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Depths of Heaven Part 3
After last weekend, I needed a week off from sex. I did manage to finish some projects at home and couldn’t wait to have company over. I called Sandy, invited her and all of the family over for Friday, and added that they should plan to stay all night. She called back and said they would be over by 7pm. By the time they arrived, I had the grill going with steaks, burgers, and dogs. Sandy brought some salad and beans; we all sat down and enjoyed quite a feast. After dinner, I offered Shane a drink and showed him the bottle of Bourbon I had bought.

We relaxed on the patio with our drinks and had a smoke; I asked “would you like to see my new sex room?” This made his eyes roll, he said “sure”. I took the kids into the living room and hooked up the playstation and offered them my games, they were happy. On the way to the back of the house, I grabbed Sandy and told her to join us. My new sex room was something else, I had special lighting, with colors and dimmers, and track lights that showed the walls covered in pornographic pictures. Not the soft stuff, real hardcore pictures from the nastiest magazines I could find. The effect was almost overwhelming.

In the corner on one side I had built a small wet bar with a mini fridge and a small hot plate. In the other corner was a small electric machine I had invented, it provided mild electrical stimulus like used in physical therapy. It had other uses too, but more of that later on. In the middle of the room was a sturdy metal stand with a 7 foot diameter hoop suspended so it could move on two axes. The hoop had ties at the top and bottom so that I could fully secure an adult in any position I wanted.

As I offered Shane another drink from the bar, he eyed the contraption with great interest. He responded with “yes I’ll have another drink, what do you call this thing?” As I handed him his bourbon, I said “It’s called the flytrap”. “I’ll bet it is” he responded. Show me how this works. I asked Sandy to volunteer, she reluctantly agreed after Shane gave her a nasty look. I took my time tying her into the flytrap as Shane settled into the chair I had by the bar. Even with her clothes on, Sandy looked sexy because she was so vulnerable,

Shane went to get up, as he did his eyes rolled back in his head and he fell dead to the floor. I looked at Sandy and we both just smiled, the drinks and the drugs I had put in them worked perfectly. I quickly untied Sandy and we both stripped Shane of his clothes and secured him into the flytrap. I told her that he would be out for a couple of hours, so we went back to my room and got everything else we would need that night ready to go.

When Shane came to, Sandy and I were there to greet him. She was dressed out in a black leather mistress outfit. I was wearing scrubs and a “mad scientist” lab coat. Shane was still a bit groggy, but I knew it wouldn’t be long before he would be raising hell to get out of there so I gave him a shot of GHB, it would make him totally compliant with what we wanted to do. He was awake and as Sandy rubbed his cock softly, we could see it rise, so he was functional.

Now we were ready, since Sandy had waited a very long time for this I let her go first. She stuffed his underwear into his mouth and grabbed a whip out of her bag of tricks. His eyes just about popped out as she wailed on his butt. I gave the flytrap a spin so that he was upside down. Sandy continued to whip his ass; I could see tears in his eyes now. I told Sandy to save some for later, and I suggested that perhaps he would be interested in what my little machine could do. I laughed as he shook his head no, too bad.

I connected the leads from the machine to two small adhesive contacts, one on each of his balls. I had built the machine so that it could be programmed to produce various waveforms and different amounts of voltage and current. The first program was just a low current wave that swept the frequency from very slow to very fast. When I first hit the switch Shane peed a bit, since he was upside down, his pee ran down his torso and over his face.

Sandy was delighted to see that, I assured her that there were many more pleasant experiences for us to come. As the program ran, Shane’s cock got rock hard, by now he’s enjoying his stimulation. When he came, I put a glass under his dick and saved every drop. I turned the machine off and disconnected the leads, leaving the adhesive contacts in case we wanted to use them again later. I spun Shane around and pulled the underwear from his mouth, as he opened wide to catch a breath I poured his come onto his face and into his mouth. I told him to swallow and he did. It was good to know that the drug was working. I asked Shane if he liked fucking my ass the week before, he just smiled. I asked him if he would like me to fuck his ass hard, he shook his head no, muttering “I’m going to kill you when I get out of this”.

