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My sister has a nice nap after having some fun and it leads to much more fun for the two of us.
I had just come home from school and was going up to change when I passed by my sister's room. She's in high school and her school day starts and ends before mine so she gets home before I do. Before I tell you more, I should tell you about myself and my sister.

My name is Jason, I'm fourteen years old, five foot six, brown eyes, nice looking (I've been told) with an average build. I'm not a sports guy but have some muscles. I get good grades and want to be an engineer, not sure what kind yet. No real girlfriend yet but I'm always looking. I've felt a few boobs but that's about all so far.

Julie is my sister, she's sixteen with shoulder-length light brown hair, brown eyes and she's five foot four. She has a very nice figure (36B cups, I looked at her bras) and all my friends think she is very hot. She gets good grades and plays clarinet in the band. She dates some but not steadily. I don't think she's had sex but I'm not sure.

Okay, so I'm upstairs going to my room to change and pass by Julie's room. The door is open and she's laying on the bed on her back naked with one leg in a wide-open 'L' position and there's a dildo thing sticking out of her beautiful, shaved pussy. Or sticking into her pussy. Either way, she's laying there with this thing in her and I see that she's sound asleep. While I'm a bit weirded out by this I'm also very turned-on by my naked sister's body.

I go in and stand there looking at this beautiful naked girl and have a boner like I've never had before. What am I going to do? Mom may come home early. Julie is asleep in a position that she'd die to be seen in so I reach down and pull the sheet over her. At least that's something. And I've had a great look.

I turn to leave and I hear, "Oh, god, what are you doing in here?" I jumped about a foot.

"Sorry, Jule, I wanted to cover you up in case Mom came home. I...err...."

I can see that her hand is under the sheet and removing the dildo as she says, "I must have...uhh...fallen asleep. Oh shit. Did you...damn...what did you...oh, crap."

"It's okay, sis, everybody gets, you know...I do it myself...well, not the same way...but its okay, I underst...I'm not going to tell, if you're worried. I do it too."

"Oh, Jase, I'm just so...I can't believe must have seen...god, I don't believe this...I'm so...."

"It's really okay. I do it too and I understand."

I'm standing there with a raging hard-on and can't wait to go do something about it when she says, "You must have had a good look, geez, I can see that you have a gigantic- you know- hard-on. Sorry."

"Oh I'm not, it'll give me something to remember when I do it. You have a beautiful body, Jule, really beautiful."

"You think of me when you're getting yourself off?"

"Sis, you're the prettiest girl I know and, I think, the sexiest. Now I better go before I ruin my pants. Bye."

Well, I jacked-off three times that afternoon and then once after I went to bed.

The next afternoon, Julia was waiting for me as I came in.

"Sorry about yesterday, Jase, I hope you understand."

"Oh sure, sis, its weird that we're both doing it, you know, in different bedrooms under the same roof."

"You said you think of me sometimes when you're doing it."

"Well, really, I think of you every time if you want the truth. I hope you don't get angry about it."

"No, its really kind of flattering. Tell you the truth, I did it again last night in bed and I was thinking...uuh...of you, Jase. So, it looks like we're even. Like you said, its kinda weird that we're both doing it but separately in different bedrooms and even thinking about each other."

"What did you think about me last night? You've never seen me undressed."

"Oh, you know, just imagined it, what you'd be like."

"If we did it together, you'd know what I look like. We don't have to use separate bedrooms, we could do it together."

I'm not sure why I said that, well, I do know why, but I was surprised that I did. My sister said, "It's not like you haven't had a good eyeful already is it? Not much else to see. It would be pretty sexy to do it together, help get each other off."

"Wanna try it out?"

"Well, yeah I guess we could. When?"

"We've got at least an hour before Mom gets home."

"Um, well, okay, my room okay with you."

"Sure I'll get a towel, guy's get a little messy."

And up we went to my sister's room.

Julia says, "I guess this is where I get to see you naked. I'll just watch as you strip."

So, I took off my shirt and pants and stepped toward her with a large bulge in my briefs. Right in front of her, I pulled them down and my penis flopped down pointing right at Jule's face. Her eyes got big and she said, "Oooh, you're sure excited. More of a 'big' brother, huh? You're not so 'little.'"

"So, sis, how we gonna do this? Each do their own thing. I've got a towel and some lotion."

