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Part 4 – Having it All
For the next few weeks, we all had some great times together, every night the girls would pair up with Bill, Teri, or me and spend the night. This afforded an opportunity for each girl to learn and enjoy all sorts of sexual practices.

My favorite was Billi, she was very enthusiastic and always wanted her ass played with. Eventually I fucked her in the ass, and while at first it was painful, she quickly learned to relax and enjoy it. I remember she came to me one night proudly offering her little ass proclaiming that Daddy had filled her up. I ate her ass for an hour, enjoying every drop of Bill’s cum as I sucked it out of Billi’s young tight ass.

We even invited Tim and Amanda back for a weekend. Tim was reluctant at first, but after he fucked Billi’s tight little ass we couldn’t keep him away from her. Amanda seemed to enjoy being with Niki the most; they would eat each other’s pussy, especially if it was filled with cum first.

Our lust for nasty sex was unquenchable; at every occasion, we would try to outdo each other. This was truly one of the best times in my life.

Then one day it happened, I walked into the garage and Bill was on the floor clutching his chest. I called 911, and worked to make him comfortable. He was in a great deal of pain and could hardly breath, in the moments before he lost consciousness he made me promise to take care of Teri and the girls.

A few minutes later, the EMTs arrived and took him to the hospital; by the time they got there, Bill had died. I can’t remember feeling worse than I did when they told me the news; then Teri walked in and they told her, the look of pain on her face hurt me more than words can describe.

I walked over to her and she collapsed in my arms; the grief was overwhelming, we sat there crying together for hours. Finally I took her home, as we arrived she started screaming “What about the girls” over and over, I knew that she could not handle telling them, so I said I would do it for her, but that they would need her so she was going to have to be there for them. She agreed, but in my heart, I knew her grief would prevent her from being any help to the girls.

I took her in the house, the girls had seen the EMT’s take their Dad, so they were waiting for word from us. Alli knew by looking at her Mom and she started crying, by the time I said that he was gone all three girls were holding each other and crying. Teri sat there staring out the window; I could tell that she couldn’t even look at the girls.

I spent the next few days helping the girls, it didn’t take long before the strength of their character started to show as each one moved quickly through the stages of grief and emerged ready to continue their lives. Teri stayed in her room for weeks, I had to feed her, bathe her, and dress her. She refused to see the girls, although I begged her. She would start crying and promise that tomorrow she would, but I knew she was beyond grief and venturing out on to the edge of insanity.

Finally, by the end of the fourth week she emerged from her room and spent some time with the girls. She managed to hug them and tell them she loved them, but she had that distant stare in her eyes. After she left, the girls all came to me crying and asking if Mommy was all right. I assured them that she was going to be OK, and explained that for her it would take longer because she had loved Bill longer.

I arranged for her to see a grief counselor and after a few more weeks she improved. At the end of two months Bill’s attorney called and asked to meet with me and Teri. At the meeting, he explained that Bill had arranged for me to be executer of his estate with very specific provisions that included $100 million for me, $100 million for Teri, $100 million in trusts for the girls, and a few other trusts for charities. The house and other properties went to Teri and included trusts to provide maintenance and tax payments.

As we left, Teri said “I guess since you got all that money you’ll be leaving soon”. That surprised me, I told Teri that Bill’s last wish was for me to look after her and the girls, and the only way I won’t keep that promise was if she asked me to leave. With tears in her eyes she smiled and whispered “Please stay, I love you and need you”. I told her that I loved her and needed her, leaving had never crossed my mind.

Over the next few months, Teri improved, but there were times that I had deep concerns for her. She would get very quiet; keep to herself and a couple of times she disappeared overnight. I wanted to ask where she had been, but thought better of it. I noticed some bruises on her wrists one night, so I thought I had better do something. I put a GPS tracker in her car, so that if I needed to I could find her using a laptop.

