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Part 3 – Having Daughters
After what the girls had seen, I expected things to settle down a bit and they did for a couple of days. Amanda and Tim had gone home, leaving us to get things back to normal. Except for a quick fuck and suck with Teri, it had been about five days since we did anything; I’m sure my horns were showing, even Bill looked a bit tense. After an afternoon cookout, we all laid by the pool and soaked up the sun. The girls played happily in the pool, I couldn’t help but notice that Alli’s breast were starting to show, like her mom she had long straight blonde hair and her little ass looked like sculpture, having been formed entirely for the pleasure of looking at. I couldn’t help my erection, which Teri noticed as she commented to Bill, “I think it’s time to get horny with the girls Bill”. Did I hear that right, she just smiled and looked at me as she said, “I bet you’d like to help us with that”. Bill looked over at me and asked “Are you ok with this”. “I guess so” I replied, thinking that I might as well. After all, I was already Bill’s wife, Teri’s husband, and a father to these three girls. I loved them dearly and only wanted what was best for them. I wasn’t sure so I had to ask Bill, “Are we doing this because we are horny or because it’s what’s best for the girls?” “Honestly it’s both” Bill replied, “I want them to enjoy life, for us that means lots of sex, and I want to be the one to teach them that sex is good”. “I’m okay with that” I responded, “But, is this something that is better left for just you and Teri to do?” Teri leaned over and sneered at me “Damn it, you’re a part of this family; don’t act like you’re not or like we are talking about doing something wrong to the girls”. She was pissed, and I could tell by the glare that I was in trouble. With tears in my eyes, I said “Teri, it is not possible for me to love you, Bill, or the girls any more than I do; I would never do anything to hurt any of you because it would only hurt me more”. “As much as I know you love me too, I only thought that you might think I was intruding”. Teri looked confused, half angry and half crying as she said “You’ve known since the first time we fucked that I wanted you and that Bill wanted you. Now cowboy up and do your part with these girls“. Bill put his hand on my shoulder and said “I should have told you by now, you are part of this family and good, bad, or otherwise we will always be together. Besides, don’t you think the girls would be disappointed if we did something without you?” I thought for a moment of all the times I’d spent with the girls, a flood of happy memories washed over me, I realized that it would kill me if they left me out. I stood up and hugged Bill, “I’m with you all the way, I hope you’ll forgive me for not thinking clearly”. Bill just smiled, Teri hugged me and for a moment we all three cried happily in silence.
After dinner, Bill and I settled into the den while Teri got the girls ready for bed, but tonight instead of one of us tucking them in and saying goodnight, Teri marched the girls into the den, sat them on the floor in front of Bill and me, lit some candles and turned off the TV. I was a little surprised that she had brought Billi, and then I realized that no matter what happened, she would find out from Nikki and Alli. Teri started by telling the girls that the time had come for them to learn about sex. Alli frowned, saying “Aw Mom is the going to be the talk”. Terri smiled and said “In a way yes, but instead of telling you that sex is bad and giving you all the reasons you shouldn’t do it, we are going to tell you the truth and let you make up your own minds. Now you each have to promise to keep our talk a secret, this is just our family and certainly it is not of concern for anybody else”. The girls eagerly promised, I think Alli knew what Teri meant, Niki and Billi just enthusiastically joined in. I was amazed at how well Teri explained things to the girls, she and the girls got undressed as she told them that their bodies were beautiful and they should be proud. At the same time she told them that sex was personal, not something to be done with strangers, or discussed with friends. She explained each of their private parts and gently petted each in turn. I noted each girls reaction to being touched by their mom, Alli was quickly excited by being touched on her breast, Niki got wet when her pussy was rubbed, little Billi just loved being touched and almost had an orgasm when Teri rubbed her tiny asshole. It was beautiful to watch Teri stroked, kissed, and gently sucked each girl; and in no time they were stroking, kissing, and sucking on her. Alli sucked on Teri’s breast, Nikki sucked on her pussy, and Billi fingered her ass, licking her finger every time she pulled it out. All of the girls were as hot as fire, even Teri was panting heavily and the juice between her legs showed her pleasure, the familiar aroma of her sex filled the air, my cock was ready to bust.