"I guess that sounds fine. You're getting me in the mood so this seems to be working. Guess its my turn."

With that she slowly took off her blouse and skirt, then reached around and loosened her bra which she cupped to her breasts.

"Ready?" she says, and drops the bra to the floor. "Pretty nice aren't they?"

"Oh, sis, they're beautiful; nice and firm, just perfect."

She then pulls down her panties and sits next to me on the bed. She pulled the dildo out of her nightstand drawer and said, "Shall we begin?" I poured some lotion in my palm and began slowly stroking my cock.

She scoots up to the headboard and puts a pillow behind her, opens her legs, licks the dildo and starts to rub the tip of the wand around her pussy lips which are very wet. Her other hand rubs the top of her slit slowly round and round. I turn sideways to face her and am looking right into her crotch as she slides the dildo inside.

"I get to see you shoot your cum, that'll be fun."

"I may cum really big with all this help, why didn't we do this a long time ago?"

It was somewhat strange to be masturbating in front of my sister but her nakedness and the fact that she's masturbating too rather brought the excitement level up; I was hard as a rock.

"Oh, Jase, I'm gonna go off. Here it comes. Unghh. Unghh, OOhhh, OOOOH, AAAWWW, EWWWW, OH I'M CUUUMMMING!!"

Her face is all red and splotchy and her legs are thrust out stiffly.

"Oh god, that was the best I've ever had. Ever," she says as she slowly strokes the dildo in and out. "Ewww, that was the best."

Right about then, the tip of my cock got all tingly and I sped up my strokes and suddenly, cum began to spurt out in big arcs toward my sister.

"Woooweee, Jase, what a cum. You look like a cannon going off. Neat."

"Well, looking at you doing it gives me a lot of stimulation, my dick is still like a rock and I just finished jacking-off."

"I thought your penis was supposed to be limp afterwards. You sure don't look limp to me."

"No, I'm really wound-up doing this with you. It's great."

"Let's do each other, then, Jase, maybe that'll be more satisfying. Okay?"

You really don't expect me to say, 'no,' do you? She hands me the dildo and asks, "Do you know where my clitoris is? It's very sensitive and you have to be gentle with it. Look, its right here," and she spreads the top of her pussy lips and shows me her little 'love button' peeking out at me.

"Go ahead, touch it but be gentle and get it wet first."

I put a finger in my mouth and then ran it around her little button.

"Oh, Oh, OOOH, that's it. Mmm."

Wow, I had no idea that a girl could be that turned-on. I thought that all the feeling was inside. Well, live and learn.

She coats her hands with lotion and begins to rub me up and down as I finger her clit and run the dildo tip along her slit.

"Put it in, Jase, just a little and fuck me with it. Oooh, yeah, just like that. Mmmm."

She's moving her hips a little as I rub her back and forth when she says, "In a little further, oooh, that's perfect."

Her hands are gliding up and down and I'm going into a blissful state. I'm now fucking her with the dildo all the way in and out while I rub her on the outside. She's moaning and moving under my hand.

"Point it up, Jase, tip it upwards. OOOH, just like that. That's really...unggh, unngggh, UNGGH, UUUNNGGHH, Ewwww, oooh."

As if triggered by Julie's orgasm, I suddenly spurt a burst of cum up in the air.

"Oh, Julie, oh, that was great. I'm just wiped out."

"Well, maybe your dick will be happy for a while. We should sleep well tonight. This was fun."

"Oh, more than fun, fantastic. I'll dream about this tonight."

"And, Jason, there's always tomorrow."

I never dreamed I would be getting handjobs from my beautiful older sister. I had just had two orgasms less than an hour ago and I was hard again. So, off to my bedroom and a quick beat-the-boner.

The next afternoon, I ran from the bus stop home to make every second count.

"Julie, I'm home" I panted. She walked down the stairs and said, "Are you all right. You're out of breath."

"Oh, I ran home."

"I bet I know why, too. You want to get naked with your sister again, huh."

"Boy, do I. When can we do it?"

"Eager little brother wants bigger sister naked and rubbing his little brother cock, right?"

"Oh, right, sis, right. When?"

"Is your dick hard?" she teased.

"Wanna see?" I teased back.

She put her hand on my crotch and said, "Oooh, it feels about right, lets go get each other off."

So, off to her room where we stripped quickly. I was standing in front of Julie with my slender, pink-tipped cock wavering at her as she finished pulling off her panties.

