Three teens boys coerse a ten year old girl into sex
The tree fort Chapters 8 & 9 the finally

Before I begin this story I wish to say that I do not condone sex with minors, especially pre-teen children. Having said that, this story depicts sex with a ten year old girl. It is fictional and fantasy. By writing this story does not mean I would attempt to solicit or engage nor suggest that others engage in sex with minors any more than I would commit murder or suggest others commit murder by writing a story about murder.

If a story such as I have described above offends you then please do not read this story.

Previously on “The Tree Fort”.

Mike had let the dogs loose on Cindy and she chose to stay and allow the dogs to lick her body rather than disappoint the older teen. Then Mike decided to let one of the dogs to fuck her face. Cindy was reluctant but eventually complied with his demands.

Mike demanded Cindy lie face up on some logs and with her brothers help allowed Wiser (my dog) throat fuck her and we pick up their story while this is in progress.

Chapter 8

After regaining her breath again, Mike asked Cindy, “how you doing kid?” there was a pause and she gave another slight nod. “Ok here we go, a little longer this time. Ready? In.”

This time Billy’s hands slipped from the dog and Bud rammed his cock right back down her throat, fucking her face like only a horny dog could. He was beating a tattoo against her lips. The knot was now about twice the size of the massive cock pistoning in and out of the child’s face. It wasn’t going to be long because the dog’s nuts were tight and shiny. Just then the dog shoved forward and held himself there, his knot braced against her ovaled lips. I could see the cock in her throat pumping dog sperm into her belly. It seemed like was taking forever. I felt like that it had been at least a minute and the cum was still flowing. I looked at Cindy, her eyes showed that she was frightened and tears streaked her face.

I said, “Mike, that’s enough…. MIKE.” I shouted.

Mike looked up and shook his head as though he were in a trance. “OUT,” he shouted and Billy had to use all his strength to haul the dog back. As the cock retreated sperm shot out of her nose. Billy pulled the dog all the way out of her mouth and its cock was still pumping goo all over the place. Cindy was choking and desperately trying to catch her breath. Cum covered her face and upper chest and had splattered all over the dog’s cock and balls. After a few minutes she was able to breathe normally.
“That was unbelievable,” I told her. “I would bet that a grown woman could not have done that.”

She smiled demurely and wiped some jizim from her face.

“Mike had no mercy, “now lick him clean.”

Cindy rolled off of the logs and crawled over to where the mutt was licking himself and pushed his head out of the way and took over Wiser’s hygiene efforts, while Bud, who snuck up behind her licked her wet little pussy. Once having completed the task of removing the sperm from my dog’s cock and balls Cindy sat up on her haunches and sighed. Her usually happy face and sparkling eyes now looked tired, dull and lifeless.

“Come over here and lay face down on the logs, I want Bud to fuck you. Mike commanded.

Cindy let a frown cross her face but got up and moved to the logs.

“What about the pluggy thing you put in me will that be a problem?

“Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.” Mike said scratching his chin.

Mike elbowed me, “Go up and get the Pussy spreader and the long plastic tube from my case.”

I scrambled up the tree and in a few seconds had returned to his side. Cindy was again laying face up with her knees drawn up to her little titties. Mike placed the silver device in her cunt and twisted the handle opening her vaginal orifice to our inspection. The older boy dug the plastic rod inside of her trying to pry the plug from its mooring but he could not get the right angle and succeeded only in causing the little girl more discomfort.

“I can’t get it out” Mike complained. I hadn’t thought about how to get it out.”

Then Cindy piped up and said irritably, “Well I hope at least you thought about how to get this marking pen stuff off of my face and body before I have to go home?”

Billy and I could tell by the look on his face that he had not a clue as to how to remove the printing on her body.

“Let me look at that plug” Billy said and slid beside Mike.

He put his face up real close to her cunt and peered into her depths.

My slightly overweight friend sat up, scratched his head and said, “The only way I can see to get that thing out of her is for someone to put his hand in there and pull it out.”

Cindy groaned but said nothing else.

“Who has the smallest hand?” Billy asked.

