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Depths of Heaven Part 4
In the morning when I woke, I could hear Sandy in the kitchen making breakfast; Ellen curled up beside me. I felt the warmth of her soft flesh against my cock, which made it swell to attention. She must have felt it to as she pushed her ass back against my cock. I rubbed my cock against her little rose bud as it opened to take me deep into her ass. I stroked it slowly, feeling the tightness of her tiny ass grasp the length of my shaft. It only took a couple of minutes before I shot five or six streams of hot cum deep in her ass.

When I withdrew, she immediately rolled over and licked me clean, the slurping sound and feel of her warm mouth kept me hard, by now I had pulled her cunt to my face and was licking the crease of her pussy. I rolled her over top of me and let her cunt juice run down into my mouth. While I was sucking on her cunt my cum started to run out of her ass, down her cunt and mix with the sweet juice from her pussy, after a few more strokes I was shooting another load of cum, which she swallowed greedily.

We finished licking and sucking and kissed passionately before she slipped into her panties, I put on my boxers and we headed towards the kitchen. On the way I noticed the boys in the living room watching cartoons, neither had bothered to put on any clothes, in the kitchen I found Sandy busy finishing breakfast wearing only a smile. We all sat down and had a great time, laughing and joking about the night before, and at every opportunity, we kissed and teased each other sexually. When we finished Sandy fixed a plate for Shane and took it to him, I got the kids dressed and ready to go. Sandy came back with a full plate, saying “Shane is really pissed, he wouldn’t eat a thing”. “Don’t worry about Shane, I’ll take care of him after you take the kids home” I replied.

Sandy rounded up the kids and their stuff and headed out the door, “Are you sure this is going to work?” she asked, I nodded yes, knowing that every detail was attended to. Besides we had already gone too far, there was no going back now, Shane was a bastard, he was insufferable before, after the treatment he received last night, he would be too dangerous to deal with now.

When I entered the sex room, Shane was wide awake and mad as hell, “I’m going to fuck you up before I kill you” he yelled at me. I decided it was time to explain as I gave him a large dose of GHB, “Shane, you will never fuck me up or anybody else for that matter, the simple truth is you have an incurable fatal disease. There is no cure, you are doomed to suffer a horrible death, and the best we can hope for is to spare your family from any unnecessary pain”.

Shane’s face turned pale, he looked very sick, in fact, he looked deathly ill, the news of his impending fate hit him hard. Shane had always relied on everyone else’s sense of right and wrong as an enabler for his dominant behavior. He banked on the probability that no matter how bad he treated you, you were not likely to confront him, much less act like him. I know that many times I had wanted to confront him, to battle him in order to protect Sandy and the kids from his evil ways. But, just as he had counted on, I wasn’t prepared to go far enough to make any difference so I would meekly accept his dominance.

This time was different, Sandy and I concluded that Shane had to go, his effects on us and the kids was too high a price to pay when compared with the low value of his pathetic life. Knowing full well we would have to kill him, we planned and prepared so that we could do this without consequence to the kids, and hopefully without either of us going to prison. I looked at Shane and the drug had taken affect, he still looked scared, but he was calm and some of the color had returned to his face. “Would you like one last chance at sex before the end” I asked, he nodded yes. I spun him around and upside down so that I could suck his cock and he could suck mine, it only took a few minutes before we both shot cum in each other’s mouth.

“It’s time for the horrible part” I said, Shane simply whimpered and cried knowing that he had been beat. I filled his mouth with his underwear, knowing that he would be screaming, I didn’t want to hear him complain. For round one I used the machine, with a probe in his ass and contacts on his balls I worked the machine through a wide range of waveforms and voltages.

On several occasions, he shot cum in a glass, twice he peed on himself and most of the time he was crying. I managed to get the current up high enough to singe the hair around his ass, on his balls, and burned some of the skin on his asshole. I let the machine run a very mild program that made his cock hard and stay hard, while I used a hot wire knife to cut off his cock and balls. The hot wire cauterizes the cut so that there was very little blood and of course the blood stayed in his cock so it stay erect, I saved this so Sandy would have proof and a little souvenir.