"Why don't we lie down opposite each other like this?" she said as we stretched out facing each other on our sides with my head near her knees and her head alongside my hips.

I had her dildo and she raised her upper leg to open herself to me and I began to stroke across her slit gliding it in slightly between her labia as I went. Julie had the bottle of hand lotion which she squirted on her hands and began to rub all over my cock.

"Oh, god, Jule, that is sooo good. Am I doing you allright?"

"Yeah, you can put it in some, that would be nice" and I slide the wand into her about half way and begin to move it in and out and around.

"Oh, the feeling is delicious. Rub my clit, too, okay?"

"How about this?" as I move my head toward her and begin to lick her clit area as I probe her love box with the dildo.

"Do it faster, faster, I'm gonna cum! Ooooh, unghhh, unghhh, unghhh, ewww. Oh, Jase, oh, Jase. Mmmm. Mmmm."

She's stroking me faster and I'm thrusting my hips when I suddenly goe stiff and moan and cum spurts all over Julie.

"God, I'm covered in cum. Was it good?"

"Oh, sis, it was fabulous. Best cum ever in my life. You can do that to me any time you want. Any time."

We just lay there opposite each other, I'm slowly licking her while she's running her tongue around the tip of my cock cleaning off the seeping cum. We lay like this for fifteen or twenty minutes with an aura of blissful feeling. It seems odd and wonderful at the same time to be hugging each others legs and hips, but I loved it.

"God, I feel good, this has been wonderful," she said.

"Oh, I never dreamed it could be this good. God, I want to fuck you. Could we do that sometime?" I asked.

Neither one of us has ever done it before, it would be our first. But I knew she wasn't on the pill and didn't want to take any chances on getting pregnant.

"I'm not on the pill so that kills your idea. We can do other stuff though."

"How about condoms?" I asked.

"Hmm, there is the nurse's office at school. I think my friend Pammy had gotten some there. I'll ask her tomorrow. Let me look into it Jason, okay. I got homework to do but I'll try to figure something out."

I was excited all day at the idea of having my first real sex. I ran into the house and Julie was sitting at the kitchen table doing her homework.

"Well, did you get them?"

She reached in her backpack and pulled out a box and placed it on the table.

"Well, there's a dozen. That should last us 'til tomorrow," she snickered.

"I can get all of them I want, so that part is easy. Would you like to go try one?" she asked with a grin.

"I thought you'd never ask" and I followed her up to her room.

"Let's undress each other properly," she said as she started to unbutton my shirt. As my shirt hit the floor, she bent over to suck one of my nipples. I'd never thought of having a girl suck on my nipples, I'd always wanted to suck theirs instead. But, the feeling was nice.

She unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my shorts and slid them down. I stepped out of them and she tugged down my briefs. My cock sprang up and nearly hit her face. I stepped out of my briefs and she began to caress my dick with her hands.

"How about a nice kiss, right here," she said as she bent down and kissed the end of my penis.

"Is that nice?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Well, how about this?" and she licks all around the head of my dick. I thought I'd explode, right there.

Then she stood up and said, "My turn. Undress me and take your time."

I unbuttoned her school blouse and she let it fall to the floor. She then turned to let me unhook her plain white bra, then turned back toward me. It was still covering her breasts. She shrugged forward and it fell to the floor again revealing her beautiful round pink-tipped breasts. They were stunning and so firm. Perfect.

"Like to kiss 'em, Jase?"

I took a nipple between my lips and began to pull it into my mouth. I started using a pulsing action in my mouth and she said, "Eww, that's going right to my pussy. Oh, that feels really good, Jason, really good." I was rubbing her other breast and lightly squeezing its nipple. Yes, very nice. She's rubbing my dick faster and faster and I suck faster and faster.

After a few minutes, I tugged down her skirt and panties. My mouth immediately followed down her stomach kissing my way to the front of her smooth, bare love triangle.

"Sit down, sis, I want to kiss your pretty lips" and, as she did, I knelt down in front of her and spread her legs and gave her a nice, long french kiss right in the middle of her pussy. She lay back and sighed as I darted my tongue in and out.

"Oh, Jase, that's so, so good. I love you licking me there. Eww, and your tongue...."