We all held our hands next to each other. Mike’s was clearly the largest, Billy’s was smaller but not by much. Mine was not only the smallest it was the thinnest. So it would be my task to remove the butt plug from Cindy’s cervix.

Billy began to remove the pussy spreader and Mike asked him what he was doing.

“Taking this dam thing out it will be a whole lot easier on Cindy if it isn’t in the way.”

But we won’t be able to see inside of her if you take it out.” Mike complained.

I was surprised that Billy just gave him a disgusted look and continued to remove the device.

Mike made no other protest. I climbed back up the tree and got the tube of KY jelly, returned and knelt beside Cindy. I lubed up my right hand real good and held it up like a doctor ready for surgery. I looked into the most beautiful face in the world and told her I would be as gentle as I could.

She smiled up at me and said, “I know.”

I was sitting next to the outside of her right upper thigh, reached over like I was going to put my hand into a paper bag that was lying on its side and stuck two fingers into our little lover. After working them inside of her for a couple of minutes I added another finger, then another. Then I tucked my thumb in and began pressing harder. Cindy grunted and grimaced each time I pressed into her. I had my hand up to the widest part but the knuckles still would not pass through her pussy lips.

“It won’t go.” I announced.

“Try one more time.” Mike said.

I sighed and pressed forward once more and Mike took the flat of his palm and smacked my elbow forcefully, punching my fist through her tight ring of flesh.

Cindy screamed and began breathing like a woman giving birth.

Mike laughed and said “See. No problem.”

My hand was now buried to my wrist in little girl flesh. I had my very own live hand puppet and it felt exquisite to me, but Cindy was still coming down from the intense pain that the asshole had inflicted. I held still until she relaxed her legs and asked her how she was doing.

“I’m ok now, but I’m not looking forward to that hand coming back out.”

“I think it will be easier coming out.” I said.

“I hope so. That really hurt.”

My plan was to arouse her and get her to orgasm and while she was getting her nut slip my hand out of her. Hopefully the act of her cuming would distract her and it would not hurt as much as when my hand had entered her.

I moved my hand around inside of her and asked. “How does that feel.”

“Mmmmmm.” She groaned and smiled. “Nice.”

I pressed in a little farther and let my fingers trace the edges of the plug. Then I slipped my fore finger under the flexible edge of the rubber and lifted it until I could slide the others one by one under and around the harder phallic section. I now had a good grip on it and began to pull as well as pry it by bending my fingers from her expanded cervix. It popped free and the lovely ten year old sighed in relief.

With my hand and the plug still inside of her I maneuvered the plug with my fingers until it was sideways in my palm and I pressed two fingers into her cervix and was surprised to discover that there was room for three and possibly a forth. It was like my fingers were entering into another room within her body.

Cindy was now moaning and squirming on my arm as I continued to rummage around in her depths. I worked the plug back so that the base was up against my palm and began fucking her with my arm, my cupped fist and plug. I pressed the plug back into her cervix until my fingers bottomed out against it on each stroke. I saw her gut tighten and I knew her nut was close. When her orgasm swept over her I tugged my hand and the plug firmly and with surprisingly little resistance it squirted free followed by what seemed like several cupfuls of little girl cum.

I’m sure that Cindy felt my hand come out of her stretched cunt but she was still spastic from the sensations that were rushing through her body.

“Holey shit!” The fifth grader exclaimed.

That was the first time that I had ever heard Cindy curse.

She held her breath and her eyes were tightly closed as the last wave of her climax swept over her.

The three of us just watched Cindy slowly gain control of her body. She cupped her crotch with both hands and rolled off of the logs and curled into a fetal ball.

I moved next to her and put my arm around her shoulder and whispered in her ear. “Are you ok?”

“I think so.” I hurt down there so much.

“I’ll get your clothes and Billy and I will take you home.”

“What about this writing on my face.”

“We have a few hours before your mom comes home from work, Billy and I will try to get it off of you after we get you home.”

“What about Mike.” She asked.

“I’ll talk to Mike, but whatever he says just ignore him and continue to get dressed so we can get you home. Ok?”

“Ok.” She whispered.