Teri got up, pulled Bill and me from the sofa and told the girls to sit patiently and watch for the next part of their lesson. She told us to strip which took us about five seconds, then she pulled Bill closer to the girls and explained his cock and balls to them. They loved touching him; Alli leaned forward and sucked his huge dick into her mouth. Teri pulled him away and said “Please wait, there is more you need to know before you start doing that”. Alli looked disappointed but obeyed her mother. Teri whispered in my ear, “Let me know before you cum”, and took my cock into her mouth. She worked on it gently and took me deep into her throat, it wasn’t long before I was ready and told her I was cuming. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and pumped me hard, I shot about five heavy streams of milky cum onto her face and open mouth. She used my cockhead to scoop the cum from her face and put it into her mouth. She pulled me over to the girls and in turn scooped some cum onto my cock for each to taste; Alli took me deep into her mouth and sucked me hard, I almost came again. Teri seemed quite pleased, and said now let me show you one more thing before it’s your turn. She bent over so that the girls could see her dripping cunt and Bill positioned his cock at her waiting pussy lips. Bill slowly entered her and stroked her long and hard, each time in was harder and faster than the one before. When he was ready, he pulled out and shot his sticky cream all over her beautiful ass and cunt. As if on cue the girls leaped from the sofa, Alli took her dad’s cock full into her mouth, sucking the few drops of his man juice, Nike buried her face in Teri’s cunt while Niki licked the milky white cream off of her ass. This made Bill and me hard again, Bill continued to fuck Alli’s mouth, she was taking it down her throat as Teri had done.
I grabbed Billi off of Teri’s ass and sat her in my lap on the sofa. Niki and Teri rolled over on the floor in the sixty-nine position, Teri seemed especially turned on by her daughters cunt sucking. I flipped Billi around into the sixty-nine position and started eating her tiny little cunt place. She tasted great, I could taste the youth of her sex and it thrilled me, as she licked and sucked my cock I could feel her tiny finger enter my ass. It felt good, it was nasty incestual sex with a horny little girl. I put my finger at the entrance to her ass and she started humping my face, as I applied pressure she peed a little into my mouth. I swallowed it, savoring the immature juiciness as if it were wine. When my finger popped into her ass, she moaned a bit then pushed her ass up to take my whole finger. I pulled her back down onto my face as I sucked her cunt and fingered her willing ass. I think she was having an orgasm so I held my load as long as I could. When I could hold it no longer I flipped her over and came all over her ass and pussy before I resumed sucking and fingering her. I ate every drop and loved it. We were just catching our breath when Niki crawled on top of me and told Billi to go be with her dad.
Niki was nine so her breast had yet to show, but her nipples were big and sticking straight out. I sucked them lightly and she cooed innocently showing her approval. I put my hand to her pussy and she was warm and wet, her response to my touch was a small squirt of juice which I pulled to my mouth to taste. She pulled my hand to her face and rubbed it on her lips and nose, smiling she said “I taste good”. I wasn’t sure if she was ready, but I sure wanted to fuck her. I fingered her lightly which made her dance in my lap; I could feel her hymen that was just inside her juicy little lips. With my thumb I rubbed her clit as it protruded from the top of her sweet gash, my cock grew to full ready so I rolled her on her back and rubbed my dick on her hot little clit. She shoved her cunt onto my cock and pushed until her hymen broke, without so much as a whimper, she just started fucking me wildly. I could only get about halfway into her, but that was enough. I fucked her as hard as I could, and for her that was not hard enough. I came and spurted a couple of good streams into her cunt, pulling out I shot a couple more up her chest and onto her face. I couldn’t believe it when she jumped up and took my last little spurt direct in her mouth. I licked Niki clean and spent a good long time licking her cunt, I could taste her little girl juice, her virgin blood, and my salty sperm all mixed into a sexy soup. When I was done she hopped up and said “I hope Daddy’s done with Billi, I want him to fuck me too”.
