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“TAYLOR!” Reality hit me as soon as my flashback had ended. Aaron was calling me out to the front of the school.

I typically made friends with everyone in high school, but my favorite crowd was the mixture of outcasts. The outcasts and the misfits had a sense of humor no other group could match, and this excited me. Since Aaron was new to the school, I introduced him to my many deranged friends. “Aaron, this here is Sam.” They shook hands.

Sam had always wanted to get a piece of ass, but the poor guy was just too dumb and ugly for anyone. They even made a rumor up that the guy fucked a poor innocent dog. I doubt it was true, but when I was younger I sure as hell believed it. I believed anything anyone told me when I was young.

I was a young, stupid, na? little waif of a girl, not to mention I wasn’t all that attractive when I was younger. I was a horny little tween when I was young. The first day I had ever had an orgasm, I was bathing in my grandmother’s new jet bathtub. I wondered why people would masturbate and what the hell an orgasm was, and why it was so “wrong“ to do. I filled up the bathtub, and turned it on. Then I placed my little hairless pussy on the jet, and laid the rest of my body back in the warm water. I couldn't explain what I felt as the water massaged and played with my clit. For some reason, my hips wanted to rotate, so I let them. I also gradually turned up the jets as I did. Up, down, up, down. I felt uncomfortable as I did this so I leaned forward and got on my knees for doggie style fun with the jets. The water, blasting into my virgin pussy probably had ripped my hymen, but I continued to let it fill me up with every rotation. I eventually backed up onto the jet, filled my virgin womb to the brim, and let the jet massage my clit. I felt a tickle within my pussy build up and up, and finally I felt a surge of electricity flow through my entire body. I gasped and pulled away from it, and said under my breath “Wow… my first orgasm…” All the water had shot out of my pussy, and I saw bits of blood everywhere. I payed it no mind, until about a week later I had my first period, on my twelfth birthday. Every day since my twelfth birthday, I would come home from school, by-pass everyone and pull out my homemade dildo, who I had named Mr. Spanky. I had fashioned him from a ten colored pen. I would put on music that would pick up paces, such as river dance music or metal, and as I played with my pussy I would pick up the pace as the music did, and have myself a hell of a time. This went on for about two more years until I met Mac, my first boyfriend.
Mac, who had come up with the dreadful story about Sam, Mac, the compulsive liar, Mac, the one who sits behind me in Biology this year, Mac the one who still hates me for breaking up with him freshman year, was the complete opposite of me. I was a peaceful girl, and he was a hardcore metal comedian, and to this day I find both of those aspects in a man extremely attractive. Other than that, NOTHING about Mac was attractive, but when he grew out his hair, I completely forgot about it. I would play with his hair, and kiss him, and tell him he was funny and loveable.

Mac and I met in 8th grade. We had a lot of classes together. I would always be the one to finish assignments, and he would be the complete slacker. Every day I would ask Mac if he had a girlfirend. He would always say yes ( and she was a TOTAL bitch, and still is to this day.) One -day, in Geography class, Mac told me he was single, so that day at lunch, I asked him out to the next Middle School dance. He said yes. Mac wasn’t one for dances, but he went for me. I showed up, looking like an idiot. I didn’t have pretty dresses like the other girls did. I went in a dress I hadn’t worn since I was twelve, in shoes I hadn’t worn in the same amount of time, because my family couldn’t afford anything more. Mac showed up, in a blue corduroy suit, and a pimp hat. I never felt more embarrassed in my life. I didn’t even want to dance that night, and I was really good at dancing. I ended up working in the photo booth taking pictures for the yearbook. As everyone left, I gathered my things, and left with a sadness like no other.

My first date, sucked. My first boyfriend, embarrassment. My first kiss, about to happen.