I removed the probe from his ass, put it in his mouth and added new contacts to his nipples. This gave me a whole new range of things to try, especially since the current path would be near and/or through the heart. While I played with new waveforms and voltages, I boiled a pan of water on the hot plate. I inserted a catheter into his femoral artery and used it to slowly siphon his blood into the bathtub drain; I had the water running slowly so that there would be no trace when I was done. I whipped him severely as I watched his face turn ashen and the water boiled on the hot plate. I used a hot water bottle to give him a boiling water enema, Shane thrashed wildly against the flytrap as I pumped the boiling hot water up his ass. It’s a good thing I had worn the heavy rubber gloves for that because he shot that water out his ass as soon as I removed the nozzle.

Shane’s eyes rolled back in his head and he slumped against the bindings that held him in the trap, I gave him a quick injection of adrenaline to keep his heart pumping, the more blood I could drain from him the better. The shot woke him up; he thrashed a couple of times and slumped again. His heartbeat was faint, but the adrenaline was giving me every beat he had in him. I used the machine to give his heart several shocks, each time would pump a little more blood, but none revived him. I left the catheter to drain all the blood I could, and went to the garage to prepare for the cleanup.

I already had a 55 gallon drum filled with 20 gallons of sodium hydroxide stolen from a local chemical plant, this stuff would dissolve all skin and bone tissue to nothing. I returned to the sex room with a set of knives and several power saws which I used to dismember Shane, each part removed was placed in the drum in the garage, within minutes it would dissolve into nothing. I manage to chop his torso and head into pieces that would fit into the drum, finally all that remained was the cock and balls which I wrapped in foil, bagged, and stashed in the freezer. I spent the rest of the day disassembling the flytrap, cleaning the sex room until there was no trace of any activity and I removed all of the sex toys, pictures, etc.

I packaged everything, including the sodium hydroxide and disposed of it so that there would be no connection to us. Most of the items had been purchased with Shane’s credit cards, that and a trail of Shane’s own use of the card showed he lived a high risk lifestyle. Sandy used his card that evening at several low rent bars that included his usual haunts and some new, riskier places. I left his car a few blocks from the last place Sandy used the card and Sandy picked me up and took me home. We went over the last couple of details, satisfied that all was accounted for Sandy went home.

Of course the next morning when Shane did not arrive home, Sandy explained to the kids that after leaving my house Shane had probably gone out to party as usual. By late afternoon when he had not arrived home, Sandy made a few calls to the police, first seeking to find out if he had been arrested or in an accident. The police advised her to wait 24 hours, so it was Monday before she actually filed a missing persons report. It was Tuesday before they found his car, at first, they weren’t concerned but on Wednesday, a detective started working on the missing person’s case.

They questioned Sandy several times, but her story fit everything the police could find out about Shane, he was not a great husband or father. The kid’s said he wasn’t around much, and when he was, he was drunk or hung over. They questioned me because they knew from neighbors that I was Sandy’s friend and they found my prints on his car, I explained that I knew Sandy from work and had recently helped her pick him up when he was too drunk to drive. They searched my place and were interested in my little machine until I explained that it was a waveform generator used to test electrical equipment.

One of the detectives found his cock and balls stashed in my freezer, but didn’t open the package thinking it was a ham bone. At first, Sandy and I worried about being caught, but as time went on there was no real police activity in trying to find Shane. When Sandy would call and talk to the detective all he could say is they didn’t have any evidence to go on. Sandy and I kept a low profile for months, other than going over for dinner and doing a few things with the kids, we stayed apart.

It was three months before we spent the night together; of course, she brought Ellen and the boys. Ken was the first to ask about the machine, “It’s out in the garage” I told him, bringing it into the playroom to have some fun. When the kid’s came into the playroom, they asked about the flytrap; I explained that we only had that to give Shane his special treatment. I could tell that Ellen and Ken understood, but Terry didn’t have a clue. I quickly changed the subject, “Who wants to go first?” Ken quickly declared he was ready and stripped down to his birthday suit. In the past three months his manhood had grown, he proudly showed us his big cock as it swelled with his boyish lust.