I got up and walked over to Billy. “Go up and get our clothes.”

“Cindy’s too?”

“Especially Cindy’s”

Then I walked over to Mike who was still hovering over the small girl, waiting for her to get up.

“She’s hurting Mike, Billy and I are going to take her home and see if we can get that shit you drew on her off of her before her mom comes home.”

“Fuck that,” Mike said. “She hasn’t fucked Bud yet.” The wild eyed teen spat at me.

I didn’t want to fight Mike because I knew that I would get my ass kicked but if I had to I would.

“Look at her Mike. I tried to reason with him. “She probably can’t even stand right now much less fuck the dog, besides we need time to get that shit off of her. If we don’t it will be all of our asses. Then I added especially yours.”

He looked at me sharply and I thought I could see some reasoning come back to him. I knew Mike was a bully but for the first time since I had known him I was beginning to think there might be something else very wrong with his head.

He looked back at the exhausted little girl as Billy was helping her get dressed.

“Ok cunt. Go home, but tomorrow you fuck both dogs”

Billy and I supported Cindy between us and she was able to walk a little with our help. Eventually though her brother and I had to take turns piggy-backing her most of the way home.

We put her in the tub and took turns scrubbing her as best we could. We had almost washed her cheeks raw but you could still some of the writing on her face. The shit on her body we decided that we would just cover it with clothes. We tried finger nail polish remover but what seemed to work best was baby oil. We got almost all of it off. You would have to look very closely to see the faint marks but if you really looked it was there. Since we knew that it was there it stood out like a neon sign to us.

When their mother came home Cindy was able to make herself move around as if she were not hurting, but when it was just the three of us she allowed her pain to show.

We decided that we would not go back to the tree fort tomorrow and might not the next day. I tried to talk Cindy into never going back but she insisted that she wanted to go back even if it meant fucking a whole pack of dogs.

I went home and tried to think of a way to keep Mike from hurting Cindy but came up with nothing.

The next day I spent with Cindy and her brother at their house. We sat around and watched TV. Billy and I played some Wii. I got a call from Mike on my cell but I let it go to voice mail. Billy got one too which he ignored.

Billy wanted to know if I had access to a digital camera.

“Yeah, I have one my Grandma gave me for Christmas last year. It’s a cheap one but it works pretty good and I can upload the pictures to my computer. We could also use our phones.”

“No, I don’t want to use the phones, their too accessible to other people. My Idea is if we got some pictures of Mike fucking Cindy and making her do stuff we might be able to use them to keep him under control. And to have that kind of picture on a cell phone that we carry all over the place is too much of a risk.”

I agreed with him about the phones and thought that the blackmail pictures were a pretty good idea and said. “The camera I have has a function that can take a short twenty second video with sound. I ‘m sure we can get footage of where he is ordering her to do something.

Cindy didn’t want us to do it but we convinced her that we would only use it if he got really bad.

“Like yesterday.” I said to myself.

Billy and I got Cindy to stay home the second day and he stayed with her while I went to the tree fort to talk with Mike.

On the way to the fort Mike called me again and I answered. “Hi Mike.”

Where the fuck have you guys been.” He demanded.

“Just taking a little break.” I told him.

“I didn’t tell that little bitch she could take no break.” He yelled back into the phone.

“Mike, are you at the tree fort?”

“Hell yes,” he snorted.

“I’m on the way there right now.” I started to hang up, but before I did I heard him ask.

“Is that little cunt with you?” and then I snapped my cell shut.

Mike was sitting on the porch area of the fort watching for me.

When he saw that I was alone he hollered, “Where’s the bitch.”

“Home.” I hollered back.

And I watched him angrily throw his baseball cap to the ground.

When I got to the tree I picked up his cap and climbed up onto the fort and sat on the porch rail and handed it to him.

He took it and jammed it onto his head and asked. “When is she coming back?”

“Maybe never,” I lied. “I think she has had enough of the way you treat her.”

“That cunt.” He muttered.

“Yeah, Like that. Calling her those names hurt her feelings and that is a big part of why she doesn’t want to come back. But the biggest reason is because you are hurting her.”

