Unexplainable Urges
Its hard growing up in the country. Especially as the only girl all living in the mountains of California with her parents. We moved here from the city when I was 13 years old because of my father’s change of work. I didn’t and I still don’t appreciate the change at all even after 2 years. I used to be able to ride a bike to get anything I could think of. Now its a ten 10 minute drive on the freeway to get to the nearest town which isn’t much one anyways. It’s a small town with wooden sidewalks, chickens in the roads, and more antique stores than people. I’d be lieing if I said it isn’t beautiful here but finding stuff to do is damn near impossible and its driving me crazy.
In an attempt to keep me occupied, my parents pushed me into the local 4H program, which is kind of a take-off of boyscouts with an objective of raising and showing animals. My parents talked me into it by saying I could make tons of money raising chickens and then selling them for good profit. I liked the idea as I had every intention of using the money to buy a car as soon as possible. I went along with the club for a couple years but I never made the money I thought I would. It was very time consuming managing these animals and they required a lot of preparation for a formal showing so I decided to throw in the towel. I made my intentions clear to stop attending the club, locked up the old barn I had been using on our 5 acre property.
Not a day later and old club member a boy whom I suspected was the biggest hick in the world called me and asked me for a favor. He said he knew I was done with the club, but he needed to borrow our barn for his show pony over the weekend because he needed to keep him separate from the other female horses. Seeing as how this boy had helped me out at an earlier occasion, I agreed to host his pony for the weekend.
I knew I was done with that club for good, but I had no idea what I would do with my free time. Lately I had been coming home from school on the bus and just went straight to my computer to chat with old friends and sometimes masturbate to myself to sleep. I have a very stereotypical “girl-next-door” look about me. My hair is light brunette usually up in a high ponytail and my face is pretty but alittle freckled on the cheeks. I am skinny all around with small A cup breasts and a big smile. For some reason no boys seemed very interested in me at school. I think they’re just stupid anyways. I am not a virgin but I am still shy around boys so that’s probably why.
When I came home from school on Friday I noticed the barn door was open and I went to go check on it. Everything was untouched at first sight but two seconds later a black horse raised his head out of the stall. He looked so cute trying to find out what I was up to. I approached his stall and began petting his face. This pony seemed to talk to you with all the quiet winny’s and grunts. He was very playful with me and started stomping his feet inside his stall. I noticed a note on the back wall of his stall. I entered to read it. It said his name was Mojo and it gave instructions for his care. Nothing more than I had expected. One walk perday and couple hours of grooming. With 4 hours of daylight to kill, I decided to give Mojo a bath.
Boy did mojo need a bath. His legs were covered in crusty mud and his mane was tangled too. I started by taking the hose and spraying down the horse starting at the front of his chest. Most of the mud came off easy enough but some needed a little friction which I provided with my bare hands rubbing him down. I untangled his mane in just a few minutes. His front was glimmering black in the sunlight as I began to hose down his rear. Mojo didn’t seem to like the water at first so he moved around a lot. He kept giving me that cute curious look. I came up to his head and comforted him. He resumed his usual banter with me. It was then noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye.
From between Mojo’s leg I could see a large pink and black shaft emerging from his crotch. I was staring intently as it stiffened and twitched. It was soooooo big. I’ve never seen anything like it. His black balls seemed bigger than my head as they swayed from the movement. I still had the hose with running water in my hand so I tried to resume my work but my eyes never left Mojo’s big penis. I let the water run down the pony’s haunches scrubbing away the mud until the only thing left to wash was his dirty rear legs. I went to my knees right in front of that massive tool. My movements were slowed and my thoughts were incoherent. My eyes were fixed and my nose caught the musky scent of Mojo’s crotch. I recognized the funny feeling I was experiencing. I was getting horny but instead of feeling grossed out I wanted the moment to last. I noticed at the base of the shaft there was a considerable amount of black smudge which I suspected was the source of the smell. I can’t explain why but I had the urge to clean that up for him.
My mind was in turmoil as I left Mojo tied up and went in the barn for a rag and a bucket. I tried to tell myself that this is how good owners care of their pets but I knew that something else was urging me to do what I was about to do. I took the hose, filled up the bucket with water and dropped a little bit of leather polish into it for added smell. Mojo looked curious as ever as I approached him with the bucket and rag. His dick was going soft but still huge as far as I was concerned. I dropped to my knees right in front of his back leg again. I grabbed the soaked rag and reached for the shaft. Mojo twitched and shifted positions. I scooted a little close and reached again. This time I made contact. I could feel the warmth of his dick through the wet rag. Mojo whinnied and his penis was straightening. I moved the rag up towards the base a few inches and the pulled it off and re soaked it. The dick bobbed up and down just a few inches from my face. Once more I reached as far up towards the base of the dick as I could and began gently scrubbing. Already I could tell the smell was fading but I knew I was far from done. After wiping every inch of the cock with the rag I began to play with it. Still using the rag I picked up the cock. It was heavy. I moved it side to side. I could feel the blood pulsing through it. Now I knew I was horny. I had no desire to stop even though Mojo was officially clean. I admired the tool. It felt powerful in my hands.
