, combined with the salty scent of her perspiration.
“We must keep moving.” With that curt answer he walked away.
“Prick!” She spoke within earshot.

Chapter 2

Adriana quickly caught up with him just as he turned north. Ulfr apparently trekked a trail that only a mountain ranger would know. At several spots he’d unexpectedly change direction, at times taking them deeper into the woods, other times leading her up the hill.
He couldn’t resist inhaling deeply even while he walked onwards. That flavour of her female flesh brought water to his mouth. The light breeze carried her scent towards him, provoking his senses. Had she noticed the bulge of his erection in his pants? He already had it last night, earlier this morning and still had it now.
His sharp ears, as well as his nose, informed him that she’d stopped instead of moving on.
‘Why had she stopped?’ He sniffed the damp air and smelled her female secretions. His erection grew harder, tenting his trousers. It felt so long and hard he itched to satisfy his member. With one hand already massaging his penis he inhaled deeply. He had to regain control of the beast in him.
“What is it,” he finally asked without turning to face her.
He shouldn’t have gone so many nights without sexual release. This was a mistake. His werewolf was getting out of control and then she’d be afraid of him.
“I need a rest, please!” She wheezed. “Five minutes!”
“Five minutes.” He replied relieve but not wanting to risk more time than absolutely necessary.
They took a break, eating dried cheese, bread and water, but Ulfr seemed in a hurry to get moving again so Adriana didn’t loiter.
Dark clouds moved in and the breeze grew stronger. Her legs felt a bit cold, though the thick shirt she wore kept her upper body warm. She really wasn’t wearing panties underneath. She’d wanted to make Ulfr pay for having left her so suddenly yesterday. She’d been thinking about Ulfr and about the insane possibility that she might have the occasion to undress for him, with him. For the same reason she’d taken the time to shave her legs and vagina with extra care leaving it completely hairless.
It was very doubtful but a girl had to have her fantasies. For the whole year she’d fed those fantasies, which were all that had kept her warm. Now she felt for sure he didn’t love her or want her.
Ulfr stopped and glanced over his shoulder. “Are those boots any good?”
She looked at her working boots and banged them at the heel. “They seem good enough. Why?”
“We need to move up river for awhile.” He pointed to a shallow stream. “We’re going to get our feet a bit wet.”
She glanced towards the sky. Gloomy black clouds warned of heavy rain. “Looks like you were right about the rain.” He grumbled in reply and began to climb. The river became deeper as they moved on, spraying against her knees.
“Your aunt’s cabin is just over the hills. She’ll have a fire there for you to get warm.”
Adriana nodded sensing the first shiver of cold running down her spine. Combined with the river, the rain and the wind which had stirred up, she was feeling pretty cold.
Ulfr stopped to sniff the air. A confused expression crossed his face and made her curious as she stepped closer.
“What’s wrong?” She had to raise her voice.
The cold tormented her and she’d be grateful to be sitting next to her great-grandaunt’s fire. She raised her head and shook back the long strands of blond hair that gelled to her face. A hand clamped around her wrist and pulled, compelling her to move on. Cold wind cut through the fabric of her shirt and Adriana shivered.
“Cupcake, are you all right?”
“D-d-don’t call me cupcake you prick!” She trembled, astonished at how quickly the cold had overrun her body. “I’m still an-angry at y-y-you!”
“We need to get you inside,” said Ulfr with a smile and a touch of pride at how she was handling herself.
“A cup of coffee would be nice too,” she smiled bravely.
He dragged her along with him like a Neanderthal, but she didn’t care. Actually, she was grateful he’d been with her or otherwise she wasn’t sure she could have made it on her own. The mountain wind made her skin ache with cold. Her steps were clumsy and only Ulfr’s hold on her made it possible for her to keep walking.
They succeeded in topping the hill and the tall undergrowth that had lined the path vanished. She looked up and saw the cabin. It wasn’t much to look at but it was dry on the inside.
“There doesn’t seem to be anybody home!” The word came out from her cold lips.
Ulfr rubbed her arms and back. “Just move it! We need to get out of the rain and out of these wet clothes.”
“Finally making your move, eh?” She laughed awkwardly as she staggered behind him. She’d fantasized about taking her clothes off for Ulfr but never when she was freezing or in front of her great-grandaunt.
He guided her into the safety of the cabin and went directly to the fireplace. A pile of logs were already laid out and he grabbed a match, igniting the twigs at the bottom. Adriana went to the table and placed the basket down. There was a letter directed to her.
“Dear Adriana,” she read out loud. “I’m feeling sick and have gone to a friend’s house for the whole winter. Go back down the mountain–” Adriana cleared her voice and stopped reading. She turned to Ulfr astonished. “How did she know I was coming up here? Even I didn’t know I was coming until this morning.”
“What assholes,” he said sinking down onto a hard stiff-backed chair.
Ulfr rolled his eyes and swore silently. Those idiots had gotten his orders wrong. Now there was no way he could leave Adriana all alone on the mountains. He couldn’t control himself anymore.
Lust burned through him like fire. Yearning, sexual yearning, for too long suppressed, rammed down his resistance. His eyes dilated completely black; by some miracle he managed to suppress the rest of his transformation. Shuddering, he fought the urge to bite her. The struggle to maintain control over his mind was a Herculean feat.
“Why are your pupils so dilated, Ulfr?” Adriana asked through chattering teeth.
Standing up, his mouth curled into a slight sneer. “It’s all the better to see you with my dear …”
‘He’s going to kill me.’ She actually believed for one hysterical moment that he was a serial killer or that he was on drugs.
Perhaps sensing danger she staggered backward, turning away from him. There was no place for her to run, but reflexively her body sprinted towards the door. He clutched her shoulders, and he pulled her against him. Adriana was pressed against his hard, hot body and she gasped when he slid an arm around her upper body and his hand cupped her breast.
“Hey!” She objected, but he ignored it. He squeezed firmly and twirled his thumb over her nipple, which hardened into a rigid bead at the erotic stimulation of his touch. Her body suddenly felt hot with need.
“Lout,” she slapped him breathlessly. “You’re taking advantage of a defenceless woman!”
Disregarding her slap he rubbed his thumbs over her nipples and vibrations tingled through her. She arched her back a little, offering more of her chest to his touch.
“Well if you feel that way …” he said with a smirk.
She was going to slap him again for smirking, but stopped herself. His hold on her with his hand had slackened, and she took one step back. “Are you going to run to the hills now like you did before?”
He chuckled and reeled her back into his iron grip. “No. I should’ve trusted you, but now it’s too late.” There was a wild look in his dark eyes as he examined her. “I only hope you can forgive me afterwards.”