“Bullshit. Pussys stretch, besides she can take it.”

“Yes they stretch but it hurts like hell when you do and she might be able to take some of the pain but when you go too far it puts us all in danger, because if her parents find out we will be in deep shit. We were lucky that we got those marks off of her face and that she could hide the fact that she was in pain from her mom the other day. I think it scared her and now she might not come back.” He seemed to be buying my bullshit.

He slammed his hand against the side of the tree fort and muttered. “You’re probably right. If we got caught she would be in trouble but you, me and Billy might end up in juvi.

Fuck, I hadn’t thought about possible jail time. I didn’t think that we would go to juvi but Billy and I might be able to make sure that Mike did if the shit hit the fan.

“We just have to make sure that we don’t do anything to create any suspicion. She told me she wasn’t coming back, but I think I can talker into it if you promise to treat her nicer and to not hurt her.”

I hoped he would agree take it easy on her, because I knew that Cindy was coming back tomorrow despite what Mike agreed or did not agree to.

“Ok, you’re right. I don’t want to screw up a good thing, besides I want some more of that pussy. Do you think you can get her to come back tomorrow?”

“I don’t know, tomorrow might be too soon.” I said continuing the lie, knowing that I would have to tie Cindy up to keep her from showing up at the tree fort tomorrow. “But I’ll try.”

Chapter 9

Mike was so happy to see Cindy back at tree fort that he waited until her third day back before he told her to fuck the dogs. During those three days she spent her time fucking and sucking the three of us. Mike had modified the cervix plug with an eyelet in the base so that he could hook it with a modified coat hanger and pop it right of her. I could tell it still hurt her when he put it in and pulled it out but she didn’t complain.

As it turned out Cindy really liked fucking and sucking the dogs and from that day forward she drained their balls as well as ours at least twice a day. She liked my dog Wiser the best of all of us. Because she would cum at least six times every time he got that big cock of his into her. Apparently the biggest reason was because Wiser’s dick was long enough and fat enough to really get fully into her uterus and stretch her cervix. She claimed that when that dog knotted her it felt how she imagined giving birth might feel, but without the pain.

As much as she liked fucking she really liked sucking cock. One day she told me that if it weren’t for sucking dick she might not even be doing this stuff with us at all.

“I live for the taste of cum.” She proclaimed as she scooped a hand full of Bud’s sperm from her freshly fucked pussy and slurped it down like it was chicken soup.

Mike began making me or her brother clean out her sperm filled pussy with our mouths, whenever she took a load. We complained almost as loudly as she did, but I secretly liked it. I think Billy did too but he never admitted it to me.

I had discovered that I also liked to take pictures, not only of Cindy and Mike but of the forest and birds and whatever else caught my eye. I got where I kept my camera in my back pocket. It fit there nicely because it was only about a half inch thick.

About three weeks had passed since Cindy’s first day at the fort and Mike had kept his word and had refrained from hurting Cindy too badly and only called her names like slut and cunt every once and awhile. It was a Sunday morning, when out of the blue Mike informed us that he and Cindy were going for a walk. He said that they would be back in a little while. Then he took her little hand in his and left us there with our mouths open.

I didn’t like it but did not know what to do. We had gotten some great blackmail video of Mike demanding the ten year old to do several perverted things as well as plenty of pictures her sucking and fucking him. But if Mike did something to her while we were not there, then there was no way we could threaten him to keep him from hurting her.

Billy said. “This is not cool. Next time he tries to get her alone or take her away I’m not going to allow it.”

I looked at him and thought ‘Big words from a brother that has allowed Mike to practically get away with murder.’

“Yea, if we stand together then we could probably stop him or if we have to we can just follow them and not let them out of our sight.” I suggested.

We hung around the fort and waited after an hour they still were not back I called Mike’s cell and got voice mail.

Then I asked Billy, “Do you think we should go looking for them?”

“Where you gonna look?” He asked.

I shrugged. “Don’t know.”

