'When we're done.'

That simple sentence kept running through my head, over and over. Just the thought of getting to experience the thrill again sent my heart racing.

My tongue continued to flick at Brittney's pussy, I was taking a liking to it quickly.

"So", her voice cut through the silence, "enjoy yourself?"

"You have no idea." I answered, running my hands over her smooth ass cheeks.

Brittney giggled as she slid off of my body, bringing her own close to me. Her tongue dragged along my lips, her hands quickly began massaging my member.

"Mm." I moaned. "That just feels good."

Another giggle exited Brittney's perfect mouth. My cock was starting to feel alive once more, her steady pumping being the reason.

"I think you're ready for another round." She breathed into my ear.

That was just as good as an offer to me. I rolled over onto her and began kissing her neck, my cock rubbing against her.

"Wait, wait. Maybe we shouldn't..." Brittney said, mocking me.

As I pressed on, Brittney interrupted me again.

"Hold on. I need a drink first." She said.

I stared into the darkness at her. What could I say? She needed a drink.

Crashing back to my mattress, I watched Brittney's body stand and walk straight down the steps. What was she doing?

"Brittney! Brittney!" I whispered. "What are you doing? Put on some clothes!"

She paid no attention to me. She marched on, heading straight for my kitchen.

Scrambling from my bed, I searched for my shorts. After I located them, I fumbled down the steps trying to put them on. I rounded the corner as my waistband snapped against me.

The kitchen light was on and there stood Brittney in all of her naked glory, glass in hand.

I stepped quietly toward her. Everyone else in the house was asleep on this floor...hopefully.

"What are you doing?!" I whispered harshly.

"Relax!" She said. "Everyone's asleep."

"But what if someone wakes up?" I asked.

"Oh, no one's gonna wake up." She tried to assure me.

"Alright, alright. You got your drink. Let's go." I was practically begging.

Brittney sighed and sat her cup down.

"Fine." She said, firmly.

As she walked away, I realized this was the first time I'd actually seen her naked. Damn.

I turned the light off and followed Brittney. Out of nowhere, halfway through my living room, Brittney froze.

"What is it?" I whispered. My parents bedroom was on the other side of the wall.

Through the few nightlights, I could see a smile develop on her face as she turned toward me. Her soft hands gripped my shoulders. My erection was about to rip my shorts in half.

A steady pressure on my shoulders directed me to sit down on the couch. In almost a daze, I obeyed. She stood before me like an overlord.

"I'm serious. We can't. Not here." I whispered, again begging.

Extending her index finger, Brittney brought it to her lips. She was telling me to shut the hell up. Again, I obeyed.

A knee soon found its way to each side of my body. Brittney's crotch crushed my erection. Her arms locked behind my neck.

I didn't care anymore. I lowered my face to her chest and began sucking her nipple. My hands gripped her ass. Her hips began to slowly slide and back forth along the length of my cock.

One of my hands on her ass worked its way to her slit. When I was close enough, I stuck a finger in. Small, soft moans told me I was doing fine.

I released the nipple from my mouth and began kissing about her chest. Her hips kept grinding, sending my now cast iron cock pulsating.

Her hands pushed against my chest as she slid off. I looked down and saw I appeared to be smuggling bananas. Raising my ass, I slid the shorts down to my feet. Brittney turned and had her forearms steadied on the armrest, her ass pointing at me.

Gripping my cock, I got on my knees behind her. She must have been feeling playful by the way she wiggled her ass about.

With one hand on my cock and one on her ass, I pushed the head against her. Brittney's shoulders arched as I thrust my self in completely.

As worried as I had been about the situation, the possibility of being caught excited me more. As my balls touched her skin, I held my position for a moment. I was having an out of body experience. I felt like I was sitting on the other side of the room, watching Brittney and I go at it.

Sliding out, I kept my eyes fixed on my cock, before allowing it to disappear into Brittney once more. I plced both of my hands on her hips and began pumping. I tried my best to keep it quiet, but I couldn't contain the small grunts rushing from my body.

As she turned to me and smiled, it finally hit me that I was really having sex. Not just any sex, but sex with Brittney!

A smile peeled its way across my face as I started pumping harder. Reaching out, I ran my hand through her hair. She giggled.

I decided I was ready for a change and pulled out, pulling Brittney toward me. I forced her to her back and crawled onto her. Her legs opened, welcoming me.

With my hands on the cushions beneath her head, I pushed myself back in. This time, I was the one giggling. I flicked my tongue at her lips, her own tongue came out and greeted me.

I kept pumping, ramming my pelvis into her. I was positive I was due to pop at any second, but given the circumstances, I didn't want to shout out to her.

So, I just closed my eyes, rammed my forehead to her shoulder and my body quaked as I erupted into her. A gasp left Brittney.

I laid perfectly still until my cock quit quivering with aftershock. Breathing heavy, I pulled out and stood on my knees. I tapped my cock a few times just above her pussy, leaving drops of cum with every landing. Reaching down, I rubbed it into her skin.

Brittney sat up, grabbing at me. I leaned down and kissed her hard.

"Come on." She whispered. "Let's get a shower."

I scooped her up, albeit not in your traditional fashion. Instead of my hands beneath her legs and back, I had a hand under each thigh as she locked her legs around my back.

I could feel my cum dripping onto my cock as it left her love hole. Our tongues danced all the way to the bathroom.

Once inside, we flipped on the light and an exhaust fan to drown out our voices.

"God. Did you get enough in me?" Brittney asked as she fingered at her pussy.

"Not as much as I'd like to." I smiled.

Brittney stared up and down my body. This was her first clear look at my naked self. I could tell she seemed to like what she saw.

"Mm. Come on." She directed. "Let's get a shower. We need to get clean so we can get dirty."

The hot water set a fog through the room as we pulled the curtain shut...

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I agree slow it down a little

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way to rushed he is suposed to be a virgin not a experienced fucker keep it realistic and slow down what you have here should be spread out over weeks not hours

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