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My Master my Dog: part 2

This is a continuation of the first story. Please read Part 1 before this.

The next morning Chief woke me up whit a lick on my face. Gently grabbing his head I hugged him. He licked my naked breast grazing my erect nipple. A tingling sensation started between my legs. I hurried to get ready to go outside. I opened the bedroom door and Chief ran out. Choosing my clothes was now different. Selecting a bikini with ties at the side might be easer to get out of when I was down on all fours. Looking out the bathroom window I saw Chief running around in the backyard. My mom must have let him out. The noise of a car told me that my mom had left for work. She stopped saying goodbye to her moody daughter.

Opening the patio door I looked around. Chief was nowhere in sight. Disappointed I stepped out side that’s when I noticed that the front gate was open. Thinking my alcoholic mom must have left it open I closed it. Lying down on the blanket I removed my top to sun myself. A short while later I heard a noise it sounded like the front gate latch. Grabbing a towel to cover myself I looked up. Chief came thru the partially open gate and my heart rate quickened. But he was followed by the Black Lab and another dog that could best be described as a mutt. I thought that Chief and I would have a nice private romp this morning, but chief had other ideas. I was confused. Chief then jumped on the gate and closed it, smart dog.

Standing up I dropped my towel. Then Chief and the Black Lab ran at me and knocked me down. Getting up I started to run again. Chief knocked me down and growled. Knowing what this meant I undid the ties of my suit and got into position. Relaxing enough now as the Black Lab mounted me. He had no trouble finding his mark and started thrusting away. Trying to match his rhythm, which was different from Chiefs, distracted me from what was going on in front of me.

The mutt was standing in front of me with his dog dick in my face and Chief was now at my ear growling. I hesitated; this was a strange dog, this was a mistake. Chief nipped at my arm and I toke this mutts dog dick into my mouth and started to suck it. Because I was distracted the Lab was shooting his load in side me before I was even close. I felt frustration as the Lab dismounted.

The mutt pulled away from my face walked around back and mounted me. He had trouble finding where to put his dog dick I reached back and guided it home. The mutt was a smaller dog and I had to adjust my position. That’s when I noticed that the Lab sticking his soiled dick in my face. Chief growled in my ear. No hesitation this time my tongue darted out and I licked and sucked him clean. The mutt was shooting his load into me and finished to quick.

Now I was really frustrated. The Lab pulled out of my mouth and mounted me. I must have done a pretty good job of sucking on him because he was rock hard. Finding his mark easily he thrust his Lab dick inside of me. He started pumping away when Chief brought his fully engorged dick to me. Opening my mouth I sucked him with determination. Maybe I was getting better at this I had no problem matching the Labs thrusts and sucking on Chiefs dick. The Lab was pounding away when I noticed a feeling building in my pussy. Coming this hard had drained me. The Lab had finished and dismounted when I collapsed.

Lying on my back Chief barked a few times and the Lab started to lick me clean. When his tongue contacted my swollen pussy lips I shivered. The feeling of him licking me was driving me crazy. He thrust his tongue inside my pussy and I climaxed adding my juices for him to clean. Chief licked my face several times this brought a smile to my face. I started to get up when Chief growled. I realized that Chief had not taken his turn yet. I was getting into position when he jumped on my back almost knocking me flat. Matching his familiar rhythm was now no problem. His thrust was hard but I pushed back just as hard. I climaxed before he was finished I just kept on pushing until he shot his load into me. He moved around me and was standing with his dick in my face. Eagerly my mouth cleaned his soiled dog dick. Taking his dick in my mouth I sucked on it giving it my all. He pulled out and trotted off.

Looking around I noticed that the other dogs where gone and the gate was closed. Lying on the grass naked I was just taking it all in when I heard a car pull into the driveway. I bolted for the door and was running up the stairs as my mom opened the front door. She heard me and said “. I came home early and dinner will be at the regular time”. “Okay” as I ran into my bedroom. Throwing some thing on I went downstairs and she was already mixing a pitcher of Margaritas.
Thinking that she was starting drinking kind of early I went out back to collect my things. That’s when I noticed the front gate was closed and latched. Chief was sitting in the shade. It occurred to me that Chief learned to work the latch on the front gate, smart dog. Entering the house I my mom had drained half of the picture. This made me wonder if I was going to get any dinner. As I stepped into the shower I thought about the events of the day and how happy I now was.