Adriana didn’t understand what he meant by the last comment and she didn’t care. He was probably married or high on drugs, but it didn’t matter. Not right now. Right now Ulfr had need of her and she sensed that she could help him.
He took off his shirt and pulled her towards him. His muscular chest was hard and his nipples were light brown and pleasing to her eyes.
“Take it off,” Ulfr spoke in a low, almost intimidating tone.
Fiercely, he pulled the shirt over her shoulders. She flushed in surprise and attempted to step back, but he held her with his hands, trapping her. He tossed the shirt across the room and his eyes locked on hers. Need tensed in the pit of her stomach when his hands cupped her breasts. He glanced at her chest as he fondled her.
“What are you doing,” she mumbled, feeling blushed and confused.
“I need you Adriana.” He lowered his head and tugged at her nipple with his teeth. “Please, no questions …”
“Alright Ulfr,” she croaked. “No questions for now …”
She should’ve been objecting vociferously, but the moment was too incredible and erotic, and it clashed with her good sense. It felt in some strange way the right thing to do. He sucked her entire areola into his mouth. It felt wonderful.
She shifted her weight, rubbing her thighs against his leg trying to create some friction. She could feel a delightful sensation between her legs. She wriggled desperately. She wanted him in her.
She shivered as he undressed her trousers and boots. He took off his own clothes while passionately kissing and suckling her tongue. Seconds later she was naked on her back, legs splayed on top of the table. The fireplace was crackling with heat, but that wasn’t the source of her overwhelming heat. Ulfrs’ tongue licked her nipples slowly. When he bit down softly on the nipple she moaned slowly.
Opening her eyes she realised that Ulfr didn’t look like his usual self. The face was the same but something wasn’t the same in him. She’d never seen him naked before, but she now saw that he was advantageously endowed.
“I should’ve guessed,” she cocked an eyebrow.
“Is something wrong?” His voice slurred but he sounded concerned.
He was thick and long; his testicles hung heavy and full below his imposing erect member. “Oh nothing,” she murmured absently. “I never thought you to be so … endowed.”
“You haven’t seen anything yet.” He grunted and she laughed quietly.
Adriana wondered for a moment if she wasn’t dreaming all this. Was any of this possible? She studied the rest of him. He actually looked taller now probably six-seven and covered in thick muscles that looked like he could take down a bear. His member was proportionate as the rest of him.
Adriana was finally here. She laid spread before him, offering herself for his pleasure. Knowing that he was welcomed, that she wanted his touch, Ulfr sank down before her and placed his mouth against the insides of her thighs kissing them.
Everything was just as it ought to be. This was what he’d been craving for a whole year; her taste, her scent, the feel of her skin against his.
He had to have her like a werewolf!
Fear like he hadn’t felt since he’d been a youth dug into his gut, squeezing itself around his genitals like an iron fist. She would leave him if he changed into a werewolf. He couldn’t let her leave him. He needed her.
How long would it be before the wolf showed himself when he became too excited? Some of the changes had already begun, but his human side was still in control.
‘Hold the wolf inside,’ he told himself mentally. ‘She’ll never know what you are if you control yourself.’
She was wet and his!
The need to satisfy his werewolf clawed hard against him. The sweet scent of Adriana’s cunt juices soothed the beast inside him. It was crucial that he consume her juices.
Ulfr had to taste and gorge himself on her juices. Her flesh burned him and he knew that this fire would save him. This fire could satisfy his werewolf forever. His cock was hard, impatient to plough inside her wet cunt but he held back.
He slipped his hands up her legs, cupping her buttocks in his palms and yanked her toward him, angling her hips upward. Adriana gasped but didn’t object. The fleshy mounds of her asscheeks filled his hands.
He lowered his eyes. She was lying on her back on the table; her legs spread wide open and her hot cunt available to him.
Ulfr roared an animalistic roar which frightened Adriana, but her fears were forgotten when he fell forward and clamped her sex with his mouth. At first he merely tasted her, savouring the alluring flavour that ensnared him to her. He licked her slit, drinking the juices her body provided to him.
He mumbled between slurps. Her spicy taste enticed his tongue and he drank again.
He slithered his tongue inside her cunt and time seemed to almost stop. This was what his werewolf needed. He brushed his tongue along the inner edge of her vagina. Then he probed deep, as far as his tongue could reach.
Adriana gasped and with one hand pushed against him. She clasped her hands into his hair, using the locks as her harness to hold on.
Ulfr restricted her movements, holding her in place.
‘Good grief!’ What was Ulfr doing to her? This was pornographic.
His tongue flickered around her sex, paying extra attention on her clit before sweeping a long path across her moist, open flesh. Then he plunged his tongue inside stimulating the walls of her passage. His low, approving rumbles were stifled against her flesh.
“Ahh!” Adriana’s head banged against the table.
Ulfr stopped, sucking on the sensitive clit which demanded his attention. He sucked in earnest. A throaty cry that broke from Adriana’s lips and sitting up, she tried to dislodge Ulfr from his position. With a rough snarl, he placed a hand on her stomach pushed her back against the table and continued to suckle.
Suddenly the licks of his tongue changed into steady, regular pulses against her clit. She felt her eyes bulge as the world twirled in a downward tone in the central point between her thighs. She ground her cunt into his face – struggling to bring him deeper. He growled and kept sucking harder.
He reached up and slid two long fingers inside her cunt. The build-up was mind-blowing. Adriana gasped as the blaze that had invaded her body blew apart.
She blinked stupidly and stared expressionlessly at the ceiling. Her heart beat violently in her chest and her breath struggled to catch up to the distressed beat. Fulfilment pulled her eyelids down. She slumped against the table and listened to the sound of Ulfr’s pleased smacking noises.
His tongue trailed her bellybutton and she moaned.
How was it that he had such influence over her body? She opened her eyes and watched Ulfr feasting between her legs. He was completely engrossed as he carried on savouring her flesh, as if he couldn’t get enough. She felt the hard pressure of his erection against her leg. Would he straddle her soon? She knew that sooner or later he had to release as well.
As if reading her mind he spread her sex wide with his fingers. She reached down with a hand and patted his head. Her breathing was becoming jagged, and her hips were bucking into his face. She needed to cum! She wanted to feel an orgasm. But it was not going to be …
At least not yet!
The werewolf had worked the female up to just the right moment. If he pushed her any harder she’d be cumming on his face. Both her hands were on his head, insistently tugging him deeper into her tight snatch.