I told him not to worry about getting out of this and that I was going to fuck his ass anyway. I then reached up and unclipped the hoop at the top; this allows it to fold to about 90 degrees where it latches on each side. This left Shane’s ass at just the right height for me to stand there and fuck him. First, I stuck my finger in him, poking him hard and pulling it out several times. He started to holler so I stuffed his underwear back in his mouth, lubed my cock and pounded his ass like it was a nail and I was the hammer. It didn’t take long before I came inside his ass; it had been a week so he got the full load.

I knew the drug would make him compliant but he was still resisting pretty good, I didn’t want him to be able to bite my cock when I made him lick it. So I spun him around so his ass was down, I hooked him up to the machine with the contacts on his balls, only this time I set the program to one quick blast of direct current. This made him jump and scream, as cum shot out of his ass I caught it with the glass. I pulled the hoop back up to the full erect position and removed the underwear from his mouth. I told him he was going to love the taste of cum and ass and poured it on his face and into his mouth.

I told him to swallow; he shook his head no, until I walked over to the machine. He swallowed every bit as I raked it off his face and into his mouth. I spun him around so his head was at the bottom and as I knelt down, I told him to lick my dick clean, warning him that if I didn’t like it I would turn up the voltage on the machine. I put my dick in his mouth and he licked and sucked until I came again. Sandy cleaned him up a little so the kids could come and play with him.

First was Terry, he simply wanted to do a little fuck and suck. Shane did not complain even once, Terry managed to make himself cum without peeing, I think it was the first time he was with Shane that he wasn’t afraid. Next was Ken, he looked at his dad and laughed, this really got Shane mad and he started cussing at Ken to get him out of there. Before I could get the underwear to stuff in his mouth Ken punched him hard in the mouth a couple of times. That sure quieted the bastard.

I could tell that Ken was more than angry with Shane, “It’s one thing to have sex with your family, it’s entirely different when you verbally and physically abuse them” he said. Ken looked at me and I said “whatever you want”. Ken walked behind his dad and poked his ass with his fingers; he could tell he was ready for an ass fuck. I bent the hoop so Ken could have full access and fuck his dad in the ass. Ken fucked on him hard, Shane moaned and tears welled up in his eyes. After Ken had finished shooting his cum in his dad’s ass, I showed him how the machine worked and again filled the glass with ass cum. Ken pulled his dad’s face back, poured cum in his mouth and laughed saying “this time it’s my cum in your mouth and you are the bitch”.

I asked Ken if he would like to try the machine, after seeing his dad jump and cum shoot out of his ass, he was reluctant. I explained that the machine could be set up to be very pleasurable or very painful. He agreed, so I showed him the contact I had made for anal insertion. I lubed it and gently inserted it into his ass. I connected one lead to the contact in him and the other lead to both of the contact patches on his dads balls as I positioned Shane for another ass fuck. Ken was still soft, so I told him to gently rub himself on his dad’s rectum while I set the machine to low stimulation. I turned the machine to the program I used the first time, as the machine started Ken’s erection grew quickly and he penetrated his dad’s ass for round two.

While Ken was having his dad’s ass, I put my dick in Shane’s mouth and told him to suck. By now Ken, Shane, and I are all getting ready to cum, Shane filled the glass, I filled his mouth, and Ken filled his ass. When we were done, I rotated Shane and before I could get the leads connected, he shot ass cum into the glass Ken held there. Again, Ken poured ass cum into his dad’s open mouth telling him to suck and swallow. After Ken was done and left the room, I told Sandy that we needed a break. I stuffed the underwear into Shane’s mouth and gave him a shot of morphine; this made him happy before he passed out.

We settled the boy’s for bed with sleeping bags in the living room; they played the video games for a while then fell asleep. Sandy, Ellen and I went into the sex room, by now Shane was waking up so I gave him another shot of the GHB drug. It was Ellen’s turn so Sandy and I settled down at the bar and mixed some drinks, with bourbon in hand I watched as Ellen played with her daddy.