Sure enough, one night after dinner she left without saying a word. After a couple of hours, I got out the laptop and tracked her down. She was at a cheap hotel on the south side of town. This didn’t make sense, she could easily afford the best hotel downtown, why was her car in the parking lot. I got out of my car and was headed to the office when I heard the crack of a belt on flesh and I could hear Teri crying. I stood outside the room and listened, I could hear men talking and laughing as the belt continued to crack against her.

I was losing it, I crashed against the door, smashing my way into the room on the second try to find Teri tied to the bed. In the room were four naked men, one was fucking her in the mouth and one was fucking her in the ass, the other two were jacking off ready to shoot their cum on her face. The four men all turned towards me, I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out my 9mm as I shouted “Get the fuck out of here now”. One of the men asked ”what about our money”, to which I replied “You want to die for Money”.

They all hurried out. I quickly untied Teri and told her to get dressed; I was looking out the front to see if the men were coming back when Teri screamed “I want to die”. I realized she was holding my gun to her head; I had set it on the bed while I untied her. God she was a mess, she had bruises, tears, and cum on her face, she was bleeding from where they had tied her up and there were long red welts along her ass and across her breasts. She was breathing heavily, sobbing in waves and tears were running down her face. I looked at her and said “Teri, I know you are in pain, but please believe me that if you pull that trigger then I’m going to pick up the gun and shoot myself too, that means our girls will have no one to look after them”.

“No you can’t do that, you promised Bill, you promised Bill” she said. She was shaking so hard I thought the gun might go off accidently, I had to separate her from the gun. I stepped towards her and she pointed the gun at me. “Good” I shouted, “Shoot me, I would gladly die so that you’ll be the one that has to live and take care of the girls”. This didn’t really make sense, but somehow to Teri it did, she lowered the gun, I moved over to her, I took the gun from her and whispered “It’s going to be OK, it just takes time”.

After that night, I made a point of keeping close track of Teri. I met with her counselor, and participated in some sessions with her. This actually helped me deal with my own grief and understand better what Teri was dealing with. Since Teri had been so young when she married Bill, Bill defined her whole life; while Bill was around that worked very well. It did however leave a huge void in her life when he died. She was totally lost, she had no reference point mentally or emotionally, leaving her adrift in an ocean of grief.

I talked to the counselor and asked about what I could do to help, he said he wasn’t sure. I told him that I loved Teri and wanted to marry her, but I was afraid that it could do more harm than good. He said that she was making good progress and could probably benefit from a good marriage. He cautioned me, she might accept your proposal even if she doesn’t love you, things would be all right at first, but then they could get very bad very quickly. I decided to give her a little more time.

A few more months went by as winter set in; I was worried that the dreary weather would trigger more depression for Teri. Actually, it had quite the opposite effect. The first winter’s fire in the den, brought about a great evening of closeness between Teri, the girls and I. We roasted marshmallows in the fire, and delighted in an impromptu karaoke show the girls put on. After the girls went to bed, Teri and I sipped on a glass of wine and made plans for Christmas. As she got up to leave for bed, she looked at me, smiled, and asked ”Would you sleep with me tonight?”

“Of course” I replied, and followed her upstairs. For the first time since Bill died, Teri and I had sex, and this wasn’t our usual horny lusty sex. It was full of passion; there was a deep union on an emotional level. We already loved each other, we had been together long enough to know that, this is when we fell in love with each other. Over the next few days, Teri became very playful, she even had sex with Niki after she caught me fucking Niki after school one afternoon.

Later she came and talked to me about it. Her first question was “Did you think you had to hide having sex with the girls from me?” I told her that we didn’t hide it from her, it just seemed more appropriate to not flaunt it. We had all been so worried about her, but I knew that for the girls having sex was like breathing, I sure didn’t want to deprive them of air. She thought for a minute and said you’re right. “I think I need to make it clear to them that it’s OK to enjoy their lives” she added. I agreed with her and asked what she had in mind. She said let’s just play it by ear.