Ulfr stood up with his penis hard free and pointing upright at full salute for Adriana.
He slipped his fingers along her cunt lips as if testing her eagerness one more time before he embarked on the final assault. A spicy rush of her sexual fragrance wafted up and filled his nostrils.
Ulfr reached between her legs and captured a smear of her moisture with his fingertip. He lifted it to his lips, licking his middle finger before offering it to Adriana. She opened her mouth to receive the taste. Her eyes widened in amazement as she eagerly suckled the full length of Ulfr’s finger. The flavour exploded in her mouth.
“More!” She pleaded much to her shock.
Ulfr’s finger went back for more. Drips of her cream disappeared as she leaned forward and sucked the end of his finger into her mouth. She was surprised by the taste. His fingers were in front of her mouth again, and she accepted it greedily.
The time had come to satisfy his werewolf.
Ulfr wrapped his hands around her thighs and parted them as far as they would go, opening her for his pleasure. His manhood stood up stiff between his legs until it was pointing straight out towards Adriana’s glistening moist cunt entrance. Lowering his big hands on her asscheeks he kneaded the soft flesh.
Breathing hard, Adriana opened her eyes and thought about his cock fucking her, knowing it’d hurt as it entered her, but wanting it anyway.
Adriana released a yielding sigh and lifted her hips up as if offering her cunt to him in submission. A blur coated Ulfr’s mind. A vague memory of him as a werewolf mating with his female under the wolf’s influence surfaced. Ulfr pushed it aside. He needed to fuck his mate as a human.
He took his right hand off her asscheek to wrap it around his thick penis and placed the head against her opening. The fragile control he’d maintained so far shattered as he felt her hot, moist passage ease for him. He moved forward, thrusting deep, entering her cunt. His howl echoed off the cabin walls as she hailed his penetration, clinging to him. He held himself motionless, delighting in the tight squeeze, listening to her breath coming in hard pants from her mouth. He prodded his hips inward, sinking his shaft a fraction deeper. A tiny gasp in the back of her throat made him pause.
“Does it hurt?” He asked, finding himself being only able to speak in singled syllable grunts.
Adriana shook her head. “I’m ok,” she replied in the same breathless way. “Carry on!”
Ulfr lowered his head and began to leave light kisses along her neck, her shoulders, struggling to draw on his human strength, fighting the werewolf’s urge to fuck her until she couldn’t walk.
He held off until he felt it – a slight sway of her hips as if she wanted more, wanted him deeper. He held her hips, his fingers jabbing into her flesh, and pulled back. With a long, firm thrust he rammed into her and was compensated with a moaned approval.
“Uhhh,” she sighed pressing against the table and raising her hips for a deeper penetration. Each friction sent him in deeper and she took him, took all that he offered. In the pit of his soul he burst with triumph. This was the female for him.
An entire year of sexual abstinence pushed him to cum sooner but he wanted her to savour the moment too. Her breath grew louder with every thrust her took. Adriana couldn’t get enough air into her lungs. She arched her back, wanting him deeper, wanting more of his cock.
His hips rammed into her spread thighs with a fleshy slap and a protesting creak from the table legs. His cock was a jackhammer as it ploughed into the disorientated female. A rush of powerful sexual fever overwhelmed her, rendering her drained and amazed as he pushed deeper, harder and faster.
Adriana’s hands clutched the sides of the table which jerked and trembled at every thrust. She braced herself and let him pound into her. This was what she’d wanted. Climax was so close, so palpable. The pressure swelled around her clit, stimulated by the hysterical thrust into her cunt. She couldn’t hold it back as her nails dug into his back as she was penetrated deeper.
“Ulfr!” Her back arched with incredible force and she cried out in blissful release.
The spicy wet fragrance of her cunt filled the cabin and Ulfr knew he could drown in it. He cherished the pleasure he gave her, watching her breasts wobble and shaking with each thrust, hearing the singing moans she made.
The beast in him growled and snarled. Ulfr fucked her with deeper and harder thrusts. He rammed it in hard, then pulled it back out and slammed it in again.
Another orgasm jolted through her body as her eyes swelled wide. Adriana held her breath because she hadn’t been ready for another one so soon. Her legs fastened around his buttocks.
Her body trembled and her ass bounced up off the table without her commanding it, and then did it a second time. A loud moan of orgasmic fulfilment echoed out of the cabin. Ulfr groaned as his cock was on the verge of release. His hands gripped her waist. He heaved her back and forth on the table, tugging her against his wild thrusts. His cock kept pumping into her.
Finally, unable to hold back any longer, Ulfr let out a cry as he trembled violently with his stiff cock impaled deep within her. Their orgasms joined as one racing through their bodies, their mouths locked together and Adriana felt his cum flooding in her. She grabbed his neck and her legs shot outward.
With a few final thrusts, Ulfr drained is balls into Adriana’s womb. His cum began sliding down her legs. Adriana’s eyes were closed as if blissfully asleep. Her mouth curled into a smile and her exhausted legs dangled flaccidly over the table.
“Take my seed,” he whispered against her ear.
A cold shiver ran down her spine. There was something ominous about his words. His hand caressed her blonde hair.
Filling a female with his seed was like branding her as his mate for life. It was forbidden for werewolves, males and females, to mate with a human unless of course you chose to be bonded to a human for the remainder of your life. Vaginal secretions and semen acted as a method to modify the human giving them werewolf features, but it wasn’t as permanent as a bite.
Just coming inside a human wasn’t enough to completely change Adriana but it wasn’t recommended either. Even now, he wanted to mark her as belonging to him. His seed had forged a bond between him and Adriana. Just one time wouldn’t harm her but if he kept coming in her again and again, she’d be bonded to him. That bond could eventually be shattered but it would cause a great amount of pain for the both of them.
That was why not everybody could be transformed. The council of elders had the ultimate authority to decide who could be changed. Only an Alpha male under attenuating circumstances could go over the head of the council of elders.
Time was running out. It would be a full moon in three days and that meant telling her the truth or leaving her forever.
“Forgive me Adriana,” he said.
She didn’t hear him because her mind slipped into unconsciousness.
Ulfr simply lay on top of her limp body with his head cushioned on her breasts. The cabin grew eerily silent. Adriana was spent. She’d never felt anything remotely close to this. She felt truly like a woman and was well beyond sexually satisfied.
With his hands clutching the mounds of her bottom, Ulfr picked her up and carried her limp body to the bed.