After I dressed I really checked my Email. On my way downstairs I noticed moms’ pitcher was now full. She must have finished off the first one and started another. I went outside to play with Chief for a while. It was funny the change in Chief he was rubbing his head against my leg wanting to get petted. Maybe Chief hadn’t changed it was me.

We went inside and I noticed the contents of the pitcher were almost gone. No dinner on the stove. While I fixed Chief a bowl I fixed some dinner for myself. After dinner I looked at mom, she was passed out. Cleaning up I decided to take mom to bed. She was incoherent and dead weight. It was a real chore getting her up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs she fell forward and I tried to make her crawl the rest of the way. That’s when Chief came up behind her and licked her panty covered crotch. She stopped moving and moaned. He licked her a few more times, more moaning. Chief started a low growl. I knew what that meant and moved back to remove her panties. Chief mounted her and started thrusting. His dog dick was stabbing at her but he had trouble connecting. I lined up is dick and he drove it home. She was moaning and pushing back the shudder. She had her first dog dick orgasm. Chief kept on pumping and she moaned loader and shuddered. She withdrew from Chiefs dick when she collapsed. He was nowhere near done with her. His dick was still protruding and much engorged. I mostly dragged her to bed.

Chief was standing next to me growling. Removing my pants Chief tried to mount me before I was ready. I tried to calm him by talking in a soothing way. He mounted me penetrating me on the first thrust. I was not ready but that didn’t matter to chief. He finished before I could. Then he stood in front in front of me. I licked and sucked like a good bitch. After he decided that I did a good enough job he moved off to my bedroom. I cleaned my mom up and tucked her into bed. In my shower I had an image of my mom with Chief. My finger rubbing on my clit gave me a good orgasm.

The next morning I heard the alarm go off in my moms’ bedroom. I put on some clothes and went downstairs to make coffee. As I opened the back door to let out Chief outside I heard footsteps upstairs. Knocking on her bedroom door with coffee in hand she groaned “Come in”. Handing over the coffee she said “Thank you sweetie. I have a bad hangover. But otherwise I feel great”. I just smiled and left.

Some time later I was passing by my computer there was a replay from Kelly just minutes before. She was the local wild child. She started drinking before anyone did. She had sex before I even thought about it. She had said the sex wasn’t that good, over to soon, blah, blah, blah. Something else I remembered she told me about a fantasy she had about having sex with a dog. I started to hatch a plan. I Emailed her back to come on over with her bikini and we could sun ourselves and party. Her reply took 10 seconds “I’ll be right over”. Putting together the party didn’t take long, an extra blanket, a cooler for the diet Coke and a bottle of rum. Kelly’s drink of choice.

Everything was in place in the back yard when there was a knock on the front gate “Ali you back there”. “Yes, just come right in”. She was the typical Californian Girl, blond hair, blue eyes, long legs and looked great in a bikini. Of course she walked over wearing just her bikini. “Come over sit down and have a drink” handing her one as she sat down. After her second drink I felt she was ready. “Kelly, remember when you told me about a fantasy you had about having sex with a dog”? “Hope that you didn’t think I was a perv or something” was her confused reply. “No nothing like that. I just brought it up to make a point. I kept your secret and I’m asking you to keep what I’m about to tell you a secret”. “Wild horses couldn’t drag it out of me”. Did I mention that she was a drama queen?

“Kelly this is serious”. A concerned look flashed across her face. “Of course Ali what is it”? There was no other way than to just say it. “I have been having sex with my dog the last several days and it’s been great”. Her jaw dropped. “Are you serious”? Still cautious I replied “Yes very serious”. “And here I was thinking that you where kind of hard on me the last time I brought it up”. As an apology “Sorry, I probably was at the time but life is funny that way”. “More than you know. That’s the last thing I expected you to say”!

