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It was rare that I could take a day off, so my wife had already planned the day for her and the kids without me. That was fine, they would be gone all day, and I would have the house to myself. They had just left as I settled into my den to watch a morning show on TV when the doorbell rang. It was my neighbor Jane from across the street with her son Jimmy and daughter Rebecca, Jimmy had smashed his finger in a car door and she needed to take him to the navy base to see a doctor. She explained that this would take most of the day and she was hoping that Becky could stay and play with my kids instead of sitting at the clinic all day.

I explained that the kids had just left with their mom and would be gone all day. Becky was about to start crying and Jane looked like she was fixing to blow a fuse. I offered to allow Becky to stay, but said that she would be bored without the other kids. Becky quickly said “That’s okay; I can always find something to do”. Jane smiled and quickly left Becky and me standing at the door. I invited her in as she strolled past me into the house, I shouldn’t have been surprised by her action after all her and Jimmy practically lived at my house during the summer anyway.

Becky had just turned ten after finishing the fourth grade; her small petite body was tan from the summer sun which highlighted her long dirty blonde hair with streaks that were almost white. She had blue eyes with naturally long eyelashes and long thin eyebrows that made her eyes look glamorous without any makeup. She had sharp features in her face that most women would die for, and even though her titties hadn’t arrived yet she had a beautiful full round ass that made her body look very sexy. I couldn’t believe the arousal in my shorts as I thought of the beautiful young woman she would soon become; or was it the lusty desire for her young flesh I felt growing.

She disappeared for a moment and when she returned from my daughter’s room, she had lipstick on her lips that complimented the natural blush on her cheeks. “What do you want to do” she asked as she plopped down in my chair. “I wasn’t really going to do anything” I replied as I lifted her gently from my chair and swung her lightly onto the sofa.”What do you want to do?” I asked. I already knew the answer to that question; she would be in our pool 24/7 if I let her. ”I want to swim, but I don’t have a suit to wear” she said with a frown on her face. I explained that nobody would be home all day, the neighbors were out of town, so there was no lack of privacy, however, you know the rules, I have to be out there with you while you’re swimming.

This made her smile and her eyes lit up like sparklers as she said, “I don’t mind skinny dipping, but I don’t want to swim by myself, you have to swim with me”. Why not I thought, it was very hot outside, so watching her from the shade would still be like roasting in the oven. “Okay” I said as I turned to get my swimming trunks. “Oh no, you have to go skinny dipping with me” Becky said; “I’m not going to show you mine if I can’t see yours” she teased. I told her that it would not be appropriate for a grown man to expose himself to a young girl. “Oh posh, I’ve seen men before, get over it, I really want to swim and this is the only way it will work”.

I knew from experience that arguing with this child was useless, she was used to getting her way, and it was only a matter of time. I relented, “Alright, but this has to be our little secret. If my wife or your parents find out there will be big trouble. And if you tell any of the kids they will automatically tell your mom or my wife” She agreed, but already I felt like I was taking a huge risk for which I would get no benefit, another monumentally stupid business decision I thought to myself. We headed out the back door to the pool.

I watched in utter amazement as she jumped out of her clothes, her tan lines were faint, obviously she was sunning her whole body frequently because she was even tan down in the crease of her ass. Her ass was stunning to look at; each half was full, firm, and round, perfectly sized for her diminutive frame. The cheeks came together just tight enough to cover her tiny button, beneath the cheeks was the hairless crotch with her sweet virgin pussy. Her pussy was beautiful, full lips turned in on each side so the crease between was smooth as silk, at the top the creases joined to form a hood over her tiny clit.

I had to look hard to see every detail; Becky showed no shame as she spread her legs for me to see, she even turned slowly around a couple times so I could look at every inch of her sweet young body. My cock was raging hard as she said, “I like looking at you too, but I could see you better if you get out of them shorts”. I should have been embarrassed, but the thought of this young preteen wanting to look at my cock was overloading my brain, I fumbled like a teenage boy to get my shirt and shorts off. Becky came over to take a closer look, it startled me when she reached over and stroked my cock. “You’re much bigger than my daddy” she exclaimed.

With a giggle, she dropped my cock and ran into the pool. I followed her into the water, wondering how often she got to look at her daddy. I’m sure since my kids had inadvertently seen me with my pants down she had seen her dad, but she knew more than most ten year old girls. We swam for a couple of hours; the water had shrunk me down to a manageable size and except for some in close wrestling which included some inappropriate touching we had both behaved ourselves.