That night after dinner, she served hot cocoa, spiked with a bit of Rum. The girls loved it and after each had finished seconds they were absolutely drunk. Of course, most of the drunkenness was imagined, but yielded the same effect. Teri suggested a pillow fight so the girls all ran up to their rooms to grab pillows. By the time they got back, Teri and I were on the floor naked. Teri got up and squatted down over my face rubbing her pussy on my nose. She proclaimed that she was the best pillow fighter and therefore she would get to fuck me first. This prompted an immediate attack from all three girls, they pummeled Teri with pillows while Teri grabbed them, stripped them, and kissed their naked little bodies.

This went on for an hour, I didn’t get to fuck any of them, but I delighted in the hitting, squealing, kissing, and sucking they shared. As they tired one by one they collapsed on top of me, curling up in my arms or my lap or nuzzling my neck as we lay by the fire. Finally, Teri rolled up against me and sighed heavily with contentment. I decided the time was right, so I pulled her to me kissed her with all the passion I could muster and said “Teri, I love you more than I can say, there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for you and our girls, there is but one thing I desire of you, will you be my bride?”

Teri’s eyes quickly filled with tears, she trembled all over, I thought I had ruined it all when she said “You big dumbass, I’ve been waiting for you to ask me that since Bill died. Don’t you know that is what he meant? Of course I’ll be your bride”. The girls all jumped up and we hugged, kissed, and danced until we fell asleep naked in the den.

In the morning Teri and I set that date, planning the wedding for New Years Eve, so that we could start the next year off right.

On New Year’s Day, I had it all; a beautiful young wife, three lovely horny daughters, more money than I could spend, and a huge garage full of great classic and vintage cars. Then it dawned on me, there was one thing I missed, it was my friendship with Bill. I had been so busy with taking care of Teri and the girls; that I hadn’t any time for me, the cars, or to miss the friendship I valued so highly.

I decided to take the Shelby Mustang out for a cruise, it would have been wise to check her over good first. Sure enough, about five miles from the house she coughed and sputtered, then quit. I drove on to the shoulder trying to remember if I had put any tools in the trunk. Damn, I had no tools, no cell phone, and it was almost dark. About that time, a young man in nice late model mustang pulled over behind the Shelby. As he got out, I explained that if he had a cell phone I could call for a tow truck, he said sure, but how about let’s look first.

OK I said and popped the hood. He poked around for a minute and said “I think I know what’s wrong”. He got a couple tools from his car, popped the inline fuel filter off, took it apart, and cleaned the element with some carb cleaner spray he had in his trunk, put it back on and said “Try it”. The Shelby roared back to life, I thanked him profusely and dug out a C note to offer him, which he refused. I then gave him my business card and asked him to call me the next day.

He said he would, then I thought for a second, “I’ve got a better idea” I said, “this old girl could easily quit before I get home, how about you follow me the five miles back to my house, I can promise you a hot meal and a warm Brandy when we get there”. “Sure” he replied and followed me home.

At the house he got a hot meal, a warm Brandy, and an even warmer reception from Teri. She was quite taken with his tall, dark, and handsome looks; I was equally taken with his looks; but even more interested in his easy going style, his obvious love of cars, and the gentleness in his manner. I asked him if he would be interested in a job and explained the situation with the garage as I showed him the cars; the sight of the cars excited him quite a bit. I asked him for his basic personal information and explained that I would have to investigate his background before we could finalize the job.

This caused him some concern; he then explained his arrest for sexual misconduct. He had been caught with a young boy when he was a teen. The conviction stayed on his record, even though he had been a minor. I told him that if that’s all there was to it and he was up front about it, there would be no problem. As the young man left it suddenly occurred to me, he looked quite a bit like Bill. I even recall Bill telling me a similar story about getting caught with a boy as a teen. As I went back in the house, Teri said “I really did like that young man, I can’t put my finger on it, but he reminds me of Bill”. “I know, I get the same feeling, I offered him a job, if he checks out, it will be nice to have him around”.
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