I grabbed a rag that was lying on the ground and started a keep-a-way/tug-of-war with Bud. He is a really strong dog and when he tugs on the cloth I have to really dig in to keep my footing. If I get off balance he is able drag me across the ground unless I let go of the rag. It was amazing how hard he could jerk that rag. Another thing he would do when he would tug is bite the rag closer to my hand in order for him to get a better grip. Sometimes he would nip my fingers and I would either let go of the rag or reach around and grab the other end and keep tugging. Once he accidently drew blood and I didn’t play tug with him for a long while after that.

My friend and I were really worried, because Cindy and Mike had left around nine am that morning and it was well afternoon and had seen neither hide nor hair of them. Finally, around three o’clock, we saw them coming up the path. Mike was whistling and grinning and Cindy was looking at the ground trudging along behind him. She looked tired and she walked as if per pussy was sore I figured that Mike had shoved the plug back into her cervix. Both of them had some kind of white powered smudges on their clothes. Cindy had some on her face and knees.

Cindy would not look me or Billy in the eyes. She was very subdued and quiet. Mike made her fuck the dogs but told her she didn’t have to fuck us if she didn’t want to and she didn’t.

I caught her eye once and mouthed the words ‘You ok?’

She blushed and quickly looked away.

Billy and I both asked them both where they had been and what had they had been doing all this time, but neither would say a word about that morning. The atmosphere around the fort was dreary, because Cindy was so morose.

For the next several days there was little joy around the fort. Mike was the only one happy. He had just bought himself a new i-pod and kept the ear phones plugged into his head almost all of the time. Even when he demanded that Cindy fuck him or give him a blow job he would cum to the sounds of Chris brown, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. She would suck or fuck him upon command, but without the enthusiasm and the energy that that she used to have when having sex before that Sunday morning. She refused to have sex with me or her brother even when Mike commanded her too and since he didn’t care if we got laid or not was not concerned with her refusal. She still fucked him and the dogs and that was all he was cared about

It was the first Saturday after the Sunday that everything changed. Billy and I were out collecting fire wood when we heard a loud noises coming from the direction of the tree fort. When we had left to get the wood, Mike had been fucking Cindy doggy style near where the escape cable ended. I had remembered watching them rut in the grass a few feet in front of where the dirt stop pit was.

Billy and I looked at each other and ran toward the fort. I could now distinctly hear gruff voices of adult men and the high pitched scream of Cindy.

I then heard Mile scream in near hysterics. “Go ahead and fuck her. You can have her, just let me go.”

Billy and I stopped and peered through the bushes. In front of us were two men one flabby white man and one huge black man. The black man held Cindy by her hair in his right hand and Mike in his left. Mike was trying to pry the big man’s fingers from his hair and was screaming for them to take the bitch and let him go.

Mike was naked from his waist down and Cindy was completely nude as usual. The fat man drug Mike off into the bushes away from Cindy and the black man started undressing.

Billy and I followed Mike and the fat man and made a rough plan as to how to deal with the pudgy asshole.

The fat bastard forced Mike down and pushed his dick into Mike’s ass. The thirteen year old he screamed louder than I have ever heard any one scream. I saw that Billy was behind the fat man with a rope with a slip noose in it.

Billy nodded, I jumped from the bushes and yelled. “Hey mister.”

Both Mike and the white bastard looked at me and I snapped a picture of them. While the fat prick was concentrating on me Billy tossed the noose over the man’s head and jerked him right out of Mikes ass and flat onto his back. Billy kept the rope tight and whenever the man tried to get up Billy would jerk him back to the ground. Then Billy pulled the rope tight and the guy was having a hard time breathing. I told the guy to stop struggling.

Mike had jumped up and ran off into the woods.

The fat man lay still and Billy kept enough tension on the rope to keep him still but not enough to choke him.

I took off through the brush toward the tree fort, keeping its trunk between me and the big black man. I was hoping I could find something in the fort to use as a weapon. As I shimmed up the tree, I could hear Cindy screaming and my heart broke that I was helpless to help her. Since I had been hunting wood in the forest I had my loafers on my feet. All I could find in the fort was a big pocket knife that Mike had in his case. I grabbed it and stuck it into my other back pocked then climbed out onto the porch.