I could feel her muscles tense when I jutted my tongue in as far as I could. She had little spasms when I did that so I knew I was turning her on bigtime. Her knees closed against my head as I continued to lick and suck her love box.

"Oh, Jase, you've got me so hot I want to fuck right now. I can't wait. I want your cock in me right now."

I got up and got a condom out of the box, tore it open and asked Julie if she knew how it goes on.

"No, but maybe there's instructions."

Thankfully, there were and I was soon sheathed in a reservoir-tipped lubricated latex condom ready to slide deep into my sister's beautiful, wet love tunnel.

I knelt in front of her outspread legs and pressed my cock to her waiting slit. She moved her legs as far apart as she could and I slowly lowered my cock into her pushing into her warm, moist depths.

"Mmm, that's good, Jase, good."

The feeling of Julie's pussy tightly gripping my cock was fabulous, especially when I moved in and out. She began meeting my thrusts with a circular motion of her hips that was simply delicious. What a feeling, my cock was all tingly and each stoke sent waves of ecstasy throughout my body. I was the happiest fourteen year old on earth.

I never dreamed that my sister and I would be fucking each other but having her around now that we were exploring each other's bodies was keeping my dick hard twenty-four hours a day. I had a non-stop boner for my delectable sister. Yes, delectable, she tasted wonderful. I could lick her forever but I was also finding that making love to her was as good or better.

"Oh, put it in all the way, Jase, deep. Oooo, that's great. Mmm, nice and slow" and she ground her hips around as I slowly pulled in and out of her. The tension was building with every slow push and pull. She tightened her grip on my cock as she moved round and round in small circles.

As I pushed in as far as I could, she whispered, "Mmm, just leave it there, don't move," and she continued to rotate her hips, moving ever so slightly back and forth. It felt like she was sucking me with her pussy. I wasn't long for this world.

"I'm gonna...cum..real..UNGHHH, UNGHHH, OH JULIE, ohh" and I had an orgasm so strong that it was almost painful, almost.

Right then, Julie began to moan and thrust her hips to bury as much of me as possible in her love house.

"Oh, Jase, I'm cumming, too...It's sooo...UNGHH, omigod, I'm...It's so...I feel...oh, you're...I want you...omigod...sooo good. Oh."

She was hugging me so tightly. I never knew she was that strong. She had her legs wrapped around my back and was squeezing me as far into her as she could with all her might. She just held me there in a bear hug of her arms and legs pressing our bodies together into one.

Slowly she relaxed her hold and let out a deep sigh.

"Oh, Jase, I never knew I could feel so wonderful. I'm just on fire, all over. Oh, I love you in me. Mmmm."

I pulled out and looked down at the soggy condom drooping from the end of my dick. It really looked funny. I pulled it off and went to the john and flushed it.

Back in bed, Julie said that she was a little sore.

"Can I kiss it and make it better?"

She laughed and said I could. So I nestled between her thighs as she swung her legs over my shoulders and began to lick her slowly.

"Mmmm, nice, Jase, nice."

I've heard guys talking about giving girls oral sex and how much they just love it. Well, my sister sure does. She's moving her hips around as I poke my tongue in and out and she's letting out little moans. I move up to the top of her pussy and slip my tongue in the slit and begin to suck and play my tongue around.

She's really wiggling her hips around.

"Oh, Jase, right there, don't stop, right there. Mmmm, eeeeew."

She started to buck her hips up and down jamming her pussy into my face as I kept putting my tongue in and out.

Her legs went stiff, straight out and she yelled, "Oh god, don't stop, don't stop...its so good, don't stop...Ohh, OOHHH, OOHHH, Uuuggh, ugnk, oh, oh, god so good."

Then, she went limp all over and I slid up and laid on top of her in a nice, post-orgasmic hug. She was still breathing heavily and seemed very warm under me as she hugged me tightly.

She gave me a tight hug and whispered, "Oh, Jason, that was so wonderful. I love you."

We lay there for I don't know how long just enjoying the feel of our skin touching all up and down our bodies.

"Oh, Jase, I want us to do this every day, okay?"

"I'd sure love it. I just want you as much as I can."

So, my sister Julie and I enjoyed each other (very, very much) sexually until she went away to college two years later. I'd visit her at times and we would have sex in her room all weekend. We even included her roommate from Sweden, Isabelle, who grew up screwing her brother. It seemed natural for Julie to share her brother and I didn't object.

But, that's another story.

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