Chapter 3

With a sigh, Ulfr let his head fall back.
He hated doing this to her.
He hated lying to her.
The wolf’s vigour gave him more endurance than normal men. Ulfr had been on her the whole night and he was still hard. Her cunt was wet and hotter than ever, sheathing his cock, mutely begging him to fuck her one more time. He had to restrain himself for her sake. He’d filled her time and again as she’d lain beneath him.
‘Fuck! What am I doing?’
He knew the dangers of coming so many times in her. His seed had the power to change her. Why couldn’t he stop himself? He rolled out of bed. Even now, with his cock hard, Ulfr wanted to fuck her again.
He buried his head in his hands and rubbed his eyes. Looking at sleeping of Adriana’s body he saw his seed dripped from between her legs marking her as his possession. She’d wanted it. She’d even begged him for it … and he had needed to give it to her.
Ulfr quietly walked to the far side of the cabin, looking at the morning dawn. He hadn’t been able to stop mating with her. The cravings which had motivated him before seemed trivial in comparison to the irresistible desire to remain inside her.
What the hell had he done to her last night?
Everything he’d wanted from her and she’d allowed it all.
Or maybe she hadn’t allowed it.
He hadn’t given her much of a chance to object or say no. He’d impelled his will upon her like she’d been a werewolf. He’d used her flesh to fuck her into unconsciousness just to ease his needs. In return she’d helped him tame the wolf.
But what if she had said no, would he have stopped?
He groaned.
Already he could see that his cum was already partially changing her. She probably hadn’t notice it yet, but her body’s senses were heightening and she’d be able to take him many more times. Her body was adapting itself to mate with a werewolf.
Ulfr listened as her breathing slowed down.
‘What have I done?’
The werewolf in him was getting stronger. There was no doubt about that. The werewolf wanted to mate with her and change her, to make her into one of him. His human side struggled with his wolf.
Ulfr paced the length of the cabin back and forth.
If he could just tell her, explain to her that there was nothing to be afraid of if he turned her into a werewolf.
There was so much he hadn’t told her out of fear of rejection. There were so many benefits to be had. Her eyesight would enhance, her sense of smell would become more acute and her reflexes would make an Olympic gymnast look mediocre in comparison.
He’d kept those secrets from her. There was just so much he should tell her, but saying the words out loud made him appear insane.
“Oh fuck!” He hissed and tensed as the wolf growled to unleash and take his mate.
He was still strong enough to remain in control, but barely. He stared at her face. The very corners of her mouth curled with a pleasured smile. He’d love to see her smile like that every morning for the remainder of his life.
A wolf’s sexual arousal and lust were satiated by the fluids of a female’s cunt. Ulfr had certainly gotten plenty of that from Adriana. Well, enough to keep him satisfied for mean time.
He had to tell her or leave right this minute! He walked to the bed and filling himself with courage hoping Adriana would understand. “Adriana,” he whispered gently. “There’s something important I need to tell y–.”
His resolve weakened as he saw her lying in bed curled on her side with her head resting upon her arm. Her legs were bent up in a foetal position exposing the generous curve of her buttocks and a glimpse of the pleasingly pink, wet sex that Ulfr had feasted on the previous night. Ulfr licked his lips as the taste of her sex still remained on his mouth.
“Adriana!” His pupils dilated until his eyes were entirely black. “Damn it! Not now!”
Ulfr’s felt the blood flow from his head all the way to his groin. Unconsciously and without thinking, he held his cock in one hand. Adriana moaned delicately in her sleep. Incapable of stopping, he began to massage his cock, staring at her, remembering the previous night’s mating.
Ulfr’s mouth watered as she rolled over onto her back, her hands resting beside her head and the blanket pulled over to cover her intimate parts, leaving only hints for the imagination.
Was she wet? He used his superior sense of smell to detect and the lovely feminine moisture which appealed to him. He let the stimuli bombard him. The wolf wanted to surface. It wanted to come out and claim Adriana.
Between the lumpy bed underneath her and the hard man who’d spent most of the entire night humping her brains out, her body felt beaten and battered but never more fulfilled. Her body ached, but surprisingly she felt she could take more … a lot more!
In fact, she wanted more!
“Ulfr, are you trying to catch a cold?” Adriana’s voice was that of someone who was still half asleep. She glanced at his hardened rod through half-opened eyes. “Come back to bed.”
“I – I need to tell you something!” He moved in closer needing to be closer to her.
“What ever it is it can’t wait until later?” Adriana pulled back the blankets and exposed her nude body to him. “Put that little guy back between my thighs where I can warm him up.”
“But it’s …” He chocked as his eyes stared at her cunt. “Very … important …”
“Shhh,” she muttered, her eyes sagging closed. She spread her legs wide. “I need you inside me, Ulfr.”
Ulfr tried to refuse to give in to his carnal desires. But who could the hell could resist the allure of a beautiful, naked woman opening her legs and asking for his cock? There was no werewolf or human alive who could resist save for a eunuch … and even then he had his doubts.
Fuck, he wanted her.
Softly, he put his hand around her ankle. Heat exploded into his palm. There was no slow foreplay, no teasing caresses. He just slid his erection inside her cunt with no difficulty.
“Now, what did you want to tell me,” asked Adriana still half asleep.
Ulfr rolled his eyes and sighed. He couldn’t have a serious conversation with her with his cock inside her body. She wrapped her legs around his waist apparently delighted to have his penis neatly snuggled in her cunt.
She dropped her head lazily back onto the pillow and feeling comfortable. Ulfr couldn’t stop feeling smug. His little human mate was sleeping, only too happy to have his cock buried deep inside her. He’d spent so much time inside her that he wasn’t sure how often he’d cum inside of her already.
She was safe until the Full Moon. It was then that his seed would have its full potency to change her and that would only happen tomorrow night.
A sharp pain electrified through his brain. His fangs elongated and the wolf howled in his head. ‘Now she’s mine!’ Ulfr’s mind went blank.