The black man had undressed and was fucking Cindy doggy style like Mike had been. His back was to me and he was in the same spot where Mike had been fucking Cindy. I didn’t know what else to do so I grasped the escape cable pipe and pushed from the tree and started sliding down toward the Negro. I brought my knees to my chest and just before I reached him I kicked out, increasing the force of my feet hitting the back of his head. My guess was that that black man probably weighed two hundred and fifty pounds, but when I hit him, I flipped him head first completely over Cindy and he was sprawled groggily on his back. I picked up a piece of fire wood about the size of the fat end of a baseball bat and hit him in the head as hard as I could and he went out like a light.

I threw the wood down and got some rope that we stored at the base of the tree and tied it to the black man’s knee and pulled it up to his chest wrapped it around his neck and brought his other knee to his chest. He was still out like a light so I rolled him to his side and tied his hands behind his back. Then I pushed him back on his back. I felt he was secure and could not get away, so I went to help Billy with the fat man.

I grabbed another hand full of rope and charged oft to find my friend. Billy and the fat man were right where I had left them. I kicked the man upside the head and he screamed. I showed him the open knife and I told him that I was going to tie him up. I informed him that I would not think twice about cutting him if he tried anything. As Billy kept tension on the rope, I tied him the same way as I had tied the big Negro. When I was finished he was looking at the sky with his legs spread and his balls and asshole exposed. He lay there like a turtle stranded on his back.

I told Billy that I needed to check on Cindy and ran back to the fort. I got there just in time to see Cindy swing the piece of fire wood like a golf club square into the helpless black man’s balls. Bud and Wiser were jumping around the prone man barking and snapping at him. She was able hit him twice more in the nuts as hard as she could before I could get to her. I think he was still unconscious but that did not keep his body from throwing up.

I gently pushed her away from him and rolled him so that he was on his knees. Cindy walked back up to him and smashed the log down on the Negro’s back. I took the wood from her and whispered in her ear. She grinned, caught Wiser and calmed him down I got bud and tied him to a tree.

Cindy reached under the dog and jacked his dick till it was hard, then lead the dog over to the big black man and guided Wiser’s cock into the Negro’s asshole. Cindy clapped as the dog shoved his knot deep into the puckered black hole. The man was reviving and began to yelled as he felt the dog dick ripping his ass apart. I got several pictures of the man’s face and the dog humping his ass.

Wiser had given me an idea so I picked up the piece of cloth that Bud and I had been playing with and untied Billy’s dog. I told Cindy I was going to help Billy and asked her to come with me, but she shook her head no and gleefully watched the rape of the black man’s ass.

When I got to where Billy was I found him sitting calmly against a tree glaring at the man.

My friend looked up at me and asked. “Do you know who this is?”

“No, should I?”

“Not really I guess, this ugly fat bastard just told me he is the owner of the construction company that is building the houses where our last fort was and the reason he is here is because someone trashed one of the partially built homes last Sunday. This pig says that he has video surveillance of Mike and Cindy walking near the house that had been damaged. So he brought his worker out here with him to find Mike and teach him a lesson.”

“I wonder what Mike was doing in the development?” I asked.

Billy shrugged. “Is Cindy ok?”

“I think so. She is watching the black guy getting fucked by Wiser. We need some more evidence on porky here.” I told Billy.

I went up to the hogtied asshole and pulled the knife from my pocket. I pointed it at his balls and said. “Now my friend here is going to stick his dick in your mouth and you are going to suck it. If you bite him or do anything stupid I will lop your nuts off so fast that you won’t have time to regret it.

Billy dropped his pants and the pig sucked in his prick so fast I thought he was starving. This was supposed to be punishment but I wasn’t so sure it was, because of the way the ugly fucker was gobbling my friends cock. I took several pictures and a short video of his face with Billy’s prick sliding in and out of his mouth.

When I had what I thought was enough photo’s I told Billy to tie the rope around porky’s neck to a tree. Then I took the rag that I had picked up and tied it tightly around his balls, then called Bud over.