At that point the rag slipped from hand and I finally touched Mojo’s cock for myself. I paused to look up at Mojo. My eyes returned to the pink monster in my hand. I could barely wrap my hand around it. I moved my hand up which caused it to stiffen. The pink tip of the cock got bigger. Mojo whinnied and I smiled. I knew he was enjoying this. He was staying so still. My hand reached up to his crotch. I reached around the base, taking two small scoots forward to very gently lift up one of those huge leathery balls in my hands. I was fascinated with the weight of them. It was then I noticed how close Mojos penis was to my face. The pink tip was flared and staring right at me. I could see the piss hole and the knob in the end. I could smell the leather polish and the diluted musky smell still. I was entranced and not in control of my actions anymore. There was no thought process going on at all for me. With my hand still cupping one of his balls I moved so close to Mojos dick I could feel my breath bouncing off of it back at my face. The urge was there. Totally unexplainable and apparently inevitable. My lips parted. Contact.
I was doing it. I was kissing this horses penis. My hand left Mojo’s balls. Without breaking contact with my lips, both of my hands embraced Mojo’s shaft, one at the base the other towards the end. I stopped kissing the tip and stared at it. I could taste it still on my lips. I repositioned myself without letting go of the dick, and brought my lips to the center of the dick. I was kissing Mojo’s pisshole. I stuck my tongue out and licked up the head of the cock. Mojo whinnied once more.
I was getting into this now. Both of my hands were moving up and down at this point. I couldn’t break contact between Mojo’s penis and my face. I rubbed it all over my face increasing the tempo that I stroked the cock. Mojo’s breathing quickened. His back legs would tremble every now and then. I’ve seen enough porn to know what was coming. Still blowing the horse, my eyes followed the length of the shaft I was so obsessed with, right up to those giant balls again. My thoughts raced with so many questioned. Was Mojo really going to cum? How much could he cum? Those balls are really big. What am I going to do when he does?
My mind was catching up to the decision my urges had already made for me. I opened my mouth as far as I could. Starting from the bottom I wrapped my lips all the way around the tip of the cock. It was already leaking fluid and I was obligated to swallow or else take the dick out of my mouth and spit it out. I caught the distinct taste of salt as I rushed the fluid down as fast as I could.
Mojo was out of control at this point. I hadn’t been in control for the past 10 minutes. I had managed to get the entire head of his dick in my mouth and then some. I could feel the tip just at my gag reflex. I did my best to open my mouth as wide as possible but my teeth still grazed the top and bottom. Mojo surprised me by tensing his torso and giving a slight lunge which sent his cock ever so slightly deeper down my throat. My eyes started to water and I knew I would have to recover soon.
Mojo gave me no such chance. The next events seemed to happen in slow motion.
I watched as the slight twitching started in Mojos stomach just above my head. The twitching rippled down to his crotch. As I stared up the length of the beautiful cock. Once more Mojo managed one more mini-lunge. I was rocked backwards by it slightly but I still managed to see the twitching resume. I my throat was starting to close up on the cock. Then I saw Mojos left testicle visibly lift a couple of inches. My hands were still wrapped around the shaft and I could feel it throbbing, churning. I could feel the head of Mojo’s dick swelling. I thought my jaw was going to pop out. My eyes were really watering now. Before despair could sink in I felt a rush of warmth in my mouth. A LOT of WARMth. Mojo’s cocked pulsed wave after wave of cum into my mouth straight from his balls. Two globs were spit out around my lips and some just dribbled down. Because my throat was already opening and closing there wasn’t even a decision to swallow his sperm just a struggle to breathe. I had no choice but to pull my head off the dick but when I tried I couldn’t. It wasn’t in as deep as before but his cockhead was too flared to get out past my teeth. Mojo continued to squirt at least 7 solid waves of jizz into me. I felt it sliding down my throat slowly. I felt my entire mouth lathered in its warmth. The smell and taste of salt and that distinct musky odor infatuated my senses. Though I had been scared for my safety just a few seconds ago I had the urge to moan. It came out as a gurgle which reminded me of the huge amount of jizz still in my mouth. Without thinking I swallowed it. Mojos cock popped out of my mouth trailing a string of jizz to my lips. My eyes never left the tool that had just defiled and fulfilled me. It still hung low to the ground. Mojo was scraping his front hooves on the ground. Slowly my brain caught up to what I had just done as I examined the giant horse dick I had just sucked off. Where had those urges come from? What does this mean?



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oh dawd yes you must continue, I used to walk to the pasture to watch a male drop his big cock, it was so amazing. sometimes he would let me stroke him too. I miss it so much. someone help me get back into it.


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you should continue and have mojo and the hick boy fuck her at the same time!!

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