Things went quiet for a while and Kelly downed the rest of her drink. I made her another. Handing it to her I said “I was wondering if you still thought about it”? “Yes sometimes” was her cautious reply. “I guess what I’m asking you is would you like to try it for real”. Silence “Sure why not”. Still stepping lightly “This is why I asked you if you would keep this a secret”. Still looking unsure “How does this start”? My unsure reply “Well let me just call Chief over and just pet him. We will see how it goes from there”. I called “Chief”. “What if he doesn’t like me”? “Kelly don’t worry he’s a dog”. Chief came over to me and I started to pet him. “Kelly lean over and pet Chief” She leaned over and started to pet Chief. He licked the closest part of her to him, her nipple poking thru her suit. She shivered at the contact. Encouraged “Why don’t you free yourself you might like it better”. She removed her top and bottom. I had meant just her top but whatever. She continued to pet Chief and he started to lick here bare nipple. She sighed every time his tongue dragged across her now hard nipple. “Ali I don’t believe it I’m getting wet down there. What should I do next”? “Don’t worry Kel I’m here to help”. Chief also noticed Kelly’s twat getting moist. His nose was sniffing the air and the tip of his dick stared to protrude. At least he was ready.

Now my job was to get her ready “Slowly get on your hands and knees”. Chief moved towards her and jumped up. He wrapped his front paws tightly around her shapely waist and started thrusting. I could see that her butt was too high. “Kelly, spread out your knees to lower your hips”. Just as she did that Chief penetrated her, “Ali this feels wonderful”. “I told you it was great”. Her hips fell into a rhythm almost naturally. I was a little jealous. “Pump me hard you big boy”. I never knew see was a talker. Feeling the moister between my own pussy lips I held back. “Come on boy fuck me, fuck meeeee,” She was close to climax and so was Chief. Kelly climaxed first and Chief was still pumping. “No, No, NO”. she said breathless. Then she started to scream and I covered her mouth with my hand. She was screaming into my hand having a second mind blowing climax as chief dismounted.

“That was wonderful”. “Told you”, was all I could say. “When can I come over tomorrow”? Laughing I handed her a towel. “Same time is fine. But next time wear a beach cover and bring your suit”. “Good point” as she put on her bikini bottom over her still leaking pussy. Looking for Chief I spotted him in the shade licking himself. Thank goodness he didn’t want me to clean him. How Kelly might have reacted could have ended this. When Kelly waved and closed the gate I called Chief over.

Petting him with one hand and stroking his dick with the other I purred “Good boy”. I bent over and started to suck his dog dick. Chief pulled away and I took of my suit and ran. It felt good running in the hot sun and cool grass naked. Boom I fell to the ground and chief growled. I quickly assumed the position. I was ready and so was Chief. Bliss is what I felt shoving back to his thrusts. Climaxing two times before Chief dismounted. He came around front and I happily cleaned him well.

I cleaned myself and laid in the sun until I heard a car pull into the driveway, mom was home. All through dinner I kept thinking about the events of the day and my dog. Or was it the dog and his bitch? That tingling feeling started between my legs started again. Running up the stairs I had to have Chief.

He beat me to my bedroom. Kneeling down I bent my neck started the suck him. I enjoyed sucking on his dog dick. I looked over and his tongue was hanging out, he was ready. Getting up on my knees I started to remove my clothing. He knocked me over before I was done. He kept nudging me with his mussel. He started to mount me before I was in position. Boy was he eager.
Plunging his dick into me he started pumping. What happened today flashed though my mind and I climaxed. Now I pushed back harder wanting another. Chief kept on pumping and that now familiar felling inside me built. Coming hard I must had made some noise because my mom called from downstairs “What’s going on up their”? I giggled “Nothing mom, I fell”, as I took Chief dick I my mouth.

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yes I agree with the last read. Have Chief put it in her ass and let him knot with her and make her feel the large knot that dog have when their are finnished with haveing sex wit thier bitch. How they turn and put thier feet again they bitch and push them self free of their bitches

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why you did not eat her pussy

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