Chapter 4

When he regained consciousness, he found his hips thrusting deep into Adriana’s womb. She was quite awake this time and breathless, begging for more.
“Don’t stop, Ulfr! Carry on! Yes! Yes! More!”
Her fingernails dug into his shoulders and the out of this world, brazen look in her eyes told him he hadn’t harmed her during his black out. Fortunately he hadn’t changed either, but this was a sure sign he would change come Full Moon.
He had actually blacked out!
It was rare and only happened when the werewolf had been repressed for too long. He couldn’t stop himself from humping deeper in her. She needed his cock and his wolf needed her cunt.
He was now in control, but had no idea how long he’d been out. Ulfr could only follow his instincts, thrusting deeper and longer into her cunt. Adriana’s melodious moans and pleas compelled him to ride on. She was wet and needy for him. She held her breath and hunched up against him. The now frequent spasms of her orgasm flexed his cock and Ulfr moaned. He saw it course through her body.
He plunged a few more times, pumping every ounce of pleasure from her. Subsequently, he tossed his head back and groaned letting his body discharge his seed into her womb.
A few moments later he fell down onto the bed, crushing her to the mattress.
The werewolf had been in control.
For a moment Ulfr felt an irrational pang of jealousy towards his wolf. It was if the werewolf had decided to take his mate without permission.
How much time had passed him by? Was Adriana even aware she’d been fucking a werewolf? Had his wolf harmed her?
He inspected her for bite marks and thankfully there were none.
He stared down at the satisfied woman lying in his arms. Her legs were still wrapped around his waist, with her cunt milking his cock. Her eyelids flickered and her lips curled into a happy smile.
She hadn’t been aware.
Ulfr felt the beating of his own heart increase.
The cabin was silent around them like the calm before a storm. He was on top of her, his cock semi-hard and still impale inside her cunt. The werewolf impelled him to have her again, but Ulfr resisted the beast’s urgings. He tensed, getting ready to fight for control of the body they both shared.
Surprisingly, the wolf decided to stand down, as if it was contented now that it had had its turn with the female.
As he lay on top of Adriana, he listened to his own breath detecting to any changes in his body. The sinister tension had lessened a bit but he didn’t for a single second believe the werewolf had given up.
Ulfr knew he had to gain the advantage of the situation now. Though the sun was up, the werewolf could still feel the lure of the Full Moon. That meant he had half a day to tell her the truth.
Adriana would definitely need her rest if she wanted to continue mating with his werewolf side.
Ulfr climbed out of the bed and the wolf growled in protest as he pulled his cock from Adriana’s cunt. Her forehead wrinkled as if she was annoyed at being left empty. She fell back into a deep, satisfied sleep.
Ulfr paced the length of the cabin and stopped by the window to glance outside. The quiet scene and did nothing to ease his nerves. The werewolf was fighting to control his mind. He could sense it. Where before it had been content to share his body, now the beast seemed to want to take full control. It wanted Adriana and it wouldn’t stop until it had her.
Ulfr was partly to blame. He had broken the balance between wolf and man to protect Adriana. The wolf was just responding.
The stories he had heard as a boy of the erratic behaviour of men before their final transformation made more sense now. The wolf seized the mind, taking influence in tiny bits until it was strong enough to control the body and then it would materialize in its full beastly form.
The mating ritual during the Full Moon was the only way to restore balance. Only Adriana would be able to do that.
He sat at the table, sipping his coffee, unable to take his gaze off Adriana. Feeling sorry for himself wasn’t a quality which had made him into an Alpha. It was time to tell her what should’ve been told sooner.
The wolf in him had made its claim. Adriana’s body and cunt belonged to it.