I shook the rag in Bud’s face and enticed him to play the tug-of-war game with me. And once the dog got into it I let the rag go and watched Bud jerk and drag the fat white man by the balls until he reached the end of the rope around his neck. Several timed Bud sought to get a better grip and once bit the man’s thigh and blood ran down onto his ass. Then just before I decided to put a stop to the mayhem Bud chomped down on one of the man’s nuts and he screamed as loud as Mike had.

I returned to Cindy to check on her. Wiser was hung up in the sweating man’s black ass and he was crying like a baby. I took a couple of more shots of him just for the hell of it. Cindy seemed satisfied that her pound of flesh had been paid.

Before we cut them free we explained that we had compromising pictures of them having sex with minors and if they ever bothered us again we would expose them to the authorities. The agreed to everything and hobbled from our camp.

About twenty minutes after the men left Mike returned looking for his pants.

Billy picked them up from the ground and threw them in Mikes face.

Them Billy stood right in front of him and said. “Get the rest of your shit and get the fuck out of here and don’t ever come back. If I ever see you anywhere near my sister again I will cut your nuts off and stuff them in your mouth.

Mike scoffed at my friend and spoke. “Fuck you puff…. And Billy punched Mike square in the mouth sending the arrogant teenager on his ass. Mike got up and wiped the blood from his split lip and ran from my best buddy.


Later that day Cindy broke down and told us what happened that Sunday that Mike took her.

She didn’t want to because she was embarrassed by what Mike did that day. I am going to let her tell you what happened in her own words.

Hi, I’m Cindy. It is not so much that I am embarrassed as I am ashamed of what Mikey did to me. When I told my brother and his friend Ken about that day, I left out how much I liked some of the things that were done to me. It just felt like that made me so much dirtier by having enjoyed it, but I am going to tell you everything I can remember.

We left the tree fort and went to where some new houses were being built. Mikey broke into one that was mostly finished I guess. It didn’t have any refrigerator or stove n stuff and there was a lot of white dust all over the place. Mike put me in one of the rooms, I guess it was a bedroom it had a door on it but no knob to latch it with. Mike told me to take off my clothes and give them to him. When I was naked he told me to wait there and he would be right back. He stuffed some paper in the hole in the door where the knob-thingy goes and left, taking my clothes with him.

It was just an empty room. There was a little pile of trash in one corner but other than that the room was empty and when I talked or made a sound it kind of echoed in there. I was afraid that someone would find me there with no clothes on and I would get in trouble. The windows had some plastic paper like stuff on them and I could not see out of them. I waited for what seemed to me was a long, long time, but really it was probably only twenty or thirty minutes.

I heard some voices and I ran into the closet. I really don’t know why I did that because it didn’t have a door on it and you could see right into it if you looked. I was being silly I guess.

Mike came into the room and closed the door behind him with his foot. He had a whole pile of blankets and stuff in his arms that almost covered his head. He stopped when he didn’t see me and hollered my name. I answered him and he looked relieved when he saw me.

He threw the blankets on the floor and tossed me a green ski mask with yellow lines around the eyes nose and mouth. He told me to put it on and he told me not to speak until we were away from this place. Only he said, “Don’t say a fucking word to anyone, nothing. You got that cunt? Until we leave here you don’t say shit and do not take that mask off unless I tell you to.”

I didn’t like being called names by Mike, but sometimes when I was having sex with someone it kind of made me hotter when he called me nasty names.

He told me to spread the blankets out and stack them on top of each other to make a bed. While I was doing that he went back out of the room and closed the door. I could hear voices outside of the door and I wondered who he was talking to.

I was standing next to the blankets when Mikey came in followed by eight older boys. I tried to cover my privates but he yelled at me to put my arms to my side and I did. Mikey told them that I was all theirs for the next four hours.

One of the boys told Mikey that he thought that he had been fucking with them and that he figured they were going to have to beat his ass but this piece of tail looked good even if she was a little young. Then all eight of them turned to me and I thought I could almost see their mouths water. I know their dicks got hard because I could see them poking their pants out.