As Billi left, Alli arrived. I kissed her and told her how beautiful she was, she blushed. I could taste her dad’s cum and her mother’s juice as I kissed and licked around her mouth. Then I remembered how she responded to having her breast touched, so I moved down and rubbed one while I sucked the other. She panted heavily, with my other hand I reached down and felt for her pussy, she was soaking wet. I told her that I wanted to eat her pussy and let her rub my cock on her titties; just the word titties made her squeal a little. I moved to underneath her and with her sitting squarely on my mouth, I ate her young virgin cunt. I licked her pussy lips, her rosebud, and her tiny clit hidden in the folds of her labia; all of this made her excited. Or was it the vigorous rubbing of my cock against her nipples, she must have liked that a lot because she was about to break my cock. It didn’t take long before I was spurting cum all over her breasts, which in turn made her shake with an obvious orgasm suddenly filling my mouth with her squirting ejaculation. This child was having an unbelievable orgasm in my mouth triggered by my cock juice rubbing her tits. I told her to lick me clean and I proceeded to do the same for her, only I put my hand under her cunt as I sucked cum from her wet nipples. I was rewarded with another good squirt which I caught and offered to her as I whispered “Your special sex juice tastes very good”, she licked from my hand and smiled proudly. Bill had finished with Niki and Teri sent Billi and Niki off to bed. I had rolled out on the floor as Bill positioned Alli atop me so we could suck each other. We just got started good when Bill jumped on top of Alli and pushed his cock between her cunt and my mouth. I could taste Niki’s juice on his cock as it hardened to full size, he was about eight inches long, but his shaft was at least three inches wide. He rubbed his cockhead against Alli’s virgin pussy which parted to admit his fat dick. We worked at it for a good long time, I was amazed as her tiny cunt continued to consume his thick cock and he was about halfway in when she squealed. Bill plowed through her hymen and plunged his full length into her. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and told me to suck her virgin juice, she bled quite a bit giving me a mouthful of her virginity lost. Bill picked her up off of me and up onto his cock as he laid back on the floor. He told her to fuck his cock as she pleased, which was slow at first, but soon grew to a furious pace. I watched him fill her cunt with his hot sticky cr?, she slid up off his cock as the last couple shots landed on her tiny ass. I couldn’t resist so I started licking her ass, then her pussy, then cleaned Bill’s cock. Bill told me to teach her ass, so I rubbed the head of my dick on her pussy to get it wet, and then I gently pushed my cock into her tiny little rosebud. She cried out so Bill petted and sucked her tits while I worked deeper into her little butthole. She was starting to relax and push back as I stroked into her, it didn’t take long before she was fucking me hard as I exploded my load into her ass. As I pulled out of her, Bill spun her around and sucked her ass so I pushed my sticky cock into her mouth and let her lick me clean. We were exhausted, Teri took Alli to the sofa, they sucked each other for an hour as Bill, and I watched. Alli would squirt into Teri’s mouth when Teri squeezed Alli’s nipples, we could tell that Alli loved the squeezing and Teri loved the squirting.

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2011-03-27 06:14:42
I loved it. One time..last summer..I took my daughter to our wife did not come..she was sick. Nancy is just 11..years of age. It was cold the fall. I talked Nancy into sleeping with her dad. I got horny and came onto her. I got her to remove her panties...I played with her cunt. Nooo i did not fuck her...I wanted to...I let her play with my large cock. until I had to I laid her back...and put my cock on her belly...she sure squealed when I came...I shot so much sperm all up her stomach. I soaked her in it. I should have fucked her..yes.


2010-09-30 21:01:35
I tried to read it but there was a lot of confusing stuff right off the bat and those huge blocks of text are always like hitting a brick wall. You obviously have plenty of skills. At a certain point, though, you gotta slow down, indent a little, think about pacing. Thanks for the contribution though. A re-write would probably go a long way.

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