Chapter 5

Adriana awoke with the sunlight on her face and feeling like she’d been fucked by a rhino. Despite that she couldn’t complain about the tingling sensations between her legs.
With a groan, she sat up. The fire was still burning, leaving the cabin pleasantly warm. She pulled the blankets up around her shoulders and looked for Ulfr. He just sat at the table, staring intently into the fire. He looked calm but she noticed that there was a strange tension in the way he flexed his muscles.
Ulfr had hung up their clothes by the bed. She reached out and grabbed his shirt and put it on her. It was at least three sizes too big. Muscles protested as she arched her back and tried to walk.
He took a deep breath. Her voice was sounded alluring, like the rest of her. It took him back to the long hours of fabulous sex. Adriana looked at him through her long, thick lashes.
“Something’s wrong with you.” She announced without knowing why.
“How can you tell?” He inhaled her scent, she was still in heat. It tormented his senses. Made him want to nuzzle between her legs and seek out the place she secreted her scent.
Her nostrils flared and sensed his smell. There was something wrong with him, a strong sense of musk and other scents she wasn’t familiar with. “I don’t know how but I just know.” She spoke slowly.
“Then it has begun,” he said, without looking back
“What’s begun?” She demanded to know.
For a long minute a loud humming sound echoed in his mind. It was the wolf which was fighting desperately to take control. Everything faded in the background and he balled his hands into fists. He needed more time to explain things and the wolf couldn’t understand, because the balance was broken.
“Ulfr!” She repeated a little louder this time. “What’s begun?”
Raising his head he allowed their eyes to lock. He didn’t bother to turn away his eyes. The air between them crackled with sexual energy. His cock began to respond. He frowned and gave her a dark look. “You’re changing into a werewolf?”
“A werewolf?” An expression of disbelief lined her face.
“Yes!” He stood up towering her. “Werewolves are real, Adriana! We’re existed for as long as humans have. You haven’t completed your transformation yet. So you can still have a chance to turn back.”
“What are you saying,” she sounded baffled and he couldn’t blame her for feeling that way. “You’re saying that werewolves are real? The type that changes at the full moon and you can kill with a silver bullet?”
“We don’t only change at the full moon, although that’s the time when the wolf is the strongest.” He sighed deeply. “And silver bullets can kill us as any ordinary bullet, but I’d recommend using a strong calibre before pissing a werewolf off.”
“Of course you would,” she placed her hands on her hips.
“You don’t believe me.” He said neutrally.
“Alright, prove it!” She demanded evidence.
“Fair enough,” he nodded in agreement.
He balled his hands into fists, physically restraining enough of the wolf that Adriana would be freaked out. He knew the dangers of letting his wolf out even this much but his mate demanded proof that he wasn’t mad.
Before Adriana’s astonished eyes, he began to change and morph. His face tightened and his canines started to draw out. His eyes went black and his nose partially elongated as if it hadn’t quite finished its transformation.
“Oh,” was her only reply.
Ulfr observed her for a moment while she paced from back and forth. Her head was bent forward, arms folded around her waist, chewing her fingernails, a habit she had whenever she got nervous. The erratic shaking motion warned Ulfr that she was on the edge of her nerves.
Ulfr felt he needed to give her some space, either physical or emotional, before changing completely. Adriana was naturally freaked out by his transformation as well as hers.
She jumped at his low call as if she had completely forgotten he was there. Her eyes widened as she glared at him, looking at him now as a werewolf. He walked forward, keeping his movement slow so as not to frighten her. As he moved closer, she stepped back, shuffling toward to the wall, farther away from him. The werewolf growled its displeasure.
“Adriana! Please don’t be frightened.”
She swallowed dryly and shook her head, continuing her retreat, her body shaking. The wolf’s growl turned into a mental howl of emotional pain. She balled her hands into fists and began to beat his chest in anger.
“You fucking bast–” Before she finished what she was going to say, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her mouth locking with his in a hungry, desperate kiss. Her tongue dived deep into his mouth as her fingernails dug into his neck. She whipped her tongue around his, not giving him a chance to answer before she pulled away.
“Fuck you, Ulfr! My dad told me you mountain boys were a strange lot, but this …” She raked the fingers of her hand through her long hair. “I never expected you to be perfect, but I did expect you to be human!”
“Adriana?” he asked, giving her some space.
She turned away and began pacing again. “Don’t talk to me! I’m angry at you!”
She started towards him perhaps to hit him again but he grabbed her arm, jerking her hard against him with her back to his hard chest.
“You’re not frightened of me?” There seemed be a twinge of anxiety in his voice.
“Is there any reason for me to be?”
“Never!” His voice sounded relieved. He swirled her in his arms, pressing her body against his, his cock slipping between her thighs. He clamped his hand onto her ass and lifted her up hard, brushing his erection against her cunt but not penetrating her.
She wasn’t scared of him.
“For a moment I thought you might scream or run away …” Ulfr’s voice trailed off.
“You should’ve trusted in me,” he hot tears wetting his chest.
“I wanted to tell you,” he pressed his face against her hair. “You still have time to change your mind … After you mate with me under the Full Moon we’ll be bonded for life. There’s no going back.”
“What do you mean,” she felt his nudge her asscheeks apart.
“I mean once you’re a werewolf it’ll stay with you forever.”
“That’s a lot to digest in one plate, Ulfr.” She pulled away. “I need time to think.”
He turned away from her as if afraid to tell her the danger she was in if she refused. “Tonight I transform into a pure werewolf.” He began. “It’s rare for that to happen and the only way I can restore balance is if I …”
For about ten seconds he didn’t answer and Adriana circled her arms around his waist.
“What do you need to do?” She asked him.
“I need to mate with you,” he finally announced. “If I don’t then the werewolf will take control permanently.”
“I’ll do it,” she replied without hesitation.
“But–” he turned to face but she silenced him with a kiss.
“I said I’d do it.”
“Then I’m going to have to give you a crash course,” his heart pounded. “And afterwards I’m going to have to get out and finish my transformation.”
Adriana sat down occasionally nodding to his descriptions and explanations on werewolves. If somebody had told her a week ago the things she was seeing and hearing today she’d have laughed.

Chapter 6

Ulfr left the cabin so he could metamorphose into his wolf. Werewolves preferred mating in the wild and pretty soon the cabin would be too fucking small for him to be in. He needed space to run. He needed to fuck.
He sniffed the air and the delicious scent of Adriana’s cunt beckoned to him. The effects of his cum that he’d pumped into her last the previous two nights still remained strong. Her body would be strong enough to take him. His wolf growled its agreement.
No other male would touch his mate. He would rip any male’s throat out and drink his blood.
A howl exploded from his throat, the sound so loud it surprised him. He couldn’t hold back the beast anymore. This was his werewolf taking command of his mind now. He was in uncharted territory and his human side feared for Adriana. The distance between man and wolf pulled further apart.
He wanted to fuck Adriana. Not that fucking her was a bad thing, but it was the way his werewolf wanted to do it, hard, relentless and forceful. The werewolf wanted her to scream until she accepted his sole rights to her body.
Glancing back he saw the trees shading the cabin. The village was in the other direction. Very few humans came to this forest mountain without getting lost. This was the ideal place for a wolf’s lair, remote enough from humans yet within reach of those of his own kind.
He sniffed at the ground, tracing a deer; the scent was a few days old. He’d need nourishment when the mating was finally over.
Ulfr took a deep breath. He felt like was drunk and not in control anymore. The beast in him, the werewolf, was taking more space in his mind. His legs carried him closer until he was near the front door of the cabin. He blinked not certain how he’d gotten there. He sniffed at the air. It wasn’t just Adriana he smelled. It was her cunt! It was wet and aroused.
Ulfr threw back his head and howled loudly. It was a call to his mate! A pain exploded inside his and his world went dark.
The werewolf was now in full control.