We dried off and went in the house neglecting our clothes in the process. I took out some salad and sandwiches for lunch and we sat in the kitchen joking and laughing. All was going well until Becky got this real serious look on her face, “Do you think I’m sexy” she asked. “Of course, you are a very pretty young lady; your body is toned, tanned, and firm; and most of all you have the sexiest ass I’ve ever seen” I replied, we were on thin ice now, but I wanted to be honest with her. This made her smile, her eyes twinkle, and her towel dropped from her chest down onto the chair. She got up, walked into the den, and sat in my chair as she turned on the TV asking “You want to watch a movie”.

Now this is where I made my mistake. I stood up from my chair letting my towel drop to the floor to reveal the raging hard cock that I had kept concealed while we ate lunch. I walked over lifted her from my chair and swung her around so that she landed in my lap as I sat in the chair. “Sure, what movie would you like? I asked. “Got any porn?” was her reply as she rubbed her sweet little ass against my throbbing cock. “We don’t need porn Becky, we’re already obscene” I said laughing as I turned her around to face me and I kissed her on the lips. She responded quickly kissing me very passionately, opening her mouth and licking my lips. I responded with my open mouth sucking vigorously on her tongue as she put it in my mouth.

I could feel my cock against her virgin territory; I reached my hands down and gently rolled her tiny nipples in my fingers. I could feel the beginning swell of breasts pushing each nipple out into my hand. Becky moaned softly as she rocked her pussy up and down the length of my cock shaft. I reached down grabbing her ass cheeks in each hand, squeezing her firm buttocks as I lifted her up so that my cockhead was at her virgin doorway and her tiny nipples were in reach of my hungry lips. I sucked each nipple and squeezed her ass as I slowly ran the crease of her cunt across the head of my cock.

I was about to cum and she was panting like a marathon runner. I could feel my fingers pulling her ass cheeks apart, spreading her crease open as I pressed my cock more firmly at her door. I felt her wiggle in my hands as her ass cheeks escaped my grasp and she plunged herself onto my cock. She slammed down hard, consuming all in one bold move, screaming in pain as she arrived at the bottom of my big hard dick. She sat there motionless, fearing to move; she whimpered softly then moved herself slowly up to the end of my cock. In another daring move, she slammed herself back down all the way, until I could feel my cock head knocking on the back wall of her virgin vagina.

She started working on my cock now, slowly up and down at first, then more vigorously as her virgin blood lubed us both. I stood up with her planted on my shaft and walked into the kitchen, laying her on the vinyl floor so that I would be able to clean her blood when we were done. She was pretty well fucked by now, I think the pain had drained her, the problem was I was just getting started. “Becky, you started this but I need to finish. If you want I’ll let you suck me until I cum if your pussy is too sore.” “I want your cum in my pussy, I’ll suck you later” she replied.

I started to fuck her little pussy as if she was the biggest whore in town. Her eyes were rolling back in her head and she was drooling as her body spasms to orgasm after orgasm. She was really hot and tight and I was not holding back, I might end up in prison for this one so I figured I needed to fuck her good. I did fuck her good, after a good thirty minutes I came in her virgin cunt, spilling six or seven truckloads of sticky spunk into her tiny pussy. She squirmed a bit when I pulled out, unable to resist I immediately dove down and tasted her virgin blood mixed with my salty spunk. As I rose from eating her pussy, she grabbed my cock and stuffed it into her mouth licking me clean. She was quite the little cock pleaser and I told her so.

We spent an hour crashed out on the sofa before she got me horny and sucked my cock. She was eager to learn so I taught her how to lick and pull using her hands and mouth to work it like a pussy. She was amazing, managing to stuff my cock all the way in her mouth and down her throat. At one point, I found myself holding her down on my cock while I rubbed my balls against her chin. When I came, I filled her mouth until it spilled out, she swallowed as fast as she could, but I kept squirting into her mouth and on her face making a warm sticky mess of cum on her beautiful face. I used my cock to wipe my juice from her face and put it into her mouth for her to suck and swallow.

When we were done, she dragged me out to the pool so we could clean up. She ran back into the house, put on her clothes and jumped back into the pool. “If mommy asked, you let me swim in my clothes” she said as she headed to the kitchen to get a towel. I did the same, dried myself, and got dressed as the doorbell rang. It was Jane; Jimmy was OK, sporting a big bandage which delighted him. Becky thanked me as did Jane and they were gone. I checked around and except for some blood on the kitchen floor that I cleaned nothing was amiss and there were no signs of what had taken place. I only had to worry that Becky hadn’t hurt her vagina on my cock and that she could keep a secret as well as she could fuck.


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