I lubed up a probe and placed it in his ass, by then Sandy, Ellen, and Terry were all naked and ready to go, Ken grabbed Sandy’s big breasts and said “I want you first Mom” Sandy blushed then bent over and sucked at his cock. I placed the other probe into Sandy’s ass then she lay on the floor and pulled Ken on top of her. As Ken pushed his cock into his mother’s pussy, I started the program. I removed my clothes and sat alongside them to watch. Terry sat in my lap and Ellen bent down gently licking and sucking our cocks. Ken fucked Sandy for twenty minutes; we watched as he worked deep in her cunt, grabbing and squeezing her big tits as they both moaned with pleasure. Ken and Sandy both climaxed at the same time, Ken shuddered as he shot his load into her cunt, Sandy let out a little squeal as she came, we watched as the mixture of cunt juice and cock cream ran out of Sandy’s pussy.

I turned off the machine and watched as Terry licked Ken’s cock and Ellen dived into her mother’s cream filled cunt. I pulled the probe from Ken’s ass and put it into Ellen’s ass; Terry pulled the probe from Sandy’s ass and with little effort shoved it into my ass. I pulled Ellen’s face out of Sandy’s pussy and kissed her passionately as I laid her down beside Sandy; as soon as my cock entered Ellen’s sweet little cunt I heard the machine turn on as Ken flipped the switch. Instantly I felt the electricity flowing through us, my cock was only rubbing against the entrance of her cunt, but the feeling had us both gasping for a breath of air. Ken was playing with the controls, watching us trying to fuck as he turned the current up to very high levels. It didn’t hurt, but it did take away some muscle control as we just flopped around like spastic fish. Ken was laughing as he played with the waveform settings before Sandy took control, it only took a minute before Sandy adjusted the machine and I could feel my cock plunging the depths of Ellen’s sweet pussy.

I gently kissed and sucked on Ellen’s nipples, noticing that the last three months had given her breasts time to grow, now her nipples were atop two small mounds of womanly flesh, firm when squeezed, and soft to touch. I sucked on them harder, gently biting at the nipples, this made Ellen moan as she wrapped her legs around me and pulled my cock hard into her cunt. I felt her spasm twice as her pussy tightened around my cock, she was very wet, I reached down and pinched her clit while I let my cock dance at the top of her cunt. She came as I plunged my cock deep into her cunt, I could feel her spasms and she was squirting cunt juice all over both of us. I rubbed her juice up onto her titties and sucked her nipples as I fucked her harder and harder. Sandy was turning the current up, I could feel the probe getting hot in my ass, my cock exploded in Ellen’s cunt, and stream after stream of hot sticky man sauce filled her cunt and ran down the crack of her ass.

Sandy shut off the machine as I pulled my cock from Ellen’s well fucked pussy. I sat back, Terry bent down and licked my cock clean, this made me stay hard, which is what he wanted. While Terry sucked me, I watched Sandy bury her face in Ellen’s cunt, every time Sandy pulled up for air I could see her cum soaked face. Ellen squirmed as her mother sucked her ass and cunt; I came in Terry’s mouth as Ellen squirted her juice on Sandy’s face.

By now, Ken was horny again so we pulled the probes from Ellen and me and put them up Ken and Terry’s tiny asses. Sandy, Ellen, and I sat there kissing and playing with each other while the machine helped Ken and Terry sucked each other off. Terry must have matured some these last three months, he shot a huge load of cum in Ken’s mouth which made Ken choke a bit. As Ken started to cum, he pulled out of Terry’s mouth and covered his face with hot sticky juice. Terry loved it; he came over to Sandy and rubbed his cum drenched face on her big tits which Ellen and I promptly licked clean. We finished the evening licking, sucking, and fucking each other’s ass until none of us boys could produce a drop of lusty juice.
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