Adriana cringed at the howl which echoed through the air. That sounded right on the other side of the door. She’d agreed to do it for Ulfr. She’d agreed to mate with him in order to restore balance. According to Ulfr the full effect of the moon began at exactly midnight.
“I can do this,” she spoke to nobody at all.
For one insane minute she wished she had had a little make-up with her, not that Ulfr werewolf would notice. She felt nervous, but at the same time aroused by it all.
Opening the cabin door completely naked she stepped out to meet her mate. She felt a strange pull coming from the rays of the Full Moon. She wondered if after this she’d be able to change too. In a way she felt that she was going to be reborn into a new form.
She felt the corners of her mouth tighten as she didn’t see her mate anywhere. Ulfr couldn’t be too far away, because he’d been here only seconds ago. It was up to her to restore the balance with his wolf.
“Well, ready or not here I come,” she inhaled deeply and faced the forest.
It was dark but the moon rays shone a little light to guide her footing. She walked down the trail which Ulfr had torn open, her steps moving a little faster as she left the safety of the cabin.
Suddenly she was running faster than it was humanly possible. She leaped about nine feet into the air to land on a branch. She sniffed the air and picked up her mate’s scent. She somersaulted once and landed on all fours.
“Whoa!” She breathed exhilarated. “I could get used to this!”
If she got all these abilities just from his cum just imagine what his bite could do?
Adriana sprinted forward into night. Being in the woods all by herself was definitely exciting. It was like being free for the first time. The trail seemed relatively fresh and newly broken branches led her towards Ulfr. Instinct guided her.
Reaching the end of the path which led to a small clearing she stopped. The werewolf, her mate, was pacing the tiny area. It was big, over seven feet tall, and heavily muscled. His tan coloured skin appeared to be stretched to its maximum elasticity. He had long arms which ended with human-like hands and claws. The legs were bent like an animal’s but he walked upright. Its face was shaped like a wolf’s.
The werewolf paced the area, his powerful body vibrating with rage. Her foot cracked a dry branch the beast spun around, glaring at her.
“Holy crap!” He heart pounded violently.
His cock was huge, much bigger than before. Her poor vagina was going to get quite the stretch this time round. The cock’s veins pumped with blood making it stiffen upright. The slit in the front was oozing pre-cum. She tensed, knowing what was to come, wanting it and at the same time fearing it.
Abruptly her eyes dilated completely black and her cunt juices flowed, indicating she was receptive. The werewolf’s head lowered as his shoulders rose as if he were preparing to charge. He was stiffed legged and his ears erect forward.
Adriana took a few more steps into the clearing and stopped. Her mate hadn’t moved but it was looking at her like it wanted to consume her. Slowly he moved across the small clearing, his clawed hands extending towards her. His hands clamped around her upper arms and yanked her closer, the long snout moved in, allowing her a clear view of the many sharp teeth which lined his jaw.
Adriana would be his and she would submit to him.
The werewolf’s mouth opened and his tongue lengthened out, licking the line of her throat. The scent of her arousal completely besieged him.
He kissed her so brutally that when he pulled back Adriana’s lips were pink and swollen. She caught her breath quickly and leaned in, soothing him with a gentle kiss. The action pacified the beast’s instinctive rage but did nothing to ease the lust. He had to have her.
She kissed her way down his neck, letting her teeth nibble against his throat. The delicate bite made his cock twitch and his hands fasten tighter on her. The muscles in his neck corded. All it could think of was throwing her down and mounting her like a bitch.
His clawed hand tangled in her hair, whipping her head back, exposing her throat. She freely moved, surrendering him her neck. She didn’t know, she couldn’t possibly know, what that action indicated to a werewolf. She was submitting to him.
The werewolf bent down and pinched her throat, but it wasn’t enough. At least it wasn’t enough to completely change her. He needed to sink his teeth into her and mix her blood with his saliva. The urgent need to take her consumed him.
He bit down on her flesh, breaking the skin, knowing he was leaving his mark on Adriana. Her cry echoed into the night. It wasn’t a cry of pain. It was like lust burned through her like fire. Hunger, sexual hunger, made her want to fuck him furiously.
The bite seemed to stretch on, mixing pain and pleasure spinning into infinity. She felt her mind bonding with his. It was a wonderful feeling. If Ulfr lost control, if he bit down harder and ripped her to shreds, she wouldn’t even care.
Ulfr took his mouth away and it was clear that he’d accomplished part of his mission. His balls tightened with anticipation of release.
He knew on an instinctive level that his mate was eager. He knew by the cream frothing between her thighs and the tight, hard tips of her nipples. Adriana’s breasts were larger than before, more raised and fuller.
Ulfr threw her onto the ground, holding his mate to him. Her cunt pressed against his groin and she squirmed. The werewolf was focused on one thing and one thing alone: getting inside and fucking her. He kneed her legs apart and placed his cock to her opening.
He pushed the head of his cock against her cunthole and slowly pushed forward. At first, her hole utterly refused to part open before the blunt organ. His member was bigger now the werewolf was out.
He pushed harder, and then harder some more. Little by little his member began to slip into the unbelievable tightness between Adriana’s thighs. As he did this, she moaned, cried and wiggled her body underneath him.
Adriana was overcome and blissful. She didn’t know what was happening, but her body gave way to the member. His cock pushed firmly against her cunt opening. She cried with pleasure for firm pressure was what she needed to attain the release that would satisfy her.
His cock pressed harder until the cuntal lips yielded and it penetrated a few inches into her tight cavity. Her body wanted it to go further in. Her hands clenched the dirt as she felt the rest of the member penetrating into her.
The hardness became greater and greater, and she felt a delicious pain, almost a tearing between her legs. The pressure increased and she felt her cunt lips being forced unnaturally wide around his member. If she had been fully human she’d never have been able to take him like this.
Her cuntlips carried on opening, to spread as the massive member pushed against her. She felt it pierce into her body, forcing open the front of her cuntal opening as it drove into her.
Her elastic vagina spread wider than ever it had before in her entire life. The smooth flesh of his straining cock absorbed her juices which eased his penetration. He pushed deeper still, until a full three inches were inside her and spreading her cunt wide, almost splitting her in two. The werewolf plunged his hips forward and Adriana screamed as three more inches jammed into her cunt.
Adriana felt her claws and fangs extend. She bit the werewolf on his shoulder and he cried out loud, pleased by her action. He sweated and pulled back an inch, then pushed forward, ramming three more inches into her. He howled like a wolf and drew back two more inches. He thrust forward, his swollen organ stabbing in a few more inches.
Adriana hugged her mate, her claws digging into his back as she felt the huge cock push deeper inside her. She felt its hilt ramming up against her cervix with tremendous force. Even her pubic bones were forced wider, as if she were in childbirth.
He stopped pushing and moved no further. His cock held within her motionless. Adriana trembled and felt it pulse within her body. The werewolf kneaded his clawed hands over her widely parted buttocks.
At long last, the entire length of his manhood rested within her. His large, heavy balls hung low beneath his crotch. He withdrew his cock, retreating only a few inches for fear that the tight channel might close behind him and he’d have to start all over again. He pushed forward and then retreated.
Gradually he built up speed as her muscles surrendered beneath his sheer size. He humped faster and faster into her cunt, his clawed hands moving more freely across her wonderfully velvety skin.
Adriana cunt felt as if it were getting wilder, wishing the cock to go further inside. After long minutes of furious fucking, she felt so good that she wished it to continue for many hours more. Her orgasm was getting closer and closer. Every time the shaft smashed hard against her body, the air was blown out of her lungs.
The werewolf stood up, still with his cock in her, picked her up and started to slide her up and down on his cock. She tried to wrap her legs around his waist, but she was too small and he was too big. All she could do was hold onto his neck. He began to press her down onto his member. She was unable to keep from squirming, which made her drop deeper.
Adriana’s legs dangled loosely. She looked into his face and he looked determined to make her cum hard. Ulfr put his hands around her waist and began moving her body up and down, as if he using her to jerk off. Her eyes went bulged wide and she gasped.
She was fastened by his hands and depended on his lift to move. There was nothing to soften the impact. He began sliding her up and down, a little deeper each time as he redoubled his efforts with each hump. Adriana was having multiple orgasms and there was no sign of it slowing down.
The werewolf continued pounding his cock in her deeper and faster. She felt his full length and was coming harder. She wobbled her head to her chest and glanced at her dangling legs. Her juices and his cum were dripping.
The werewolf ground her down on him and tried to get all of his cock inside her. He twisted her body like a screw while as pounding it down on his meat. Adriana was gasping for air, but had absolutely no intentions about stopping or asking for mercy.
She was hoping the werewolf would increase his fucking even harder.
The werewolf slammed her hard on the forest ground. He quickly raised both of her legs above her chest, and just directly fucked her hard, with full deep thrusts and lots of screwing.
He kept changing positions which might help get a deeper penetration. Sitting down, with her on his lap and his huge fingers completely surrounding her waist, he heaved her back against the cock rutting her.
The enormous werewolf’s fingers hauled her upwards and dropped back down on his cock again, and the barrowing continued, with even more force. Her body jerked helplessly like a rag doll, her head whipping all directions with the abrupt changes in motion, her breasts bouncing.
Adriana was screaming a loudly with this position and his roughness. She loved it! He’d pounded into her for a long time and she cried his name over and over again in orgasmic bliss. Then he fired his seed inside of her. She came multiples time and his cum seemed to enhance her orgasm.
All through the night, he’d fucked her with a desperate need for her. The werewolf had allowed her intervals of rest. He’d brought her food and water but even then he’d never removed his cock from her cunt. Even when she’d fallen to sleep, fatigue overcoming her lust, she had a hazy memory of an orgasm waking her in the middle of the night and the werewolf’s mouth sucking her cunt. There were a few memories she could recollect of her sucking his cock, but the werewolf would quickly put it back inside her cunt.