She spent some time getting him excited, and then got the whip out and beat him severely. Shane was crying and drooling helplessly as she moved from whipping his ass to whipping his cock and balls. She was brutal, leaving cuts and bruises as she worked him over. I wouldn’t say that she was enjoying this, but she was releasing a lot of pent up anger and resentment. When her arms got tired, I suggested that she try using the machine, “what does it do?” she asked curiously. I told her that it used electricity to stimulate the body and that it could be very pleasant or very painful.

She smiled and asked “can you show me?” I got up from the bar and with Sandy’s help; I placed a small probe in my ass and a small probe in Ellen’s ass. I positioned her over Shane’s cock as I attached a lead to the probe. I set the machine to the basic pleasure program, and with Sandy’s help, I moved into position behind Shane as she attached the other lead. When Sandy hit the switch, I could tell that we needed to increase the current to accommodate the extra resistance, which Sandy did as I instructed her. Now the machine was running its program and I could feel the electricity as it ran through the probe in my butt and out my cock into Shane’s ass. Ellen could feel the same electricity as it flowed out her daddy’s cock and into warm little pussy and out her tight little ass.

The program was working, I am fucking Shane’s ass and Ellen is riding his cock, we were all groaning and moaning as the intensity and frequency increased. When I came I shot a huge load of cum into Shane’s ass, this coincided with him shooting his cum into Ellen’s vagina. Sandy switched the machine off; I used the glass to collect the juice from Ellen’s cunt and Shane’s ass. Ellen laughed as she told her dad to drink his fucking, stinking cum. I asked Ellen if she liked that machine, she said hell yes, I told her that I would love to fuck her with the machine, she just smiled.

It was getting late so Sandy and I sent Ellen off to bed in my room. When we returned, Shane was growling that we had better let him go or he was going to kill us. Sandy just laughed as she shoved his underwear back into his mouth. Sandy then asked me if I had made the toy she wanted, I pulled it out of a bag I kept behind the bar. This toy was a double ended dildo made of metal, one end was about the size of a large cock and the other end was the size of a huge monster cock. It also had straps that Sandy used to position the large cock part deep in her vagina. Her pussy was already wet so I didn’t bother with any lube. I put a probe in Sandy’s ass, connecting leads to it, the contacts on Shane’s balls and a ground lead connected to the toy. This enables the machine to run one nice little pleasure program for Sandy and a very mean and nasty program for Shane.

Sandy mounted Shane and you could hear him howl through his underwear as she drove the huge monster cock toy deep into his ass, he was crying and thrashing wildly, it’s a good thing that I built the flytrap out of steel. Sandy said she was ready so I turned on the machine; her program is the basic program I had already been using and for Shane I had prepared a program that would cross the threshold from pleasure to pain as the program progressed. At first they both enjoyed it, except that I could tell Shane was struggling with that huge toy in his ass, he was pretty well ass fucked by now, but nothing could have prepared him for the size of that toy.

The program progressed and Shane was shooting cum that, I caught in a glass, a little bit more and the look on his face changed dramatically as the machine crossed the pain threshold. Sandy was really into it and fucked Shane’s ass as hard as she could, she came several times and her juice was running down her ass and legs. Near the end of the program, Shane screamed into his underwear and sobbed heavily as the intensity increased. Sandy’s eyes had a maniacal look as she reached around and grabbed his cock and pulled hard. Shane passed out and Sandy quietly pulled the toy out of his ass, she looked at me and said “I always wanted to fuck him like that”.

For a moment, I almost felt sorry for Shane, and then I remembered how he had treated me, and how he had abused his wife and kids for the last five years. I told Sandy that we needed to get ready for tomorrow, she agreed so I gave Shane another shot of morphine and we went to my bed to get some sleep.


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I guess pay back is a bitch and so is Shane now. Likeemyoung!!!

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