Some of them began taking their clothes off and the others surrounded me and began running their hands all over my body. They pinched my nipples and stuck their fingers into me. One of the naked boys told them to put me on the blanket. As soon as I landed on my back he was forcing my legs apart and stuffing his dick in me. It hurt a little because I was not very wet. I was surprised that his penis wasn’t any bigger than my brother’s because I guessed that these were high school boys and I expected that they would be much bigger. After only a few pumps he shot his sperm in me and the next guy hopped on me. I bet it only took all eight of them less than fifteen minutes to dump the first batch of cum in me. I didn’t even get to have an orgasm they were so fast. But then they started the second round and they took more time. Mikey pointed out that I had more than one hole and someone put his dick in my mouth. I was getting really turned on now and I tried to suck his balls through the end of his cock. Now I was cumming almost every ten minutes or so.

Then one of the boys said that this was the best pussy that he had ever had and that it was worth every penny that he had paid for it.

I was shocked. Mikey took MONEY from these boys. They were paying to fuck me. Then I think my whole body went red with embarrassment as I realized that I was a WHORE. Now all the names that Mikey had been calling were true and even though I was ashamed, it turned me on that much more and a huge orgasm crashed through me as I was thinking what a dirty little slut I was. All I could think of from then on was that I was a whore, a prostitute who had sex for money.

Then they started putting their dicks in my ass. Everything that they did to me just got me hotter and hotter. I was cuming like a mad person. By now they had a dick in every hole and I was an orgasmic mess. I had no idea how much time passed or even if it did.

Eventually they had exhausted themselves and wandered off by ones and twos until only Mike and I were left. Sperm covered me from head to foot. As I lay there in wasted bliss, I scooped some of the cum from my body and leisurely slurped it up.

Mikey told me to get up and I struggled to my feet. My legs were like jelly as he marched me outside to a faucet with a short yellow hose on it and washed me off. The water was cold and I hopped around in a little circle squealing. He stuck it in my pussy and ass and flushed all the cum out of me. The thought that ran through my head was, “What a waste of good sperm.”

I dried in the sun and put my clothes back on and we returned to the tree fort.

When I saw Billy and Ken, a wave of shame washed over me and I felt that I could never look them in the eye again. I was now a whore and no one wants a whore except johns, pimps and dogs.

Now that Cindy has told you her story there are several other things that had come to pass since.

One was that Me, Billy and Cindy spent the rest of the summer at the tree fort enjoying each other’s bodies. The dogs were invited too. Cindy was her old self again, happily fucking and sucking any dick at hand. I think watching that big black man take Wiser's fat cock up his ass released the anxiety that she had held inside of her.

No one bothered us. Although I think Cindy wanted more sex than we could give her and wished that someone else would come by and molest her. Billy became the more dominate one but never did the kind of things that Mike did to her. Cindy would more often than not suggest things that we should do to her that were much more demeaning than either I or Billy were willing to suggest. She even badgered us into doing the throat fucking thing again with Wiser and it was just as hot and crazy as the first time.

Mike is now a freshman in high school. Somehow a photo of a fat white man fucking his ass found its way into the locker of one of the boys that paid to fuck Cindy that day. They were pissed at him because he was supposed to deliver Cindy to them again the following Sunday for another gang bang.

Now that they have his picture and have threatened to show everyone, he has become an ass/pussy for eight high school juniors, who fuck his asshole raw every Sunday. For free.

It’s now five years later and Billy and I are sixteen. Cindy is now my girlfriend and we have talked about getting married as soon as she turns eighteen. The three of us and the dogs fuck as often as we can. Now that we can drive we occasionally take Cindy to a large city about fifty miles away and have let as many as twelve men pull trains on her. We set up the gang bangs on the internet and we have been very careful with who we let her fuck. Besides we don’t charge them a lot considering what a hot piece of ass she is.

The end


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I absolutely loved this story. Very well written (except for a few grammatical errors here and there) and I thoroughly wish you would continue with it. Brilliant!

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Vengeance is always good. Too bad the girl will never have a shot at being a normal woman or wife.

This is a well written story but the fact that it has been left up, when much milder ones have been taken down, is absolute proof that this site is run by two faced fucking hypocrites. They deserve losing the good writers they've lost.

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