Adriana awoke suddenly, her heart pounding as if she’d been pulled from a scary dream. Cracking open her eyes, she realised it was no dream. It had all been real. She’d actually spent long hours with Ulfr’s cock and tongue inside her. The bite mark on her shoulder was almost completely healed.
She was back in the cabin and had no idea how long she’d been asleep. It couldn’t have been too long, because she was worn out. Ulfr or the werewolf in him had been fierce and hard, thrusting roughly between her legs until she screamed. She’d begged him to do more and he’d been only too pleased to comply.
Adriana she sat up and examined the cabin. The sun was high and it cracked through the dirty window illuminating the small area. The blanket next to her was vacant. She was alone. He’d left her all by herself.
That fact sent a sharp stab to her chest. What if none of it had worked? What if Ulfr was gone and destined to live as a werewolf forever? His pack would be forced to hunt him down and kill him.
She stared into the shadows of the cabin. Was he there? Hiding in the shadows? He’d be too inconspicuous even in his human form to do that let alone a seven foot giant werewolf.
She rolled over and forced herself to stand up, using the wall to support her shaky legs. The insides of her thighs throbbed from being opened for so long and her muscles quivered with overuse. She’d taken everything the werewolf had given her, and countered with each thrust.
The werewolf had to have been satisfied, she thought with a sigh. She pushed the tangled mass of hair away from her face and peered towards the door. Only silence greeted her but she could sense his scent near.
The door opened with a slow creek. A boot emerged from behind and then the massive frame. He stood tall, with a rifle on one shoulder and a travel bag on another. She ran towards him and leaped into his arms.
“Ulfr!” She stood on her tiptoes to reach his mouth and kiss him. “For a moment I thought …”
“I know,” he soothed her hair. “But when dawn came the werewolf was satisfied and I was able to come back.”
“Where did you go?”
“I went to hunt that creature for your uncle Sigmund,” he replied and dropped his bag heavily on the table. “And to get us some supplies.”
He bent down and their tongues tangled together so sensually that her body burst into flames and burned. He nibbled her lips, pulling with his teeth and sucking her bottom lip gently.
“Hmm,” Ulfr grinned sleekly. “I think I could get used to this, cupcake.”
“Don’t call me cupcake,” she nibbled his earlobe hard.
Then his hands went down, cupping her bare ass and lifting her. His finger slid into her rectum. As he expected her to do, she squealed with delight and wrapped her arms around his neck. Between giggles she asked, “Just what do think you doing?”
He was already hard. All he wanted to do was plunge right in. With a husky voice, he said, “The werewolf wants your ass.”
“Well, then we must comply!” She giggled as he took her to the bed for another session of mattress poker.

The End


2016-10-24 03:38:03
Well, time to load the old tranquilizer-gun. Gonna snatch me one of them were-dog things. You think they're protected species or something? Better take one of 'em oil-sheets to hide it on the back of the truck. With what they fine for an itsy bitsy abalone, a big thing like that...
Brilliant and disturbingly romantic (picking a tear). Thank you so much (now openly crying). It was greatly appreciated. I see there's more stories. You're gonna kill me.

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2015-09-15 12:20:15
I loved the story it is one of the best werewolf story I have readied
(thanking about it this the best)
is there going to be a part 2 so we can see if she is having pup's
& if she is his mate & how is she going to tell her family
I am very much looking forward to seeing if you do a part 2
Thanz for the story

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Wow great story

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Mattress poker? xD

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It was awesome, please make more! :)

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