We walked out, among other nerds who had went stag to the dance. It was raining hard outside, and my mom was waiting at the other end of the school to pick me up. “Thanks for taking me to the dance Mac.” I said with a huff, and started off in a silent run to leave. Mac just stood there with a sad stance, and his hands shoved deep into the pockets of his costume. I stopped mid stride, turned around and gave Mac a kiss on the cheek. Then he gave me a kiss on the lips. My first kiss, in the rain, wasn’t all that bad. Mac walked me the rest of the way. I was cold and soaking wet but my lips burned from the first time I had ever used them on another person. I went home and wrote in my journal about it.

Months went by and Mac and I grew together. He would tell me jokes, and let me borrow his video games, and he would buy me cute presents for the week of Christmas, as I would him. We would take walks in the winter, around my grandmother’s house, which was next to a Lutheran church, which was ALSO next to the school we went to. My birthday was coming up soon, and it was beginning to snow.

The week before my birthday was a bitch indeed. Ordering the things I had wanted, spending all the money I saved, everything was a complete hassle. I had invited every one of my friends, and then some. The night came, and I spent the time waiting at the door. No one had arrived early, no one had arrived on time. The only person who arrived was Mac. I showed him around my house, because he had never been before. I showed him my room, which since I was twelve had been switched from a room across my mother’s, to the den on the other side of the house. My room was extremely large. It could fit just about everything in it. Rarely was it clean, but it was clean today. I led him into my room, and sat him down on my red futon and we started to watch some Family Guy. Mac and I weren’t very good at kissing, but we started to do it anyway. It didn’t take Mac long to become aroused, and I was curious about what a penis looked like up close. “Hey Mac, remember how we were talking about sexual things over the phone?” I asked him. “Yeah… I don’t know if it’s such a good idea…” he said. I told him how much I would love it if he showed me his penis, and I would show him my pussy in return. I had shaved it, because I was positive something like this was in my alley to happen tonight. He unzipped his pants, and out flopped this MONSTER cock, hidden within his pants. His 9 inch, 15 year old cock was absolutely gorgeous and I took quite a lot of time studying it. It pulsed, and had a ridge going underneath it. “Can I touch it?” I asked. “Sure, can I touch yours?” I nodded my head, and I began to fondle the wonder in front of me. Mac pulled down my shorts a bit to discover the pink juicy pussy before him. I began stroking his cock, because I knew the look on his face meant he was loving me just touching it. I took his cock into my 14 year old grip, and started to jerk away. I didn’t think much of lubing up my hands at that age, but Mac advised me to do so. I took a lovely bit of spit into my hands and used them to pleasure him. He had begun fingering my wet little slit, and I was loving every minute of it. “It kinda hurts…” I told him. I was so tight, one of his large fingers could barely fit within me. He went slower, and started to curl his finger upwards instead. That was the first time I had ever felt my g spot being hit. Mac continued as I sat on his hand, and I started to give him a blowjob. From the very first, I knew to keep my teeth out of the way, and that suction and tongue movements were very important for male pleasure. I didn’t know how to deep throat yet, but a couple weeks later I would watch a video to find out how. He was whispering my name, and as he did, all of his cum rushed into my mouth. I didn’t think it very tasty, but I thought it rude to spit it out, so I swallowed it. We weren’t very loud, but both of us had an orgasm. Mac could barely stand, and neither could I. We decided to lay down for a bit, and watch more TV until his mom came to pick him up. It was the best birthday I ever had. I went back to middle school that day proud of what I had done, that my girlfriends wouldn’t experience until sophomore year. I had a huge grin on my face all the time, and I was glad none of my friends showed up, otherwise I wouldn’t have had as much fun at my party as my deviant little self had wanted to.

The months raged on, in quiet solitude of orgasmic bliss, and the times with Mac were fun and memorable, but when it came to high school… I started to wonder about what was waiting for me beyond the pants of other young men, waiting to be ravished for the first time…

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2011-05-12 07:03:25
Thanks alot - your answer solved all my problems after sevaerl days struggling

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2010-09-24 13:26:45
Antonio must of been a disappointment compared to Mac and Gordon so far in size.

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